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‘Home  - by Warsan Shire’

No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark. You only run for the border when you see the whole city running as well your neighbours running faster than you, the boy you went to school with who kissed you dizzy behindthe old tin factory is holding a gun bigger than his body,

You only leave home when home won’t let you stay. No one would leave home unless home chased you, fire under feet, hot blood in your belly. It’s not something you ever thought about doing, and so when you did – you carried the anthem under your breath, waiting until the airport toilet to tear up the passport and swallow, each mouthful of paper making it clear that you would not be going back.

You have to understand, no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land. Who would choose to spend days and nights in the stomach of a truck unless the miles travelled meant something more than journey.

No one would choose to crawl under fences, be beaten until your shadow leaves you, raped, then drowned, forced to the bottom of the boat because you are darker, be sold, starved, shot at the border like a sick animal, be pitied, lose your name, lose your family, make a refugee camp a home for a year or two or ten, stripped and searched, find prison everywhere and if you survive and you are greeted on the other side with go home blacks, refugees, dirty immigrants, asylum seekers sucking our country dry of milk, dark, with their hands out smell strange, savage – look what they’ve done to their own countries, what will they do to ours? the dirty looks in the street softer than a limb torn off, the indignity of everyday life more tender than fourteen men who look like your father, between your legs, insults easier to swallow than rubble, than your child’s body in pieces – for now, forget about pride your survival is more important.

 I want to go home, but home is the mouth of a shark, home is the barrel of the gun and no one would leave home unless home chased you to the shore unless home tells you to leave what you could not behind, even if it was human.

No one leaves home until home is a damp voice in your ear saying leave, run now, i don’t know what i’ve become.

i7 Roman: Episode 5

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Momo: Hey hey Yuki, I don’t see the other kids here, so did we win by a landslide?

Yuki: I suppose so, Momo. You don’t hold back, so it seems the others just can’t keep up.

Momo: Huh!? I see. But reaching the goal like this is boring.

Yuki: Yes, it might be boring.

Momo: Didn’t you have your fun? You had all kinds of women calling out to you!

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Cooking (Tenny) -M-

Happy Early Birthday to one of my Best Friends. I hope you like this trash that I have written for you :)

“How much food do I have to cook?” I sighed.
“Enough for all of our members. Like ALL of them” Ten told me. I stared at him and Johnny in annoyance. It was a little past 8pm when the two came and knocked on my door. They explained to me that they had run out of food back at the dorm and their manager wouldnt allow them to order out. Apparently, since I was close with Johnny and lived near their dorm, The 2 asked to come over to see if Id make them dinner.
“You are so lucky that I like you guys” I rolled my eyes before proceeding to cook. “Hope you guys like stew”
“Thanks ____” Johnny smiled and plopped onto my living room couch.
“Youre the best” Ten gave me a quick hug before following Johnny.
“Whatever” I sighed.

While I cooked, Ten and Johnny started to chat with one another. Their voices were really quiet, opposite of their usual selves, but I shrugged it off. Once I had finally prepped the stew, I allowed it to cook on the stove.
“Your food will be done in an hour” I told the two as I made my way to the living room. I took a seat in between the two and let out a sigh.
“So what were you guys talking about?” I asked.
“Nothing” Ten said quickly. I raised a brow at him.
“Nothing?” I stated, not believing him.
“Nothing” Johnny repeated and shot Ten a look. I looked over at Johnny and frowned.
“You two are hiding something” I narrowed my eyes.
“No we’re not” Johnny sank back into the couch.
“Y-yeah.” Ten agreed.
“Guys!” I whined.
“Not gonna say anything” Johnny smiled.
“I know you wont but,” I turned to face Ten “Ten might”
“W-what?” Ten blinked.
“Tennnn” I whined, throwing my arm around his nape. “What were you two talking about” I layed my head on his shoulder in a chaste manner.
“Nothing” he shook his head and avoided eye contact. Although I could see that Ten was getting uncomfortable, I didnt know that it was because of my touch and how close my face was to his.
“Ten come on” I sighed. “Is what you two were talking about really that much of a secret.?”
“Yes. Yes it was” Johnny pulled me backwards. “And we cant tell you”
“Is it about the other members?” I questioned.
“No. Stop being so intrusive” Johnny crossed his arm.
“Says the guy who followed me when I was on a date” I scoffed.
“That was 3 months ago and the guy had another girlfriend. Youre lucky that I was following” Johnny rolled his eyes.
“Still” i puffed.
“You really want to know that badly?” Johnny sighed.
“Yeah” I nodded. Johnny leaned forward
“We were talking about how your birthday was coming up and how we wanted to give you a gift” he shrugged.
“Thats the big secret?” I asked in disbelief. “Thats not even-”
“Thats not all” Ten blurted.
“Ten!” Johnny groaned. “She was about to stop asking”
“You little sneak” I hit his thigh. I didnt notice Johnny tense up slightly. “Ten whats the rest.
"Well…um..” Ten began.
“Ten if you were going to be all nervous you shouldnt have told her there was more” Johnny stated.
“This isnt something I can just say like that” Ten frowned.
“Well then” Johnny smirked. “How about I show her” “Wha-” my words were interrupted when Johnny suddenly pulled me onto his lap so That i was facing him. He stared at me for a second before crashing his lips onto mine. I was taken by surprise by his sudden action and quickly pulled away.
“What are you doing!?” I exclaimed.
“Kissing you” he leaned in again but I moved my head to the side.
“Johnny!” I tried to get off him but he held my waist tightly.
“___,” He softly said. “Remember back a couple months ago when we were having one of our late night talks and you told me one of your little fantasies.”
“Johnny!” I tried to shush him, and glanced over at Ten, who was staring at me intently.
“He already know that you want to have a threesome one day.” Johnny chuckled. “And…he knows that you once told me that youd fuck him”
“Why did you tell him that!!” I cried. I was mortified.
“Dont be embarrassed” Ten scooted closer, his face only inches from mine. “Youre not the only one whod want to..you know” His lips touched my cheek. He was suddenly very confident and moved his lips onto mine. I was still for a moment but began to kiss him back. Ten smiled at this and became more passionate, turning the kiss into a heated one.

Johnny, suddenly feeling excluded, attached his lips onto my neck. He nip and sucked on the sensitive skin, causing me to moan into Ten’s mouth. His hands grabbed at the hem of my shirt and lifted it up. My lips detached from Ten’s as my shirt was removed and thrown to the side. Johnny wasted no time in removing my bra too. The two now stared at me with dark eyes.
“Lets take this somewhere else” Johnny picked me up and headed towards the bedroom, followed by Ten,. Johnny tossed me onto the bed and started to remove his clothes along with Ten. The two stripped until they were both left in boxers. Ten was first to ciimb onto the bed and he quickly reattached his lips to mine. My hands roamed his almost naked body as his massaged my breasts. I moaned into the kiss and was soon forgetting that Johnny was even there. I was reminded of his presence when my shorts were being pulled down along with my panties. I pulled away from Ten, who then proceeded to kiss my neck, and looked down to see Johnny. He smirked up at me and brought his face to my core. I watched in anticipation as his lips neared my lower ones. His tongue licked one swipe up my folds causing me to arch my back in pleasure.
“Johnny~” I moaned. The sound of his name made Johnny more confident. He sucked on my drenched core, his tongue darting to my entrance. Ten noticed my neglected clit and lowered his fingers to rub circles against it. A high pitched moan left my lips when he did. My breathing started to become raggedy and it didnt help when Ten brought his mouth to mine again. My hands gripped his body as i felt pressure building up in my stomach. My hips bucked up against Johnny’s face and I felt myself come. My lips left Ten’s and a loud moan escaped them.
“You sound so fucking hot” Ten smirked.
“Youd look hotter on your hands and knees on the floor” Johnny stated. I looked down at him and realized it was more of a statement than a suggestion. I quickly scrambled off the bed and onto my hands and knees as Johnny removed his boxers. Hos erect member sprung against his stomach and he took it into he hand, guiding it to my mouth. I parted my lips and allowed him in. My tongue licked his tip and a groan left Johnnys mouth. My hands grabbed his base and I took Johnny deeper. My tongue swirled around his dick and I began to suck on it. I hollowed my cheeks and tried to take as much of him as I could while my hands stroked what I couldnt. As i sucked off Johnny, I heard Ten shifting off of the bed and getting behind me. He pulled off his boxers and positioned himself in front of my core before pushing himself in. I moaned as he entered, causing vibrations on Johnnys dick. He grabbed my hair and threw his head back. Ten quickly began ramming into me from behind. His thrusts were hard yet slow. Hed pull back far before slamming into me again. More moans left my lips and I became less concentrated on pleasuring Johnny. Noticing this, he began to thrust into my mouth. I was surprised by the sudden movement but couldnt complain. I felt as if I was in a state of ecstacy.
“Fuck.” Johnny cursed. “I need to be in you” He glanced at Ten and pulled out. Ten did the same and Johnny moved behind me. He slid into me quickly, leading me to moan his name. Ten moved in front of me and positioned himself in front of my lips. I opened my mouth and tried to give him as much pleasure as I could. He bucked his hips against my mouth and held my chin to keep my head in place. I continued to moan against his cock as Johnny rammed against my lowerside. I felt pressure building up in my stomach again and my moans became more frequent to Ten’s joy.
“Fuck ___” He threw his head back. “Im close”
“Shit, you feel so good” Johnny added. Before I knew it, I felt Ten twitch inside me. I pulled away and replaced my mouth with my hands.
“A-aah” He groaned as he shot his seed out. Not momemts later, I felt my self release over Johnny. He continued to thrust into me until his own high came as well. He let out a low groan before pulling out.

We layed on the floor, panting for breath.
“That..was…amazing” Ten smiled.
“It was” I sighed.
“We should have you cook for us more often” Johnny chuckled.
“I dont mind” I joked. “But speaking of cooking. I should check on the stew”

The Demon Next Door CH 3

(Sorry for the long wait guys)

“ I dont know…” Ten stated. “But maybe we should erase all memory of you from the world”
“What?!” I exclaimed in confusion.
“If youre going to have this child, theres going to be some…changes…” Ten sighed.
“I know but…” My voice trailed off.
“___, demon children develop alot faster than human children. Youre going to have that kid in 3 months from now.” Ten explained. I stared at Ten in shock.
“How do you think people would react? How would your family react? ___, Its going to be really difficult for you if we dont erase you” I stared at Ten for a moment and nodded.
“Fine..” I sighed.
“Okay,” Ten took both my hands in his and began to speak in a foreign language once again. I listened quietly and watched as he placed two fingers on my forehead and pulled them back. A white spirit followed his fingers. Ten allowed it to settle into his hand before crushing it into nothing. “Now….. no one remembers you….. Youve been erased from memories, photos, videos, everything,” I nodded silently and took a step back.
“I think I want to go home,” I stated. Everything was so overwhelming and I had to get out in that moment.
“You dont live there now.” Ten sighed, “you never did”
“Wha-” I began.
“With the memories, your actions have been erased. Its like you never existed,” Ten explained. I stood there in shock, staring up at Ten. “___, you look pale. Lets get you upstairs into bed” I was too out of my head to respond and simply allowed Ten to guide me upstairs. We walked out the basement and up to the second floor. Ten led me to THE room. The room where it all began. As soon as I stepped inside, I felt something weird take over me.
“I’ll go grab a blanket and will be right back,” Ten let go of me and left the room.

The was an odd tingling in my lower stomach. I felt restless and bothered. My breathing was becoming shallow. I didnt know what this feeling was.

But then Ten came back. One look at him and I knew.
“I found this on-” Ten said as he walked inside. Before he could finish though, I pushed him up against the door, slamming it closed. I scanned his features for a second before crashing my lips upon his. Ten seemed surprised but kissed me back. His hands snaked around my waist and Ten began to walk towards the bed. We collapsed ontop of the end of the bed, our lips never disconnecting. I flipped us over so that I was on top and began to trail kisses down his jawline. I pulled back for a moment and hastily removed my clothes, leaving me in just my underwear. Ten followed suit and stripped to his boxers. My fingers trailed over his stomach and I attached my lips to his skin. I kissed down his torso to just above his waist.
“_____,” Ten groaned and I stopped. Realization struck my veins.
“What.. what am I…” I moved away from Ten.
“____?” Ten sat up. “Are you alright?”
“N-no..I’m..I..” I stared at him in shock. “Can you please leave” Ten looked back at me with a blank expression and sighed. He nodded and stood up before making his way out the room and closing the door behind him. I climbed onto the bed and took a deep breath. What had come over me? I couldnt really explain what I felt. It was just a rush of lust and I wanted him. I was disgusted by it. I was disgusted by the whole situation. He was a demon and he took me by force. He erased me from existence. I had no friends or family anymore. Above all, I was going to have his kid…apparently in 3 months. I layed down on the bed and closed my eyes. My hand rested on my stomach. It all felt like a messed up movie. I couldnt see a happy ending however. Everything was gone. I sat up quickly when I remembered that I had lost my home too. I rushed towards the window and looked out at what used to be my house. From where I was standing, I could see into my old room. It was empty. Everything that was mine was gone.I was about to turn back when the light turned off. I watched as a tall male walked into the room. He stood in the middle and just glanced around at the bare walls. His eyes suddenly looked out the window. Out of instinct, I ducked. I wasn’t sure if it was alright for me to interact with others. Cautiously, I lifted my head to peer outside. The male was now standing in front of the window of my room. He stared at me. There was no mistaking that he knew I was here. The sound of footsteps outside the door cause me to jump slightly and look back at the door. The footsteps dwindled as they moved further from the room. I let out a small sigh and turned my attention back to the stranger. When I did, I fell back in surprise and fear. The male was there but he was now floating right in front of me. We were separated only by the glass. I scrambled backwards and watched as his eyes turned a deep shade of red. The window suddenly shattered and a wave of black gushed into the room. It engulfed every corner of the but as it reached out for me, the substance was reflected and pushed back. The wave stopped moving for a moment before rushing upwards and clumping together. I watched as the male from earlier emerged out of the darkness.
“He already transferred the root, huh?” The male chuckled. “That just makes things more fun”
“TE-” I tried to scream out for Ten but my voice suddenly left me.
“Nice try,” He stated and walked forward. As he did so, I shuffled backwards until my back hit the door. I tried to open it, but it was locked. I banged on the door before being pulled back.
“Don’t do that.” The man said in a mocking tone. He held my arm tightly and with his free hand ilted my chin up so that I was staring up at him. “I can see why Ten took you. Youre such a pretty little thing and your scent..its intoxicating. It make me want to just take you for my-” The male stopped midsentence and in what seemed like a second, he turned back into the black wave and moved back to the window as a rush of red exploded from underneath. I turned my head away covered myself with my arms in an attempt to protect myself. I looked down at the floor, watching as the red and black pushed against one another. Slowly, I turned back to look at the scene before me.
“Ten…” His voice left my lips inaudibly.

(who do you think the mystery male is?)

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10.) We Won’t - Jaymes Young, Phoebe Ryan

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Insecure guys are inherently gay.

When you call yourself ugly, you’re judging a guy based on his looks. Thus, if you find yourself unattractive, there must be guys you find attractive. By extension, this means you would kiss a dude.

The only way to avoid this and maintain your heterosexuality is to eradicate all self-judgment from within yourself. The only way to accomplish that is by taking a ten strip of some strong shit.

The bathroom door opened, the light instantly blinding you from your spot on the mattress. A cloud of steam trickled into the bedroom before Ashton appeared in the doorway, a towel wrapped around his torso. He walked across the bedroom towards the direction of his suitcase, rummaging around until he found a pair of worn sweatpants. When he dropped the towel, you whistled playfully watching as he tugged the grey material up his legs and over his thighs.

“Enjoying the view?” he asked, back still turned towards you. He grabbed the towel from the floor before using it to dry off his hair, tossing it over his shoulder when he was done. He winked at you on his way back to the bathroom, shaking his butt just enough for you laugh to echo in the room.

With Ashton back in the bathroom, you decided to get ready for bed yourself. It had been a long day and you wanted nothing more than to curl up next to Ashton and sleep for ten hours. You stripped out of your pants tossing them in the direction of your suitcase. Climbing back into the bed, you settled yourself closest to the window before turning the television off.

“What are you doing?” Ashton asked, as he walked toward the bed stopping where your feet laid sticking out of the covers. 

Your body was still, your head sunk into the plush hotel pillow. Your eyes fluttering open and closed as they tried to find Ashton’s silhouette in the dark room. 

“M’sleeping,” you said, words muffled by the pillow. 

The mattress dipped as Ashton’s body sunk into the spot by your feet. He poked your exposed foot, your instincts immediately jerking your foot back under the covers. He did the same thing with your other foot before you had time to save it. 

“You know,” Ashton said. “That’s my side of the bed.” 

You blinked, a yawn falling from your lips that echoed off the dark walls. Instead of moving, you pull the covers farther up your body. The cold, white sheets causing goosebumps to break out on your arms. 

“It’s my side now,” you said, your lips twitching into a smirk. 

Ashton huffed as he crawled up the bed, his eyes never leaving yours. He hovered over you  fingers dancing across your cheek before  they stopped, tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ear. Your eyes shut in content, his breath ghosting over your neck as he trailed kisses down it. 

It was heaven and then his real assault began. His fingers digging into the soft flesh of your sides. You shrieked, the sound piercing your own ears as you tried to move away. Ashton had the upper hand though, his legs moving to straddle your waist as he continued tickling your sides. 


“Are you going to move to your side?” he asked, halting only long enough for your head to sink back into the plush pillow. 

That’s all it took for him to continue his assault despite you squirming under him. You panted, tears starting to fall from your eyes as Ashton continued. You tried pushing him off you but that only gave him access more flesh causing you to shriek even more. 

“Okay!” you shouted. “Okay! Fine, I’ll move!” 

Ashton rolled off the bed, offering you his hand to help you up. Despite the offer, you slapped his hand away grumbling as you moved to the cold side of the bed. You got yourself situated, back facing Ashton, before the mattress dipped again. 

“Awe come on baby,” Ashton cooed, wrapping an arm around your waist and tugging you towards his chest. 

“I hate you,” you mumbled, relaxing against his bare chest. 

“I love you too,” he smiled, kissing your forehead. 


Justin Taylor Appreciation Week : Day 2 → favorite scene/moment

↳ 1x01- I like Cheerios better.

anonymous asked:

Hii! I was wondering what course you take at uni and what your thoughts are about going to art universities in general. I'm thinking of switching over from sciences to pursue an art degree, but since I draw in a semi anime style, I'm worried I won't be able to take classes and learn new things without being criticized..Art universities also seem very expensive so I'm very insecure if I'll make the right choice, (what is 'right';;;) Thankyou for reading anyway and sorry for this weird question;

I took an Animation course at the Arts University Bournemouth ^-^ I graduated this year, and honestly speaking, I’m pretty sure Art Universities vary from place to place and their level of rigour/workload will also vary not just from institution to institution, but from course to course.

My Animation course was really heavy duty. We worked 5 days a week, from around 9am til 5pm every day, and by 3rd year, when we were working on our own film in teams, we made our own schedules and had to be very self disciplined. So days became more of a 9am til 7-9pm, and I’d often be going in on Saturdays to keep up with work/do more to alleviate some of the workload that was gonna be coming our way by the end of the year. I know many classmates who were taking work home with them to keep on top of their Animation too. There were many sleepless nights..

So it really really depends on what kind of art course you want to pursue (I can only speak for Animation!), and what kind of institute you’re thinking of looking into! Animation was fantastic in how it incorporated life drawing into its curriculum (which I’ve seen many art courses do, like Illustration, Fashion, Model making etc), and the tutors were great at explaining the basics and getting us to understand the tricks and rules to human anatomy! But once we learned those rules, they encouraged us to break them so that we could develop and hone our own styles, so I think in terms of your concern about your own style…if you’re willing to learn the basics and practice the ‘rules’ of anatomy, and face constructive criticism on how to improve, you’ll be fine! 

Criticism kinda goes hand in hand with art - you can’t escape it and you shouldn’t, honestly. You won’t improve as fast, or in as many areas, without feedback and helpful pointers. I’ve had a fair few cruel teachers, and there’s a massive difference between helpful, constructive, fair criticism, and being taken down ten pegs and having strips torn off your esteem. Everybody draws differently and for different reasons, don’t feel ashamed of the way you draw!

As for choices…nobody can make the choice but you Anon ;; I can only give you my 2c and hope the advice/my experience gives you a small morale boost. Art is a really tough career and course-choice to pursue, and if you’re being worked hard, that usually means you’re at the right University (I’ve heard some courses can be very lax and that personally doesn’t seem worth the money you’re putting in if the teachers aren’t as dedicated as you are ><). It really depends on what you want to do at the end of it all! There are MANY fantastic artists online who’ve taught themselves and learned from peers and tutorials, without attending any kind of art institutes, and that is also a very valid and plausible path you can pick! The decision is ultimately yours, and I hope some of my gurglings have helped even a tiny bit ;;

I’m the king and you’re the queen.

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Author: Gore-writes
Characters: Negan x female reader
Words: 1,873
Warnings: Slight smut? Swearing, flirting, Negan’s filthly mouth. If sometimes else needs to be added let me know kindly!
Note: Feedback is greatly loved! This was based off a request I got from @ambroselunatic wanted a right-hand women to Negan fic! With a lil smut which I’m good at hah! Enjoy everyone! Also the title is from ‘Young god’ by Halsey!


You were peacefully sleeping, in your soft white bed. Wearing just a tank-top and black panties. You were having the most wonderful dream, that was before you were woken up by the sound of the door almost being blown off it’s hinges. You knew it was Negan, no one else could make such a stunning entrance. You opened your sleepy eyes and saw a male figure holding a bat, Lucille. Only one man around here carried a bat for a weapon and that was Negan. “We have a prob-well hello there.” He said with a cocky grin across that, really fucking pretty face. You gave out a soft hum and rolled onto my back so you could get a better view of him. “What?” You said, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Negan gave out a chuckle before walking to the edge of your bed and crouched down to be face to face with you. “You look so fucking good.” Of course, he was thinking with the wrong head right now, when there was apparently a problem. “You big idiot I meant what is wrong? What is the fucking problem?” You pushed on his chest lightly. Sometimes this job was challenging, with Negan switching from one head to another at times. “Oh, fucking right.” He stood up, walking over to the coffee marker and started making coffee. “Well, a group killed a literal fuck-ton of our men.” You were shocked, had no words. You were always so on top of these things. You stood up from the edge of your bed and walked over to him, he was making fucking coffee at this time? You grabbed his arm and pulled him to look at him. “Who? Who fucking did it?” Your voice lowered, you were pissed. No one did this to you, and you were going to make them pay. “The group at Alexandria.” He simply said before handing you a cup of coffee. “We have no time for coffee Negan! We need to find them and fucking bash their faces in!”
“We can and fucking will, princess. But for now drink.” He used his gloved hand to tip the bottom of the cup up to your mouth. You drank some of it before swallowing and sighing. “I can’t believe I let this happen.” You blamed yourself, you were so watchful over these things. “You did nothing fucking wrong princess.” He took the coffee from you and sat it down onto the counter. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this.” He was about to leave before you grabbed his arm and pulled him closer to you. “No, fuck no. I’m going with you.” You were strong enough to do this, you wanted to make up for your mistake, your deadly mistake. Of course Negan probably wouldn’t let you. “My Queen doesn’t get herself into danger.” He said, you frowned and crossed your arms. “I’m not your Queen, you have five other women to give that title.” He chuckled before wrapping his arms around my waist. I wanted to go on his hunt for the fuckers who killed our men. So I pulled out the only thing I could. “Please..I promise I’ll stay by your side the whole fucking time, I won’t go off. Please Negan.”
“Fine princess, but you stay by me the whole fucking time.” He pulled away from you before heading the the door, gripping the knob. “Wait!” You shouted before blushing, knowing what you were about to say was risky. Negan looked at you cocking a brow. “D-Do you um…ur-like me?” On the inside you facepalmed at how stupid you must have sounded, Like a school girl with a crush on the flirty jock. You wanted to know after months of flirting if he really truly liked you, or if he just flirted with anything with tits. “Princess, princess princess. I didn’t know you were interested.”
“I’m not, I’m just curious.”
Negan chuckled, he didn’t believe you. And to be honest you didn’t believe you. “Princess, I’ve always liked you.” And with that, he opened the door and left. You were shocked to say the least. And, well you couldn’t help but be flattered by that. You thought about him while getting dressed, drinking the rest of your coffee and loaded your gun for tonight. You thought about it for hours until Simon knocked on your door, quickly shouting that you were leaving in five minutes with Negan in the RV. You agreed, maybe this was a chance to get closer to the top. Being his right-hand women wasn’t enough for a powerful women like you. Negan was the king, he needed a queen.
You were in the RV with Negan, as he drove along the bumpy road. You were sitting in the back booth, playing with your thumbs, getting ready. You had seen Negan kill before, walkers and people. But this time was different. “What are you going to do with them?” You asked out of curiosity. Negan chuckled and tapped the handle of Lucille, you knew what that meant. These people were about to meet the hard barbed bat named Lucille. You nodded, even though Negan couldn’t see you. You were to busy looking down that you didn’t even notice Negan pulling over into a wooded area. Where all of his men were waiting. You slid out of the booth and stood up and walked over to Negan, where he was now cleaning Lucille with a white piece of fabric. You stood behind the drivers seat and leaned over so you were close to Negan’s ear. You ran a finger down his jaw, and his rough salt and pepper beard before speaking. “I wanna watch.” You spoke softly, Negan tensed. “Aren’t you fucking scared?” He turned he head to look to the side, barely being able to see you. “No, it doesn’t make me scared. I’ve seen enough to not be scared of men anymore.” He ran his tongue over his teeth and kept cleaning the barbed wire of Lucille. “I like my females strong, you don’t take much fucking shit do you Y/N?” Your breathing became harder, faster. You wanted to keep it together, to prove you meant business. “No, I don’t. This world changed me, I don’t take orders from no man.” You ran both your hands down his chest, feeling the rough leather against your palms. Negan knew your past, he was the one who found you after all.
He stood up quickly and towered over you, you were rather short but strong as hell. “I’m your boss little princess.”
“I’m not like those whores you call wives, if you wanna fuck me, if you wanna make me yours. You agree that I’m just as fucking high as you. I’m the queen, anyone who gives me a funny look you take the iron to. I’m going out there with you, beside you, as your queen. Or, I can keep being your right-hand women and you will never get to lay a finger on me.” Negan was shocked, taken away by how strong you sounded, your voice not shaking one bit as you spoke. You looked down at the lump in his pants and smiled. “Do we have a fucking deal?” You held out your hand and grinned. He took it, he really fucking took your hand and shook it. Inside, you were screaming in happiness, you got to be with the man you fell in love with but still kept up with your standards. You were in love with Negan, and this way, everyone was happy. Then he did something you thought a man like him couldn’t do, he pulled you close to him and kissed you. “I’m the king and your the queen.” He spoke against your lips. Just as you were about to tell him to fuck you right then and there, you heard one of the men yell ‘Let’s meet the man.’ and then a knock. You grin looking at the door before Negan grabs Lucille and opens the door. “Pissing our pants yet?”
You stood beside him, smiling. Maybe you were just as sadistic as him. You enjoy watching him teach them a lesson. Most of the group were crying, shocked by Negan’s second kill. You watched everything. You met eyes with the leader, Rick. “I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Y/N.” You held out a hand to Rick, you waited for about five seconds before you felt Negan come up behind you. “I just tapped two of his people in the head princess, give the man a moment.” You smiled before walking back to the RV.
You waited for a good ten minutes. You stripped off muddy and bloody jacket, shirt, boots and pants so you were just in your underwear. A lace white bra and panties. You were about to slip off your bra before you heard Negan shout. “I’m going to go claim my prize now for kicking so much ass. Be back to grab you in a minute Rick.” Just as he finished his last word, he was opening the RV door, and quickly shut it behind him. When he noticed you sitting on the booth table, just wearing your underwear he spoke. “Ho-ly fuck.” He sat Lucille down next to the door before struting over to you. “You look damn good.” He licked his lips and leaned down to kiss you, but you put a finger to his lips. “Remember, I’m not a whore, don’t kiss me like one.” You removed your finger from his lips before leaning in to meet his lips. The kiss was filled with passion and love, rather then how you saw him kiss his wives, with lust rather then true love. You knew you were something else to him.
“Mmm, I like that.” You said groping your chest while Negan went down on you. The RV was filled with sounds of Negan licking and sucking on your pussy while pushing in two fingers into your hole. You couldn’t stay still, you needed something bigger in you. “Negan!” Your voice almost gave out when he sucked your clit into his mouth and lapped at it. He hummed against your pussy before you grabbed onto his hair and pulled him up from you. “This is very nice, but I need you inside me.” He grinned, his lips slick with your juices. He kissed up your body up to your neck before slipping just the tip into you. You pulled him down to kiss you, tasting your juice on his tongue and mouth. He was the biggest you’ve ever had inside of you, and it felt wonderful.
He rolled off of you after cumming and was panting heavliy. “Fucking fuck princess. That pussy is deadly.” You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t help but giggle. “I would perfer you not calling my pussy 'deadly’ but thank you.” He said kissing his cheek. “That was wonderful Negan.” You chuckled lowly. “We better get dressed.” You sighed out. Just as you were about to crawl off small bed in the RV you were pulled back down. “That prick can wait for me. My queen needs me.” Yes, this was going to be a great arrangement.

Dirty Deck of Cards (Biadore) - by Sadie

A/N: Hey there again! Thanks so much for giving my fics a shot. I am so glad about the amazing comments you guys gave me! I am glad you like it and there is much more to come. I will already apologize because this is not exactly on my comfort zone, usually I like to do a Biadore fic with Danny/Adore being the sub because in my head that is how it would have been. But I saw the request and couldn’t handle myself. So here it is, Roy/Bianca as a sub. Thank you very much for the love you! I hope you enjoy it. Xx Sadie

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