ten points if you can spot the operative who was listening in as well

“Min Larel”

Request: “Hello! *blushes profusely* Could I request some smutty smut about Kylo seducing a rather innocent and shy officer? Maybe they’ve been seeing each other and he has to have her :‘3 pretty please?”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 3773


A/n: ok this isn’t as smutty as i hoped and got way too deep way too fast and is super long but anyway, hope you enjoy!

P.S. I feel like a lot of my fics go off course and into really like meaningful? territory. Lemme know if you prefer for them to be more lighthearted or whatever haha

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Many would’ve expected the Finalizer to be buzzing with life, even in the earlier hours of the morning. After all, there was no real display of time amongst the stars, only the hovering red numbers on the many screens that covered your office. But even though maintenance worked round the clock, only mostly droids worked at these hours. Almost everyone slept at these designated hours, the whole ship feeling eerily empty as you marched towards the highest deck, stifling a yawn. Everyone needed sleep, but the First Order itself could not, due to risk of being caught off guard. You were the part of the operations, the element of the Order that kept its eyes on the dark starry horizonless sky during the hours your body naturally wanted to shut down.

You had always been a night creature, most motivated to do work when your eyes grew heavier. That’s why it didn’t surprise you that you had been tasked with watching over the ship while the rest slept. You weren’t alone of course, at least ten other officers greeting you with a tired nod or soft “hello” as you entered the command deck. Armitage Hux was amongst the sleepless lot, dark circles a permanent feature on his face. He was always awake, only retreating to sleep in his quarters for 3-4 hours a day.

He approached you with a weary smile, handing you a clipboard.

“You’re on communications tonight.” His voice cracked from lack of sleep.

You sighed “Again?”

“Sorry, wasn’t me who put you on there.” He shrugged, his posture much more relaxed around you.

“Of course not.” You smirked deviously. “You would’ve assigned me to your bed if it was in your power.”

He chuckled, bringing a lazy hand to prop his heavy head up. His eyes flickered down, bright with daring as he casually checked you out.

“If I did, Ren would kill me.”

You froze at the mention of his name, Hux rolling his eyes dramatically.

“I’m going to sleep.” He said, beginning to walk away before stopping and adding over his shoulder, “try not to blush as much when you see your irritable lover.”

You gripped the clipboard tightly as you called after him. “He’s not my-!” But Hux had already rounded the corner, uncaring of what you had to say on the matter. You huffed, stomping down to the isolated communications room.

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Sugar Daddies and where to find them

Chapter 4
Easy to notice

Newt’s arguing with his Niffler, poking his tummy to let all the stolen treasures fall to the floor; he recognizes half of them as things that belong to the aurors who work with him.

He sighs, knowing it’s going to be one of those days he has to wander around the department of Magical Security, returning watches, necklaces and jewelry; he’ll apologize, hoping his co-workers won’t hate him after all the trouble he’s causing them, and he’ll promise it won’t happen again even though they all know it probably will.

Looking up, he expects to find Tina already rolling her eyes and trying to hide a smile. She says she doesn’t like Niffler for his problematic tendency to take things that are not his, but the truth is, and Newt knows it, she finds the creature rather cute.

However, this time the magizoologist doesn’t find the irritation or the amusement on her face; she looks worried, almost scared.

“You know this is not your office, Newt. You shouldn’t be here all the time.”

“But I like to spend time with you,” he protests. “I thought… We’re still friends, right?”

There must be something in his eyes, because that worried look turns into an alarmed one and suddenly Tina rushes towards him.

“Of course we’re friends, silly!” She assures immediately. “It’s just… after your dinner with Mr Graves I thought it’d be better if you went to his office… He probably wants to see you.”

“Why would he want to see me?”

Tina stares at him like she can’t believe what's​ happening and then pinches the bridge of her nose.

He tilts his head, waiting for a response. The truth is that he enjoyed dinning with Percival, but part of Newt still feels like he has received so many gifts from him and doesn’t know what to do about it, he has already thanked him, but somehow it's​ like he still owes him something. Also being around the Director is always overwhelming and Newt wants to avoid that.

“Because he likes you?” A grin forms on his lips after hearing that; he likes​ Mr Graves​ too and despite Newt’s see shyness he truly believes they can be friends.

“I like him too,” once again Tina seems to have seen something more in his eyes, something she doesn’t like judging by the way she’s shaking her head.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” she says.

“Then what did you mean?”

Tina takes a step forward, closer to him and takes him by the shoulders; Newt has the weird feeling she’s stopping herself from shaking him.

“Listen, just don’t spend much time here please? I’ve heard my boss is a jealous man and I’d like to keep my job.”

It’s not only simple confusion what makes Newt frown at her; he’s completely lost now.

“I don’t get it. Why keeping your job has something to do with Mr Graves jealousy?”

An exasperated sigh escapes from Tina’s lips, then she looks at Newt with surprise and a little bit of irritation.

“Newt, you seriously need to start paying more attention to your​ surroundings.”

“I will, but-”

He doesn’t have the chance to say anything else because Kenneth, one of the aurors that works for the department, storms in the office.

“Goldstein, there’ll be a meeting in the boss office in ten minutes. It’s about the man who killed that muggle; it seems he’s part of a group that traffics various kinds of creatures and they say they have a dragon egg…” The auror is cut off by the gasps Newt makes at the mention of creatures.

“An egg!” The magizoologist says excitedly. “C'mon, Tina! I want to hear what they’re gonna say.”

He’s already thinking about taking care of said dragon, at least until he recovers enough to set him free.


It’s not five minutes as Kenneth has said, because by the time they both arrive, all the aurors are there and Fontaine has already begun to talk.

Unlike Tina’s office, there’s no couch on this one, nor a single chair, besides the one in which Percival is currently sitting behind his desk. Fontaine, standing up in front of him, is speaking about his investigation so far; he has been following their suspect to different parts​ of the city where he meets different members of his group.

To avoid the attention, Tina and Newt sneak up in the room as quietly as possible and stop beside the aurors listening intently at the other’s story.

“Newt,” the wizard freezes in his spot between Tina and Sarah Weiss; Percival has noticed his arrival and has decided to rise from his seat and walk towards him.

The silence that follows is almost uncomfortable for him; everyone seems to be watching their interaction, even Fontaine has closed his mouth.

The group, in which Newt is standing, moves away as if they’re afraid of their boss, leaving him plenty of space to step right in front of the flustered magizoologist and take him by the arm.

Percival smirks at him and Newt wishes his blush wasn’t so obvious. The Director doesn’t seem to mind at least; he guides the freckled wizard to his desk and points at his own chair.

“This is going to take a while,” he explains.

The auror is offering the only seat available and his own no less; Newt has no idea why, but doesn’t blame Abernathy for looking at them with a shocked expression. His jaw is completely dropped.

“I can’t! This is your chair… Besides, I’ll be fine, you should be the one sitting on it,” Newt’s babbling now, feeling everyone’s eyes on them, making him even more nervous. The Director, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind.

He takes Newt’s wrist with one hand and caresses his cheek with the other, making him shiver.

“I have been sitting all morning behind that desk, I’ll be fine,” he assures and before Newt can realize what’s he’s doing, he sits on Percival’s chair as the other wizard requested.

The Director seems oddly pleased; he moves closer and stands right next to him. His fingers start to run through the other’s reddish curls and Newt has to make an unbelievable effort to keep his mind focused.

“I didn’t ask you to stop, Fontaine,” all the traces of softness in his voice when he was talking to Newt are gone the​ moment he looks back at his aurors.

“Sorry, Sir!” The wizard blinks before apologizing; he does his best to continue with his description of the place he managed to enter. He has seen him and his group to meet in that pub and then continue their meetings by reaching the hallway outside the building.

Newt can't​ help his curiosity and decides it’s time to ask some questions.

“What about the dragon egg?” After the corner of his eye, he thinks he can see Percival smiling almost fondly at him.

Fontaine doesn’t look surprised by the question, they all know the magizoologist very well by then to know the creatures are always Newt’s priority.

“I haven’t seen it, Newt…” he clears his throat when his eyes move to the other’s right side and look at something beside him, which is weird because that’s just Director Graves, Newt thinks, there’s nothing else. No need for Fontaine to look so alarmed. “I mean Mr Scamander. Although I have heard about it, one of the wizards mentioned it; what I’ve seen is some of the creatures they’re using; there’s a… uhh, I believe is a demiguise and a couple of bowtruckles, they look terrible, so weak…”

Fontaine stops cold when he notices his boss’ glare. Newt has covered his mouth, but his​ horrified gasp can be heard in the room.

“Enough of that, keep talking about the members of the group and what you know about each of them so far,” Percival snaps and Fontaine nods.

If Newt wasn’t so worried about the creatures, he would’ve noticed the way Percival moved around the room and waved his hand in the air; a cup and a teapot full of tea appeared out of nowhere.

Suddenly, the cup’s been filled with tea and just a cube of sugar. Along with a silver spoon, the cup lands in front of Newt, making him blink in surprise.

“T-thanks,” he mumbles and feels Percival’s hand stroking the back of his neck.

“You’re welcome, baby,” Newt chokes when he hears the last word and he’s immensely grateful he hasn’t taken a single sip of his tea otherwise he’d be spitting all over Percival’s desk.

The worst thing is that everybody seems to have heard as well, but they try to pretend they’ve not. Fontaine blinks, but recovers quickly and keeps describing the wizards he believes are part of said group.

Once Newt is sure the tea is not hot enough to burn his​ tongue, he takes a sip mostly to distract himself. He blinks in shock when he realizes it’s exactly how he likes it; he wonders how on Earth Percival knows, but then remembers Queenie and thinks that she’s definitely the one who told the Director.

He needs to talk to her as soon as possible.

Fontaine finishes and once he does, he’s sent with Weiss and Collins to find out their real base of operations, Newt volunteers to follow them, but Percival is clear, he doesn’t want the magizoologist to go unless is strictly necessary.

“But the creatures-” Newt tries to argue and is silenced when Percival’s shakes his head.

“If we try to capture them now, without having enough evidence or information, the rest of them could escape and you won’t be able to save all the creatures.”

That’s when Newt’s accepts Percival’s condition, because he’s right; one mistake and the poor creatures can end up dead.

The meeting comes to an end; the Director dismisses everyone with a wave of his hand, but stops Newt from rising up from his chair.

“You’re welcome to stay in my office anytime, you know that, right Newt?” He takes the other’s hand and strokes his knuckles with his thumb. “Why didn’t you come to me on the first place? I can… make a few changes here to make you feel comfortable.”

“I-I don’t want to be a bother.”

“You won’t be. I enjoy your company,” Percival leans in, whispering in the other’s ear.

Newt jumps from his seat, his face feels like it’s burning and it doesn’t help when the Director’s eyes are looking right at him with a mischievous sparkle dancing inside them.

“That’s very nice of you, Percival… I think I’ll consider it,” Newt manages to say even though the Director keeps​ walking towards him. He stops when he feels the desk poking his legs, the other man’s grin grows when his hands find his way to Newt’s waist.

“You spend much time with auror Goldstein,” he comments, frowning at his own words. “What about me? I think I earned the pleasure of your company.”

“Well… I-I will spend more time with you then,” he blurts out, still confused. In the little experience he has interacting with people, this has to be the weirdest way someone has tried to make friends with him.

“Perfect,” the Director purrs the word and kisses Newt’s hand before leading him outside the room. “Now let’s get you something to eat, you must be starving.”

Despite not being hungry at all, Newt follows Percival, the man looks determined and he knows by know is useless to argue with a wizard like him.

The Law Man

Prompt 9 of 642: Write about a time you broke the law.

Dean nodded as he pretended to listen to Benny talk about the “amazing” thing Andrea had done yesterday and got too much catsup on his french fries.  As he raised the fries to his mouth, a large blob of the thick red sauce slipped off the end and splattered on the table top barely missing his pristine blue uniform.  He made a face and grabbed one his brother’s napkins to wipe the mess up before it oozed over the edge of the table.  Sam didn’t notice (or didn’t care) because he was messing with his phone.  As usual.

“You need a date, brother,” Benny said for about the hundredth time in a month.  “But you never go out and meet people.  All you see all day are criminals and my handsome mug.  What exactly is it going to take to get you to go on an honest to God date?”

“Well there’s an idea: maybe I should date a criminal.”

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I feel compelled to add my own take on the “should Peridot keep/regain her limb enhancers” debate. Personally I do want Peridot to get her limb enhancers back. Admittedly, it’s partially because I miss them, but more importantly because of this:

Peridot: "I just think–“

Yellow Diamond: "I’m not interested in the puny thoughts of a Peridot!”

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