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Please more of Steve getting turned on by women holding his shield.

It wasn’t often that Maria Hill joined them on missions.  She was typically back-of-house, behind-the-scenes, sees-all-knows-all.  

Steve knew, objectively, she earned her position within S.H.I.E.L.D. She was competent and clever and calculating and had courage in spades.  

Steve had never really seen, first-hand, Maria Hill in combat.  She was brutally efficient, like Natasha. She didn’t have the same grace as Natasha, but where Natasha had a dancers grace, Maria Hill had a martial artists.  

She also had his shield.  He’d thrown it into an oncoming Space Pig (how many weaponzied versions of Earth animals were out there, anyway?) and Maria had grabbed it as it rebounded, using it to both defend herself from one creature and attack another (she decapitated it with ease and a sleek, efficient movement that was all brutal force).  She tossed it back his way with a word of warning, without which Steve was fairly sure he’d have been hit in the face by his own shield.  

”So that’s how it is?” Came Sam’s voice over his earpiece.  

“Don’t you have ‘space bacon to fry’?”  Steve asked.  

“Don’t be jealous I have all the good lines.  But seriously.  We need to work on your poker face.” 

Steve groaned.  “It’s not like anything. I need to work on nothing.”

“Steve.”  That was Maria Hil.  “Thanks for the shield.  And the once-over.  It’s nice to know the suit’s still flattering.” 

“See?!” Sam gloated.

“Fine.  Poker faces. We’ll work on it.”

Top Ten // Listen

My top ten songs of the moment. Updated weekly. 

  1. A 1000 Times - Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
  2. Sign of the Times - Harry Styles
  3. Harlem - Cathedrals
  4. Now Or Never - Halsey
  5. I Want You - Marian Hill
  6. Show Me - Alina Baraz
  7. New York City - The Chainsmokers
  8. Like You - EXES
  9. I’m In Here - Sia
  10. Stronger Than Ever - Raleigh Ritchie
10 Years (The Beginning)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: heartbreak

A/N: This is an AU series that I have been working on for so damn long! Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually posting it. I really hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions or queries about what will happen. Thank you to @dylan-trash-tbh for keeping me sane.

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“I’m not going,” You stated clearly as your fiancé glanced at you over his cup of coffee, you shoved the postcard to the side, looking through the other envelopes that the postman delivered moments ago. Bills. Bills. And more bills. You averted your eyes from Asher’s blue ones, not wanting to talk about it anymore.

“It’s your ten-year High School reunion, y/n. You have to go.” He stated, standing up from the chair and walking to the mirror that hung on the wall opposite the kitchen breakfast counter. He adjusted his tie before sighing, turning to you, his eyes pleading for you to help. You walked up to the sandy haired man, giggling as you fixed his navy tie. “Just think about it, what I’d do to go back to my ten-year reunion and give the people a piece of my mind.” You laughed aloud, shaking your head.

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I’m surprised no one is talking about how Kahili is standing in Ten Carat Hill. How do I know? Ten Carat Hill is a very rocky area, as shown in this picture. And what exactly do you find in Ten Carat Hill?

That’s right: the Flyinium Z.

Check and mate, GameFreak. I figured out 1/48th of the plot before the games release.

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alllright! RFA+V and Saeran finding out that MC doesn't/don't really look after themselves that much? (sometimes skips meals bc they ate too much junk food, they don't have a consistent sleep schedule -me rn since i'm sending this at 2 am and I have school tomorrow lol-, "MC, when was the last time you took a bath? "lol idk")


  • constantly trying MC to get their life in order even tho his life is the same
  • he hates it when he asks MC when was the last time they slept healthily and they reply with “when was the last time you did huh”
  • honestly,,, he really can’t critique because he truly is living that Broke College Student Lifestyle 
  • he’ll try to help MC and himself? like MC will send him a message at 3am after eating a week old frozen pizza and he’ll freak out and tell them to go to sleep even though he is awake at 3am and probably just ate a whole bowl of leftover pasta without sauce or something
  • he’s so. consistent. with. his. “did you eat?” messages. it’s like he has them scheduled or queued or something


  • much like Yoosung, she’s trying to make MC get their life together even though hers is a trashcan fire rolling down a hill at ten miles per hour
  • an actual argument she had one time was whether she or MC was doing better because MC hadn’t eaten dinner but she had half a cup of coffee and they were discussing who should be telling who to take care
  • once she has more free time, though, she’s always trying to help MC
  • sometimes she goes over and helps them clean the place because knows MC sometimes just. has no energy to
  • she’s really surprised MC manages party-organizing and living like this at the same time? she must help?
  • sometimes she buys convenience store meals and goes to eat them with MC because even though it’s not the peak of healthy foods, it’s better than eating too many burger king hashbrowns and then skipping a meal because you can still taste those little potato fuckers in your throat


  • local man who basically lives on beer and whatever-food tries to help partner with equally messy life
  • he doesn’t go to sleep too early, but he starts to. why? because he hopes that if he keeps sending MC “goodnight!” and “good morning” it might just help them? 
  • ok he knows it probably won’t but at least it will be a reminder to MC that it’s already past 10 and maybe they should think about sleeping


  • ok no not really but
  • this pretty boy may not sleep much but he doesn’t even know what chicken nuggets are so he’s not familiar with the “oh god I ate so much fucking french fries i literally can’t eat anything else today” feel MC has got going on
  • like……. no please he loves MC too much to see them live like this,…
  • sends over food to MC’s place so they have something real to eat and don’t end up going to kfc at 2 am to buy some chicken popcorn and can instead reheat some delicious meal
  • also he constantly reminds MC to bathe and sleep because he just. he just wants MC to live better please


  • ha ha ha ha same
  • doesn’t. even try to help MC
  • he knows. he knows no ammount of messages will help or anything
  • why? 
  • buddy pal friend he’s living off chips and soda and sometimes goes for at least three days without sleeping and he can probably count the amount of times he bathed in the last two weeks in one hand
  • he wants to help MC so bad,,, but he’s scared his messages will come off as annoying so he just sends in jokes vaguely relating to the “good night/ have you eaten/did you take a bath” vibe and hopes MC can figure out the meme’s hidden meaning


  • he just worries
  • whenever MC says something like “i cant eat dinner i ate the biggest fucking taco i’ve seen” he worries a lot
  • it’s in his nature to worry quite a bit, but when it’s someone so close to him he worries even more
  • still, he’s also super considerate and makes sure MC never feels guilty when he tells them?
  • he likes to invite MC out to eat to nice little cafes because that means MC gets to go outside, get fresh air, eat ok and spend time with him
  • best boy


  • in an odd twist of events, it’s MC who begins to help him
  • sometimes, he forgot to eat meals because he was too distracted, or sometimes he couldn’t sleep at all. some days he just felt too tired to take a bath or pour himself some cereal
  • and MC knew how that felt, but like helll they’d let Saeran go on like that when they could help
  • it was… odd at first. asking saeran if he was feeling ok in the mornings, reminding him to eat and bathe- reminding him to do stuff they weren’t really doing- and seeing him actually appreciate it under his huffy facade
  • eventually, it became mutual messaging and reminding when saeran found out MC was doing pretty much the same things they were trying to help him fix

The redhead snorted, “Sounds like the magical community has finally discovered marijuana.”

Sirius sat up on his elbows, looking at her with a sour expression, “Will you shut up? I am so tired of your bullshit muggleborn superiority complex. We purebloods are all inbreeds stuck in the seventeenth century, and you muggleborns are these geniuses who get to lead these amazing double lives. We get it.

—  fuck i love sirius black
1958 | Chapter 1

Hello, @fallinwitstyle it is I, YOUR SECRET SANTA!!! Remember those questions I asked you “on behalf of your Secret Santa?” ;)

One of the things you asked for in your request was a “What if Jamie had gone through the Stones post-Culloden AU” which so happens to by MY favourite kind of Outlander fan fic, and one that I’ve always wanted to write my own spin on. 

This is the first chapter of MANY, and doesn’t get us to the reunion just yet. But dinna fash! (I’ve actually already written the reunion scene, which will probably come in chapter 3, 4 or 5) I really hope you (and everyone else) likes my take on a post-Culloden AU. 

I hope you’re having a Wonderful Winter so far, and Happy Early Christmas!! 


Chapter 1

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Jamie swallowed against the lump in his throat. Craigh na Dun. This cursed and blessed place that both brought him his wife and took her away. He slowly dismounted his horse.

“Here?” Lord John Grey’s voice was sceptical as he looked up at the stones from their position at the base of the hill. Jamie could feel his eyes on him. He blinked for fear of tears. “This… is where you and your wife were parted?”

“Aye” it was more of a croak than a word. He cleared his throat and tried again. “Aye. We… aye.” John dismounted next to him. “I thank ye for bringing me so far out of our way.” Ardsmuir prison was closed, and John was taking Jamie to his parole in Helwater. He had asked if they could come up to Craigh na Dun first, as Jamie wasn’t sure how long he’d be stuck in Helwater. As Claire wasn’t dead (dear God let her be safe… her and the child) and he didn’t have a grave for her, he wished to come here to mourn. John, to Jamie’s surprise, acquiesced.

“Why here? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“It… It was the safest nearby place for her to leave from that day.”

John nodded respectfully, an air of something like confusion still in his eyes. It did seem an odd place for a parting. They both looked up at the stones. From where they stood, there was a perfect view of the centre stone.  To John, the fairy stones were no more than superstitious nonsense. He tentatively put a hand on Jamie’s shoulder.

“Take your time. I’ll wait here with the horses. Just… I’d rather you stay where I can see you.” His voice was soft, kind and full of empathy.

“‘Course. I thank ye, again.”

With another nod at each other, Jamie began the painful walk up the hill. As he walked, his pockets heavy with the large handful of gems and coins he had managed to keep from Selkie Island, he was reminded of the other excruciating times he had climbed up and down this hill. The first, he had thought he was saying goodbye. He had been certain that Claire would choose Frank over him. He had walked up this hill praying for the strength not to beg her to stay. He had walked back down the hill with a broken heart, numb with the pain of it. Only hours later, he had woken to utter joy and relief, Claire by his side to stay. He remembered weeping in her arms that night, and making soulful love to her beneath the stars. The second time he’d mounted this hill was ten years before, on the worst day of his miserable life. He hadn’t prayed for anything that day, save a swift death after their parting. He had walked back down this damnable hill alone that day, his heart not broken, but gone. He had been walking with the bleeding, gaping hole in his chest ever since. For a third time, he was mounting that hill, with neither prayer nor dread in his heart, but the hollow sadness of mourning.

He reached the stones and felt a weakness in his legs and a trembling in his throat. He slowly, painfully walked to the centre of the circle and looked upon the centre stone. How he despised and loved that stone… without it he never would have met Claire, never would have had those years of light, of love. Without it, he never would have lost her.

He slowly sank to his knees, unsure of the moment he had begun to cry. He closed his eyes and brought the image of Claire, still so clear to him, as though she were kneeling before him, to his mind.

Mo nighean donn,” he whispered, his voice raw and broken. “Mo ghraidh… Mo chridhe.

The sound of whispers. He ignored it.

“I miss you. Always. Every day, mo ghraidh.”

The sound grew louder. ‘Was that John?’ he thought. He opened his eyes and looked down the hill behind him. No, John was still down by the horses. He shook his head and closed his eyes again, resummoning Claire to his mind’s eye.

“I pray that yer well, my Sassenach. You and the bairn. He must be nine, nearly ten, now.” He smiled sadly. “I hope he isna giving ye too much trouble.”

The whispers were back. They grew louder. They… they weren’t whispers at all, but more of a strange… buzzing… noise…

Jamie’s eyes snapped open. Was that…?

He didn’t pause to think. If there was the smallest chance…

He surged forward and slammed his hand against the centre stone.

video game soundtrack is designed to keep players engaged, and a franchise like pokémon features a distinct variety of ost to prove it. If you’re looking for something to listen to in order to maintain both focus and relaxation, these playlists are for you! regional relaxation is a collection of ost from various pokémon games. please note that they are all extended plays, and each track will play for at least 15.5-30 minutes. playlists are sorted by each region, tracks are in order of location order, and each playlist features will include ost from the most recent game their respective region features in. 


(HeartGold & SoulSilver) youtube playlist

Pallet Town
Route 1
Viridian City
Route 3
Cerulean City
Vermillion City
Lavender Town
Cinnabar Island
Route 26
S.S. Aqua


(HeartGold & SoulSilver)  youtube playlist

New Bark Town
Cherrygrove City
Azalea Town
National Park
Ecruteak City
Cianwood City
Route 47
Safari Zone Gate
Safari Zone
Mt. Moon
Surfing (Surf Theme)


(Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire)  youtube playlist

Littleroot Town
Oldale Town
Trainer’s School (Rustboro City)
Dewford Town
Marine Science Museum (Slateport City)
Verdanturf Town
Fallarbor Town
Fortree City
Lilycove City
Art Museum (Lilycove City)
Sootopolis City
Southern Island
Surfing (Surf Theme)
Diving (Underwater Theme)
Bicycle (Cycling Theme) 


(Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)  youtube playlist

Twinleaf Town
Lake (Verity/Acuity/Valor)
Route 201
Sandgem Town
Jubilife City
Floaroma Town
Eterna Forest
Eterna City
Hearthome City
Amity Square
Solaceon Town
Snowpoint City
Valor Lakefront


(Black & White+ BW2)  youtube playlist

Nuvema Town
Juniper Research Lab
Aspertia City
Floccesy Town
Accumula Town
Virbank City
Striaton City
Nacrene City
Skyarrow Bridge
Icirrus City
Opelucid City (White Version)
Lacunosa Town
Undella Town
White Forest
White Tree Hollow


(X & Y)youtube playlist

Vaniville Town
Route 1
Aquacorde Town
Satalune Forest
Lumiose City
Camphrier Town
Geosenge Town
Coumarine City
Laverre City
Dendemille Town
Snowbelle City
Kiloude City


(Sun & Moon)  youtube playlist

Iki Town
Hau’oli City
Paniola Town
Seafolk Village
Mahalo Trail
Poni Wilds
Ten Carat Hill
Aether Paradise
Poké Pelago


“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Totally! I did all of the calculations myself!” Wil replied with a bright smile. He sat down on the sled and motioned for Dark to sit behind him.

“I’ll stay up here. You know, so I don’t fall off and break my head open.” Dark sat down on the snow, crossing his legs.

“Suit yourself.” Wil pushed off the hilltop and raced down the hill.

About ten seconds later, he bounced off a rock and landed in a snowdrift with a soft thud. A moment later, he popped up, arms in the air, with the biggest grin on his face.

“Okay, finger math isn’t as accurate as I thought, but I am fine!”

Dark smiled. Wil’s joy was contagious, even from the bottom of a hill.

(Soft snow is good for landings.)

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