ten pounds of hair

It was time to let go when I realized that you checked your phone all day yet rarely replied to my messages. It was time to let go when you told me that I looked better with long hair and when I was ten pounds thinner. It was time to let go when we’d argue and you’d shut me up with a kiss. It was time to let go when I told you that I missed you and you said that you’ve been busy. It was time to let go when I first doubted that you loved me, because now I’ve spent so much time spilling love that I am half empty yet here you are, still drinking from it. But don’t you worry, I am freeing myself from you today. You will never taste a single drop again and your thirst will stay unquenched, because nobody will ever love you like I did.
—  It’s time to stop pouring.

Baz Pitch… How do I begin to explain Baz Pitch?
Baz Pitch is flawless.
I hear his hair is insured for ten thousand pounds.
I hear he does vintage car commercials…in Kent.
His favorite hamburger is a Big Mac.
One time he met the Mage, and the Mage squinted at him suspisciously.
One time he sneered at me. It was awesome.