temptations 2004

  • Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae : My Girl (2005-2006) — Hotel King (2014) *9 years*
  • Lee Joon Gi & Nam Sang Mi : Time Between Dog And Wolf (2007) — Joseon Gunman (2014) *7 years*
  • Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara : Successful Story of a Bright Girl (2002) — Fated To Love You *K-Remake* (2014) *12 years*
  • Kwon Sang Woo & Choi Ji Woo : Stairway To Heaven (2003-2004) — Temptation (2014) *11 years*

These two…they barely had scenes together in Empress Ki, yet their chemistry was really awesome that my screen was always burning whenever they were having some interactions. They were wasted in EK, by the way. So pleeeeeeaaassseee let the same thing happen to Joo Jin Mo and Ha Ji Won. To the drama gods, we pray.

It’s possible, but I guess I’ll have to wait for at least 7 years then.


I was tagged by the metalsweetheart to post my top three albums, explain why I like each of them and share my favorite song from each!

#1. Fallen by Evanescence (2003)
Song: Bring Me To Life
Lyrics: “Save me from the nothing I’ve become”

Basically the album that changed all for me, regarding my musical taste. Still remember the 1st time I heard Amy’s voice. I was on the computer, with my back to the TV, doing a zapping. Then this female voice came up and I stop everything and looked! When the song was over, I instantly start searching on the internet for that girl. Of course I search for the name of the band, thinking that it was a guys band and the girl was the guest. When I discover that Amy was the lead singer and start listening to other songs, I was completely surrender. I left the house and went to the local music store to buy the album, without thinking in anything else! And the rest is history!

#2. The Silent Force by Within Temptation (2004)
Song: Memories
Lyrics: “The memories ease the pain inside”

This was the album that introduce me to the symphonic metal genre. After discovering Evanescence, when I was on the internet, Within Temptation was suggested to me. Sharon’s angelical voice was another instant wonder. I found myself thinking on how such songs and voice could transmit so much emotion. At the same time present us with such heavy guitars accompanied with choirs and orchestras! I knew that this was a point of no return!

#3. Once by Nightwish (2004)
Song: Ghost Love Score
Lyrics: “My fall will be for you, my love will be in you, if you be the one to cut me, I’ll bleed forever”

Altough Once was released before The Silent Force, I only discover Nightwish after I discover WT. The 1st song I heard from them was Nemo. I like it, but I remember that I wasn’t in love by Tarja’s voice. I confess that it took me time to be conquered by her voice. Then it came… I listen to the best song ever written for me: Ghost Love Score! The song that can give goosebumps and reduce me to tears everytime, no matter the place I am! Then I start listening to their previous works and became a fan.

I am lazy again and I leave the tag open to whoever wants to do it.