ten out of bed

I’m just doing it. :|
  • Who is a night owl: Stephanivien “What is sleep?” Haillenarte
  • Who is a morning person: …Both of them, honestly, but in Steph’s case it’s usually because he just didn’t sleep.
  • Are they cuddlers: Oh my god.
  • Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon: It varies, but generally Steph is the big spoon by virtue of really, really liking Haurchefant’s back against his chest.
  • What is their favourite sleeping position: Together. Other than that? Position hardly matters.
  • Who steals all the blankets: Steph, but Haurchefant’s usually so close to him it hardly matters.
  • What they wear to bed: Nine times out of ten, nothing.
  • Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt: Haurchefant looks excellent in Stephanivien’s shirt. 
  • Who falls asleep mid-conversation: Stephanivien. Also mid-kiss. Often.
  • Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares: Haurchefant, always.
  • Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep: Neither; I’m not sure they could forgive themselves, accidental or no.
  • Who can’t keep their hands to themself: …Both tbh.


who do you like? - Isaac Lahey one shot *fluff*

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Summary: Sometimes, you just want to eat your breakfast in peace. That includes not having your crush interrogate you about your unremarkable love life. 

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader

Rating: Teen for mild swearing, kissing

“Who do you like?”

I looked up from my cereal, my next spoonful suspended in midair.

“Wha?” The sound came out muffled against my mouthful of Cap’n Crunch.

“Who do you like?” Isaac reiterated. “You know, like out of the guys.”

I narrowed my eyes in skepticism, alarmed by his sudden query.

“…why do you want to know?”

He shrugged. “I was just wondering.”

Isaac rhythmically tapped his fingers on the table, his other hand propping his head up. His eyes twinkled in curiosity.

I’d woken up not even ten minutes ago, barely managing to drag my groggy form out of bed. I wouldn’t have even left the warm, cushiony softness had it not been for my agonizing hunger. I just wanted some food, opting for a bowl of cereal instead of trying to assemble an actual meal. That’s the kind of simple, minimal-level effort I intended to exert this morning. And now Isaac was asking me questions and making me think. That counts as effort.

“I don’t like anyone,” I brushed off indifferently.

“Yes, you do,” Isaac rolled his eyes.

“Um, no, I don’t,” I protested.

I was lying through my teeth.

The truth is, I actually did like a boy, a rather tall boy with curly hair and soulful eyes. He was currently sitting across from me, interrogating me about other boys, completely oblivious to the fact that he was the only boy I ever thought about.

But Isaac Lahey was way too good for me and I’d accepted that fact a long time ago. I was just a human, a mere speck compared to him and all his werewolf powers and golden heart.

“I know for a fact that you like someone,” Isaac continued, still prodding into my nonexistent love life. “Why else would you have turned Aiden down last week?”

“Are you serious? The only reason Aiden even hit on me was to make Lydia jealous,” I scoffed. “They have their little games, you know?”

Isaac nodded thoughtfully. To be honest, I was surprised he even kept up with Aiden’s activities. He still hated his guts from the bike prank.

“Fine. Then what about that other guy, Marco? He asked you to prom and you said no.”

“Oh, yeah.” I chuckled. “Marco was cute.”

Isaac’s lip turned up slightly, resembling something between a grimace and a snarl. His shoulders also seemed to elevate with tension.

“If he’s so cute, then why did you reject him?” he grumbled. “Oh, I’ll tell you why. It’s because you like someone else.”

“Back up, Lahey. I rejected him because I don’t want to go to prom.”

With anyone but you, dummy.

“Well, why not? It could be fun. The theme sounds cool, Frozen and all. Plus, everyone else is going…”

“Are you going?” I interrupted, annoyed by his persistence.

Isaac frowned. “I’m not sure yet.”  

“Why not? It could be fun. The theme… something about Frozen…” I mocked, imitating him from earlier.

He grinned, shaking his head. “What, you don’t like Frozen?”

I sighed dramatically. “I can’t get into that right now.”

“Okay, then,” Isaac amusedly snorted. “So, why aren’t you going, then? Is it because you’re waiting for the guy you like to ask you instead?”

“No,” I whined. “I’m not waiting for anyone. I don’t like anyone. Besides, even if I did, they wouldn’t ask me.”

“What?” Isaac reeled back, affronted for some reason. “What are you talking about? Why not?”

“Why would they?” I mumbled quietly. However, Isaac’s werewolf hearing preceded me.

“[y/n], are you serious? You’re like the nicest person I’ve ever met,” Isaac said incredulously. Then, he looked down, following softly, “Plus, you’re really pretty.”

I choked on my cereal, feeling my cheeks turn crimson from embarrassment. Why did Isaac have to be so nice? He made it so hard to get over him.

“You don’t mean that,” I objected, flustered. “You’re just saying that because you’re my friend and you have to say it.”

“Okay, first of all, I don’t have to say anything. I don’t go around telling Lydia or Malia they’re pretty.” Isaac blushed. “And even if we weren’t friends, I’m still a guy.”


So, I notice things. We all do. You should hear some of the things the pack says about you,” Isaac huffed, his fists clenching on the tabletop.

“What?” I piped. “You guys talk about me? Ugh, what did you say?”

My heart raced with anxiety. The other guys talked about me. And around Isaac, too. They probably all complained about my being annoying and useless, or maybe they all thought I was ugly and Isaac had agreed.

“Well, Scott thinks you have great legs. He won’t shut up about your legs.” My eyes widened into saucers. Well, that was unexpected. Especially since I always thought my features paled in comparison to Allison’s.

Isaac suddenly leaned back in his chair and looked down under the table. I was confused until I realized he was staring at my bare legs.

“Hey!” I giggled, kicking his sock-covered foot. “Stop that.”

He put his hands up defensively.

“Sorry, sorry, I had to.” Isaac smirked. “Stiles agrees, by the way. Stiles also said you had a nice ass.”

My jaw dropped involuntarily. “Seriously?”

“Oh yeah. And when we train, Derek even checks you out. That guy really appreciates a pair of yoga pants,” Isaac stated matter-of-factly.

“Oh my god.”

My head dropped pathetically into folded arms. While under, I heard the scuffle of chair legs against the wooden floor. Below, I saw Isaac’s knees appear next to mine.

“I don’t know even know what to say to that,” I groaned into my elbow, turning away from him.

“You wanna know what I said?”


Isaac tapped my knee. I looked up at him, my breath catching when I realized his face was only inches away from mine.

“I told them all to stop,” he confessed. His eyes seemed bluer, more open than usual as they stared into mine.

“Why would you do that?” I whispered, not trusting my own voice. I wasn’t eager to hear him complain that he was sick of other people talking about me.

“Because,” Isaac began, using one large hand to sweep my hair over my shoulder, foiling my ploy to hide my face. “It makes me mad when they talk about you like that.”

My mouth suddenly felt really dry. His words, his touch–it was all too much. 

“Why?” I whimpered.

Isaac scooted his chair closer, gripping my knees and turning me towards him. I nervously wrung my hands together. Being this close to Isaac always made me jittery.

“Because I like you.”

I froze.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked dumbly, not even trusting my senses at this point. If Isaac Lahey just said he liked me, then this was all a dream and pretty soon I would wake up, alone and frustrated.

Isaac merely chuckled, unfazed by my tactless response.

“It means I like you. It means I want us to be together.”

Fuck you, dream, you cruel bitch.

“I think this is a dream,” I blurted awkwardly. “A very vivid dream. Like, really lucid.”

Isaac leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest. He raised an eyebrow, smirking. “You dream of me often?”


“Because that’d be really hot.”

I gulped. Dream Isaac was never this bold. My subconscious couldn’t have imagined this fire in his eyes even if it tried.  

“Wait, so this is real?”

“As real as it gets.”

“So… you really do like me?”

Isaac nodded. “However, you just told me you don’t like anyone, so I guess I need to try to change your mind. You know, court you, win you over, woo you…”

His words elicited a shiver that went up my spine, electrifying nerves all along my arms and legs. My body moved of its own accord, leaning in closer to Isaac.

“Oh? How are you going to do that?”

“I was thinking maybe I’d kiss you,” Isaac breathed, reaching over to cup my jaw, brushing my cheek with his thumb. He edged closer, his knees bumping into mine.

“Yeah, you could try that,” I murmured.

With that, my eyelids fluttered closed as Isaac’s pressed his lips to mine. He was soft, yet firm as he kneaded my mouth, stealing my breath as a gasp escaped me. I arched closer, tangling a fist into his curls and tugged. He moaned deeply in response, the vibrations prompting me to hum contentedly against his mouth. His lips were slightly sticky and tasted sweet from the waffles he’d consumed earlier. I couldn’t help when my tongue flicked out to absorb more of the taste, the action evoking Isaac to snake out his own.

He was so warm and so skilled, even more so that I’d imagined. I clung to his shoulder, gripping the material of his knit sweater as our tongues intermingled, teasing and tasting. Too enraptured in the kiss, I hadn’t even noticed the palm that was now rubbing my thigh, inching higher and higher.

I finally broke away, panting for air. We stared at each other as our chests heaved in unison. Isaac’s hand still rested on my thigh, mine still clasping his shoulder.

“Well, I definitely feel wooed,” I announced.

“Me too, actually.”

I laughed out loud, flushing at his compliment.

“Thanks for the support,” I joked. I looked down at his hand on my thigh and absentmindedly brushed my fingers along the back.

“Anytime.” I could hear the smile in his voice. I giggled in response and tangled my fingers with his.

“Oh crap, I almost forgot!”

I looked up at him, brows furrowed in confusion.


Sitting up straight, he took my hand in both of his. He exhaled slowly and grinned mischievously. 

“Will you go to prom with me?”

I blinked, dumbfounded by his sudden proposition. Damn, all of this before 9 a.m.

“Isaac, I’d literally go anywhere with you.”

His grin disappeared, mouth parting slightly.

“Wow. I… yeah, same,” he shyly smiled, rubbing the back of his neck. “So, that’s a yes, then?”

I beamed at him. All I’d wanted from this day was a bowl of cereal, and I somehow ended up with the boy of my dreams. I’m so glad I slept for ten hours and woke up starving because I wouldn’t have come down for breakfast otherwise.

I grabbed the sides of Isaac’s face and tugged him forward, connecting his lips to mine. Pulling away, I rested my forehead against his, giddy and satisfied.

“It’s a yes.”

earned it (isaac lahey one-shot)

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Summary: On that lonely night you said it wouldn’t be love. But we felt the rush. It made us believe there was only us convinced we were broken inside.

Pairing: Isaac x OC

Rating: is sub!isaac a rating?

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Love and Hate-Part One

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Summary: You’re a new student at Beacon Hills High. Where you met with an old “Friend”. 

Liam Dunbar X Reader

Let’s pretend Liam and Hayden still hate each other and that they never fell in love with one another:) 

(Sorry Layden  shippers)

(Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name

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i just saw a post about Depression Video Games i.e. video games you play when you’re extremely depressed and the very first item on the list was the sims, and like, true, but also there was this one time my sophomore year of college where like… i had two extremely traumatizing things happen to me and then i got a terrible strep infection on top of it all so i literally did not get out of bed for ten days and i think around day #4 i was so bored and sad and depressed that i decided to torrent a bunch of sims expansion packs and just go to town… so i made a sim version of me and i made sim me marry a nice sim alien lady and have a bunch of cute half-human/half-alien babies and i ascended to the top of the political career track so i was just the president of the free world kicking it with my cute alien wife and i kid you not it gave me back my will to live and i got a therapist and went on anti-depressants and aced all my classes and five months later i got accepted into my Dream School 

Run-Pietro x Reader

There was a knock on your door. You glanced at the clock by your bed. Ten minutes before midnight?

You slipped out of bed, opening your bedroom door. Peering out into the corridor of the Avengers tower you couldn’t see anything. You stepped out to get a better look. A hand was suddenly around your wrist, another on your waist, pushing you against the wall. Before you could scream lips were pressed to yours.

You suddenly realised who it was and kissed them back.

He pulled away and left you gasping for breath.

“Pietro!” You hissed, “My dad will kill you!”

“ Oh, princessa, you’re worth it.” Pietro gave you a wink before wrapping his arms around you and whisking you away.

The breath knocked out of you, you were left gasping again when you stopped. The room where your dad held his parties. You found yourself smiling as Pietro began playing music.

He took your hand, twirling you around to the sound of , Fall Out Boy and Falling in Reverse among others.

Dancing with Pietro was intense as he sometimes forgot the normal speed for people to move and would dance extra fast to fit in time with the music.

Spin for you like your favorite records used to, used to, to, to…

As the song finished, Pietro leaned forward to press his lips to yours. Just before you connected their was a loud bang.

You turned to see your dad, dressed in only his dressing gown.

“Get away from my daughter speedster.” Tony said as a piece of his suit snapped onto his arm.

Pietro zoomed away to stand on the other side of the room, hands raised in surrender, “Sorry, Mr Stark.” He said with a smirk.

“You will be.” Tony said as more pieces of his suit attached their selves to him.

“Dad. Stop. It’s just as much my fault as his.”

Tony raised an eyebrow at you, “Fine. I won’t kill him. I’ll just seriously wound him. You’re not allowed to leave our floor by the way from now on.”


Tony shrugged, dropping the visor on his helmet.

“Let’s see how fast you can run then.” He said.

Pietro glanced at you, ‘Any chance of a good luck kiss?”

You opened your mouth to answer and Pietro sped forward and placed a kiss on your lips. 

“Run.” You said when he pulled away, the sound of your dad’s blasters powering up suddenly obvious.

Pietro winked at you before speeding out the door.

“I’m going to kill him.” Tony said.

How Jackie Tyler Learned Her Daughter Was Shaggin’ a Bloody Alien

for @ardentlynines who asked for Jackie finding out about Rose and Nine.

Here you go! It went in a completely different direction than I originally intended, but I hope you like it anyway!

Rated G, 1720 words, Nine x Rose

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anonymous asked:

hey lovely, i was wondering if you have any sub!derek fics?? thanks love xx

Hey :)

Here are a few.

Nine Times Out Of Ten by  lielabell | 4.6K

Nine times out of ten, Stiles is the one being pushed back on the bed with his head tilted back to expose his neck. Nine times out of ten, Stiles’s legs are the ones that are spread, his hands are the ones that grip the sheets. Nine times out of ten, Stiles gasps and moans and arches up into Derek’s touch, Stiles’s thighs grip at Derek’s hips; Stiles’s feet lock together behind Derek’s back. Nine times out of ten, Stiles takes and takes and takes and loves every single second of it.

But the tenth time …

The tenth time is different.

Mauve by  bleep0bleep | 7.3K

It’s been ten years since he’s seen Derek Hale, but Stiles would recognize that ass anywhere.

I Like It When by  elisera | 4.9K

They’re in the middle of fucking when Stiles really notices it for the first time. He’s got Derek on his back and Stiles is sitting on his dick, taking things slow in an attempt to see how long they can stand it, how long it’ll take either of them to cave and pick up the pace. That was the plan but when Derek gets his hands on Stiles’ hips and Stiles can feel him tensing up in preparation to move Stiles the way Derek wants him to, he grabs Derek by the wrists and pulls his hands up instead, pins them down next to his head. He has no illusions about being able to hold Derek down but he’s feeling playful.

Check by  the_deep_magic | 2.8K

Somewhere, Derek’s convinced, Stiles has a checklist, one that he’s been compiling since he hit puberty, of every single sexual act he’s ever wanted to try.

Bright As The Sun/Bold As The Moon by  affectingly | 3K

Derek finally works up the courage to ask for something, and Stiles is more than willing to help.

Lazy Morning - Joji Miller Imagine

You wake up to a dim, quiet bedroom, Joji’s weight still heavy and solid beside you. He’s fast a sleep, sprawled out in bed and practically dead to the world, one arm slung loosely across your stomach. You smile a little, not quite ready to get out of bed even though it’s almost ten o’clock, and cuddle against Joji, pulling the covers up around the both of you for warmth.

“‘Morning,” he mumbles, pulling you closer. Maybe he wasn’t sleeping after all.

“‘Morning, baby,” you murmur back, nearly sighing in content out loud when Joji pulls you against his chest and kisses the top of your head. “Want me to go make some coffee?”

“What?” Joji mumbles, practically still half asleep. You giggle and shake your head, goosebumps prickling on your skin when Joji begins to run his hand up and down your back in slow, lazy strokes.

“Never mind, baby,” you soothe, running your hand through his hair. Joji cuddles against your touch, a little noise of content escaping him.

You tuck into Joji’s chest and just let him hold you, knowing good and well that it’s probably time the both of you got out of bed. But neither of you have anything to do today, so what does it matter? One lazy morning never hurt anybody.

lil’ update;

X-Files Fic: When Mulder Met Scully, Part Two

Part One is here.

ii. now

His phone rings at eleven o’clock on Friday night, as he’s in his office, mindlessly surfing the same websites over and over, reading and re-reading the same information without really absorbing it.  Glancing at his phone screen to see who’s calling is unnecessary; there’s really only one person it could be.  He feels an irrational stab of irritation at modern technology for robbing him of three of his favorite words in the world, and so, predictably, he rebels by answering as though he has no idea it’s her.


“Mulder, it’s me.”  He grins.

“Hey, Scully, what are you doing up?  This is a little late for you, these days.”  At least, he thinks it is.  Back when this was her house full-time, and not just on the occasional weekend, she’d generally be in bed reading by ten-thirty, and out cold by eleven… but for all he knows, that may have changed.  At any rate, she’s usually in bed fairly early when they’re out in the field together (if she’s not spontaneously sharing his motel room), and while it’s true she’s up pretty late when she stays at the house with him, it’s typically because he’s keeping her awake.

“I had some coffee when I got home, so I’d be awake enough to finish writing my report tonight, while my impressions were still fresh… but now….”

“You’re a little too awake?”  She sighs.


“Do you….”  He licks his lips and braces for rejection before he’s even asked the question.  “Do you want to come out here?”  There’s a brief silence.

“I do, but… it’s kind of a long drive at this hour, Mulder.  It would be just my luck for my coffee to wear off halfway there.”  He relaxes.  She’s not saying no because she doesn’t want to; she’s saying no because it’s impractical right now.

“Want to watch a movie?” he asks.

“I don’t have cable,” she says.  He can’t help smiling to himself.  She’s been in that apartment for almost a year, but it’s still undecorated, still impersonal, and, apparently, still without full amenities.

“You’ve got your laptop, right?” he asks.  “And an internet connection?  Let’s watch something on Netflix.”  

“I keep forgetting that’s even an option.”  He hears her moving around her apartment, presumably in search of her computer.  He takes his own laptop from his desk and walks out to the living room, setting it on the coffee table.  He navigates to the site and begins scrolling through the various options.

“Hey, how about-”

“Mulder, if you suggest ‘Plan Nine from Outer Space,’ I’m hanging up,” Scully warns, and he laughs.  “Besides, I can already see you watched it recently.”  Ah yes, the joy of a shared account.  “Oh, hey!  This wasn’t available on here the last time I wanted to watch something!”

“What is it?”

“’When Harry Met Sally.’”  Mulder grins.  He thinks about putting up a fight, but he knows he’ll lose, and anyway, his objections wouldn’t really be that sincere.  They both queue up the movie, count to three, and hit play.

The feeling of nostalgia is incredibly strong for Mulder as the film plays.  If he closes his eyes, he could almost be back at Hegal Place, Scully at her apartment in Georgetown, back when the only real baggage either of them carried was his sister’s disappearance and Scully’s abduction.  They still laugh at all the same parts… but this time, he knows full well that the fake orgasm scene is nowhere near risqué enough to make her blush.  It does, however, spark a question in his mind.

“Scully, have you ever-”

“No, Mulder, not with you,” she says, anticipating him, as always.  He relaxes, relieved.


“Never needed to,” she says casually.

“But you have… before me?”  She sighs.

“Yes, Mulder, I’ve faked orgasms before.”

“With who?”


“Sorry, sorry.”

The film plays on.  This time, Mulder can’t watch the New Year’s scene without thinking of December thirty-first, 1999… the moment when Harry’s famous line finally made sense to him.

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

“Scully,” he says abruptly, “how about I come over there?”

“Now, Mulder?  It’s after midnight.”

“Yeah, I know,” he says, “but you know me.  I’ve got hours left before I’ll get sleepy.”  It’s quiet while she considers it.

“The movie’s not over yet,” she points out.

“Pause it,” he says.  “We’ll watch the ending together.”

“What, all five minutes of it?”  She laughs.  “Okay, Mulder.  But I’m not promising I’ll be awake when you get here.”

So he grabs a change of clothes, hops in his truck, and drives to DC.  He lets himself in with the key she’s given him (for emergencies, of course), and finds her curled up in bed, her laptop next to her.  He’s about to wake her so they can finish the movie… but looking at her, lying there so peacefully, he can’t quite bring himself to do it.  They can finish the movie in the morning, he decides.  He closes the laptop, places it on the nightstand, and climbs into bed next to her.  She snuggles up to him without ever really waking up.

“Sweet dreams, Scully,” he whispers.  He presses his face into her hair, closes his eyes, and sleeps the whole night through.


I got tagged by the lovely @gyukashito and @anonymouslydevious65 ! Thank youuu~! <3

Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours. When you are done tag up to ten people and also tag the person who tagged you.

A - Age: 23…I think. Last time I checked, anyways. Who even keeps track of that after, like, 10 anyways??

B - Biggest fear: Suffocating. Almost suffocated while vomiting once when I was little so yeah…

C - Current time: 6:59 PM

D - Drink you last had: EmergenC vitamins

E - Every day starts with: Laying in bed for ten minutes, wondering if school and classes are worth getting out of bed and trying to convince myself that the life outside my covers is actually worth living another day.

F - Favorite song: Uh. Yes. Hmmmmmmm. I. Can’t. THINK. TSFH - Back to the Earth. Moana - You’re Welcome. Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel. Chopin - Nocturne in C minor (posthumous). And like a million others.

G - Ghosts are they real: I friggin hope so. The world would be too friggin boring if supernatural creatures aren’t real.

H - (was missing, so I’m adding my own) How did you discover anime: Browsing TV one night while my parents were fighting so I didn’t have to listen to it for the umpteenth time. I found Naruto. Naruto is life. 

I - In love with: Castiel, cats, horses, and KakaSaku.

J - (missing again) Joke: My life.

K - Killed someone: Every day in my head. People friggin suck. 

L - Last time you cried: A few weeks ago before I started taking antidepressants.

M - Middle name: Maria. I don’t like it.

N - Number of siblings: Two step-sisters.

O - One wish: To prove to everyone (by example) that you don’t need society to be happy and you don’t need to be surrounded by people either. I want people to understand that happiness comes from within and has nothing to do with others. If anything, it’s society and other people that destroy happiness on the usual.

P - Person you last called/texted: @befitandchase

Q - Questions you are always asked: Oh boy. Why don’t you ever smile? Why don’t you put more effort into how you look? Why don’t you socialize more? How can you be happy like this, always being on your own and not with others? Why do you always wear baggy clothes? Why won’t you stop playing those video games of yours? List could go on forever tbh.

R - Reasons to smile: My cats!! Cute lil fuzzy balls of purring love and cuddles! Anime, KakaSaku, video games (Assassin’s Creed for stress release and Skyrim for the random funny), nature, thunderstorms, books, POTATOES, karmic retribution.

S - Song last sang: Uh. Prolly You’re Welcome from Moana.

T - Time you woke up: I think it was, like, 1:30 PM or something like that.

U - Underwear color: Gray

V - Vacation destination: World tour. I want to see the world before I die.

W - Worst habit: Probably chewing on my nails. They’re always friggin bleeding somewhere. 

X - X-Rays you’ve had: Hmmm…I honestly don’t know. Probably 3 or 4. 2 for my wrists cause I’m a dumb hoe who can’t compute walls and floors, and I can’t remember the others.

Y - Your favorite food: POTATOES. Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew! But also sushi. 

Z - Zodiac sign: Taurus. Water dog in Chinese zodiac (or whatever it’s called).

I tag: @befitandchase @kokoro4kakashi @shiroiraiha @moonfox22 @vesperlionheart @bakashi-rokudamn 

Super tired so I can’t think of anyone else but please feel free to do this if I didn’t tag you and you want to! 

My Favorite Surprise

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Pairing: LuciferxReader
Word count: 1,031
Warnings: Smut
Author: Brittiny
Request: @lucifer-in-leather I am having a rough week. Can I put in a request for some Lucifer smut? Maybe he surprises her somewhere or catches her off guard… and smut. Lovely, lovely smut. <3 Please and thank you kindly.

Running the brush through your hair, you stretched slightly. It was too early to be up, but that was life. You quickly through your hair up in a pony tail and made your way to the training room. Sam insisted on forcing you to train with him three days a week at six in the morning. If you had your way, you wouldn’t crawl out of bed until closer to ten.

Once you reached the training room, you yawned, wanting nothing more than to fall asleep. “That’s what you get for staying up watching TV with Dean the night before training.” Sam chuckled behind you. You let your head fall back and groaned. “Hey, you know what days you need to be in here.”

“Bite me.” You snapped. It was far too early for his shit.

“Nah, that’s not part of training. Let’s start. You’re a bit weak in grappling, let’s start with that.” He suggested.

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