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Please more of Steve getting turned on by women holding his shield.

It wasn’t often that Maria Hill joined them on missions.  She was typically back-of-house, behind-the-scenes, sees-all-knows-all.  

Steve knew, objectively, she earned her position within S.H.I.E.L.D. She was competent and clever and calculating and had courage in spades.  

Steve had never really seen, first-hand, Maria Hill in combat.  She was brutally efficient, like Natasha. She didn’t have the same grace as Natasha, but where Natasha had a dancers grace, Maria Hill had a martial artists.  

She also had his shield.  He’d thrown it into an oncoming Space Pig (how many weaponzied versions of Earth animals were out there, anyway?) and Maria had grabbed it as it rebounded, using it to both defend herself from one creature and attack another (she decapitated it with ease and a sleek, efficient movement that was all brutal force).  She tossed it back his way with a word of warning, without which Steve was fairly sure he’d have been hit in the face by his own shield.  

”So that’s how it is?” Came Sam’s voice over his earpiece.  

“Don’t you have ‘space bacon to fry’?”  Steve asked.  

“Don’t be jealous I have all the good lines.  But seriously.  We need to work on your poker face.” 

Steve groaned.  “It’s not like anything. I need to work on nothing.”

“Steve.”  That was Maria Hil.  “Thanks for the shield.  And the once-over.  It’s nice to know the suit’s still flattering.” 

“See?!” Sam gloated.

“Fine.  Poker faces. We’ll work on it.”

Top Ten // Listen

My top ten songs of the moment. Updated weekly. 

  1. A 1000 Times - Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
  2. Sign of the Times - Harry Styles
  3. Harlem - Cathedrals
  4. Now Or Never - Halsey
  5. I Want You - Marian Hill
  6. Show Me - Alina Baraz
  7. New York City - The Chainsmokers
  8. Like You - EXES
  9. I’m In Here - Sia
  10. Stronger Than Ever - Raleigh Ritchie
10 Years (The Beginning)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: heartbreak

A/N: This is an AU series that I have been working on for so damn long! Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually posting it. I really hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions or queries about what will happen. Thank you to @dylan-trash-tbh for keeping me sane.

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Next Part

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“I’m not going,” You stated clearly as your fiancé glanced at you over his cup of coffee, you shoved the postcard to the side, looking through the other envelopes that the postman delivered moments ago. Bills. Bills. And more bills. You averted your eyes from Asher’s blue ones, not wanting to talk about it anymore.

“It’s your ten-year High School reunion, y/n. You have to go.” He stated, standing up from the chair and walking to the mirror that hung on the wall opposite the kitchen breakfast counter. He adjusted his tie before sighing, turning to you, his eyes pleading for you to help. You walked up to the sandy haired man, giggling as you fixed his navy tie. “Just think about it, what I’d do to go back to my ten-year reunion and give the people a piece of my mind.” You laughed aloud, shaking your head.

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Happy Birthday Alec Guinness 2nd April 1914 - 5th August 2000

An actor is usually no more than an assortment of odds and ends which barely add up to a whole person. An actor is an interpreter of other men’s words, often a soul which wishes to reveal itself to the world but dare not, a craftsman, a bag of tricks, a vanity bag, a cool observer of mankind, a child, and at his best a kind of unfrocked priest who, for an hour or two, can call on heaven and hell to mesmerise a group of innocents. 

- Alec Guinness: Blessings In Disguise, 1985

Steter Fic Recs

Look, I don’t known how this happened. I’ve spent the last two years basically blacklisting the whole Teen Wolf fandom and then suddenly I’m binge reading everything in the Stiles/Peter tag on AO3. I didn’t even like this ship when I was actively watching the show, but apparently it pushes all my buttons.

At least it’s not Sterek?

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Fantastic Pokémon and Where to Find Them

Island Scan Pokémon locations and days available to catch them.

1. Melemele Island
Monday: Totodile in Seaward Cave
Tuesday: Deino in Ten Carat Hill
Wednesday: Horsea in Kala'e Bay
Thursday: Klink in Hau'oli City
Friday: Chikorita in Route 2
Saturday: Litwick in Hau'oli Cemetery
Sunday: Cyndaquil in Route 3

2. Akala Island
Monday: Spheal in Route 7
Tuesday: Luxio in Route 8
Wednesday: Honedge in Akala Outskirts
Thursday: Venepied in Route 4
Friday: Bellsprout in Route 5
Saturday: Marill in Brooklet Hill
Sunday: Gothita in Route 6

3. Ula'Ula Island
Monday: Swinub in Tapu Village
Tuesday: Duosion in Route 6
Wednesday: Roselia in Ula'Ula Meadow
Thursday: Staravia in Route 10
Friday: Vigoroth in Route 11
Saturday: Axew in Mount Hokulani
Sunday: Rhyhorn in Blush Mountain

3. Poni Island
Monday: Conkeldurr in Poni Plains
Tuesday: Togekiss in Poni Gauntlet
Wednesday: Levanny in Poni Meadow
Thursday: Serperior in Exeggutor Island
Friday: Samurott in Poni Wilds
Saturday: Emboar in Ancient Poni Path
Sunday: Elektross in Poni Grove

You have to have completed the main story to use the Island Scan feature.

Welcome to my very first giveaway! Today we’ll be giving out one Pokemon: a Battle-Ready Shiny Absol! I have a whole box of them, so hopefully we won’t run out!
To get one of them, you’ll need to head to Ten Carat Hill and pick up a Carbink! Make sure to name it “DISASTER” so I know it’s for me! If you want to be sure you won’t get sniped, make sure to level and gender lock it, Level 100 and Female!

The giveaway begins at 5PM EDT or 2PM PDT, (approximately 20 minutes!) but feel free to deposit earlier! I simply won’t be able to trade until the time begins, but don’t let that stop you from depositing!

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