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"Troll" is anyone doing anything attempting to get a rise out of the community. It's not always used maliciously, but laying around all day on a table when folks have asked you to move many times to a spot ten feet over is basically a form of trolling. People who like you will still like you regardless of what table you are on, but it'd be a great goodwill gesture to move and bolster the popularity you seem to be seeking by making a dual boxed account in the first place.


TF2 Gun Mettle Merc pics with the paperclip removed, for the people who wanted it gone as much as I did.  

Feel free to use or edit however you want.


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i love songs with sad lyrics that don’t sound sad at all


“there’s a prophecy of four heroes who fell from the sky, an ancient prophecy thousands of years old -” “oh thank god, we have five heroes.”



Opening up some commissions in light of Christmas coming up and I wanna buy presents for all my friends ^^ YOU guys get to rake in some sweet art with a good deal as well!! From now until Christmas if you order two commissions then the third one will be free! There are some rules though, so here they are:

  1. Ponies only
  2. No seriously intricate designs (I might charge you slightly more if your pony design is intricate)
  3. I retain the right to turn down any commission I’m not comfortable with
  4. I won’t be doing backgrounds with these
  5. Only one pony per image
  6. Please have a reference or a full body image of your pony I can use as reference (if you don’t have one I will need to charge extra)
  7. I use paypal as payment
  8. You need to be willing to share your email address with me so I can send you an invoice

Well I think that’s all ^^ Please pop me a message over here on tumblr if you’re interested. I’m only opening ten spots for the time being so first come first serve.

<3 Nyx

PR teams are a pain: part 2

PR teams are a pain: part 1 / part 3

Request: “It’s 3am. Wanna go get some pizza?” with Michael + part 2 of PR teams are a pain
Summary: you go on the strangest of dates


Of course, Michael is late. He shows up to the meeting spot ten minutes after the agreed time, trailing a body guard behind him, a leather jacket thrown over a ripped tee shirt and a snapback barely hiding how messy his hair is.

You greet him with a scoff.

“Is this how you dress for dates? No wonder you’re endlessly single.”

He scowls right back at you.

“Not everyone is as superficial as you.”

“Why couldn’t this whole thing have been with Luke?” You sigh, long-suffering.

“You like Luke?” Michael asks, disbelief mixed with disgust and something else you can’t quite place dripping from his voice.

“At least he dresses well. Where’s your YSL clothes?”

“He’s got a contract with them. It’s not like he chooses the clothes.”

“Right. And of course I’m stuck with the one who’s not important enough to have contracts with designer brands.”

Michael looks like he’s about 0.2 seconds from attacking you, and thinking of the paparazzi due to take pictures any minute now, you send him a disarming smile.

“Anyway love, I think we should get a move on. The restaurant’s this way,” you say brightly, and blinks at you half in horror, half in confusion before following your lead silently.

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Say it with me folks: Instead of making Jackson’s removal from the $20 about celebrating Hamilton, we’re going to celebrate Jackson’s replacement, Harriet Tubman.

Commissions are open!

I am currently opening up spots for ten commissions!

Things I won’t draw:

I am open to almost anything else. If you have a question about what you can and cannot request go ahead and shoot me a message.  

Message me for my paypal info, prices, and for all of your specifics 


well fuck

•Quite old, like centuries or whatever

•Quite protective like he’ll be at the vampire meet up spot ten miles away from your house but he’ll hear something fall and he’ll rush to your apartment in a panic and ready to kill only to find that you had just thrown your shirt to the floor while changing and he heard the soft ass thump it made against the wood

•Fast af, can be four towns over on business but if you just whisper his name into the dark night while stood on your balcony he’ll suddenly be behind you with cold arms circling around your waist before you could even reach the last letter in his name like “you called, my love?”

•Freaks out sometimes when your heart skips a random beat like “are you okay are you hurt what just happened” when in reality he literally just smiled at you and made you fall in love all over again

•Likes to watch you sleep since he can’t slip into the state of unconsciousness himself

•Sometimes reads your mind and watches your dreams play like they’re movies

•If they’re dirty dreams about him and you his eyes will glow bright red with predatory want

•It pisses you off, the mind reading thing

•“Mark, get the fuck out of my head.”

•“Love, I can’t even read minds, I swear.”

•Calls you ‘my human’ just to irritate the shit out of you

•He’s always cold as fucking shit because he has no warm blood pumping through him but he loves to cuddle so?

•You have to cuddle while wearing clothes warm enough to climb Mt. Everest during snow storm season

•Tries to be cute and take you out on dates like a normal boyfriend but sometimes the sun is just too much and will make him really sick

•Sick vampire mark omg

•He’ll milk you, literally whine that he wants this and this and this even though he doesn’t need anything because he’ll be fine the moment he steps into some shade

•"Mark, you’re a fucking vampire, you don’t eat soup.” Or “Mark, no matter how many fucking blankets I put on you, you’ll still be that cold. It’s not a fever, it’s just you.”

•Constantly tries to impress you with his inhuman strength and speed

•“Love, watch this.”

•"Mark you’ve lifted that car and thrown it three times already, stop.” Or “Okay I get it, you’re fast. You can stop bringing me actual Chinese food from China now.
The restaurant around the corner is just fine.”

•Likes to play with your fingers in bed

•He tries to be adorable and do human things for you and you forget he’s a blood thirsty vampire at times but then he walks into your room one morning with a plate stacked high of burnt ass toast and you’ll be reminded again that your boyfriend is so far gone from human

•Sometimes loses himself in tracing over the veins on your arms

•There are times where he loses control at the heavenly smell of your blood and will press you against the wall in less than half a blink of your eye and his lips will be on your neck and his fangs will be pointed and scraping ever so lightly over your soft skin

•It doesn’t help that you’re not used to being moved that fast so your heart beats really loudly, is literally shouting into his ear and practically begging him to drink you dry

•But then he’ll look into your eyes and his will change from red back to brown and his teeth will go back to normal and he’d push an apologetic kiss to your lips

•His reflexes are no fucking joke

•He can sense that you’re about to trip, like the clumsy bitch you are, and grab a hold of your elbow a fraction of a second before you face plant

•He can smell you from miles away
He knows when you’re taking a shower because he can smell and hear the bottle of shampoo you use as you squeeze some into your hand, can smell your laundry soap as soon as a single drop is poured into your washer.

•He heals in front of you

•its freaky af

•Like he’ll come to your place after a vamp fight and have twenty broken bones but then be completely okay four seconds later

•Like Mark stop, I don’t want to see the bones of your fingers snap themselves back into place.

•He drinks human blood and stuff

•not around you but sometimes he’ll show up at your place with a few drops at the corner of his lips and the way he licks it off when you point it out and moans about the taste gets you riled up



•Sort of like twilight? Like that’s the only way I can picture it

•Mark being so fucking lost in the way your tight, warm walls feel around his hard dick that he doesn’t realize he just bent the bar of your headboard and split the solid metal in half like it was nothing

•He goes extra hard sometimes and you’ll end up with bruises covering your entire fucking body

•Headboard slamming into the wall

•Deep groans, like twelve octaves deeper than usual

•Harsh breathing




•Late night talks about having vampire babies, but never acts on it because he doesn’t know for sure yet if having a vampire child will hurt you his delicate little human love

•Very brief mentions and sometimes sightings of the other boys of vampire!got7

•He doesn’t trust them around you


•I don’t know what else

•He’s just hot tbh

Part 2 - People asking you about your ideal type…

*physical features, same members as before*

Your answer:

Someone with pretty hands like Mark’s…his gestures and those rings fit perfectly your bf imagine for sure!

A guy with sexy eyebrows like Doyoung’s…see them lifting?! So hot!

Someone with flawless skin and tall figure like Jaehyun’s…

and with eyes like Taeyong’s…he can almost read what’s on your mind looking at you like this!

A guy who has sexy abs like Yuta! (Just he doesn’t show them often! No problem, since he needs to keep them only for you! )

and who has hot lips like WinWin! Don’t tell me you already kissed your monitor?? 

And how about a guy with light-tanned skin like Haechan? It’s fabulous just like him!

and a man with a perfect white teeth-smile like Ten’s? Aw…use sunglasses unless you want to be blinded by its brightness!

And last but not least, someone with a sexy back like TAEIL’s !!!!

Part 1- People asking you about your ideal type…

I was tagged by @alibaba-fangirl​ to share my top ten OTPs.  Thanks ^_^

I’ve done a top five before and will be taking images from that post and throwing them in here (ten spots keeps me from copping out with ties for 5th place lol)  

Tied for First:

1a. Tamaki Suoh X Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club): Still at the top.  I think they might always be one of my favorites.  The definition of opposites attract.  I feel like they really complete each other.      

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Art Telephone

Hey everyone! I’m hosting another art telephone! Everyone and anyone is welcome to join; I’ll leave ten spots open again this time!

Here’s an explanation of the rules:
After everyone’s signed up, I’ll publicly post the list. 

Then, the first person in the chain draws anything they want (within bounds - I’ll post details below). They will send a copy of that image to me and the person in line after them. 

The second person will then draw something inspired/based off of the first person’s art. The second person will send only their own art piece, to me and to the third person in line, as so on…until the end of the list! 

This is why it is called telephone - you will only see the person before you’s art until we’ve gone through the chain. (Then I’ll post everyone’s at the end in a master post.)

Bounds are:

  • nothing nsfw - basically, nothing you wouldn’t show to a minor. I want everyone with a blog to be able to participate.
  • no caricatures, fetishization, or other racist depictions

If I have grounds to believe you did any of the above, I’ll ask you to change your drawing. 

You don’t need any amount of art skill or qualifications or experience to participate! So, if you’re interested, either reply to this post or PM me through tumblr and I’ll add you.

When a week passes I’ll post the list and further info. If there are still spaces and people are still working on their art, feel free to join on later, but I really encourage you to join ahead of time.

Doing a short preorder for custom eyes. Running til the 10th to pay for resin. $30 each, ten spots available. Picking up the resin on the 11th. Contact me, or @myrretah for more pics or to get in on the preorder.
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