From "Tempting the Bride" by Sherry Thomas

Currently going through “Tempting” like a box of chocolates, lol (been gobbling romances to do justice to the court scenes in Captive Hearts). Sherry Thomas is one of my favorite romance authors, ever! An excerpt from the book (guess who the guy reminds me of):

The worst thing about falling in love with her so early in life was that he’d been an absolute snot at fourteen, at once arrogant and self-pitying. Almost as bad was the fact that he’d been nearly half a foot shorter than she at their first meeting– she’d been 5'9’’, and he barely 5'4". Though she was only a few weeks older than he was, she’d looked upon him as a child– while he broiled with the heat and anguish of first love.

When nothing else garnered him her attention, he turned horrid. She was disgusted by this midget who tried to trick her into broom closets to steal kisses, and he was at once miserable and thrilled. Disgust was better than indifference; anything was better than indifference.

By the time his height at last exceeded hers– six foot two to her five foot eleven– and his baby fat melted away to reveal cheekbones sharp enough to cut diamonds, her opinion was firmly set against him. And he, no longer self-pitying but prouder than ever, refused to humble himself and ask for a fresh chance.

Pure magic, this novel…