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On today’s episode of Facbook Pet Owners Piss Off the Dove-Mom: Part 1

We have a double feature! 

Gross negligence outdoors and in public, followed by normalizing symptoms of neglect!

Guys, I should not have to say this, but PLEASE, for the love of your birds’ safety, DO NOT take a dove outside without a cage, carrier, or harness!

Yes, even a bird that is “reliably” return trained!

Yes, even if the wings are clipped!

Even with no predators around (HA! You are lying to yourself if you make that statement outside!), It does not take much for a Ringneck to spook and take off!

The only survival instinct they have left is “Fly VERY fast!”, and they usually do that in a straight line until they hit something or run out of stamina.

Two people on FB found this out the hard way.

One fucking LEFT their doves UNATTENDED on their fucking porch! And were shocked that one was frightened enough to fly  off into the woods.

Their lament was not that they left their literally helpless birds outside, but that they missed getting that one’s wings trimmed.

They were just as shocked that their bird with clipped wings wasn’t where they expected it to be.

Fortunately, their fucking CAT lead them to the lost flighted dove TWICE!!! and it was recovered safely.

This is not a “Haha, oops!” funny story, you ass! How did you NOT know better?

And some one else replied to their story with a fun one of their own!

THEIR dove got stuck in the rafters of a building and required “A ten foot ladder and lots of coaxing” to recover safely! Because they thought it would be perfectly fine to bring an *unrestrained* dove to a wild encounters event!

Doves have now been banned from this public education event!

Y’know what would have prevented ALL of that?! TRAINGING and a fucking HARNESS!!! 

But, since harnesses for doves are not common, a GODDAMN CLOTH FUCKING CARRIER!!!!!!!

Guys, I attend public education events with doves and pigeons ALL THE GODDAMN TIME!!!

Do you know what goes into making sure the birds will be safe and comfortable enough to make the experience a pleasant one?

MONTHS of training! Usually from squeakerhood!  If something is normalized as not scary early on, it will be a more positive experience when they go out in public for the first time.

As soon as a baby can reliably stand up, I usually start getting them used to being harnessed and assessing exactly HOW ok they are with wearing it.

Not every dove or pidge has the right temperament for public education. 

Not every bird enjoys wearing a harness or getting tons of attention. Some may enjoy one or the other, but if they aren’t comfortable with BOTH, that bird needs to stay home!

You have to be just as trained to use the harness as the bird is to wearing it, and even MORE trained to attune yourself to the birds’ comfort levels.

Education events cannot be done with just one bird. That shit is EXHAUSTING, even for the ones that ENJOY it!

It is imperative that you have a team with you, so that individuals can be switched out. When one gets overstimulated, they can take a break: eat, drink, preen… settle down and have a breather while a fresh bird takes their place in the spotlight. 

If your desire do a thing with an animal does not take its safety and comfort into account FIRST and FOREMOST, then you *really* need to stop and question your motivation!

Part two pending, as it is important and needs to be discussed with nothing else to distract from it!

anonymous asked:

Scenario with Todoroki with an s/o who has a bat quirk? Like theyre hanging upsidedown and when he comes by they surprise him by giving him a kiss. But hes surprised and ends up freezing half their face lol. Sorry if its too specific aa

When was he gonna pass by anyway? You’d been suspended from the rafters for about ten minutes, and there’s been no sign of Todoroki at all. You just wanted to give him a little shock! Was that so bad?
Wait. Someone was coming. Was it your someone? …No. It was Bakugou. You swung up out of the way to avoid freaking him out and blowing up the room. Dammit. But Todoroki was right behind him. Score.
“Boo!” You chirped, swinging down and planting a smooch on his lips. It was a little bit awkward since you were upside down, and a little lightheaded, and cold… But only the right side. What?
Oh. Fuck. He froze your face. “Oh Jesus! Sorry!”
“What was that for?” His eyes were wide, hands hovering by the sides of your face. You scared him.
You reoriented yourself, feet brushing the ground. “Just wanted a kiss!” You weren’t necessarily looking for frostbite, though.
“Can I get some warning next time? You’re really frozen, [Name].”
“Yeah, alright. Doesn’t hurt much though.”
“But really. Let’s thaw you out.”

russianspacegeckosexparty  asked:

Amateur vampire hunters stumble across Bucky in the day time sleeping, suspended from the rafters in bat form. He's like ten feet tall and snoring. "Wow, he's even uglier up close" one guy says and one crimson eye opens suddenly

“Bitch, where?” is the last thing they hear