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Okay so this is kind of a fuck customers story but also a holy hell creepy customers story. TL;DR at the end if it’s long enough.

So I work at the Land of the 31 Flavors. It’s still a new job for me but I got everything down pretty fast and within the first couple weeks they trusted me with a store key. I was working a Saturday night (we close at 10:30 instead of 10 on Friday and Saturday) and it was about 10:15, I’d been ahead of schedule for closing so I was really just waiting to actually close. Out of nowhere this giant truck/ all-terrain vehicle barrels through the parking lot and parks, badly, right up next to the front window. Five guys get out, four of them sit down on the path furniture, one comes in and buys something. They all seem to be around my age, give or take a couple years (I’m 19).

So this guy comes in, looks around for what was apparently nearly ten minutes, orders two flavors that he admits he’s never tried, and goes out to sit with his buddies. I’m clear to lock the door now, so I walk around to the front, lock the door and pull the plug on the open sign, and get along for the rest of my close.

Except about ten minutes later, I look over to see if they’re all still there, and all five of them are staring at me through the window.

Keep in mind that at this particular store the staff is almost all girls, so we get creeps now and then, and most of us coworkers are pretty close so we have each others’ backs. But I was closing alone that night, and I wasn’t about to walk out the front if they were still there.

So I take my time closing. We get around to 11:45 and they’re still there, looking into the store at me every often. So I texted the opener for the next day to let her know that I hadn’t set the alarm and was going out the back, and I outlined the story. I lock up, turn off all the lights, and go out the back door and around the building to the parking lot.

Just as I’m about to get into my car, I hear one of the guys say,“Hey, where’d she go?”

Ice Cream Buffet Table

I just got cool kitchen stuff today, and the first thing I wanted to do was make my own ice cream parlor. That was when I found out that you can’t buy the cartons of ice cream. You have to make them yourself. That is why I bring you my newest buffet table. It features ten different ice cream flavors that spawn randomly on the table.  (I still haven’t figured out a way around this.) 

The flavors included are: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butter pecan, rainbow sherbet, lemon gelato, taste of diet, blue moon, twin roses, and plant matter.

This buffet table requires City Living and Cool Kitchen Stuff.

Download Here!

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Can I request the rfa and the minor trio trying to get 707 to stop being an idiot and be with mc? I saw your one with baehee and it was 💯💯💯 xoxo rfa-confidential

Thank you very much! The Baehee one was a lot of fun to write and so was this one, so thanks for requesting it! I hope that you enjoy!! :3


  • Yoosung knew by the first conversation that you and Seven had together that you were meant for each other
  • Even though he was majorly slightly jealous, Yoosung still felt that the two of you were a perfect fit for each other
  • So when Seven is being an idiot and starts pushing you away even after the whole Mint Eye fiasco, Yoosung decides that it’s time for him to help out
  • Yoosung goes over to Seven’s home and insists that he needs to talk to him about MC
  • Once he let him in, Seven had never seen Yoosung so angry before in his life and boy does Yoosung let Seven have it
  • “It’s obvious that she loves you and you love her Seven so stop being a dummy by trying to push her away and go tell her you love her! You two deserve each other got that?”
  • After hearing Yoosung’s ‘encouraging’ words, Seven decides to man up and finally go to you and profess his love for you
  • A week later, Yoosung was walking past a local cafe and saw you and Seven happily chatting, making Yoosung smile and feel accomplished
  • Yoosung then texted Seven later on ‘You owe me big time for motivating you, I’m expecting triple the rewards in LOLOL along with a months supply of Honey Buddha Chips!’


  • Zen never understood how anyone could get Seven’s ‘unique’ humor like you did
  • Of course Zen wanted to get to know you better and maybe even ask you out on a date, but he realized that you and Seven were meant to be
  • So when Seven decided to push you away even though the two of you clearly had feelings for each other, Zen came up with a plan
  • Zen invited both you and Seven to a nice restaurant to celebrate his upcoming musical that he got the lead role for
  • You and Seven were directed to a table for only two, leaving both of you confused and the atmosphere awkward
  • Seven then heard his phone ring and answered it to hear an angry Zen
  • “Seven you need to man up and stick with MC! It’s obvious that the two of you love each other so stop being an idiot and enjoy the night with her. And no matter what, don’t leave MC.”
  • Zen hung up on the shocked Seven and smirked from his hiding spot when he saw you and Seven start to chat and laugh together
  • But Zen’s services came at a cost and while he left the two of you alone at the restaurant, Zen texted Seven ‘You’re welcome for the pep talk. I’m expecting tickets to a Broadway show along with helping promote the newest musical I’m in. Enjoy your night!’


  • Jaehee always thought that you and Seven would be the perfect couple since the two of yours humor was a little… odd
  • But Jaehee still thought that the two of you would be cute together and was secretly routing for you two all along
  • You and Jaehee ended up becoming good friends after the party so you and Jaehee planned a small girl’s day together
  • She noticed how sad you looked and asked what was wrong and you told her that Seven was pushing you away again, making you wonder if he really loved you
  • After hanging out with you, Jaehee went to find Seven, who happened to be visiting Yoosung to play some LOLOL and explained to him the situation
  • “MC really loves you Luciel so why don’t you just admit your feelings and love her back? You’re really hurting her Luciel.”
  • When she noticed Seven wasn’t listening and continuing to play the game, Jaehee’s eyebrow twitched and she snapped, taking a hold of Seven’s arm and twisting it back painfully until he listened to her
  • Seven yielded and agreed to take better care of you which made Jaehee smirk and return back to her own home leaving a very sore Seven and a very stunned Yoosung
  • Jaehee saw on the messenger a day later that you and Seven went out on a date and by the looks of the photo he posted, both you and Seven looked genuinely happy
  • She smiled to herself happy for the two of you but Jaehee still texted Seven saying ‘I’m glad that you finally listened to me. Now as a thank you present, I want you to convince Mr. Han to give me a weeks vacation and I want some imported coffee beans.’


  • Jumin had always noted how good you and Seven got along on the messenger
  • The humor used between you and Seven confused Jumin to no end
  • But Jumin was genuinely happy that Seven found some like you to be happy with, especially since it meant that Seven would leave Elizabeth the 3rd alone
  • So when Jumin heard that Seven was pushing you away even after everything the two of you went through made Jumin upset
  • He invited Seven over to his penthouse, something unheard of to Seven, to discuss with him what was going on
  • After securing Elizabeth the 3rd away from Seven’s grasp, Jumin sat down with the younger man to talk with him
  • “Luciel, you need to get it together and be with MC. She deserves to have someone… unique like you in her life. You know as well as I do that both of you care for each other so go and be with her.”
  • Jumin then got you and Seven tickets to dinner and a show to let the two of you enjoy yourselves
  • When the night arrived, Jumin had a security guard watch over the two of you and when the guard reported back that the two of you were enjoying themselves, Jumin felt happy
  • Jumin then took out his phone and sent Seven a text with a satisfied smile ‘I’m glad that you’re enjoying you night Luciel. For my form of payment, I want a ten thousand word essay explaining how sorry you are for how you treat Elizabeth the 3rd by Monday. Have a good rest of your night.’


  • After everything you and Seven went through, V wanted nothing more than for the two of you to be happy
  • Even though V wasn’t on the messenger too often, he could clearly see that you and Seven were in love with each other
  • But V noticed that Seven was pushing you away to apparently keep you safe, but V knew better
  • Since Seven looked up to V so much, the older man called Seven one night to tell him how wrong he was acting
  • “Listen Saeyoung, I know that you think hat you’re keeping her safe but you’re wrong. I know for a fact that the two of you love each other so please, don’t push her away and be with MC. Trust me, you do deserve happiness with her.”
  • Seven took a few days to mull over V’s words, eventually realizing how right V was
  • A week later, V was at the park taking some nature photos when he saw you and Seven walking together, laughing and looking genuinely happy
  • V gently smiled and sent Seven a quick text saying ‘Thank you for listening to me Saeyoung. The only thing I want from you is to continue to cherish MC. If you ever need anything please don’t hesitate to ask. Enjoy your day Saeyoung, you earned it.’


  • As much as Saeran hated to admit it, he secretly thought that you and Seven were the cutest couple
  • After finding out the truth about what really happened in the past, Saeran knew that Seven deserved to be with you and to share happiness together
  • Even if the two of you were a weird couple, Saeran still enjoyed seeing the two of you act like complete idiots, it actually made him happy himself
  • So when Seven started pushing you away again, Saeran knew that he had to do something to stop his idiot of a brother
  • When you left in a fit of tears one day, Saeran grabbed Seven’s shirt collar and told him
  • “What is wrong with you?! Why would you feel the need to be an idiot and push MC away? It’s so obvious that you love each other and it pisses me off to see you acting this way. So quit being an idiot for a minute and go get MC back.”
  • Seven was never one to turn down a request from his younger brother and realized that Saeran was right and maybe he did deserve to be happy
  • A few days later, Saeran woke up to find a note pinned to the table telling him that you and Seven went out for a date thanks to him and that they’d be home later
  • Saeran felt truly happy for his brother and smiled mischievously as he whipped out his phone and texted his brother ‘Good thing you listened to me. I want ten different flavors of tubs of ice cream by the time you get home. Have a good date idiot.’


  • Vanderwood never has, and probably never would, understand the relationship between you and Seven
  • He thought that Seven was the most annoying slob on Earth so how did he manage to get a girl like you in his life?
  • It’s probably a question that Vanderwood would always ask himself but nevertheless, he still thought that the two of you made a nice couple
  • One day while Vanderwood was cleaning up Seven’s living room, he heard shouting from Seven’s room as you left, slamming the door shut and ran into the bathroom
  • Vanderwood’s curiosity got the better of him and he knocked on Seven’s door and went in to find a sad looking Seven
  • He knew immediately what happened, he knew that Seven was always like this since he was his partner
  • Vanderwood sat down next to Seven and crossed his legs while folding his arms as he told Seven in an annoyed tone
  • “Why do you always insist on acting like an idiot? It’s painfully obvious that the two of you like each other so stop pushing her away. And remember if you keep being an idiot, I’m not afraid to use my taser.“
  • Seven laughed at his friend’s “pep talk” and went to made amends with you while Vanderwood smiled triumphantly to himself
  • A few days later, Vanderwood saw that you and Seven had made up and were currently on a date and since Vanderwood knew that Seven was happy, he decided to take advantage of that and tested Seven 'I hope that you have a good time with MC today. For my payment of expert advice, you’re going to clean your own house as well as mine. Better get that maid outfit ready.’

“This isn’t an intentional bribe I just happened to be baking at 4am.” The voice startles Natasha who freezes on the sofa she’d just strewn herself gracelessly onto. Her eyes snap open and her body tenses. But there’s not eminent death, the voice is unknown but no one is attacking her so they can’t be here to hurt her. Lazily as if she wasn’t just startled she turns her head toward the kitchen stark had set up in their common area. The young woman standing there is holding a dripping whisk over cookie sheet and has flour smudged across her forehead. The likelihood of death shrinks even further in Natasha’s mind. She arches a brow. All her questions in one. The girl must belong here. She’ll know.

“I’m Darcy, I help with the Science! and make cookies at odd hours.” She says and slowly splatters more dough onto the sheet. Both her hands stay visible and she’s moving in measured movements like she knows she’s started the assassin and is trying to prove she’s a friendly. 

“Bribe?” The word comes out rougher than intended but Natasha hasn’t spoken in a few hours and needs a drink. The girl relaxes and begins to form her cookies more confidently. 

“It’s just that, Well I’ve mastered the Eye Twitch . I’m good. But Barton? Barton has achieved this like Vein Forehead Bulging thing that makes the Eye Twitch look mediocre. And you get it, I can’t be mediocre next to Clint. But nothing bothers Phil enough.” 

Natasha smirks and lets her head fall into the back of the sofa to watch the curious girl. 

“Clint does” 

“Oh. OH!


After that night, Natasha watched Darcy charm the hell out of every Avenger to cross her path with a mixed batch of stubborn acts of Bad-Assary  and adorableness. 

Clint and Thor were wooed by her tasering of Thor and ceaseless bitching about her Ipod in a time before Natasha. Clint loves to bring up the seven different triplicate filed forms she submitted stating how the thift was unnecessary and just freaking rude. Clint of course has a weakness for people who are bitchy via paperwork so Natasha counts him as an easy win. 

Steve Rogers, however is not an easy win. He’s sad and grumpy lots of the time, and working the rest of the time. So he doesn’t care for the seemingly flippant girl at first. Eventually Steve falls into her clutches when they’re mid battle and Darcy, who happened to be downtown to meet some friends, rushes to the front of a crowd of trembling civilians and told the monologuing Doctor Doom to “Get Bent” before lobbing a rock at the tallest and ugliest robot that was probably meant to be RoboBear or something similar. Darcy’s defiance makes the stern Captain bark out a laugh into the stunned silence before he can stop himself. Doom turned in Rage to the man laughing at him and the New Yorkers emboldened by the brunette begin throwing anything not tied down at the monsters. 

After that the Captain laughs more. He smiles down at Darcy like she’s a miracle and he’s not sure how he got so lucky to have her near.  Natasha understands that more than she’d like to admit. Darcy’s 4AM cookies have bribed more than the girl intended. Thankfully it doesn’t become an issue when Steve admits one day during lunch that she reminds him of Bucky. 

Darcy of course preens a little and pinches Steve’s cheek. 

“Awwweee you big nerd!!!”

Bruce had been a slow turner as he is in most things. She brings an array of teas by his desk swapping out the cups while he mutters and scribbles like a mad scientist. Natasha watches with interest as Darcy buys a thousand and ten flavors and Bruce drinks them all without complaint, even tho he only enjoys a few. Then orbit each other like that for the longest time but when Bruce turns up to the gym one morning for Yoga to find Darcy drooling lightly onto a mat, he’s done for. She had tried to catch him at it many of the previous days and had only been met by the smells of freshly put of candles and his rolled up mat. So She’d gotten up even earlier or perhaps went straight from 4AM Natasha time to the gym to stake him out. Natasha suspects this as Darcy’s shirt is still a little icky form where she wipes her hands on it after she cracks eggs.

Bruce looks at Natasha and then fondly back at the brunette before shaking his head. Sucker, Natasha thinks, but can’t fault the man because she knows she’s hooked too.

Tony’s probably the easiest and it honestly could have gone either way. Everyone’s passing threw the kitchen in search of some form of breakfast. Steve’s fresh in from a run and Natasha had only just woken up herself but not Tony or Darcy. They’ve been up all night doing Science! They’re not even here for food really just coffee. They blunder toward the coffee pot and sort of have a stand off when they realize they others goal. 

“We’re on a 36 hour break thru” She says calmly. Tony frowns thoughtfully. 

“I just got off a plane form Tokyo” He counters.

“I live next door to Thor and Jane and they bang a lot.” Steve chokes on whatever he was eating. 

“Pepper made me sit in chair meetings?” He offers weakly. Darcy’s eyes light as if she knows she’s going to win. 

“I had to take loans for my degree and I’ve never ridden in an Aston Martin ” She says smugly. Tony blanches and waves her ahead. 

“We can fix that if you ever get done sciencing,I’ve got a few in the garage.” Tony offers searching for his blend at the back of the cabinet. 

“Nice I’ve never had a sugar daddy before! Can we make it like a sugar uncle tho? because I’m on an no dude diet” Steve chokes again. Tony however laughs.

“Yea kid no problem” He switches the filter not looking at Darcy. The brunette gathers her victory coffee and leans in to kiss Tony on the cheek. 

“Thanks Tony!” and she’s off like a breeze threw their airtight tower. Tony adores her. 


It’s during 4AM cookie time when things change again for Natasha. She wonders into the kitchen to find Darcy baking but also drinking heavily. The brunette hic-ups loudly and grins at the assassin. 

“Welcome to my midnight kitchen Tasha,” Darcy waves her spoon around in wide fast motions, a glob of batter flings across the face of the fridge.

“What’s the occasion?” The red head nods at the bottle. Darcy grabs is and examines the label as tho she had forgotten it was there. She hums slightly with a frown. 

“It was a courage shot, but I think it’s closer to a courage bottle now” She admits placing it slowly back on the counter. “Oh Darcy,” She rests her elbows on the counter and her head in her hands. “messing things up” She sighs. 

“I don’t think you need that for courage, little one, you are incredibly brave” Natasha says kindly. Darcy snorts and pops the spoon into her mouth.

“Not about you” Darcy says around her spoon. “Just wanted to say I love youu” she muttered her cheek still packed with dough and a spoon. Her eyes water slightly in the dim lights of the night. Natasha’s heart clenches with a sudden and strong hope. 

“That’s very good news, but I think you should tell me again in the morning” Natasha says taking the spoon from her mouth and pulling Darcy’s hand to bring her closer. The brunette folds effortlessly into Natasha’s arms and the red head smiles into her curls. 

“This isn’t an intentional bribe but I just happen to have Gatorade and painkillers in my apartment and you’re gonna want it in the morning.” Natasha offers. 

“Awwe isn’t that what I said to you? You’re so cute Tasha, cute and funny and smart and you helped me make Phil’s forehead do the thing” Darcy taps her temple with an adoring smile. Natasha chuckles and presses her lips to Darcy’s temple lightly. 

“Well it was a good bribe”  

Food Meme : Send an Emoji
  • 🌈 (and specify if it's for mun or muse)🌠
  • 🍒 : Favorite itallian soda?
  • 🍑 : Name your top ten peach flavored things.
  • 🍧 : Favorite ice cream flavor?
  • 🍰 : How many sweets do you eat on a typical day?
  • 🍨 : Strangest desert you've ever eaten?
  • 🍦 : Frozen Yogurt or Ice cream? With what toppings?
  • 🎂 : Describe your ideal cake.
  • 🍬 : What's a types of candy/sweet you can't resist?
  • 🍭 : What's one of your favorite drinks?
  • 🍫 : What's your favorite Sweet flavor?
  • 🍩 : What does your ideal breakfast look like?
  • 🍪 : Top five cookies?
  • 🥧 : Favorite pie?
  • 🍮 : Favorite pudding/jello flavor?
  • 🍤 : Favorite foreign food?
  • 🍗 : Describe your usual holiday dinner.
  • 🍖 : What's your favorite meat dish?
  • 🍕 : What kind of foods do you tend to gravitate to?
  • 🍔 : What are you craving RIGHT NOW?
  • 🍟 : Favorite fast food place? What do you usually order?
  • 🍣 : Deep fried fish or Sushi?
  • 🍱 : What's your favorite dinner topic?
  • 🍛 : Do you prefer mild or spicy food?
  • 🍜 : Favorite ramen flavor?

Starts on Wednesday in earnest (six days a week of fasted, early morning cardio and two or three nights of weight training), so I’m taking tomorrow and Tuesday off from the gym in preparation.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to working out early in the morning. It’s literally, as the kids say, going to change my life.

Also, my neighborhood HEB now has ten Halo Top flavors. I really want to try the S’mores one.

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40 with jimon?

#40 ~ “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you just crack a smile at me?” 

“It’s really unfortunate that this happened to you only two weeks before Ascending, you know.” Jace mused as he rummaged through the paper bag on Simon’s bedside table. “Shadowhunters have runes for this. Two more weeks and you’d have cured it in a minute.” 

Simon glared up at him. 

If he could talk, Simon would probably be telling Jace to fuck off and leave him alone to die in peace. But Simon had been told to rest his voice after recently developing what Magnus diagnosed as bronchitis. So he silently gave Jace a deadly look and remained stony-faced from his spot in bed. 

“I understand that you’re grumpy because of how sick you are.” Jace said as he pulled the overstuffed armchair over from the corner and perched on the edge. “Luckily, I brought provisions. Ice cream.” 

Simon mouthed something. He did it again a second time, slowly and moving his lips more deliberately so Jace could understand him. 

“What flavor?” Jace guessed. Simon nodded. “Okay, so I actually got like, ten flavors. Clary gave me twenty bucks and told me to get your favorite but I don’t really know your favorite. Anyways, this should get you feeling better really fast.”

Simon leaned his head back against his pillow, his face contorting into a strange expression. His lips twisted and pursed together. Jace couldn’t help but smile widely when he realized what it was. 

“Well, Lewis. Have I entered an alternate universe or did you just crack a smile at me?” 

“Alternate universe,” Simon rasped, “only explanation as to why you took the time to go buy me ice cream. Or you’re just not ready to admit that you’re in love with me.” 

Jace opened his mouth to respond, but closed it again when he realized that he had no idea what to say. He decided to just pull one of the ice cream cartons from the bag, setting it in Simon’s lap. “Shh. Rest your voice. Eat your ten ice creams.” 

#Crimespree16 Summer edition is all about the Dab

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Trouble’s just the bits in-between.

(…and all the other bits, too.)


Rose and Tentoo sitting in the new TARDIS, wondering where–and when!–to go next. Or it could very well be Rose and a blue-suited original flavor Ten, if you prefer.

(It’s only slightly coincidental that they match, and that their hands always seem to gravitate toward each other in one way or another, even when they don’t seem to notice.)

(Or they pretend not to notice, as is more likely.)


✨Squad Goals Episode 11: I Deny My Boyfriend’s Proposal in My Calvins✨🔞


“She’s waking up!” I yell in a whisper when I notice that Rhiannon’s eyes begin to shift rapidly beneath her lids.

“Shhh, be quieter” Gigi scolds and I stick my tongue out at her, but before I can put it back into my mouth Kendall grabs it between two fingers.

“Kendall!” I shriek as she falls back with silent laughter.

“Ay,grow up! Bizzle is freaking out so bad that he’s puking” Za says pointing to the birthday boy who has his head in an empty ice bucket.

“He’s only nervous because he thinks she’ll say no” I supply. I guess Justin hears me because he pukes harder.

“Which she won’t because she loves him” Cara says to smooth over my statement I give Justin a big thumbs up and he flips me off before throwing up again.

“Rhiannon? Babe can you hear me?” I say waving my hand in front of her closed eyes and pushing a bit on her nose with my index finger. She blinks several times her false lashes fluttering before she sits up with a gasp.

“Hey give her some water” Rakim says to Harry who stands the closest to our section’s wet bar. The drunk directioner stumbles over to the couch where we’ve lain Rhiannon and hands a cool Voss glass to Kendall who holds Rhiannon’s head in her lap.

“What happened?” Rhiannon croaks after taking a long sip of the water and surveying the room. Justin must get hella nervous again because he’s started dry heaving since nothing is left in his stomach. Her eyes snap to Justin and she gets up on wobbly legs and walks over to him.

“Let’s go tell them to postpone the cake for a few minutes” Gigi suggests and we all watch as she walks out.

“ I was hoping all of us could tell them to hold off” we seem to all catch the drift (slowly) and we walk out of the section leaving the maybe soon to be fiancés.


Fuck. Fucking fuck. Fuckity fucking fuck. There’s a ring in his back pocket. A ring. That is supposed to go on my ring finger and dammit I love Justin so much he’s my world but I don’t know if I want a ring on that finger. Not yet anyway.

“Baby are you okay?” I ask Justin because he’s looking really pale as he clutches the sides of a bucket. He sets it aside and reaches for my hand and I take it greedily.

“ Am I okay? Babe I was worried, literally sick, about you! Fredo tried to help me lay you down on the couch but uh he banged your head against the table in the process.” That would explain the mild headache that’s pulsing behind my eyes…

“I’m sorry that my question scared you Nonnie” he whispers and I decide to do something that will definitely land me a seat on satan’s lap.

“What question Jay?” My eyes are wide and questioning and my head is tilted in faux confusion . Justin looks like he’s going to be sick again but he holds the nausea at bay and tries to pick my brain.

“ What exactly do you remember sweetheart?” He asks and I pretend to rack my brain for the answer but really I’m trying to formulate when to cut off my memories.

“I said a toast… And then I passed out? So embarrassing” I try to cut the tension with a laugh but I quit when Justin’s face gives the most devastated look ever. I’m about to spill my guts and tell him I’m a damn liar when Kylie walks in with a big ass knife and a lighter.

“Everyone is really hype about the cake now. Especially since they found out about it having ten different flavors” Justin is the first to hop into action, brushing off his clothes and downing a cup of seltzer before spitting it out into the bucket and sucking on a wedge of lemon.

“Are you okay Jay?” I ask and he responds with a sad smile and a kiss to my forehead before walking towards Kylie.

“She doesn’t remember. I’m about to go tell everyone not to mention it” Justin whispers to Kylie, but he must still be drunk because his whisper is normal speaking level. Kylie nods and walks towards me when Justin leaves.

“ Holy shit are you okay Rhiannon?” She asks and puts a hand to my forehead like I’m a kid trying to get out of going to school. I seat her hand away and give her a serious look before covering my face with my hands.

“ I’m a bitch” I say and Kylie snorts but stops short when I eye her.

“I’m not arguing but continue” she encourages and I let out a sigh and check to make sure no one is by the sections entrance.

“Kylie. I lied to Justin.” She’s confused at first but then a lightbulb goes off,

“ about the…?” I nod and let out a deep breath.

“About his proposal. I didn’t forget. I just didn’t know how to react. So I lied” Kylie takes this in and sighs.

“Do you love him?”

“You know I do” she nods and breathes deeply.

“So what’s the issue?” I decide to hit her with all of my insecurities.

“I’m only 21 King! I know that Justin wants to start a family super young but I just don’t think I’m ready to be a wife let alone a mother! I’m supposed to drop an album in a few months then go on tour, we’ll both be on tour!”

“Are you worried that a Selena repeat will happen while you’re both back on tour?” I shake my head firmly.

“He promised that we would never ‘take a break’ again it killed both of us honestly,”

“So get married and there won’t be any breaks!” Kylie says with enthusiasm and I can only shake my head.

“I don’t want to be Mrs. Bieber Kylie” she looks pretty shocked so I add the word that I should’ve said in the first place,

“Yet” she seems relieved and offers me a hug.

“Ok so you’ll be Miss St. John for a while longer, and Justin will still love you the same way he always has even without his last name”

“God I hope so.”

The Next Day - Rhiannon-

He has a boner and it’s pressing through his Calvin boxer briefs and into my Calvin boyshort  clad ass. I’m topless and covering me are Justin’s large hands which still have trouble containing my double D’s. Whenever the photographer turns away he gives them a squeeze and grinds into me a little and I’m powerless to stop him because moving would expose me to the camera.

“Justin could you cover Rhiannon’s breasts with one arm and let your other arm drape across her stomach?” The photographer asks and Justin grinds into me intentionally before answering,

“Yeah sure, I think i can manage that” Justin does the position and my stomach starts to heat up and knot in the familiar, pleasurable way it always does when he touches me. The photographer shoots a few shots, and the makeup artist touches us up and soon we’re warranted a break.  

We fast walk to our dressing room my boobs are covered by my expertly curled hair and Justin uses me as some kind of boner shield as we pass by set workers. Once inside the room we crash heatedly onto the couch in the corner. I cling to him as my guilt from last night’s denial surfaces in my thoughts. I run my hands through his impossibly blonde hair, my mouth moving greedily against his as if i’m trying to spell out my apology against his lips.

“Wait a minute baby” he grunts, pulling away from me to lock the dressing room door. And then he comes back and settles himself between my legs once again.

“I didn’t want another Kendall, Kylie, Cara, Gigi incident” I gigle, but the sound quickly becomes a gasp when he yanks off my boyshorts and removes his boxers just far enough so his dick can escape.

“Try not to scream Nonnie,” he says into my neck and then he’s slamming me into the couch, his lips sloppy and eager against mine. We’re wasting no time now. I reach to where we’re joined and stroke him once, making him groan, and then I’m being bitten at the nape of my neck.

“No hickeys!” I scold but he ignores me and keeps biting and suckling. After a particularly rough thrust I cry out his name softly, holding his head to my throat, pressing my nose into his hair, drinking in his scent of Gucci cologne. I close my eyes so I can feel him moving in and out carefully a few times until he fills me completely.

We both groan and stay still for a moment my legs wrapped as tight as they can get around his waist, his hips still  pressing into mine. Justin starts to shake in little tremors and since we’re still connected I can feel each one and it lights my stomach up again.

I moan, before squirming against him to try and soothe the rampant horniness but my movements makes it way worse.
“Jay,” I groan into his hair. “Justin?”

“Yeah Nonnie?” he groans, and he sounds almost irritated, as if I’m bothering while he’s trying super hard to focus on something. His face is still buried in the crook between my neck and shoulder and I feel his lips on my skin as he speaks.

“How much time do we have?” I ask, squeezing my legs tighter around him so he gets the hint. Justin bites my probably hickey riddled neck, making me shiver and tighten around him.

“Ten minutes, five to fuck and five to get ourselves looking presentable again” he breathes. And then he jerks his hips, thrusting into me harshly, making me yell out his name again. Our rhythm is hard and fast and desperate and I’m cursing and moaning and scratching at him like an animal.
“Baby,” I gasp. “Baby, keep going. Please don’t stop. I’m… I’m gonna —oh shit!” His hands reach underneath my ass, clutching it roughly and he  uses this hold to pull me tighter against him. “I’m almost there, Rhi,” he says hoarsely against my throat. “Fuck. You’re so tight.” I can only moan, my stomach feeling incredibly tense.

“Do you like this babe?” Justin asks hotly against my ear. “Do you like getting fucked like this?” I can’t respond to his question because  I’m trembling, shaking, quaking, and clenching around him.

“Answer me,” he growls, his thrusts becoming a little more erratic and jagged because he’s getting close, too. Justin’s  movements are frantic now and I can feel the tension in him.
“Yes,“ I yell, moving my hands over his shoulder. "Yes, oh yes, Jay.”

“Do you love me?” he asks softly, he’s thrusting into me so hard that it almost hurts but it feels so good. I moan in response, but he isn’t having that.

“You better fucking answer me when I ask you something.” I shiver and convulse slightly against him, I loved rough Justin. I love every Justin really. I whisper a quick breathless,

“Yes.” And Justin is pulling his head up, to meet my eyes,  and he gives this crooked smile and says,

“I love you too.” That triggers my release and I have to bite lip and rest my forehead against his shoulder as I shake violently, my whole body jerking against him, around him. Justin starts to groan loudly before releasing inside me. When our breathing returns to normal, I drop my legs from his waist and rest them on the couch. Justin’s face is buried in my neck and I can feel his heart beating powerfully against my naked chest.

“We need to get up Babe,” I coo and he groans before reluctantly pulling out of me and pulling his boxers back up.

“Fuck I love quickies,” he says in earnest and I laugh and nod in agreement though my guilt begins to return once more. “I’m gonna go to the bathroom and freshen up my love” I say sliding off the couch and trying to undo the tangle of curls  that has become my hair. He grins and I walk into the hallway and blush when a set member makes eye contact with my half naked self. I wonder if she’s been standing there the entire time we were going at it… I ignore the thought and head to the restroom.


Rhiannon’s phone rings and I see Kylie’s face and name flash across the screen so I pick it up. Before I can even get a greeting out Kylie bombards me with words that change my damn life.

“Rhiannon you gotta tell Justin that you remember okay? I mean just tell him that you aren’t down with marriage right now he’ll get it but keeping it in will fucking kill you. Shit it’s killing me I already told Rakim an-” I interrupt her rant in a low tone.

“King?” I guess she drops her phone because a loud crash is heard on my end.

“ B-B-Bizzle? Hi um this is  Rhiannon’s phone what are you-”

“so she knows about the proposal?” Kylie is silent.

“ So she lied to me?” Kylie is still quiet

“I’m such a fucking idiot” I say and Kylie sighs on the line.

“ She was scared JB. She panicked.”

“Scared of me?” I ask in exasperation because the very thought hurts and shocks me.

“No of marriage! Not you JB she loves you!” I grimace and turn when the door starts to open.

“Talk to you later Kylie,”

“no Justin wait-” I hang up on her and toss the phone onto the table recklessly.

“Ok baby ready to get back out there?” Rhiannon asks with a wide smile and I roll my eyes and take a hand through my hair before turning to face her.

“ I don’t know… Ready to tell me the truth?” Her perfect smile falters and her eyes start to shift, looking at everything in the room except me.

“What are you t-” “ no bullshit Nonnie. I know that you know about the proposal” she glances down at her feet and shakes her head slowly. When she looks back up her eyes are swimming with tears,

“Kylie told you?”

“On accident, don’t blame her” Rhiannon nods.

“Justin I don’t know what to-” I’m hurt and her excuses will only hurt more I’m sure so I walk past her and into the hallway.

“I think you should stay at your place tonight.” I say simply and she looks as shocked as I feel heartbroken.


Fuck. Fucking fuck. Fuckity fucking fuck.

So Justiannon is going to have some problems of the Selena variety *wink wink* The majority of my inbox voted for option ‘B’ so I delivered! Who can guess what happens next let me know! 


Fourth meeting

 Previous chapters: First meeting, Second meeting, Third meeting.


Zootopia now counted 34 savage attacks. The number marked the first double attack, two wolves in a library down town. One of them had been an off duty police officer.

Tobias quickened his pace, his paw tightening around his recyclable shopping bag. No one felt safe anymore, and prey had stopped being discreet about avoiding predators. The worried glances and the mammals changing their path to avoid him “just in case”, got to him more than it should. Probably because of the incident this morning.

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Hello Slam! I have a lot to catch up on already, as I started my June by being internetless in Europe for a week, now I’m back and posting the week of art I did prior to that, so the trip didn’t cut into my time at all.

The last few years I’ve used this time to explore and dig into ideas I’ve already had time to roll around. This year I’m doing something a little more open ended and will need YOU to help give me words to continue with. I am taking a blank slate and using words to help direct focus and add to this world building project. I’m treating this like a rare archive of natural drawings from a bizarre alien world, which will both include pictures, and written captions.

The first two words I pulled via random generators was ‘light’ and 'meat’.

I can’t sleep and I want to talk about Daredevil (spoilers)...

So who else ships Matt and Karen? Karedevil, I think? I know they’re canon in the comics, but we never know with adaptations. No disrespect towards Claire (she’s all ten flavors of awesome) but their attraction was built on really intense feelings of pain and adrenaline and relief. Not something that you can build a solid relationship on. Not easily, anyway. 

But there’s clearly this unspoken attraction between Matt and Karen. When they first talk to Elena, Matt wants Karen to keep translating because he likes the sound of her voice. Then later in a flashback when Foggy asks what Matt wants in a girl, he says ‘Someone I really like listening to.’ Then, WHEN SHE’S ON A SORT-OF-DATE WITH FOGGY, she asks for him to put his hands on her face like Matt would. Then in that final scene, he wants them to move forward TOGETHER and they hold hands as they enter the law firm they built together. 

Oh my God. It’s been out 3 days, and I’ve already got an OTP.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Darcy taking Thor grocery shopping.

They do it to stock up the kitchen at Avengers Tower.

When Tony shows up one morning and asks who ate the last of the leftover pizza and whose turn it is to restock the fridge, everyone else suddenly has somewhere else to be.  Darcy volunteers herself… and Thor.

Of course, Thor doesn’t bother to change out of his armor, and brings Mjolnir (never know when danger could befall them, after all), so basically every single person they pass at the store stares at Thor like a deer in headlights.  Thor just smiles back at them and declares various jovial greetings… which only serves to make most of them even more befuddled.

Darcy explains what everything (well, everything she deems important) is as they go down the aisles, and at least half of it ends up in the cart (or, carts, as by the time they get to the potato chips - of which they pick up a dozen bags - they’re already each pushing one).

Thor is particularly intrigued by the concept of the popsicle, and gets one box of every flavor (at the end of the trip, of course, so that they won’t all melt), as well as six different flavors of mayonnaise, ten flavors of frozen waffles, and 15 boxes of Kix.

When they get to the poptart aisle, they stumble across none other than Clint (who clearly didn’t have somewhere better to be), and upon learning that they both love the things, he and Thor end up in a lengthy discussion over the merits of frosting vs plain (Clint says a poptart without frosting is no poptart worth eating, Thor’s favorite flavor is unfrosted blueberry) and toasted vs untoasted (Thor will eat them right out of the box, Clint won’t touch them if they haven’t been through the toaster), and the necessity vs not of flavors such as Confetti Cupcake, Pumpkin Pie, and Red Velvet (they both agree Red Velvet is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread, but Clint thinks some of the others are just a little too over the top).

In the end, the three of them finish the shopping trip together and leave with four carts worth of grocery bags, a $2000 bill on Tony’s credit card, and the store’s entire stock of poptarts.