ten minute song

just Dissociation™ things
  • *puts on music* “who the fuck put on this music”
  • getting startled by sounds you make yourself
  • “who is X” “we went over this four times already you know who they are”
  • *has memory of doing thing**thing is Not Done*
  • *has no memory of doing thing**thing is Done*
  • how??
  • did i really do this or did i just think really hard about doing it
  • i remember putting thing There but it is not There so i just made the whole thing up
  • “haha funny joke””i told that like ten minutes ago”
  • “how many songs are there between X and Y song on this playlist?”
  • 10. i missed ten whole songs
  • “i don’t need to write this down i can remember it” i am booboo the fool
  • when you lose control of like half your body like can you not??? i’m trying to move here
  • when you lose control right in the middle of something but you can’t stop, so you’re just on auto-pilot like “i hope no one notices i am a Fraud”

Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella - Song Title Posters

(As requested by @as-long-as-youre-mine)

Newsies, Wicked Part 1 / Part 2, Something Rotten!, Les Miserables Part 1 /Part 2 , Waitress

ian-noble  asked:

hear me out: hana teaching junkrat to play video games

“okay, so,” hana says, “the main thing to remember is that clicking the left means shoot and moving the mouse around changes where you’re aiming.”

junkrat frowns at the screen and jerks the mouse right. the screen violently changes scenes - in the same area, facing a different direction. wow, he thinks, weird, his stomach doing a bit of a flip, and then he asks, “so what’s the point?”

hana shrugs. “you shoot stuff. shoot enough stuff and shoot it well enough and you move onto the next level.”

“just the same old shit over and over again?”

“yeah, pretty much.”

junkrat blinks, processing this. “you get paid for this?”

“yep. turns out that if you get really good, people like to watch you.” she shrugs again at his incredulous look. “i do not make the rules. are you going to try it or not?”

junkrat looks back to the screen and nods, hesitantly placing his free hand onto the keyboard. hana had made him scrub his fingers clean before he could even think about touching her setup, and he can see why, now; the whole thing is mostly pink and white, easily smudged if he isn’t careful. “how do i move again?”

“these four keys,” hana says, reaching out to move his fingers to the proper place. “up, down, left, right. pretty simple. hardest part is coordinating both hands.”

“seems dumb, doin’ stuff like this,” junkrat says as he gently moves his character forward. all he can see of the actual player is their hands and a gun of some kind, darting through some kind of forest, and he takes a few experimental shots. the firearm lets out a few pathetic coughs as it sprays some ammo; a flimsy, weak weapon, in his opinion - he’d trade it for a grenade launcher any day of the week. “what’s the point, if it ain’t gonna get you things?”

there’s a short silence. “dunno,” hana says.

“why not? you do this shit all the time.”

“yeah,” hana says.

“so?” junkrat prods.

“dunno,” hana says again, and then elaborates, “i get paid for it. and i like it, i guess. and i drive my mech because of it.” an enemy pops up on the screen - he’s so taken off-guard that the first few shots go wide, and his character grunts as a few bullets from the enemy hit him. “just something to do.”

junkrat hums thoughtfully. a few seconds later and he gets a headshot, and the enemy falls. nothing too exciting, and he keeps moving forward. “that’s it?”

“sometimes it is easier to just pretend you are not living your life, you know?” hana says, and the way she says it makes junkrat look away from the screen. she’s expressionless, as if knowing his eyes are on her. “an escape. that is all it is.”

he doesn’t really get it, mostly. his whole life has orbited survival. there was never time to relax or do much of anything that didn’t relate to that. but hana seems to enjoy video games, and she’d made an effort to find him a game that had minimal reading required, and he likes to think he and hana are friends, kind of, so he doesn’t say what first comes to mind. hog would be proud, if he was here.

“you are getting killed,” hana says eventually. junkrat looks back at the screen just as his character lets out an agonized screen and falls; GAME OVER flashes in red letters and hana says, “sorry. i know this probably does not interest you at all.”

“s’fine,” junkrat says, waving a hand. “i’ll give it another go. think i could get around to liking this, eventually.”

“yeah?” hana says, and there’s a tiny smile on her face. “cool. just hit the second button there.”

junkrat does. he dies again thirty seconds later, but hana’s laughing and that’s ten more seconds than last time, so he’ll take what little victories he can get.


Sorry but this song really reminds me of The Hurricane In His Veins sorry for this but this song is rly good and I’m currently rereading a few chapters with this playing and I have no regrets at all okay that is all good night/day-

I’m A Believer (Michael Mell X Reader)

Request: Hi, can I request a bmc fic (can be jeremy or michael x reader) , where the reader is at a sleepover with the squad and jeremy/ or michael plans on telling them their feelings. Thanks!

I was gonna do this as a Jeremy fic but then i had such an idea and i felt like it fit better with Michael so,,,,enjoy !!

(also, sorry it’s so short, i’m p sick right now n my doctor prescribed me some stuff but one of the side effects is Increased Or Sudden Anxiety and it’s hittin me pretty hard so like my hands were shaking n it was hard to type this)

Word Count: 936

Warnings: none i dont think, just some swearing once or twice

Requests: Open!

You lived and breathed for friday nights with your friends, everyone congregating in someone’s living room to watch movies and eat way too much candy. Chloe had compiled a list of everyone’s  movie picks the day prior and you all were going through the list with the occasional break to go down to the Walgreens on the corner for more snacks.

You sat back down on your couch in between Michael and Jake after one such trip to Walgreens, a redbull in one hand and a can of pringles in the other as Chloe pulled up the list.

“Alright, so we’re at Michael’s movie, but he wouldn’t tell me what it was so, take it away Michael.” She said, tossing him the remote as he grinned next to you.

“Strap in kids, you’re in for a fucking adventure,” He said, pressing play on the remote.

Eight pairs of eyes were glued to the television screen, as Michael just watched everyone’s face for their reactions.

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Hey I'm super curious to know how long you'll think it'll take to finish the whole BMC animatic? Sorry I don't want to sound like I'm being pushy I'm just so genuinely curious! (Also sorry if you've already answered this I tried looking for an answer before messaging you)

It will take a really looong time… I’m doing a ten minutes video for each song/scene and it takes me at least a month to do (without counting the other things I need to do)

Be A Song For Me

For the music prompt of @carryon-countdown

Bites on my shoulder, marks like inverted piano keys.

Scratches on my back that he creates like sheet music. Simon whispers in my ear, “This is better than music, isn’t it?”

This is better than music, better than music //

I hate that he’s right. When he’s dead and gone, I won’t be able to listen to music without remembering what it was like to hear it live. To feel music on Simon’s skin, freckles scattered across shoulders I think about whenever I pick up my violin.

Be a song for me //

Music isn’t a thing, music isn’t a place, music is Simon. He is Julliard, he is a priceless Stradivarius. His voice is the first melody I hear in the morning and his good night whispers are my lullaby.

You are my zietgeist, set me fucking free //

“Stop thinking,” he teases in the darkness of our bedroom, hand sliding down my back as I arch my spine up. I relish the pain of contorting my body underneath the black shadow of his wings and the lightness of his smile.

I have never felt more like a cello, more like a harp, more like an instrument, as my body sings beneath the pads of his fingers.

Of course he’d tell me not to think. That’s what he does. Music never thinks, it acts. It echoes around the room, and fuck, does he echo. His violent, wonderful bursts of existence that used to make me think of fire and doom but now they are a symbol of what life is supposed to look like.

Set me fucking free, stop these fucking thoughts //

He is a rhythm that thumps in my veins, he makes me want to get up and move my feet to the beat.

I’ve fought, I thought, stop these fucking thoughts //

“Stop writing music,” his tail seems to tell me, as it coils around my left ankle. Our bed feels like it’s suspended in a place where time doesn’t exist.

You are my zeitgeist, set me fucking free //

I used to only have that feeling of timelessness when I went to a really well-done orchestra performance, with an ornate stage and well-trained musical masters.

But now I find it here too, with Simon, in all his recklessness. He somehow creates an entire album every night, in the moans that escape my throat and the rustle of the comforter falling to the floor. The sharp slam of the bedside drawer, the silent movement of those fucking wings, the smirk on his face that creates dimples. 

This is better than music, this is almost abusive //

He makes the music without realizing, he is the music without realizing, and I write the lyrics. I can’t help it, it’s something intrinsically compelling that forces me to match his actions with my words. That’s what we’ve always done, first as kids, then enemies, and now as everything we are.

Please read my mind, stop these fucking thoughts //

“You aren’t immortal,” he whispers, and I huff into the space between his shoulder and neck.

He knows I’m always thinking about that. A yawning, stretching infinity that I won’t be able to handle without him. I can’t do it without Simon, loudly and recklessly making music, becoming music, no matter where he is.

I whisper, “I can’t help it.”

Be a song for me //


Much later, when his body is a crushing weight above me, suffocating my worries until the morning light, I end the night the same way I always do.

I press a kiss to Simon’s temple, tangling my fingers in his curls, and close my eyes with the ghost of a fully written song write behind my eyelids.

I never write them down, but I never forget them. I don’t truly know if I’m immortal or not, but if I am, I’ll always have these.

Simon is music, and I can’t stop listening.

You are my zeitgeist, set me fucking free.

Ten Minutes Ago

Originally posted by losteveragain

Words: 3724

Pairing: Winn x Reader, slight KaraMel, Sanvers mention 

Warnings: Alcohol mention

A/N: This is the longest fic I’ve ever written! Also I think this is the longest Winn fic I’ve seen! We need more Winn, y’all! :P  It is based on the song Ten Minutes Ago from Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella. It’s also super late and I’m too tired to proof read, so I let Grammarly do it for me. Please enjoy! 

You were disappointed when you arrived at your sister’s apartment to find her sick on the couch. You had come over to get ready with her for a fundraiser she was attending for work. You were to be her plus one, but the way things were looking, neither one of you would be going.

You sat on the edge of the coffee table as you pulled her blanket up onto her.

“Hey, you want me to make you some soup?” You ask as you hand her a box of tissues.

“Chicken noodle.” She said through a stuffed up nose. “And some tea with honey, please.”

“Sure thing.” You smiled.

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"Once a upon a Dream"

Prince Charming! Logan Howlett x Cinderella! (Y/N) Reader

Request: It’s my birthday, can you do where logan forgets my birthday, Logan and I get into argument, but Logan didn’t forget he really planning a special Disney party for me, “I love Disney,”. Kind like a Cinderella story. Request by @mishacrazy3

Warning: Angst,Romance,Fluff

Words: 1,837

A/N: “X-men meets Disney AU” this was a request! If you want to a request one-shot send me inbox :) Enjoy. You are a mutant with Invisibility and Telekinesis.


Today is the day. It’s my birthday, I will be turning 27 today. the sun was shining on my face. I look over at Logan. He looked so handsome sleeping. I got up, did my morning routine,Take a shower, brushing my teeth. Hair & makeup but more excited for this day. It’s 8:30 am in the morning, I had my first class to teach in half hour. I went to our small kitchen to cook breakfast. I got my phone off the charger, plug into my speaker. It was playing my favorite song, it was from my top 5 favorite Disney songs. Once Upon A Dream from Sleeping beauty. I started singing with the song, dancing around the kitchen. Then felt arm around my waist. Logan singing along. Logan was good singer. Logan was looking down at me smiling. I stopped.

“Oh…” I said. Moving away. “I’m sorry didn’t mean to scare you” Logan said. I tried to stay into character.

“Oh..it-” I move away but he took my hand again. “It wasn’t that?…..” I said. Blushing.

“Its……that you’re a……Uh..” I move away but Logan grabbed my arm again. Logan finished my sentence. “I’m a stranger….”

“Yea” I nodded. “Well, Didn’t you remember we’ve met before” Logan said. I put on a shock look.

“We’ve-We’ve have?” I asked. Logan nodded. “yes , you said it yourself, Once upon a dream” Logan said. I gigged. I pulled Logan into a kiss, I Pulled away, I went to finish breakfast. After I was done, Logan was at the coffee table. I set the food done! We ate. Got ready for class.

Times skips

(Just a example of your mood)

School was over, It was 4:30 pm in the afternoon, it seem that everyone forgot about my birthday, No one said happy birthday or even gave me a card. They just act like it was a normal day. And the sad part of it is my own boyfriend forgot my birthday. I finally got to Me and Logan dorm, I opened the door, Logan was chillin on the couch, drinking a beer, watching TV. I clenched my jaw. I went to the TV and turn it off.

“Hey, What’s wrong?” Logan asked. Looking worried.

“Did you forget what day it is?” I asked. crossing my arms to my chest, narrow my eyes at him. He looked confused.

“Uh……It’s 16th just a another day??…. why you ask” Logan frowned. He would never forget my birthday. But now it’s like he had memory loss.

“Really?….I can’t believe you right now James” I yelled his real name. Logan got up from the couch, putting his beer on the coffee table. He wrap his arm around my waist. I sighed.

“Okay..Babe what’s wrong?” Logan asked again. I rolled my eyes.

“Everyone in the school and you forgot my birthday” I said. “I didn’t mind about people at school not saying happy birthday. But you, my own boyfriend forgot my fucking birthday” I said, walking away from Logan.

“Oh shit sweetheart, I’m sorry.” Logan said, following into the bedroom. I was sitting on the bed. I tears coming down my face. Logan was rubbing my back.

“Can we just stay in and order pizza, watch a movie” I asked. Cuddled to Logan. Logan lightly pushed me off on him. I frowned.

“Shit, If would’ve known it was you’re birthday I would cancel my plans but I can’t” Logan said. Getting up from the bed.


“I got plans sweetheart…” Logan looked at his watch. “I’m little late…right now, but are you going be ok?” Logan asked. smirking at me. I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever James” I said. “Thank you sweetie” Logan said, kissing my cheek. Leaving. 

After 15 minutes passed I got up, got my keys and purse. I walked out the dorm, I couldn’t believe him, I need to go to my safe place. I walked through the woods. I was finally at my safe place, I got my backpack out behind a tree. I unzipped, took my headphones and a my old IPod. I had hide battery speaker in it. I started playing my favorite song from Cinderella it was calm down or make me feel better. I started singing song and dancing in the woods.

I’m as mild and as meek as a mouse
When I hear a command I obey.
But I know of a spot in my house
where no one can stand in my way.
In my own little corner in my own little chair
I can be whatever I want to be.
On the wings of my fancy I can fly anywhere
and the world will open its arms to me.
I’m a young Egyptian princess or a milkmaid
I’m the greatest prima donna in Milan
I’m an heiress who has always had her silk made
By her own flock of silkworms in Japan
I’m a girl men go mad for love’s a game I can play
with cool and confident kind of air.
Just as long as I stay in my own little corner
All alone in my own little chair.

Soon after was done with the song, I sit in my chair. I cried, this was the worst birthday. None of my friends didn’t care, My boyfriend bailed on me, not even the professor said “Happy birthday”. I curled into a ball into the chair, sobbing just wish this day was over. Soon I heard a crack. I looked around, then I Heard a crack sound again. I went to investigate.

“Hello” I said. Silence. “Who is there?” I asked. Then my best friend came falling out of a tree. She had on a beautiful floral blue dress. She looked glorious

“Damn it,” Y/Bf/N said. She got up, wiping off the dust off her. She smiled, came over to me.

“Why are you so sad it’s your birthday you should be happy” she asked. I shrugged, then I got confused on why she was here.

“Wait? Y/bf/n what are you doing here?” I asked. “Uh.. who is this Y/bf/n, you speak Of, I’m your fairy godmother” She said. I burst out laughing.

“Okay, Y/bf/n quit with the act?” I said went back to sit down in my chair. She followed.

“I’m being serious. If didn’t believe me then I will show you” She said. Grab my hand and teleport us to a room. There was Storm and Jean in beautiful gown dress. What the hell is going on.

“Hello, My Princess” they bow down, I frowned.

“Uh…guys what are you doing?” I asked. They ignore me and Storm led me to sit down. They work their magic. Storm was doing my hair and Jean was making look beautiful, then I realized what they were doing. It made me happy inside that they didn’t forget about my birthday.

“Wow! You look so beautiful, Y/N, now for the dress” Y/bf/n said. Someone pushed the Cinderella dress into the room. I almost cried. It was was my very own Cinderella dress. They even had the glass shoe.

“Omg! Thank you guys this is really amazing” I said. Trying not to cry. I pulled them all into a hug.

“You’re welcome love, but we are not done yet. go put on your dress meet us in the front there be a big surprise for you” She said. I nodded. I went into the dress room. To put on the beautiful dress. After I put on the dress and the glass heels. I looked at myself into the mirror, I really looked like my type of Cinderella. (picture is up above)

I walked down downstairs, went into the front of the door, their waiting was a beautiful horse carriage, kinda like in the movies.

“Ma Lady” The man said. Holding the door for me. He helped me into the carriage. He closed the door. Then We were on a way to go, to whatever we are going. I’m was so excited.

We stopped, in front of a familiar building. The man helped me out of the carriage. I walked up the stairs and I was about to opened the door, when someone opened it already it was my best friend, how the heck did she get here so quick.

“Come on, My dear, you’re going to miss you’re on birthday party” she said. Pulling me follow her. We walked to, two double doors. She smiled at me. Disappear. I took a deep breath.

“Here we go” I opened the door. It was really dark inside. Then the lights turn on. I was scared with.

“SURPRISE” I Hold my mouth. Everyone was here. My friends, the students. They were all dressed up. I felt so happy. I walked down the stairs. Everyone was smiling at me. I blushed. Soon everyone was getting out of the way for someone in a prince charming suit. I squint my eyes to see who it was. My mouth dropped. 

It was my boyfriend, the one who forgot my birthday and bailed on me. Who was walking towards. My heart was filled with love and warmth. Logan did all this for me. I wanted to cry. I walked towards him and We met in the middle. Logan looked me up and down.

“Logan?” I said. “You look so stunning” Logan said. Looking me up and down.

“You look very handsome, Prince Charming” I giggled out. Logan smiled, holding out his hand.

“May I have this dance?” Logan asked. I took his hand “you may” I said. Logan wrapped his hand around, our fingers entwined together. We started dancing, they were playing Ten Minutes Ago. soon the song finished. I pulled Logan into a passionate kiss.

“Thank you so much Logan, this is the best birthday gift ever” I said. “Their one more present” Logan said. I frowned. I think what he did was enough. I was wondering how much this cost?. Logan had a mic into his hand.

“Uh…Well I don’t know how to do this, so I am just going for it” Logan said He was getting on one knee, He pulling out a beautiful simple diamond ring. I covered my mouth with my hand. My heart is beating fast.

“I’m so in love with you Y/N I want to spend rest of my life with you, you bring so much joy and love into my life, I want you to be my wife so…Uh w-will you marry me? Logan asked I had tears coming down, I was so happy. I tackled Logan down on ground kissed all over his face

"Yes, Of course I will marry you I said Logan chuckled and We kissed, Logan slide the Beautiful Diamond ring on my finger. Everyone was clapping and cheered.

"I love you Logan” I said “I love you too bub” Logan said we joking around, danced, and party. I change my mind this wasn’t the worst birthday ever it was the best birthday ever.


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