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Alright, so I’ve been waiting a while to make this because everyone else does it. Was gonna do this at 50 but, I thought that number was kinda small. But after 9 moths I finally hit 100! 

I wanna thank everyone who’s followed me since the beginning! It really blows my mind to think so many people are interested in my OC’s. I’ve met so many amazing people here and made a couple friends or too as well. I feel so lucky to have all these followers because honestly, you guys are so great! I could go on for forever about how grateful I am so we’ll end this bit here. 

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So I made a Yule Log tonight…. better late than never.
Really didn’t plan to make one, but suddenly I just felt like it, and started looking around the apartment, to see if I could find enough materials to make one.

Mission accomplished🕯🎄 🍄

With chili peppers, cinnamon sticks and fake mushrooms.
And a couple of dry moss pillows.
I’m pretty satisfied with the result, thinking that I didn’t go shopping for anything.
Free Yule Log for the win!👍🏻

Wayward: One

Pairing: Castiel x Meg Masters

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 609

Warnings: Pretty normal stuff stuff so far, but eventual twincest. 

Author’s Note: Written by me and @madamelibrarian. This is some serious wish fulfillment for my better half, @formidablepassion. It’s going to be a series of mini fics and yes, darling, there will be smut. Enjoy.

Oh, and yeah, writing Supernatural again. Enjoy that too.

AO3 Link

Wayward Masterlist

Here’s my masterlist.. but it’s mostly Supernatural

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House Arrest AU

AU where in Crystal Springs, instead of being imprisoned, Pyros is sentenced to house arrest at Frost Manor.

Consider this: during that meeting at the end of Crystal Springs, Blaise is being pressured on all sides to off his brother. But he can’t bring himself to do that; he’s always admired Pyros, and though his actions were far worse than Blaise could’ve thought, he still couldn’t bring himself to end his brother. This is his brother.

Pyros manages to break out of his little stone prison during the meeting, which causes Blaise to think of and decide on a very…odd punishment.

“Pyros Frost. Son of the late King Canicus Frost and Queen Serafina Frost,and brother to myself, Blaise Frost. For the numerous crimes you have committed against the populous of Crystal Springs, the World, and my family, you have been sentenced to house arrest.”

“Oh, please,” Pyros says. “I’ll break out of that easily. I already did it once, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

“I wasn’t done yet,” Blaise continues. “House arrest at Frost Manor. You will stay under my watchful eye until I’ve decided whether you may go, or if more elaborate measures will be taken.”

“Please just kill me,” Pyros says.

“Are you sure, Blaise?” Mother Nature asks. “This is highly unorthodox and against the discretion of most of us here.”

“I am.”

Jack is not amused at all. “Dad, you can’t let him live with us. After what he did to you? Mom? Me? Jacqueline? This is the worst idea I have ever seen, and I’ve had some pretty terrible ideas.”

“It will be fine, Jack. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll take the steps to think of a better idea.”

“Like what, hmm? After everything he’s done, you still trust him to be near us?”

“Execution,” Blaise snaps, rendering Jack speechless. “If he does not change his ways or keeps trying to take over the world or whatever–”

“–rule Crystal Springs as I rightfully should,” Pyros supplied.

“I didn’t ask for your opinion,” Blaise snaps. “If he keeps trying then we’ll kill him.”

“Yes!” Cheri cheers. 

“Stop that!” Glenda chides.

“Wow,” Jack says. “If that’s your plan, then fine. But I’m not bunking with him,” Jack says, glaring so hard Pyros’ torn robes start freezing.

“I’m so scared,” Pyros says, sarcastically.

“Also, Mom’s going to hate this idea,” Jack adds.

“She’ll…understand,” Blaise replies.

“No she won’t,” Pyros mumbles.

“Oh quiet, you,” Jack and Blaise both say at the same time.

“Alright then, motion carried,” Mother Nature says.

“I already hate this,” Pyros decides.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: The first time Pietro carries Wanda (because he kept doing that in the movie)

Words: 691
Warnings: Incest if you squint, can be completely platonic (depends on readers!)

Notes: OOOH, this is such an interesting prompt! I’ll try to add some quick sketches if I can, too ;) (adding my sig kinda fails at my anonymity but eh) also much love to my friend gabbikinks for looking over this! TToTT (AND ALSO FOR ALWAYS BEING SO SUPPORTIVE *HUUGS*)

Neither one of the twins remember a time where they’ve been forced to part from each other; the concept so foreign that the thought never crossed their minds. It had always been the two of them—even before the bombs, the war, the deaths; a glance providing all the comfort they’d ever need, a touch conveying all the words left unsaid. They are pieces of the same puzzle; you can’t complete it without the other, you need both for it to remain whole. So when the time comes that Strucker decides that they are ready, that their powers are stable enough for the outside world, he lets them out the confines of their own room, allowing them to finally see each other after two years of experimentation.  

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anonymous asked:

Do u buy diamonds

Hey anon!
Yes, I do. Regularly. 

Unfortunately, I don’t spend them really wisely, and usually end up spending them even in book I decided not to (dates in RCD, makeovers in TS, etc).
But my main books that I buy diamonds for atm are: Endless Summer, ILITW, The Royal Romance & Home For The Holidays 😊 (And before TCATF ended I spent a ton of diamonds there too).
I try to spend them mostly in those books, but sometimes I’m tempted (Like making Party!twin go on dates with Blake?? Yes! Give me all of that!)

Between progressing the story, getting people together, or just having sweet moments with your LI (or sexy moments), I spend a lot of diamonds 😂😂

I’m kind of tempted to buy a twin mattress and ditch my full-sized (which is old and crappy). My room is really short on space, and when I move out I’ll just put in in a guest room.