1) The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Joos Van Craesbeeck
2) The Torment of Saint Anthony by Michaelangelo
3) The Meeting of Saint Anthony and Saint Paul by Master of the Osservanza
4) Temptation of Saint Anthony by Domenicus van Wijnen
5) The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Jan Brueghel the Elder
6) The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Salvator Rosa
7) The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Matthias Grunewald
8) The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Martin Schongauer
9) The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Hieronymus Bosch
10) The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Pieter Huys


Odilon Redon: Tentation de Saint-Antoine
(The Temptation of St. Anthony), first series.
Lithographies on Chine-collé, 1888.

Digging through my London notes. In the collection of the BM (<3) are these really nice lithographs by Redon, printed in 1888.

I recently learned that Redon was learned etching and engraving from none other than Rodolphe Bresdin (Bresdin, baby!). Wicked! Aaanyway, the lithos shown above (not in the correct order and lacking the title, but I don’t care) were published by Deman in Brussels, in an edition of 58 (source). Later works were published in Paris. They show the first of three series Redon did after Flaubert’s Le Tentation de Saint Antoine (fittingly also released in three or four versions before being ‘final’), and are, ofc, printed on thin asian paper mounted on rather sturdy cardboard.

The scans aren’t maybe the best ones out there (cut the BM some slack) but they give quite a good idea why Redon called his drawings “noires”. For those with shaky French, the first image shows Death cradling the Seven Deadly Sins in his arms <3. Jesus is there too, some premonitions of HR Giger and the ridiculously cute/creepy SEAHORSEDUDE watching over a flock of baby eyes. 

If in London these lithographs are well worth a closer look - the way Redon worked on the stone is really nice, at times working from light to dark, then going back in and scratching things out, using crayon / ink to great effect and variety. Litho love!

Further reading:

RandOMG side note: Did you know that Redon and Mallarmé were friends, and even started a lithographic collaboration that never made it to the publishing stages? I didn’t, but am so hyped about that - research time!

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