temptress in the dark

Witch affermations
  • I am the witch queen; the empress of the night, a magickal being. 
  • Don’t fuck with me, I am more powerful than you know.
  • I can manipulate the universe around me whichever way I please; the world is at my blessed fingertips.
  • I am powerful, my magick is strong.
  • I know the past, the present, and the future.
  • What I will do with my magick does not concern you. My magick is for me.
  • I am the dark temptress of your dreams.

lying still (beneath)
night’s twitching moon

(her light)
drenching me in beauty
taunted by her seduction
heal you, devour you (temptress)

your luminous fingers
enlighten my dark (heart)
(showers) my eyelids

with stars (fading, drifting)

mind spirals (a whirling dervish)
(light heart drifting)
sifting (sight (and) sound) synthesis

quenchless thirst draining night

of thought–
her light (poured) through me

decanter our memory

Inspired by @cruxymox and the poem “last night”– the algebraic curiosity that threads us.


I’m thinking about things,
Mainly that of you,
Could you be the one for me,
Could it really be true?

How ‘bout we go see some fireworks?
Or just stare at the ocean blue?
How ‘bout the day when the world flies away,
And I just kiss you?

I’m trying not to remember,
The times you had with me,
But there just in my head all day,
I love you, can’t you see?

I’m thinking about things,
Mainly that of love,
Is it a dark bodied temptress?
Or a gift from the skies above?

I’m trying hard to remember,
The laughter that we had,
It float’s away from my mind each time,
Which makes me so sad.

I’m trying not to remember,
The times you had with me,
But there just in my head all day,
I love you, can’t you see?

@birdsonas A new enemy has appeared!

Fantasy Name: Daemarus-Caro

Title: Temptress of Fury

Job: Daemon

Attribute: Dark


Blood Seal of Destiny
Sinful Enticement
Rage Pulse
Soul Draining Bite

Description: A succubus who tempts men away from their initial goals and desires before draining their life away to sustain herself. Having been an angel who was kicked out of heaven, their bitterness and anger had turned them to the side of darkness, and they nurse a hatred for humanity.


I actually like Erza and Mirajane’s design the most (next to Levy and Gajeel’s Berserker Form)

in this witchAU, a lot of witches, wizards, sorcerers, mage, etc dont wear traditional witch/wizard hats (some do if they’re old fashioned). The hat takes in their personality like Erza’s witch hat is a helmet because her power is requipping magic (and her helmet takes diff appearance). Another reason is how she doesnt like her outside appearance and wants to come off strong…so she closes herself a lot (and I decided to keep her eye scar cz she is so badass).

Mirajane, I think of her as a very temptress hat but she started to wear dark clothing when her sister died. She somehow became happy and beautiful person but hides a lot of sadness and burden on her death of her sister.

I’ll be adding more witches (like Lisanna’s re-design as well as Gajeel) \ o /

“Emma you don’t want to do this,” Regina protests as Emma holds her heart in her palms. She knows what Emma’s going through right now. Rumple manipulated Emma the same way he manipulated her - taunting her with darkness to tempt her to dark magic. 

She doesn’t want that for Emma. Dark magic is a cruel temptress and it bring nothing but pain and misery. Rumple wants Emma’s power and she knows it but he won’t let her drag Emma down into his plans. 

Her heart aches at the thought of him putting Emma through the same hell she went through. 

“Why not?” Emma sneers, “It’ll be easy." 

"Yes,” Regina agrees, “But it won’t be worth it." 

"Power is worth everything,” Emma says coldly clearly repeating something he has told her. 

Regina shakes her head, “Is it? Is it worth losing Henry? Is it worth losing your family? Is it worth being alone living with just your regrets?" 

Emma frowns clearly faltering, "I need to control my magic Regina and he showed me how." 

"He’s showing you the wrong way,” Regina replies confidently, “He saw you were afraid and he used that to his advantage. He doesn’t care about your control. He cares about tainting you and your magic for his own gain.”

“You’re wrong!" 

"Am I?” Regina asks wincing as her heart shakes in Emma’s grasp, “Think about it Emma. Did he ever encourage your light magic?" 

Emma frowns, "No." 

"No,” Regina repeats, “Because he doesn’t believe in you. You are good Emma. You have light magic in you Emma and you can use it for wonderful things. You can control it Emma, you just need to have faith in yourself. You can be good and you can use your magic to be the person you want to be. I know you Emma and you don’t want this. Look at my heart. Look at that blackness, do you want that?" 

"No,” Emma admits quietly before adding, “There’s red in here too.”

Regina nods, “That’s Henry and that’s our family and that’s you. I worked hard to fight for that red Emma. I fight and I fight against the darkness but I keep doing it because I don’t want to sink into that blackness again. You deserve so much more than this Emma.”

“I’m one of these red spots?” Emma asks. 

“You are,” Regina replies. 


Regina smiles, "For so many reasons. You believe in me. You and Henry are two people who always make me believe in myself. You give me strength, courage, support and hope when I need it most. I can’t let you lose your light." 

Emma tilts her head loosening her grip on Regina’s heart as she looks deep into caramel eyes. She can feel the darkness slipping away from her as she anchors herself in Regina’s gaze. Regina’s heart beats in her hands and brings her back to reality. She can’t help but stare down at those light spots and looks back up at Regina, "Why does it hurt you so much for me to fall into darkness?" 

Regina stares back at her, "Because I love you,” she replies. It’s simple but those four words take Emma’s breath away. She walks forward and slips Regina’s heart back into her chest where it belongs. Regina takes a deep gulping breath as she stumbles back. She smiles at Emma, “Come back with me Emma." 

She offers her hand and Emma’s lip quivers, "I can’t. I’m dangerous, I’ll hurt you. You just saw it yourself Regina, I can be swayed into darkness and I cannot hurt the ones I love." 

Regina smiles at her stepping forward and placing her hands gently on Emma’s cheeks, "Look at me Emma. Focus on that love. Focus on Henry. Focus on me. Do you feel that?" 

Emma nods feeling the warmth, love, hope and joy in her heart, "I can feel that." 

Regina nods back at her as Emma’s hand clasps onto her own, "That feeling Emma is how you choose light. All you have to do is come back with me." 

Emma smiles as she holds onto Regina’s hand. She can feel the warmth and light flooding her at the loose touch and she knows why she can’t follow Rumple. She grips Regina’s hand tightly thinking of how close she came to losing someone she loves so much. This is their beginning. It’s complicated and fucked up but it all starts with one step towards the light, to what Emma truly wants. 

She holds onto Regina’s hand and they walk back into town and Emma knows which path to follow. Emma looks at Regina and smiles. Regina smiles back. It’s simple. It’s sweet and it’s all she needs to keep going. 

Rumple told her power was everything but he’s wrong, so wrong. Emma can feel it in that hand in her own, in Regina’s faith and love, in her hope in her and she knows that queen of darkness is not a title she will ever want, not when she can be Henry’s Mom and Regina’s true love. 

She squeezes Regina’s hand tightly letting that hold anchor her to the light like she knows it always will.