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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Summer of Evolution

Pamphlet scans
Part 4

Nagata Takato -
 Kozume Kenma
Kondou Shouri - Kuroo Tetsurou
Takeshi Naoki - Kai Nobuyuki
Gotou Takeru - Yaku Morisuke
Kawasumi Bishin - Yamamoto Taketora
Kajihara Hayate - Fukunaga Shouhei
Ishikura Noah - Haiba Lev

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These started out as doodles but I ended up putting in way more effort than expected. More of my One Piece AU, Gravity Piece! It is still 1000% self indulgent haha.

They have captions! ( ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

And once again more info under the readmore if anyone’s interested:

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avpd is a constantly alternating between “please don’t talk to me i won’t be able to answer right and i’ll make a fool of myself” and “please talk to me oh my god please make me feel like i count” and it’s pretty annoying

So, Lisa and I have a pretty good track record of shit going down when we’re together in person and/or traveling. 

For the next 6 days, Lisa will be in Nashville. I will be traveling 3 of those days and hanging with her the rest of the time. 

What I’m saying is…we’ll try to unlock some wormhole in the universe and make some shit go down (like ending it). 

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Me, seeing people ship Billy/Steve saying it's for gay representation or whatever bs reason they use to cover up their fetishizing: *insert that meme of Will Smith showing off something where he shows off Byeler*

harringrove shippers: we want positive representation!!

literally everyone else:

EveryDay6 Songs In 4 Words

I Wait: Netflix and no chill

Goodbye Winter: So cold, don’t go

You Were Beautiful: let’s rehash some pain

My Day: bop bop bop bop 

How Can I Say: Suuuuuuure I…. Love… You?? 

I Would: Thanks for the memories

I’m Serious: I’m crushin so bad

Say Wow: daaaaang baby you fiiiiine

Dance Dance: head bangin disco dancin

Man In A Movie: literal perfection, fight me

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Chit your Mahou doodles are great!!

Thannkyyyuuu~ > w<)//

Now… The ultimate question is…. 

Elias and Chise… or Silky and Chise???