ten flavor

JFK Goes to Buffalo Wild Wings

“Welcome to Buffalo Wild Wings, what can I get ya?”

“Hi!  I was looking to get a twenty piece wing, but I wasn’t too sure of what sauce.  What’s ya’lls hottest?”

“That would be the blazin, but could I recommend only getting five to start out with, or maybe an order of ten of another flavor?”

“Oh, no.  That won’t be necessary.  I can handle heat pretty well.”

“Alrighty, I’ll have that out to you soon!”

“Thank you!”

20 minutes later, JFK gets his wings and takes the first bite

Good gracious!  I’m on fire!!!  Robert, give me your cone!!

luggh!  UGH!  Eth eth not helhing.

Oouull!  UUHHOOH!  Oug guhd eh hudda haken her avith!

#Crimespree16 Summer edition is all about the Dab

If you want to win my pre-seasoned and well Dabbed healthstone which probably has ten delicious flavors already in it; Reblog this post with your guess as to who it is I am imitating in the video.

Remember Crimespree16 is Our Fight For Our Rights as Medical Marijuana Patients.

We Demand the Right to Medicate in as many forms as needed; when needed; where needed.  if you want to get the fight underway in your area, Join @norml and speak up about Your Rights.  Be An Activist For Weed.

We are going to set a few simple groundrules here :

  • You must be following Us @thefourtwentytimes,
  • You Need To REBLOG THIS POST With Your Guess as to Who I Am Imitating In The Video.

Heres a hint, it’s one of these women from the Got2BReal Series we started last night  Watch The Videos on Our Timeline; They Are Hillariously Shady Funny

  • Mariah Carey
  • Patty LaBelle
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Whitney Houston

On 6/30/16 - Thursday we will use the random generator to choose a winner from the entries.  Included with the healthstone will be various dabbing gifts and possibly dabzzzzzzzzz,, more gift pics will appear in the next two weeks randomly

  • You must be following Us @thefourtwentytimes​,
  • You Need To REBLOG THIS POST With Your Guess as to Who I Am Imitating In The Video.

You gotta get in it to win it. Crimespree16 !

Trouble’s just the bits in-between.

(…and all the other bits, too.)


Rose and Tentoo sitting in the new TARDIS, wondering where–and when!–to go next. Or it could very well be Rose and a blue-suited original flavor Ten, if you prefer.

(It’s only slightly coincidental that they match, and that their hands always seem to gravitate toward each other in one way or another, even when they don’t seem to notice.)

(Or they pretend not to notice, as is more likely.)