temryss lane


Temryss Lane - Lummi
Jacob Pratt - Dakota/Ojibwe
JaNae Collins - Dakota/Crow
Shaandin Tome - Navajo
Andrea N. Garcia - Mandan/Hidatsa/Arikara
Clementine Bordeaux - Sicangu/Oglala Lakota
George Funmaker - Hochunk/Dakota
Jim Ruel - Ojibwe

Produced by: JaNae Collins, Brian Vallie, Jim Ruel, and Pamela J. Peters

We would like to thank the Standing Rock Water Protectors. You are making history and are making our ancestors proud.

Please check out the following links for the truth in what is happening in North Dakota. There is propaganda and lies everywhere. Do your research!


Last of the Mohicans

Wondering where all the hot, Native American women are in America? Or just where ANY Native Americans are period? Meet Temryss Lane, former Arizona State soccer star and popular host on FOX Sports soccer channel. Still don’t believe she’s the real deal? Her brother’s name is Dakota. And yes, he’s a guy.