ten inch heels


I don’t care if someone’s wearing the frilliest dress known to man, has long hair down to their ankles, has makeup caked on their face, has the highest voice ever, has heels ten inches tall, and a 50I chest- if they say they’re a boy, THEY ARE A BOY.

I don’t care if someone’s wearing the baggiest clothing known to man, has hair so short you can barely see it, has the deepest voice ever, and has a beard down to their waist- if they say they are a girl, THEY ARE A GIRL.

I don’t care how close someone dresses to their assigned sex at birth- if they say they are non-binary, THEY ARE NON-BINARY.


I really like the idea that Taako is actually pretty small but it’s not really noticeable because he wears like fuckin ten inch heels or something ridiculous like that
And when he first takes off his heels Magnus is So Confused and Merle barely notices because even without the heels Taako’s still taller than him lol

If only I were one and not a thousand perhaps it would all be a lot easier. Meeting others, talking with them. Letting myself be taken by the hand, caressed and held.

If only I were like those that can boldly say “I’m like this, I always dress this way, I don’t eat those things, I don’t watch those movies” or those who can summarize themselves with a “I’m a private person” or “I can’t be on my own” maybe it would all be a lot less tiring.

I’m just not. On some occasions, it felt good to be on my own, on others it almost killed me. I hate and love everything with the same intensity. I’m shy and I’m insolent, sarcastic and touchy. I’m a tangle of easy words that gets increasingly more complex to process once put neatly one after the other.

I’m a pile of ‘I wish I could’, a heap of excuses. Sad excuses, unbelievable ones, but very resistant. I’m a pair of black ten inches heels at the very back of my wardrobe. I’m a fifty-pound burgundy lipstick worn only once in the middle of the empty living room.

I spend a lot of time being clueless. I’ve tried to find my way in the world. I looked for it in a stolen kiss; in my parents’ hug; in my feet underneath the cold sand just before the sunrise; in a crowded club; among people who do not understand my language; in a night when it just wouldn’t stop snowing and the silence was begging me to unbind its wrists.

Still, nothing worked. I find a bit of myself everywhere I go, but too many pieces have been left behind over the years, God knows where.

When I’m in love I am always so mad with myself and I fall in love so easily, and just as easily panic assaults me. The void scares me more than the dark, than spiders, than knowing I have no idea how to love someone the way they deserve to.

I don’t ever wish to disappear, but some days I just cannot bear to be seen, can you understand that? I want to make amend with myself once and for all and just stay somewhere. Or find something that leaves me no choice but to stay.

Because if I did, perhaps I would understand why it often is that when there is finally nothing that prevents us from doing the one thing that we want to and need to do, we still not do it.

And, who knows, I might even turn out to be quite good at it. At staying. At being something that doesn’t always rip itself apart, something that doesn’t constantly require sewing, or mending.

Yet, for now, just this. I fall in love only when on my way out.

—  M.B, Dim Lights

dumb doodle of my darling lesbian children!! getting married!!! (nyo!pruaus wedding AU)

(inspired by dresses and models in this post)

snuffles05  asked:

Glannithro AND Sportarobbie prompt where some assholes are picking on Robbie and Glanni is about to cut a bitch but then Ithro holds him back until they start insulting Sportacus too and then Ithro let's go of Glanni and he gets ready to crush a dick too

Thank you for the prompt, it was fun to write! Do you know how hard it is to think of insults for Sportacus, besides his accent? I hope you like it!

Trigger warning: Ableism, slurs, violence, swearing, threats of violence, beginnings of a panic attack

Send me in more prompts!

Robbie had known this was a bad idea, but had anyone listened?


Unlike his brother, Glanni loved partying. A night without at least half a dozen cocktails, lasers, music so loud it nearly left you without hearing, sweaty people not so much dancing as grinding against each other and ten inch heels wasn’t successful in the villain’s eyes. Both Íþró and Sportacus weren’t really party animals, but Glanni had fluttered his eyelashes at Íþró, who, in turn, talked Sportacus into coming along and Robbie really couldn’t say no to Sportapuppy’s pout.

Which was why he’d just spent four hours nursing one cocktail while hiding at the bar, as far away from the loudspeakers and mass of partygoers as possible. At first, Sportacus had sat with him, but being who he was, he hadn’t been able to sit still for long so he busied himself playing extreme darts – what kind of modern club still had darts? – while Íþró and Glanni were gods knew where. Every once in a while, Robbie had seen a flash of pink and mustard in the crowd, but never for long.

It was only half an hour before closing that Glanni had finally shown up, dragging a very dishevelled looking Íþró behind him, and that they left.

Or tried to, rather, since apparently Glanni still knew people that didn’t want to kill him on sight and had, of-fucking-course, run into one of those unicorns on their way outside.

Not even near the door, where Robbie could have inhaled some of the fresh, cool night air in hopes of getting rid of his headache, no, and the noise wasn’t dying down either.

Robbie looked across the room where the elf brothers were helping a few very drunk people back on their feet, going as far as accompanying them to the cars and cabs waiting outside. Even though Robbie really, really wanted to be annoyed at his boyfriend for leaving him on his own, he couldn’t help but smile. Always helping, even off-duty.

“Look at that weirdo over there.”

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Raucous Productions. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

“That is the latest from us, here on BBC Radio Morning news,” Nick Grimshaw beamed as you came to a stop outside of the large twenty story building.

Cutting out the engine and placing your car keys into your sleek black purse, you couldn’t help but allow a long and tired sigh to leave your lips, your eyes casting out the window seeing dreary dark clouds cover the once blue sky. Why does the weekend tend to go by within the blink of an eye? It only feels like yesterday that you were leaving this place, and now you were here once more.


Sighing to yourself, you grabbed your coffee cup and took a long sip from the hot drink, allowing the liquid to scorch your throat and give you an instant boost. Before leaving your car, you made sure to give yourself a look over. You made sure that your hair was still in neat and bouncy curls, landing around your shoulders. You also made sure to check that your red lipstick was still in tact.

Walking into the large and very modern building, you were instantly greeted with warmth and the sound of your male colleagues mumbling about the awful hangovers they were now suffering from.

“Good morning Y/N!” Paula beamed, rushing from her sitting position at her desk to greet you.

“I know you only greet me at the door so you can get the first bagel, Paula.” You teased, seeing her reach out for the fresh box of bagels while you struggled to hold the batch of folders in your arm and keep your coffee cup in hand.

“You’re lucky I’m the one who greets you. What if it was Micheal that greeted you?” Paula gasped, causing you to roll your eyes playfully, glancing over to Michael who sat at the security desk. You noticed his face buried deep inside of a paper, his legs up on the desk, his body slouching. Michael wasn’t the jolly type of morning person. Michael was more of the ‘don’t talk to me until at least noon and when I’ve finished lunch.’ person. 

“At least he wouldn’t steal the box of bagels to get the biggest one first.” You laughed, following behind her into the elevator, allowing her to press the button for the top floor.

“Did you do anything exciting over the weekend? Drink so much that you can’t remember? Dance so hard that you have to wear flats for the rest of your life? Or did you watch so many new shows on Netflix that you want to sleep for the rest of your life?” She questioned, causing you to scoff and smile playfully at her, a broad smile playing on her own lips.

“I went out Saturday night, it wasn’t overly exciting or intoxicating. Sunday I slept for hours and watched Netflix and now I’m here. Back at it again with meetings, e-mails, faxing and following the every word of my boss because I’m such an amazing personal assistant.” You explained, watching the elevator doors slide open, revealing many of your male colleagues, sprawled out across their desks, holding their hands and whining about the hangovers they have from the weekend.

“You’re such a goody two shoes! This weekend, I’m going to show you exactly how twenty one year old girls actually have fun! That means, no netflix and very little sleep.” Paula spoke sternly, causing you to roll your eyes playfully.

“And what is it that twenty one year old girls do to have fun?” You ask, raising your brows at the blonde girl as she snatched the largest bagel from the box, taking the largest bite from it, washing it down with her coffee. 

“They go to clubs, Y/N! And I know what you really did on Saturday night. Your idea of going out and getting highly intoxicated is by going to a boring little pub downtown and drinking two diet cokes with an old school friend, let me clarify, that is not fun.” Paula spoke, your eyes narrowing in annoyance at her as you both walked into the lunch room, placing the box of bagels on the table. 

“Well, maybe it’s not fun to you. That’s just what I like to do!” You huffed, pulling your folder close to your chest. You hated arriving into work on Monday, mainly because, as much as you love her, but you were always nagged by Paula. She always wanted to know what you got up to on the weekend and you never really did anything exciting. Paula was a wild girl. She loved to go clubbing, go on blind dates, drink until she passed out. She was always disappointed when you told her what you got up to, since compared to her weekend, your weekend was boring. You weren’t much of a girl for partying an clubbing. Sure, maybe once in a while you like to go out, but every single weekend? Getting drunk and waking up hungover, not remembering what you did the night before? No thank you. 

“A real twenty one year old girl, goes out! They dance in ten inch heels and they swoon guys into buying them drinks. They go wild, Y/N. Wild. You need to learn how to go wild, grandma. You never have any exciting or juicy stories to tell me come Monday morning.” Paula tutted, a disapproving look plastered on her face. 

“This weekend, you and I are going out. We’re going to hit the bars up. Surely, with you being Mr. Sugg’s P.A., you’re bound to have a list of all the V.I.P clubs in town. Even have some passes to get us in?” Paula smirked, her eyebrows raised as you walked her to her desk, your eyes widening at her words as you shook your head.

“I am not stealing any passes, I could get fired!” You hissed, giving her a pointed look making her roll her eyes.

“Alright fine, then. I’ll just hook us up somewhere cool anyways. We can have a couple of drinks, doll ourselves up, then hit the bars, mix with some guys and then hit the real V.I.P. places. What do you say? Actually no, you’re not getting a say. You’re coming out this weekend, with me, and I’m going to show you what you’ve been missing out on.” Paula grinned, sitting down at her desk and logging onto her accounts. 

“I’ll think about it, Paula. I’m really busy at the moment.” You smiled sweetly, trying your best to get out of going anywhere this weekend,unfortunately you were cut off.

“Well babe, you better clear your schedule, because I’m not letting this go. Have a good day, and hey, if you see Mr. Sugg, give his bum a squeeze from me.” Paula whispered, winking at you as you groaned at her. 

“Shut up, Paula.” You tutted, rolling your eyes at her, making your way into your office and noticing a yellow sticky note sitting on your keyboard.

'Ms. L/N, when you see this, please make your way to my office. -J.S’

You gazed down at the note unsure. You didn’t want to just walk straight into his office, not after what happened last time. The last time you recieved one of these notes, you knocked on his office door and walked straight in, immediately being greeted by a shirtless Joe and a girl just dressed in her bra and underwear. You couldn’t look your boss in the eyes for two weeks. Picking up the phone on your desk, you began to dial Joe’s extension number, listening to the dial tone ring.

“Yes, Ms. L/N?” Joe’s voice spoke, his voice sounding deep making a shiver trace down your spine.

“Would you still like me to come into your office sir? I’m just reading your note now. I’m not disturbing you at this time, am I?” You responded.  

“You’re not disturbing, Ms. L/N. Please, come in.” He answered, the sound of the phone hanging up ringing in your ears. 

You grabbed your diary and a large notebook, taking a pen with you while walking towards his office. You knocked twice before pushing the door open and peeking your head around the corner, noticing your boss standing in front of his large, open window. 

“Good morning sir.” You smiled, closing the door behind you and walking up to his desk. 

“It is a good morning, isn’t it?” Joe answered cheerily, his body turning around to face you. You were instantly greeted with a Hollywood smile and a sweep of his brown hair, brushing to the side. Joe was dressed in his usual attire. He wore a crisp white shirt with a black suit, a black tie also tied neatly. 

“What can I do for you, sir?” You questioned, sitting down in front of him as you opened up your diary, reading out his plans for the day before he could ask you. “You have no meetings today sir. You do however, have a business call with Mr. Hughes and Mr. Grant at eleven. Mr. Lee is still on business and would like for you to call him at three.” You added, reading from your diary before looking up to Joe, seeing him nod at your words while he takes note of the time to call Mr. Lee. 

As he did, you took time to take a look around his office. Joe’s office was no doubt beautiful. The walls were clean white. There were paintings and art work hung smartly around the room. Plaques also hung proudly on his wall, while awards were placed neatly on shelves. He had a large window wall, your favorite thing in his office. It gave you the most fantastic and most beautiful view of London. You loved it especially during the Summer evenings, watching glorious and beautiful sunsets from this spot was amazing. The room was very large and spacious. Leather sofas and chairs were pushed to one side, a large flat screen tv hung up on the wall. It was a dream office that every CEO would love. 

Raucous Productions is a company set up by Mr. Joe Sugg and Mr. Caspar Lee. After filming Joe and Caspar Hit The Road, it instantly became a number one best selling DVD. This film led to a second film and it wasn’t that long until they made it big time, with A List celebrities, for example, Zac Efron, Leonardo Dicaprio, Rachel McAdams, Mila Kunis etc.They are now multi millionaire CEO’s and they now direct and produce big time, Hollywood movies. 

“You’re always on the ball, Ms. L/N. One of the many reasons why I love the fact that I snatched you up before Mr. Lee could.” He chuckled, leaning comfortably back against his leather chair, throwing his hands behind his head while a relaxed sigh left his lips. 

“Please, reserve a table for two at Apsleys, The Lanesborough Hotel. Lets say for eight o'clock.” He nodded as you jotted down the words he spoke. “Also, please send a large bouquet of red roses to Ashley. Here is her address. Have them delivered to her at one. Please also enclose this note on the bouquet. That will be all for now. Thank you, Ms. L/N.” Joe smiled at you, slipping you a piece of paper. Smiling at him you turned your back and made your way back to your office, rolling your eyes at the sight of Ashley’s address on a slip of paper.

What number girl is she?


Hello lovelies! 

How are you all? Are you keeping well? I really hope that you are. It’s also the flu season so make sure to drink plenty of fluids and keep warm! Also with school starting again, make sure you all get a lot of sleep and make sure not to worry or stress yourselves out with the thought of exams and homework. 

Ahh, this is a new series that I’ve been planning on posting for a while! What did you think of it? Was it good/bad? Does it deserve a part two? Would anyone be interested in reading a part two? If you would like to read part two, please tell me down below! It would mean so much to hear back from all of you gorgeous souls and to hear your thoughts! 

I love you all so much and I hope that you’re all having the most wonderful day or evening! 

Never forget how important you are! 

All of my love xxx


because i felt like drawing fashion and fem!phan. so here we are.

cisfem!phan headcanons 

  • dan’s birth name is danielle, which is okay when her grandparents call her that or when phil’s making jokes. phil’s birth name is philippa, which is just never okay.

  • dan’s the bigger fashion lover by far. phil’s all about printed sweaters and colourful patterns and comfortable jeans. dan, on the other hand, sometimes comes home after shopping with a fishnet top or half ripped skinny jeans or the leather skirt she bought from h&m that phil really hates. sometimes they argue over this. most days phil rolls her eyes and walks away.

  • phil, however, is the bigger makeup lover. she’s got a makeup bag she’s been collection since she was fifteen and rarely leaves the house without at least some of it. she says it’s because it feels like being walking art no matter where you go. 

  • (dan likes to pretend she disagrees with this, but mostly it’s because she can’t put eyeliner straight to save her life. phil does it for her on most occasions.)

  • dan goes on a semi-angry feminist rant about three times a week, also about every second liveshow. phil knows most of it by heart at this point, but still prefers to limit her own online opinion-stating on the matter to a girl is a girl if she says she is and girls are just as good as anyone else and deserve equal treatment. when it’s just the two of them, she can out-rant dan if she tries. no one has to know this.

  • dan has six piercings in her left ear, four in her right and one in her nose. phil pierced her ears once when she was eleven and got so panicked from the needle she almost bit the piercer. dan still laughs about that story to this day.

  • their hair is actually cut in the same style, only phil likes it slightly shorter. dan also spends about twenty-five minutes in the mornings curling or straightening or spraying it. phil’s more of the dan dan can i braid your hair like a princes? type.

  • they’re the same shoe size, which leads to many occasions of intended/unintended shoes sharing. phil’s not above borrowing anything except the studded pair. there are limits. 

  • they get their periods together two out of three times. dan is an eat all the chocolate you can stomach and watch the notebook fifteen times girl. phil is a take twenty three different types of painkillers and be 57% more sarcastic than usual girl. 

  • they’re both very tall: dan is 5′10 and phil is 5′9. this led to a semi-crisis during 2013 in which dan stopped wearing heels, and concluded with a very definitive fuck these social standards gesture of wearing ten-inch heels to vidcon of 2014. 

  • the shippers are never the real problem. the real problem is the two hundred messages they get a day, you two are so sexy together and pls post a sextape and if i pay you can we have a threesome?? lesbian sex is so hot. the shippers are never the real problem, but the fact that neither of them has any way of knowing that the shipping isn’t happening because they’re both girls, is.

Klaine. NC-17. [AO3[warnings: crossdressing (sort of)]

Blaine really has a thing for Kurt’s Lady Gaga heels. 

Thank you Kris for beta reading! <3

It’s a lazy Sunday when Kurt decides to go through his boxes of self-sewn costumes he’d made back in high school.

His lips curve into a smile when he finds his ‘Single Ladies’ leotard - one of the very first costumes he’d ever made. He still remembers how he’d spent days in his room, neck aching from being crouched in front of the sewing machine for hours and eyes burning from concentrating so hard to not mess it up, to make it perfect.

“Honey, do you want some tea?”

Kurt looks up from where he’s kneeling on the floor of their bedroom. “Oh, thanks, yeah.”

Blaine raises his eyebrow, stepping closer. “What are you doing?” He bends down, observing the sequinned fabric in Kurt’s hands. “Are we…roleplaying today?”

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Frat Brat. -Part Seven. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

“Oli..” You whispered, your voice cracking in shock. Quickly you looked up to Joe seeing his eyes on you. Your body was still trapped back against the hood of his car and the hold from his hands, but you quickly pushed Joe away, slipping from his grip easily while you felt your cheeks blush furiously.

“Are you two on some sort of date? What the hell is going on?” Oli asked baffled, Millie running in circles around his feet as he looked between you and Joe.

Your heart was now racing with anxiousness. Oli White just witnessed you almost kiss the boy that you despised. Oli White just witnessed you almost kiss the boy that your constantly ranting about. Oli White just witnessed your near fatal mistake and now you weren’t so sure of the excuse that you were going to use to get out of this.

“Oli, what a surprise. Funny you just swung by here, Y/N was just helping me practice Romeo and Juliet. Weren’t you babe?” Joe smirked, his hand now pressing against your back as you looked back to Joe seeing him look at you pointedly. Turning your eyes back to Oli, you watched him roll his eyes. “Y/N actually discovered that my best learning technique is for me to act out the important lines of Romeo and Juliet so I’ll remember them better, no big deal, right Y/N?” Joe asked you sweetly.

Your head was now spinning with confusion at Joe’s words, wondering why he was now backing you up and supporting you when he easily and smugly could have rubbed it into Oli’s face that he was about to lay a big one on you and you would have happily accepted it.

“Y/N?” Oli asked, eyebrows raised with curiosity.

Gazing over to Oli’s eyes you felt your heart pang. Oli was so sweet and so kind. It was crash to think that you both met in the newspaper room at school, working through articles and helping to put a school paper together. You barley spoke a word to one another but now you were the best of friends, an untouchable bond between one another that even Alice couldn’t break somehow.

As you gazed over to Oli’s puppy brown eyes, you felt your heart drop into the pit of your stomach while a false and reassuring smile plastered your lips. You couldn’t tell Oli what was really about to go down. Not after everything that you’ve said about Joe, since Joe really is the reason why you both started to chat to one another and grow closer through the year.

“Yeah! Yeah, yeah that’s what we were doing..For some reason he can remember things better when he acts them out..Sure, we had to act out a poem earlier too which was really weird since it was one of Sylvia Plaths, right bonehead?” You asked quickly, composing yourself and trying to keep your voice steady and make the nervous undertone vanish. Swallowing thickly, you looked over to an unconvinced Oli seeing him flicker his eyes between you both. Your mind as racing at your scandalous thoughts.

Everything happened in one moment. In one fleeting moment you were about to have your lips pressed against Joe’s in a deep and passionate kiss but in the next Oli is onlooking in complete horror at your shocking actions. 

“Y/N, if he’s bothering you-” Oli started, his body now tensing up while he started to stalk towards Joe until you quickly placed your hand on Oli’s chest, stopping him from. Moving towards Joe further.

“No, Oli..Its nothing like that, really, I promise..” You whispered, flashing a small bit reassuring smile Oli’s way, noticing the stern and apprehensive look in his eyes before his shoulders slumped and he sighed.

“I guess I’ll see you in class tomorrow..” Oli muttered. “I’ve got to get Millie home. Sometimes her bark is bigger than her bite.” He muttered, brushing between you and Joe in an aggressive manner making you frown. You noticed the subtle but mad glare Oli gave Joe making your stomach tighten with knots.

What’s gotten into Oli? Sure, he did just witness you about to make the biggest mistake of your life by kissing the Frat Brat you completely despised with everything inside of you, but since when did he ever become aggressive?

“Call me, yeah? Maybe we can plan something over the weekend?” You called out hopefully, looking to Oli’s back seeing him walking straight ahead of you, a small shake of his head making your heart drop.

You’ve really disappointed him.

Light tears were now brimming your eyes, but you were refusing to let them spill from your waterline. Your hands felt clammy and your heart was continuing to race, flutter and shatter all in one emotion. So much has happened tonight, it almost felt like it was easier to keep up with the Kardashians than your life.

“Do you think he believed you?” Joe’s voice asked sheepishly, breaking the mere tense silence that lingered around you both. Your eyes shut to a close at his voice while your chest tightened.

“Joe, he’s a lot smarter than you think. He’s not like your sluts who think they’re the only special girl in your life when they’re not.” You hissed, retracting from his hold on your shoulder sharply while stepping away from him.

“Thanks for dinner Joe. It was really nice. I’m just going to go home.” You whispered quietly, you arms automatically wrapping around yourself while you sent a small sad smile Joe’s way before you walked away from his figure.

“Don’t you want a ride? Y/N, I can physically leave you on your doorstep! It’s dangerous out there!” Joe called out in shock. You rolled your eyes at the tone in his voice before you peered your head over your shoulder.

“I’m tired Joe. I just want to be alone right now and I’m only a fifteen minute walk from my house.” You sighed at his words, your body slumping before looking over to Joe’s blue orbs that seemed to be holding an emotion behind them that you couldn’t quite place.

“Meet me in the library tomorrow after class, yeah?” You proposed, giving Joe a simple nod seeing him smile slightly and nod to your words. “I’m just really tired and I’m muddled up and I just need to clear my head. I promise I’ll be fine, right?” You continued, looking over to Joe’s figure seeing his eyes scan you cautiously.

“Y/N..” Joe whispered, your body now turning away form Joe’s gaze as you walked off down the road and into the night.

Confusing thoughts of feelings and emotions spinning around your head.

What exactly happened tonight?
Did you want to kiss Joe?
|One Month Later|

“Vote for me! Vote for me as your Prom Queen! Hey! Becky! You’ve always been like one of my best friends! So, remember vote for me as your prom queen!” Bethany squealed, shoving an A4 piece of paper with her face printed out on it into Becky’s face.

You couldn’t help but immediately roll your eyes at the sight of Bethany. Her cheerleading skirt was barley covering her ass while her top was so low cut, that if she jumped one more time then you were sure her boobs would pop right out. Her fake town was glowing orange, you were sure that her tan would stop traffic. What bewildered you the most was the fact she was wearing ten inch high heels in the middle of school. She looked like she was dressed to go out in a slutty night club.

“Vote for me everybody! This school needs a queen and that is me!” She sang out, her voice piercing your ears making you wince.

“If her head gets any bigger, it’s going to make her body look out of proportion..” Oli sneered quietly to you, causing you to giggle quietly as you both brushed by the large crowds of people.

“And don’t forget! Vote Brad as your Prom King!” Bethany continued, her voice squealing like a three year old before Brad cockily planted a sloppy kiss on her overly lip glosses lips making you want to vomit.

“It’s like watching a mother bird feeding her baby..” Oli chuckled making you bubble with more laughter as you both soared through the crowds of students that were looking at the posters of Bethany and Brad plastered along everyone’s locker.

“Bethany and Brad! Please, hold off an all P.D.A!” Mr. Longford scolded in the distance as yourself and Oli snickered, making your way to your own locker. 

It was now coming to the end of the school year but for you, it was now coming to the end of school altogether. It would only be another two weeks until you were officially a graduate and moving onto bigger and better things. It would only be two weeks until you were going to leave this school altogether and hopefully receive your scholarship that you’ve been working so hard for.

“So, Y/N, are you going to the dance?” Oli questioned, your eyes widening at his sudden words while your cheeks burned crimson.

“I don’t think so Oli..Dancing isn’t my best of skills and I’d only make a fool of myself and besides, nobody’s asked me to go!” You laughed, grinning bashfully while taking out your books for your homework and your notes for your study session with Joe.

In all honesty, it wasn’t first on your agenda to go to the schools prom. You didn’t really drink and you were sure that someone would spike the punch. Prom was a night you wanted to remember and not have as a drunken memory. You’ve never been the one to go out to night clubs or to many parties simply because you just couldn’t handle drunk people. It wasn’t your favourite activity having to hold back people’s hair and tell them that they’re love life will turn out better in the future.

“Well, what if someone asked you to go to the prom, how about then?” Oli asked, his voice raising with an undertone of an emotion while you rolled your eyes in a playful manner.

Biting your lip, you leaned back against your locker, holding your textbooks close to your chest while smiling.

“Well if someone asked me then I’d go! But I doubt anyone’s going to ask me!” You laughed, looking up to his eyes before the bell signalled for class but for you it signalled it was the end of the day since you finished your classes.

“Y/N, can you meet me after school? Can you meet me in the park tomorrow, say around..eight? We can hang out for a bit and catch up since we’ve both been so hectic..” Oli smile down at you, his hand now gripping your elbow while your breath hitched slightly.

“Yeah….Yeah, that would be great!” You beamed, blushing pink as his lips met your cheek.

“Great! I’ll see you tomorrow at eight!” Oli beamed before he ran down the wall, his head glancing back to wave at you before he scurried off to his class.

It would be nice to hang out with Oli. Especially after all of the tutoring sessions with Joe, it’s been hard to squeeze in time to hang out, especially since you’ve got your own homework and part time job to worry about and you’ve got a demanding family that also want to spend time with you when they can.

Walking away from your locker, you held you books against your chest while casually strolling down to the corridors, leading yourself to the library. Sighing to yourself you couldn’t help but smile slightly at your thoughts about Joe. Your ‘volunteer work’ as Mr. Lawrence likes to call it, has been running surprisingly very smoothly. The first couple of lessons were quite hard and were often made up of bickering for the entire session, but now, it is something that you shockingly look forward to.

Over the last couple of weeks, you and Joe have managed to find techniques for him to learn off his English quotes and memorise the important things. The two of you have been bonding too, something that you would have laughed at if Alice or even Oli told you. It was quite weird and crazy to think that you and Joe were actually getting along. You’ve been learning a lot about Joe and his interests and hobbies. You discovered that he’s actually pretty great at sketching graphic designs and drawing in general. Joe is also quite an exceptional singer and guitarist. You overheard him one day when he was sitting on the hood of his car, strumming the stringed instrument while singing Wonderwall.

Stepping into the library, you smiled at Marie who waved at you and slipped a couple of mints into the palm of your hand before she pointed her finger towards the table where Joe was sat. Joe was sat back against the wooden chair, Romeo and Juliet sat in his hands while his eyes flickered back and forward of the words. You couldn’t help the small fluttering in your heart as you walked towards the table.

“Studying hard?” You giggled, sitting down at the table beside him seeing his eyes lift up to meet yours, a smile spreading on his lips.

“As a matter of fact, yes I am L/N. I’m quite prepared for the questions you’ve got up your sleeve.” Joe chuckled, marking down the page he was currently on before he turned to face you.

“So, what have you got then L/N? Quotes? Questions on different scenes? Questions about the characters?” Joe asked as you shuffled your books on to the table, a grin forming on your lips seeing the studious Joe appear to you and the cocky and confident Joe vanish. “Also, I’m glad you have a seat because look at this bad boy.” Joe smiled smugly, his hand now pulling out a piece of paper that had a large red 'B+’ scrawled on top.

You felt your jaw drop while your fingers snatched the paper. “Is this for real!?” You beamed, looking up to Joe excitedly and watching as he nodded his head rapidly making you jump into his arms proudly.

“I’m so proud of you Joe! Oh my gosh, this is amazing! I’m so happy for you!” You beamed, pulling back away from Joe’s embrace while holding the piece of paper in shock, looking down to the large B+.

“I guess you’re just a great tutor, aren’t you?” Joe grinned, his eyes gazing at you softly while your heart swelled up with pride, a light blush decorating you cheeks.

“Now, I told you with a little elbow grease that your grades would pick up! Now, if you knew it was this easy would you have knuckled down before?” You grinned amused, looking over to Joe’s eyes seeing a sheepish grin on his lips while he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

“I think the only reason why I did so good was down to you, Y/N.” Joe smiled, your heart fluttering at his words.

“C'mon..Lets go celebrate!” You grinned, watching a shocked expression cover across his face.

“What do you mean celebrate? We’ve got to study!” Joe chuckled, looking into your eyes with disbelief. Laughing quietly to yourself, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes in a playful manner before standing to your feet.

“Come on Joe, it’s Friday..you just scored a B in your exam and you want to study for the finals? One little night off wouldn’t kill you! C'mon lets go!” You grinned, shoving your books into backpack before pulling Joe from his seat, scurrying out of the library together and to Joe’s car.

“What has gotten into Y/N? You want to skip a studying session to celebrate my result?” Joe gasped, looking at you like you were a different person.

“Joe, you passed your class test! It’s Friday! We’ve been studying all week! I think one little celebration won’t kill us..” You grinned, rolling your eyes while sitting into the passenger side of Joe’s car.

You were now a more relaxed in Joe’s presence. You’ve learned to allow his cheeky words go over your head and you’ve ignored his flirtatious side and his cheeky and often dirty pick up lines. You glanced over to Joe, feeling a small smile pull on your lips. If somebody told you that you would one day be physically sitting in a car with the Joe Sugg, the boy you hated with a vengeance, you would have burst out laughing. Now it was a reality. Although Joe respected you a lot more now, he’s lowered his cheeky comments to a minimum and thankfully, he no longer speaks about his scores with the girls around school. It was like someone had switched a lightbulb on inside of his head and he’s become a little more mature and studious, keeping his profile down low. You really appreciative of it too.

Smiling, you watched as Joe pulled up outside of your house, jumping out from his car, you glanced over your shoulder to look back at Joe.

“My parents are out on a business trip this weekend, so we’ve got the place to ourselves.” You smiled, slinging your backpack over your shoulder before you strolled up to the front door beside Joe, unlocking it with your keys before entering.

“And before you even dream of asking, no I’m not having a huge house party and you can not invite people around.” You scorned, pointing your finger sternly at Joe seeing him hold his hands up in sudden defence, an in cornet face gazing at you.

“A party of two sounds more fun to me.” Joe chuckled, falling onto your beige coloured sofa, his backpack at his feet in an instance.

Standing up on your tippy toes, you grabbed two shot glasses from the cabinet before you grabbed a bottle of tequila, walking back into the living room while grinning amused at Joe.

“Let’s play a game, will we Y/N?” Joe asked you, his eyes looking at you mischievously making you swallow and eye the blue eyed boy cautiously.

“Please continue..” You grinned, before your jaw fell open at his words.

“Let’s play a study game. I like to call it Strip a Poker. For every question I get right, I get to take a shot and you take off one item of clothing..For every question I get wrong..then you can take a shot and I’ll take off a piece of my clothes..” Joe whispered, his voice raspy and deep. You felt your heart now pound against your rib cage and your fingers tighten around the shot glass.

“Don’t be daft Joe! Just because you got a B+ doesn’t mean you’re a know it all!” You scoffed, rolling your eyes while knocking back the shot of tequila.

“What is it Y/N? Are you afraid that I’ll just win? Are you afraid that I’ll get to see you in nothing? Where’s rebellious Y/N gone all of a sudden?” Joe mused, tilting his head. You felt your breath hitch slightly at his words, narrowing your eyes at him, you couldn’t help but glower.

“Alright then Sugg, let’s play your little game.” You glared, watching Joe knock back his tequila shot smugly.

Pouring yourself another shot along with one for Joe, you leaned back against the cushions.

“How old is Juliet?” You asked, narrowing your eyes at Joe hearing the smooth jazz from your radio playing around the house.

“She’s thirteen.” Joe smirked confidently, your eyes widening as he cockily knocked back his shot.

“C'mon L/N…Off with one item..” Joe grinned cheekily.

Huffing, you glowered at Joe before you smiled sweetly at him and took off your shoes. Smirking you giggled at the annoyed look on Joe’s face.

“Okay then, who asked for Juliet’s hand in marriage?” Joe asked you. Happily, you knocked back your shot of tequila.

“That’s easy Sugg. Paris asked for her hand in marriage.” You smiled confidently, your eyes rolling automatically as Joe took off his shirt, sending you a subtle wink.

“Which character is eager to fight?’ You asked, watching Joe knock back the shot while he answered the question correctly making you take off your socks, not giving into Joe’s satisfaction.


The hours passed by quickly. Your mind was spinning as you knocked back the next shot Joe poured out for you both. You were now sat in your bra and panties, your arm resting over your stomach while Joe was sat smugly in his Calvin Klein boxer briefs. The alcohol was now streaming through your blood. You couldn’t believe the situation you were now in. You never pictured yourself to be the one to ever get invovled in a drinking game, especially with a boy like Joe, but of course you just had to prove to him that you were rebellious and reckless. Giggles were now escaping your lips as you laughed over Bethany.

"Really? I don’t know why it surprises me.” You laughed, listening to Joe tell you about how Bethany is a sloppy kisser.

“I don’t know what you saw in her..Did you guys like split? You always had a thing together, riiight?” You slurred, covering your mouth as you hiccuped.

“Hmmm…I didn’t like her…She just..appeared one day and everyone called us a couple..so, I just went along with it..It was almost expected of the bad boy to the date the cheerleader, right?” Joe hiccuped, his voice raspy and unsure while the smell of alcohol wafted through the room, your study quiz now long gone into the night.

“That’s how it goes in the books..” You grinned, your heart fluttering at your thoughts.

“You know, she called it all off with me…all because I’ve been studying…” Joe grinned lazily at you.

“She’s not worth it Joe…” You sighed, looking over to Joe’s eyes seeing him gazing at you.

“Do you hate me?” Joe whispered, his voice low.

Furrowing your brows, you felt your breath hitch as Joe slowly scooted closer to you.
You could feel your heart now racing against your chest. Your breathing was now hard and increasing quietly at his moves.

“I don’t hate you Joe..I just..I don’t like the way you act around other girls..I don’t like the way you just use them..You make beck you do your worrrk and…You kiss every girl and leave them..” You hiccuped, running a hand through your hair while pouting at Joe seeing him frown at you. “Although…You’ve impressed me lately Joeee…I like the new you…I like the you that actually likes studying and learning stuff..and doesn’t say cheeky things..or tries to get into every girls pants…” You continued, grinning at Joe, seeing his blue eyes glimmer in the candle lit room.

Slowly you noticed Joe lean closer into your body. You could feel your skin tingle as his bare body pressed up against yours, while his hand cupped your cheek. Your foreheads were now pressing against one another, your body tingling at his touch.

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it sight. For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night..” Joe whispered huskily over your lips. You could feel your heart now fluttering like a butterfly in the summer sky as he recited Romeo and Juliet to you. Your face was now blushing as the smile on your face continued to grow.

“My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand, to smooth that rough touch..with a tender kiss..” Joe whispered delicately before his lips suddenly pressed against yours. His lisp were soft and smooth. Your heart was fluttering crazily while your stomach did backflips. Smoothly his arms wrapped around your frame while your hands tangled in his hair.

Your lips moved together in a deep, passionate and desperate kiss. Emotions and unsaid thoughts being poured through the single moment. Your mind was like a dizzy merry for Lund and you couldn’t help the giddy in love teenager smile that spread across your face as Joe slowly drew back from your lips and whispered.

“ I always knew you had a thing for the bad boy.”


Hello lovelies! Ahhh here’s part seven of Frat Brat! I really, really, really enjoyed writing this part and I really hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Y/N and Joe have kissed! But what about Oli? What’s he going to say about all of this? Are Y/N and Joe a drunken mistake or has Joe got feelings for her?

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  • Me, wearing black Armani silk lingerie and ten inch heels made entirely of Swarovski crystals and elegantly sprawled across a Louis Vuitton couch while scrolling through my Facebook feed : Look, darling, Helen divorced her tenth husband. Isn't that grand for her. And Emelié has died mysteriously in a fire. I never liked her anyway. ( laughing elegantly) Ah, look at this charming frog meme? Isn't it splendid. Don't you think it's splendid darling?
  • My female lover, who is sitting on my lap, wearing a cape made of the skin of a recently extinct tiger and is eating caviar from a wine glass with a spoon she stole from Queen Elizabeth: (laughs charmingly in agreement)
  • The profusely sweating artist who has been painting our portrait nonstop for the last five hours because I threatened to set my Rottweilers on him: ( chuckles nervously)
  • My 89 year old bedridden billionaire husband who I'm slowly poisoning for his money : hurgh

@thecrzyones said:

Stefani was probably the least threatening being out there. Well…she probably could be seen as intimidating when she was wearing the ten inch heels but those weren’t on her feet today. No. Today was just a converse kind of day. She was concerned about this stranger though. The way he was cowering like she was going to hurt him. “Hey, it’s okay. Do you need to sniff my hand or something?” It was a little strange to say that but she was a firm believer in strange things like reincarnation and ghosts. Hybrids were on a completely different level though. “I’m really not gonna hurt you. I’m just a pop star.” She giggled softly and slowly reached her hand out.

Archie was curled together to be as small as possible. He didn’t know what in his mind reminded him of ‘that’ woman. But something did, something about her reminded him of her. He stared at her, eyes big and round. She didn’t smell like her, she didn’t even smell similar. But still, he felt very anxious. AS he was sitting on the ground, on the blanket he usually sat on when he sang for money. She’d approached him to hear his voice, but when she had approached, he had stopped singing abruptly.

Love at first bump (Matt Espinosa Imagine)

Requested by nannsnna

I hope you like it and if you like it enough… maybe a part 2 where the first date is involve… Just a thought but tell me what you think ( : *


​“Melissa! Melissa here.” Paparazzi shouted all around me. All I did was smile and do the poses like my manger, or better known as my mother, taught me.

This were the only events where I would let paparazzi terrorize me with photos. And this was the annual Billboard Music Awards.  

“Time to move on, Miss.” A man holding a program said. I casually moved on, still trying to give the paparazzi good photos, till I walked straight into someone losing my balance in the meantime.

“I’m so sorry.” The guy said stabilizing me before I could fall over in my ten inch heels.

“Oh no, it’s my fault. I didn’t look where I was going.” I replied looking into the prettiest light brown eyes I have ever seen.

“Melissa are you dating Matt?” The paparazzi screamed around us. I realised Matt was still holding me by my shoulders.

“Two M’s how cute! Maybe your couple name can be M&M.” A girl shouted. I almost started laughing at that comment.

“I’m Melissa by the way.” I said holding out my hand. Matt regretfully had to let go of me to shake my hand.

“Oh- I-I kind- kind, I’m Matthew, but you can just call me Matt.” He said nervously shaking my hand. All I could do was smile at how cute he was being.

“See you inside.” I greeted and walked past him and three other guys. I heard congrats behind me and tried not to giggle when I heard him say, “I actually touched her.”

“Get me everything you can on that Matt guy, he looks interesting.” I said to the guy with the program who looked a little irritated that I didn’t stick with the plan.

He led me to one of the interviewers who greeted me with open arms, like literally, the interviewer brought me in for a bear hug. Like I was taught I just went with what life gave me.

“So Melissa, how do you like 2014 Billboard Music Awards?” He asked before holding out the mike for me to answer.

“I’m enjoying everything about it, except for these 10 inch heels.” I said with a chuckle and at least he laughed too, otherwise it would’ve been a little bit embarrassing.

“If it helps, you do look ravishing. Any guy would be lucky to have been your date. So now the question comes, did you bring a secret date?” He asked and lucky for me Matt was walking past. I pulled him by his arm and before he could ask anything I started talking.

“Yeah, he’s my secret date.” I said with a huge smile as I turned to him and begged him to play along.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been secretly seeing Melis for over two months now.” Luckily he was a good actor that was great with improvisation.

“That’s a twist in the celebrity world. Matthew Espinosa dating famous pop music star, Melissa. I have to say you guys make a really cute couple.” The interviewer smiled at the two of us.

“Thank you, we finally figured it was time for the world to know and the Billboard Music Awards is the most perfect place to tell everyone.” I said and gave Matt a kiss on the cheek. I saw his pants rustle and could’ve sworn I saw his knees wobbling.

“Well, I’ll let the two of you get on with business. It was nice meeting you and good luck with your nominations.” The interviewer gave me one last friendly smile before the man with the program hustled me to go on again.

“Thank you so much for covering for me.” I whispered as the two of us pose together for the first time as a ‘couple’.

“Not that I have a problem with this or anything, but why did you lie to the press?” He asked and motioned me toward a camera I missed.

“You have no idea how the press can get if you’ve been single since the day you stepped into fame. They made up rumours that I have sexual diseases and they like to say my job is more important to me than love or that I’m such a witch no man can ever love me.” I said trying my best to keep my composure.

“I never knew it was that bad.” He replied and we made our way further down the red carpet with his hand on the small of my back.

“Yeah, but not as sorry as you’re going to be when you get bombarded with press saying you’re dating me. I’m sorry I dragged you into this, you don’t deserve what’s coming.” I said and before he could say anything more, my furious mom-manager grabbed my hand and pulled me away from him.


“Can I please get one whiskey?” I asked the barman. Luckily for me they didn’t check ID or asked money.

“Wow, are you sure you can handle something that strong?” He asked behind me. When I turned around an automatic smile spread across my lips.

“Hi, I thought I might’ve scared you off.” I say leaving the drink behind me.

“And I thought your mother killed you and buried your body somewhere nobody will ever find it.” He replied with a chuckle and I immediately joined in.

“She did, almost, till I explained my feelings and her mother instincts took over.” I say playing with a charm on my charm bracelet.

“Well, I’m happy she didn’t because otherwise this would’ve been my shortest fake relationship ever.” He joked, but there was something hidden I his eyes. His words also made me sad and I had no idea why.

“Fake…” I whispered hoping he wouldn’t hear, but he did.

“I-if… y-ou… wo-would like-” He stuttered scratching the back of his hair and trying to avoid eye contact with me.

“Are you asking me on a real date Matthew?” I asked with an unhide-able smile.

“Only if I’m not making a complete fool of myself.” He said with panic. I had to admit that he was so cute and just my type of guy.      

“Since you may be asking, then, what did you have in mind?” I ask biting my lip and praying for the best.

“Lunch tomorrow? Then maybe the press can take it as our first public date, while we can go out.” He responded nervously playing with his pants.

“A date it is, you should probably go get your knees checked out before tomorrow.” I joked handing him my phone.

“Probably.” He replied almost breathlessly. He typed in his number and handed me my phone back.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, babe.” I whispered before kissing him on the cheek again. His knees wobbled again almost making me giggle like an in love teenage girl who found her first love. Who would’ve thought that I could be won over by light brown eyes, the cutest smile on the planet plus the nicest personality? Then and there I had a feeling I was a goner.

While I walked away I quickly composed a message for him, to make sure he had my number, but mostly because I really wanted to: Can’t wait for tomorrow :D

Let me know what you thought of it**

I cannot tell you
The last time I bought a pair of shoes
With a man in mind
Every pair of sneakers
That I wore down
Until they almost didn’t exist
Were not bought
So that I could chase after a boy
Rather they were bought
So I could play like a boy
So I could run like a boy
Better than a boy
They were bought so I could begin
To build my legacy
Of defeating boys
Who thought genetics made them better than me
My first pair of heels
3 inches
Were not bought so a 12 year old boy
Could dote me on his arm
Like a inherited jewel
Only to abandon me
At the 8th grade dance
For his circle jerk of friends
No, they were bought
So I could feel empowered
When I spoke
At a history fair
They were bought so I could stand proud
In the photograph that was taken
When I placed third
For a project about women
Rebelling against the nazis
My new ten inch heels
That make my legs stretch as far as the Nile
Were not bought
To create a vast ocean
For boys to drink from
They were bought
So I could sit easily atop my pillar
They were bought to elongate the thigh muscles
And remind men
That I am the girl
With ratty sneakers
They chose to race against
Because she would be easy to beat
They were bought to remind men over and over again
That I am the woman
That beat them at their own game
—  Chasing boys - j marie ©
Blaisabelle || Be Careful...

“Ow!” Isabelle hissed, somehow managing to burn herself for the fifth time in the past hour. She and Blaise had traveled their way to the bustling city of Spoonerville for some Valentine’s Day dance, an event that the brunette just couldn’t wait to spend with her fiance…that is, if she didn’t have to get all dressed up. She had been in the hotel bathroom for about two hours by now, the first hour spent trying to remember what her mom taught her about make up, and the second hour, well….cursing whoever made such a wicked thing as this dreadful curling iron. She knew Blaise was probably growing anxious by now, and felt a bit guilty every time she heard his worried voice ask if she was okay.

But alas, finally, after receiving burns on almost all of her fingers, Isabelle reached her last curl, looking in the mirror and deciding it was good enough. She turned off the curler and set it onto the counter to cool off, then glancing over to the dress Colette had helped her pick out back in France that she now had hanging up on the door. The brunette couldn’t stop her face from twisting into a sour expression, having reached what was to her the most dreaded part, besides of course the ten inch heels she’d have to slipping into later, an accessory she had told Colette she most definitely did not want to buy.

Letting out a sigh, the girl moved to take the dress off the hanger before suddenly catching an idea, her eyes twinkling with a bit of mischief. Leaving the dress where it was, Isabelle just left the bathroom in her underwear and smiled over to Blaise on the bed. “Almost ready!” she chirped, making her way to her suitcase. Swiftly she pulled out a casual shirt along with her favorite pair of jeans, quickly slipping them on before turning back to her fiance. “Alright!” she beamed, making her way to him on the bed and leaning over to kiss him on the cheek. “You ready to go?”