tempura bowl

えげつない ( egetsunai rap part )
えげつない ( egetsunai rap part )

Tacchon :
YO! Huh? Yasu, where did you run off to?
Oh, there you are, sorry, I couldn’t see you
Why don’t you try standing on a Korokoro manga or phone book?
Always changing up your hair, was your room going for the “homeless” look?
Enough with the calling wet towels “ hand strainers “ BS,
Asking “ What type of food is Chinese food? “ Your Japanese is a mess!
You’re mentally scattered and in attention you wallow,
Get it together and try again, to Ama(gasaki) you go!

Yasu :
Hey, Okura! What the heck! Do you have a death wish?!
How can you eat a tempura bowl as a curry side dish???
You’re hungry all the time- a glutton, judging from what I see,
When it comes to food, no matter the case, you go crazy!
There was a time you copied me and dyed your hair blonde too,
Don’t you remember I was the only one that complimented you!!
Your fan service is also super shitty, I’m filled with concern,
Observe Nishikido and Shibuyan’s fan service, watch and learn!

Subaru :
“ Today I’m not having any alcohol! “ even so,
If I invite you to come drink, you’re always so eager to go
And where you last had your things seem like a huge blur…
You go to the sauna way too much, has that made you a little dumber?
Your driver’s license has been reissued seven times
Have a nice day (?), I worry for you when you get older sometimes
Shy guy towards cast members backstage and during a drama scene,
Alone on movie sites like an angsty pre-teen!

Yoko : ( ill translate this literally bc this was weak as shit )
Woah woah woah, hold on, hold on,
You’re the shy guy, not the other way around
Your dick jokes are always censored, hence not reaching any of your fans,
Crying when you drop your games down the toilet (?????)
Also, how come you order so much when you can’t even finish your food?
I was always there to eat your leftovers!
Always quiet in front of people you aren’t used to,
Your name is Shibutani Subaru

Ryo-chan :
Kissing everyone when drunk and can’t dance either,
But when you’re alone, you maintain your “cool guy” character
We all know you have a poster of yourself in your own room.. so embarrassing!
And you’re even a paper driver… how unsound!
We all get anxious when you drive us around,
If you got something to say, say it! Lets argue!

Maru : YO! Ryo-chan you… uhh…. well, you’re~..
Hina : Hey! Maru, what’s the matter?
Maru : Well, it’s just that- Ryo-chan is so scary~…
Hina : You’re older than him! Go on, say something!

Maru : ( not a rap either )
I refuse!! I just- I just don’t want to fight with anyone from something this silly!
I just want to get along with everyone! I mean.. we’ve been together for so long!
We went back and forth between West to East on a night bus!!!!
We went on the green bus and got food to eat too!!!!!!
How we struggled back then together…!!
That was a valuable experience for all of us!!

i obviously tweaked the lyrics a bit for rhyming purposes but its not.. wrong :)


So, on my birthday in rf4, I noticed something interesting about the gift Bado gives once he has high friend level with the MC. He says ‘it wouldn’t sell for some reason’ but the item description says it’s sold out in stores. He’s downplaying a sweet gift he chose quite deliberately by claiming it’s just an extra thing and I just… gah. I love this character. I can’t help it. Oh and right before this convo he said “ya know, I’m tired of carrying this around so… here, you have it.” And handed me a tempura bowl… his FAVORITE dish. Like, my gods, Bado you’re just so transparent it’s hysterical.

Replace VI Novel Ch 1 : 結成!チーム「Strky」(Formation! Team Strky) English Translation Part 1 of 4


This is the last main chapter that needs translation for the last replace novel (along with the bonus about the coaches). This chapter features Team Strky! Though Kasamatsu and Kaijou fans will probably appreciate this part more for now XD

Kasamatsu, Moriyama, and Kobori are in university now. Kasamatsu has been feeling like he should try doing something besides only basketball and consults Moriyama and Kobori for advice, which may or may not be a good idea.

Next Update: Team Strky Part 2! It’s shorter than part 1 so I’ll try to get this done soon ;u;

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