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I was feeling terrible because I forgot to commemorate my cat’s eighth adoption anniversary, but I just learned that tumblr will make gifs from videos! So here are some pics of my imperious kitty while he’s trying to go to sleep despite my interferences.

I couldn’t resist.

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Musicals have ruined counting for me

• One, two, Three, FOur, FIve, SIx, SEVEn, EIGHt, NINEEE! There are Ten Duel commandments
•NUMBER ONE I’m a girl in a world in which my only job is to marry the rich…. NUMBER TWO he’s after me cuz I’m a Schuyler Sister…NUMBER THREE I know my sister like I know my own mind-
•STEP ONE, he’s off to Harvard Law
So, I get in there too. STEP TWO, make Warner reassess. Impress him with my high IQ. STEP THREE, we throw a great big wedding, and invite all of Delta Nu.
•Un deux trois quatre cinq six sept huit neuf…. One two three four five six seven eight NIIIIINE

Matt Tabak, Ladies and Gentleman

So Matt wanted to contribute a joke for this week’s “Tales from the Pit” Templated lyrics theme. It didn’t come close to fitting but it was to good not to let you all see it.


Cast Christmas only if you have a teammate and that teammate is your true love.
At the beginning of your upkeep, put a day counter on Christmas. Then create twelve 1/1 green Human Spellshaper creature tokens with “G, T, Discard a card: Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn” if there are twelve or more day counters on Christmas. Then create eleven 1/1 green Elf Shaman creature tokens with “G, T: You may put a creature card from your hand onto the battlefield” if there are eleven or more day counters on Christmas. Then create ten 1/1 white Human Lord creature tokens with “U: This creature gains flying until end of turn” if there are ten or more day counters on Christmas. Then create nine 2/2 green Centaur creature tokens with forestwalk if there nine or more day counters on Christmas. Then create eight 1/1 green Elf creature tokens with “G: Target creature gains trample until end of turn” if there are eight or more day counters on Christmas. Then create seven 4/3 white and blue Bird Spirit creature tokens with flying and “If a source would deal damage to this creature, prevent that damage. The source’s controller draws cards equal to the damage prevented this way” if there are seven or more day counters on Christmas. Then create six 1/1 white Bird creature tokens with flying and “T: Create a 0/1 white Egg creature token” if there are six or more day counters on Christmas. Then choose two or more colors and create five Ring artifact tokens that are the chosen colors if there are five or more day counters on Christmas. Then take a breath. Then create four 2/2 blue Bird creature tokens with flying and “T: Target attacking creature has base power 0 until end of turn” if there are four or more day counters on Christmas. Puis créez trois jetons de creature 1/1 blanche Oiseau avec le vol si elle a au moins trois marqueurs jour sur Noël. Then create two 2/2 blue and green Turtle Bird creature tokens if there are two or more day counters on Christmas. Then create a 2/2 green Bird creature token with flying and bands with Treefolk. Then put Christmas on the bottom of its owner’s library if there are twelve counters on Christmas.



1. Lemonade - Beyonce

I think this album should be atop of everyone’s 2016 list. Lemonade has quickly become not only my favorite Beyoncé album, but one of my favorite albums of all time. Beyoncé successfully moves across genres, most notably reclaiming rock & roll and country to their black origins.

2. My Woman - Angel Olsen

To be honest, before the release of My Woman, I had no idea who Angel was. But, this album has most definitely put her on my radar in the future. Angel provides a sort of psychedelic rock sound reminiscent of the ‘60s, and covers the topic of love with such emotion that it is tear-jerking.

3. Puberty 2 - Mitski

Mitski is another artist that I have just discovered this year, and I’m so glad I did. Appropriately titled Puberty 2 for its hormonal nature, the album covers topics such as love, mental health, and societal norms. Another definite tear-jerker.

4. A Seat at the Table - Solange

With this album, Solange further proves her creativity as an Alt/R&B artist. She asserts black pride and describes her struggles with depression on “Cranes in the Sky”. A Seat at the Table solidifies Solange’s place as an individual in the music industry, not to be compared with her older sister.

5. Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande

Dangerous Woman is Ariana’s most daring release to date and definitely my personal favorite. Permanently shedding her image as “the girl from Victorious”, Ariana delivers a cohesive, sexy, and feel-good dance/pop album with emotional moments such as “Thinking Bout You”.

6. Emotion: Side-B - Carly Rae Jepsen

Who else could release a nearly flawless pop album full of B-sides? The queen of modern ‘80s pop sound really outdoes herself with this one and proves that her critically acclaimed 2015 release “Emotion” was no fluke.

7. Lady Wood - Tove Lo

With Lady Wood, Tove Lo once again provides honest lyricism about sex and love accompanied by atmospheric production. Tove keeps it simple (no pun intended) while still remaining effortlessly edgy. It definitely deserves more recognition than it has gotten.

8. Glory - Britney Spears

The princess of pop has provided her loyal fans with her best release since “Circus”. Britney stays true to herself while delivering an album that keeps up with the times in its production and lyrics.

9. Nightride - Tinashe

While this is just a mixtape for the fans to listen to while they wait for the release of her sophomore album, it is still one of my favorite releases of the year. Tinashe pairs a soft hip/hop sound with thoughtful lyrics that makes for great music to relax to. 

10. Anti - Rihanna

The final spot was the hardest to choose, but Rihanna definitely deserves it. Delivering her best album to date, Rihanna transcends genres from Alt/R&B (“Same Ol’ Mistakes” & “Yeah I Said It”) to Pop (“Kiss it Better” & “Work”)

Honorable Mentions:

Blonde - Frank Ocean, The Altar - Banks, The Colour In Anything - James Blake, Joanne - Lady Gaga, Vroom Vroom (EP) - Charli XCX, For All We Know - NAO, Glory Days - Little Mix, Starboy - The Weeknd, and Tkay - Tkay Maidza

breathelessly  asked:

I feel like now more than ever with this chp, it shows that Mashima has truly given up. August's death was so anticlimactic and underwhelming that it doesn't deserve the title of "tragedy" but instead just plain pathetic. From how Mashima is wrapping up things up, I bet FT will end in less than 10 chps with the next 2 being zeref vs Natsu, Natsu somehow surviving in the 3rd because NaLu, acnologia for the next, and the last 1 being a time skip with all the /canon/ pairings with their children 😐

At the moment FT is like this weird mix of Mashima both trying to drag things out, and trying to get it over with. We probably could finish it in ten chapters… let’s see (under a cut because I couldn’t resist)

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How about a Avatar AU where Mai actually joins Zuko's journey to capture the Avatar?

1. The only way I can see this working is if Mai stows away.  She doesn’t want Zuko to leave her, and she so badly doesn’t want to be left alone with Azula that she stows away on his ship, and he and Iroh don’t realize she’s there for more than ten days.  By then, they’re in Earth Kingdom waters, and they can’t go back without breaking Zuko’s exile and giving Ozai the excuse he needs to imprison him.  Iroh plans to drop her off at the next Fire Nation garrison, to be sent home, but she begs and begs to stay, and he finds himself wondering just what she’s running from if she’s so desperate to stay after ten days in the ship’s hold, stealing food and water out of the barrels.

2.  When she is found, Zuko is still delirious with fever.  Iroh makes her take a shower, and get dressed in some of Zuko’s clothes, and sets about writing a letter to Mai’s parents telling her where she is.  As soon as she’s clean, Mai plops herself down next to Zuko’s cot.  It’s really horrible there for a while, with Zuko calling for his mother, and crying in pain, and there really isn’t anything Mai can do to help him, except get him water and help him stand to go to the bathroom, and Iroh keeps pulling her away from him so she will go get some rest.  She’s never going to forget the way he looked, sweating and shivering, and so small, and she’s never going to forget the smell of the burn and the vomit, or the way she felt helpless as she watched Iroh change his bandages and clean the sticky unreal looking burn.

3. The crew doesn’t know what to make of her, this little noble girl who ran away and is now on their ship with them.  The feeling is mutual.  It only takes them a few days of Zuko being awake though to decide they like her a whole lot more than they like him.   At least she’s quiet and sullen, mostly.

4. When Zuko wakes up, and immediately starts in about how he as to find the Avatar and regain his honor, Mai has had enough.  She yells at him that she watched his father almost kill him in front of a whole crowd of people, and no one who loves someone does that, and he’s never going home, and he should be happy to be out of there, like she is.  This… doesn’t really work.  Zuko is in too deep denial.

5. Mai’s parents don’t notice she’s missing until the Royal Fire Academy for girls sending them a message asking why their daughter hasn’t been in class.  Then of course the panic starts, but by this point, she has already been missing for two days.

February Double Dee Appreciation Month

Eddy Appreciation Month has been going so well! There has been such great insight. Not only that, but I am so glad to have welcomes many others into this fandom once more.

There is only ten more days of Eddy Appreciation Month. Let’s make them great!

So, what does everyone think about February being Double Dee Appreciation Month? It’s a perfect Month because Edd is quite the romantic.

Reblog this post to get the message around! Looking forward to it.

Help me reach Mermay quota

I have no idea what to mermify next; any suggestions/requests?