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Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)


And now every time I reach for that tether, I know there’s no one on the other end, and I feel like I’m falling into nothingness. [x]

listen if i was harry james potter i would have literally had my “”“"emo episode”“”“ in the first fucking book after being forced to live in an abusive home for ten years because the most powerful wizard of all time killed my parents and was out to kill me specifically but instead my teenaged son, harry james, goes through FIVE YEARS of traumatizing experiences and suffers people discrediting and silencing him at every turn before justifiably reaching his breaking point after watching his father figure die and you all have the nerve to call him "whiny”

even this made sense now, Day 1 AET (After Episode Ten), yakov was most likely there in the gpf banquet and saw the pole dancing, the drunken grinding and the ballroom dancing, the “be my coach, victor!” and all of victor’s reactions to yuuri. he told victor this because he thought victor took the season off and flew to japan because of some international booty call via the viral stay close to me video.

no fucking wonder yakov was pissed at victor. from his perspective, his best student basically changed his career path and started coaching yuuri only because victor wanted to be in yuuri’s pants.



top ten most badass shirts from the burlington coat factory

10. Gangsta Popeye

thats hip hop

9. Gangsta Tweety Bird

thats hip-hop

8. Gangsta Spongebob

thats hip-hop

6. Gangsta Daffy Duck Shirt

thats hip-hop

5. Gangsta Taz With a Grill

thats hip-hop

4. Gangsta Patrick Shirt 

thats hip-hop

3. Gangsta Mario

thats hip-hop

2. Bart Marley

thats hip-hop

1. Most Badass Burlington Coat Factory Shirt:

I Am Legend:

Thats REAL Hip-Hop


SENPAI JUST NOTICED MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




look into your eyes

Summary: Five times Yuri Plisetsky’s eyes had left Otabek helpless, even if he didn’t know it at first. (word count: 2303)

1. and the sky’s the limit

He did not have the natural talent, nor did he have a lot of resources. Compared to the others, the ones with so much more, he was nothing. It felt easy to just give up, leave Russia, and forget about his dream of becoming an ice skater and making his country proud.

And honestly, he was about to do exactly that. Not only was he stuck with students 2-3 years younger than he was, he still keeps getting scolded for not being able to do what they could.

All those thoughts were erased from him when he looks up and sees a boy - probably ten or eleven, at most - do the exercise perfectly, lifting his leg and pointing his toes exactly as the instructor had told. But it wasn’t that that had captivated him.

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Christmas gift ideas for your NCT bias ^^

Mark: The boy needs some rest, but of course we can’t miss his swag…he clearly invented it! 

Hansol:  A sexy cool dancer can’t miss wearing a snap back…that describes him fully!

Johnny: He needs to remind himself every morning who is he…how about a cup of coffee then?

Ten: Because he loves sweets, he may love this macaron nail-clipper…and learn for once to cut his nails ! (Doesn’t he hurt himself while dancing? Is he a cat in disguise?)

Taeil: This can be useful in many ways (let’s not get to that point tho ^^), but there’s no doubt he might cry tons while watching Christmas emotional movies…he will need this for sure!!

Taeyong: But everything that smells good will win his heart! Febreze is just a complement to his collection of home scented candles, perfumes, fabric softeners and so on!

Haechan: No one will touch or use his cup ever! Everyone willl know whose it is!

Renjun: Any toy, pillow, accessorize…everything that screams “MOOMIN”. Give it to him please!

Winwin: He is one of those people you can win their heart with simple gifts..just fill his freezer with a variety of ice cream and you’ll see the happiest kid alive on the Earth!

Jaehyun: Be it on the concerts backstage, filming for NCT life, filming for ads or anywhere else…those chips are always around him! Any food will do, but honey butter chips are unbeatable!! Buy him a full box! Or 2…or 3…or send him the whole store!

Chenle: A music star who enjoys wearing hats and sunglasses? How about combining both? He won’t deny how cool it looks for sure…

Yuta: He always seems troubled by those knotted earphones…what about a cute ninja cable winder to keep them neat? Isn’t that cute just like him?

Kun: He looks unhappy holding on a stuffed lion, how about making him smile again and giving him the chance to see a real one?? 

Jisung: Tell me which baby his age doesn’t love video games? And how about those which require 2 players, that way you can join and beat him…if you can! I doubt that!!

Jaemin: Watching him holding a stuffed dog so dearly…what about giving him a real dog? He really wishes to have one…isn’t that such a cute idea? Think about helping him to raise him too…

Jeno: Some things never change and we all know he’s still on the growing stage, how about giving him an upgrade of his all time favorite drink? Banana milk is very popular and it tastes amazing! 

Doyoung: Tape recorder with a microphone attached! So he can record and hear himself when others don’t pay attention to him! Isn’t such an amazing gift for a talkative baby like him?


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Ten images from my most popular sets in 2016.

Thank you to each and every one of you that has followed my page, liked and reblogged my images and sent me such lovely words and encouragement of my art! I started this site in June, and it’s grown to 1,610 followers as of today and I appreciate the love so much!

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Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. Me? I was born to serve you, Arthur, and I’m proud of that, and I wouldn’t change a thing.