NCT U Comeback Theory

NCT U, their first unit, was announced on the 4th April last year and finally made their (super exciting) debut on the 9th April. That means in about a month, it will be their one year anniversary and the one year anniversary of NCT as a group!

SM (and other NCT members) have announced frequently since debut that NCT U is a unit that will have a comeback every year with a change of concept and member lineup. It makes sense that the first NCT U comeback will be around the same time as their debut.

(Also, promotions on average tend to last about two months and with NCT Dream still going - congratulations on the wins, boys - their promotions will probably end just in time for NCT U to make a comeback)

SM have said that with every NCT U comeback, the concept and member line-up will change completely. That suggests that we won’t be seeing Taeil, Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun or Mark this time. However, they have never said there will not be already-debuted members, meaning members like Johnny, WinWin, Haechan, Yuta or the others may still make an appearance. There are also the undebuted rookies - Hansol needs to escape the basement soon, SM - and even unannounced ones.

There is no way of telling exactly who will be in the group, or even how many members there will be, but I personally feel that NCT U is a unit to watch how an audience reacts to a concept or member. I think that SM might debut Hansol here just to see if he gets the reaction they want before putting him in other groups. This may explain why Ten never debuted after the original NCT U (but then I loved him and thought the audience reaction was good, so I don’t know on this).

Are we going to get another Seventh Sense? Possibly not, because the concept is supposed to change. But SM has been more experimental in terms of music for NCT, so who knows what they’ll bring out? It will probably be great either way.

If NCT Dream promote for six to eight weeks, it’s perfect for NCT U to debut straight after them just to keep NCT’s name on music shows. As long as Mark isn’t included to give him chance to rest, I can’t wait!

NCT(older members) reaction/imagine - “You are on a coffee date and after you take a sip of coffee/cappuccino, they watch you’ve got the foam left on your lips..

!!: This was meant to be posted a long time ago, but my confidence to write dropped low because of this issue I’m not going to talk, but I thank to all who reviewed my words positively! I’m going to write more from now on! ♥

Note: It was inspired by the famous “Secret Garden” k-drama foam kiss scene (Did you know Ha Ji Won is my all time fav actress? I got into k-drama because of her…I think I watched all her dramas till far). This was interesting, thanks for the idea anon! I hope you’ll like it! ♥ 

Taeil: He can’t stop but admire your foamy lips (thinking deep inside what he would’ve done if you weren’t in a public place)…He’ll play dirty and do the same just to tease you back…Now see if you like his foamy lips too…maybe he asks to be kissed :D

Hansol: What he just imagined looking at your foamy lips…you better not think about it. Maybe he should stop watching those dirty animation Yuta recommended to him, that’s not healthy for his heart. And he better pick a napkin to wipe your lips unless he wants to take you out of there and….do what he had on his mind.

Johnny:  The way you sip on that coffee, he always imitates it…but oh…damn…this time he almost shouts watching how delicious and foamy your lips look like…he quickly clears out his mind from all the sinful thoughts with a laugh and asks you to wipe your lips right now, unless you want him to do it…and you know he’s capable to play it naughty!

Taeyong: After you put down the cup, he can’t refrain himself but to let out a shy giggle…you look too funny right now with a cute small white “mustache”! He’ll pick a napkin and wipe your lips like a sweet caring boyfriend he is, still giggling and making fun of how clumsy like a kid you are.

Yuta: He takes a long deep sip of the ice coffee he ordered to cool down his hotness. He knows you are really lucky to be in a public place, because on his mind he already devoured those foamy lips…You know pretty well he’s hungry for kisses and that foam really made him go for it. But he won’t give up as later will try it back at home -be ready when barista Yuta will serve you a late night coffee latte - you know what it means!

Kun: First thing, you look adorable just a like a clumsy kid, but a deep look into your eyes it looks like you are tempting him…he’s considering if he should wipe your lips with his thumb and lick it back to tease you or to pick a napkin and wipe your lips, pampering you like a baby with sweet words…actually both will be great!

Doyoung: You have some foam left on your lips…”Watching you lick your lips makes him lick his lips too…does he think about wiping them himself? Well maybe. Looking at his restless tongue it seems like it…

Ten: He’s pouting at you as a sign, but you still won’t get it…his cheeks are already burning with embarrassment because he just had to pick a spoon to show you where do you have left the milk foam… He wants to hide behind the table because everyone around you stared at how cutely he had to act for you to wipe your lips. 

Jaehyun: “Oh look, you have something on your face!” but he won’t give you time to see where, as he’ll approach you and (kiss) lick your lips.  He is not afraid showing his affection in public, you asked for it! Well, your lips asked for…

Winwin: “You know you have something on your lips…here…no…there” he will patiently show you where to wipe your lips. But your idea was to tease him and see him getting frustrated you missed the spot. He watched too many dramas so he recalls the famous scene and he will just whisper you shyly “Don’t do this to me, people are watching, I will make sure to take care of you back at home”.

NCT as Markiplier Quotes

Taeil: “YOLO….or what have you.”

Johnny: “hey you do you, and I’ll do me, and we won’t do each. Probably. [to himself] that was a good poem right there.”

Taeyong: “can we do it? No we can’t! Maybe. I don’t know, I’m not very committed to this decision, but whatever.”

Yuta: “special delivery….of the fuck you kind.”

Doyoung: [high pitch tone] “bITCH IM FABULOUS!!”

Ten: [to johnny] “together, we make to halves of a whole idiot.”

Jaehyun: “it’s not like I’m trying to be worse! I’m trying to be gooder!”

Winwin: “I substitute all of my social interaction skills with physical violence.”

Mark: “all of life’s problems are crossed by your eyes – [confused] what the fuck did I say?”

Jeno: “these casual bongos have turned sour!”

Renjun: “I tried to find a shark buddy…but that didn’t work out too well.”

Haechan: “don’t go for the booty if it kills you.”

Jaemin: “I’m a child off the internet. I can’t live without my dank memes.”

Chenle: “I just thought random screaming would help me out.”

Jisung: “wHOA WHAT THE….flip?”


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Hello. I love your blog!! My inner weeb wants to know which mtmte/ll bots would watch anime with their s/o. Thank you! I hope your having a good day!

Thanks! I hope you have a good day as well friend! ♥

Who would watch anime
Rodimus, Rung, Swerve, Fort Max, Red Alert, Tailgate, Drift, Brainstorm, Ten, First Aid, Pipes, Rewind, Skids, Getaway, Nightbeat, Nautica
Whirl, if it’s full of action. He’d get bored with it otherwise.
Chromedome gets dragged into watching it by Rewind. He goes in thinking it’s gonna be dumb. He comes out an anime fan.

Who wouldn’t watch anime
Ultra Magnus, Perceptor, Cyclonus, Ratchet, Megatron, Ravage


Q: It looks like you’re usually mischievous, but you look chic on the stage
A: Both sides are part of me, but I think the bright and playful side is more like the real me. The aura when I smile and when I don’t are different so sometimes it causes misunderstandings, even when I’m in a good mood, people would ask me “Ten, are you angry?”