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Update Schedule / WIP Tag (tagged by @alliwannado-w1 hyped for yours omg)

okay so i realized a quarter way into the sicheng scenario that i had to update a schedule and do this tag so hEy why not get two things out of the way at once :) (i almost said hit two birds with one stone but omg those poor metaphorical birds)

  • rules: write the first sentence from your work in progress, then tag as many people as there are words / copy a small snippet from your works in progress
  • – yikes i had to change the format of a few bc they were written differently but, essentially, it’s the same thing
  • edit: i forgot to add the wip for FIOE but it is now there

Dong Sicheng ; Enemies to Lovers || “Hey, stay there, alright? I’m coming to get you,” you heard his soft voice say, your hands gripping the phone so tightly your knuckles were losing colour. You nodded, even though you knew very well that he couldn’t see you. “Just breath– will you do that for me?”

Byun Baekhyun ; Dating || He laughed, the jolly noise bouncing against the walls as it echoed, travelling down the empty hall. Taking your hand, he smiled up at you. “Ready to have some fun?” With a carefree grin, you nodded, following his lead down the corridor and out through the eastern doors.

* Na Jaemin ; Fear Is Our Enemy || Your eyes widened at his confession, your heart racing beyond control. Anger blinded you, your vision turning red as you stared at the man before you. Baekhyun grinned a slow, bored grin, as if to taunt you, as if he hadn’t felt any fear looking straight into the barrel of your gun. Maybe he hadn’t. And that possibility scared you to no end.

Han Sanghyuk ; Intellectual [3] || Sanghyuk stared on, hurt flashing in his eyes. His heart was pounding, pounding so loudly it felt as though his ear drums were scheduled to burst within the next few fleeting moments. He gulped in hopes of soothing his quickly drying throat, holding back tears as he forced a smile.

Zhang Yixing ; Dating || His body moved fluidly, as if the bones and all the joints in his body weren’t there. As you watched in such utter amazement, you didn’t notice the male sneaking up behind you until he firmly took hold your shoulders. You let out a noise, a noise that alerted the wonderful dancer of your presence.

Zhong Chenle ; The Lost Boy || Fear encased you like a prison trapping its prisoner. The boy, the mere stranger that sat beside you was calm, collected even. It was as if he had experienced this before– in fact, he even looked bored. He turned to you with an almost blinding smile, a smile that took you away from your worries for even but a moment.

Kim Junmyeon ; Dating || Junmyeon smiled at you, his flushed complexion resembling that of a ripe apple. He took hold of your hands, you noticed just how much he had been shaking when he did, and pulled you to him ever so gently. Pressed against his chest, you could hear the thumping beat of his heartbeat, it’s song more addictive than any other you had heard before.

Park Woojin ; The Galling Costumer || Woojin watched with an unusually sour expression. His mood had considerably dampened the moment he walked in. He had hoped he wouldn’t come that day, just as he had the day before that and the day before that. The male, Donghyun– according to you, completely rankled him just by being there.

Wu Yifan ; Dating || At first, you thought your peer was insatiably vexed with you– why, you haven’t a clue. His eyes were narrowed in a seemingly irritated glare, a nasty look that was currently being directed to you. You swallowed thickly, forcing yourself to smile as you walked up to the man, knees wobbling as you moved across the room.

KARD ; Backstage Help || You danced along to the incredibly catchy song, mouthing the lyrics happily as you watched your newfound friends perform confidently. A feeling of pride enveloped you once the exhilarating sound of their fans chanting their names hit you. Cupping your mouth, you chanted along with them, ignoring the weird stares you were getting from your members and staff alike.

LuHan ; Dating || You kept your eyes down as you inspected Luhan’s clothes, your hands reaching out to make small touch ups here and there. You could hear your friend and coworker yelling out the time left, two minutes to be exact, and worked faster. Stepping back to admire your work, you didn’t notice the lopsided grin he was wearing to compliment the clothes you had chosen.

Lee Donghyuck ; Walk You Home || Donghyuck kept over glancing at the seemingly carefree you, biting his lip nervously. He felt hot, as if his collar was too high and his jacket far too warm, even for windy weather of October. Upon seeing your bus stop in the distance, he let in a deep breath, reaching out and grasped your hand, the small movement making you look at him, awfully bewildered.

Kim Minseok ; Dating || The room had been enveloped in a tranquil silence, the only sound that could be heard being the soft breaths coming from the two of you. Sitting back to back with him on the couch, you flipped through the worn pages of your book, a small smile on your face as you slowly got lost in another universe. Suddenly, Minseok reached over, gently placing his hand over yours as they rested on the soft cushion of the couch.

Park Sungjin ; [undecided title] || Wonpil walked through the halls of the high school for the last time. Memories flashed through his mind as he moved, memories of laughter and tomfoolery within the very corridor he was going through. His heart panged with a somber feeling. He fell back against a wall, ignoring the dull pain that erupted from the back of his skull as he slid down slowly. A weak, broken laugh escaped from his lips, only to abruptly disappear into thin air.

i only just realized how many wips i have after doing this lmao i will be busy for the next year at the rate i’m going at tbh

not tagging as many people bUt don’t feel obligated to do these!! :)  @pinksausageduo, @hellohaechan, @binggeulbinggeul-round, @ugyeoms, @trashforyugyeom, and @little-sundays