Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lippies for Fall 2014 

can’t wait for swatches !

L.U.V. , PrayerBauhau5 , Vampira , Homegirl ,  Motorhead & Poe look promising !

What is it about mascara that’s so tricky? You think you’ve mastered it, but occasionally you overdose on the black textured comb and end up with spider legs instead of baby doll lashes. Add a heavy rim of black eyeliner on the bottom corner of your eyes and you’ll look extra throwback Thursday. The thing about mascara and eyelash makeup in general (side note: yes eye lash makeup sometimes goes beyond just average black mascara, but you can’t be shocked about this, its 2015 and some people think putting “Fluent in sarcasm” in their Twitter bios is comedy gold) is the right prep goes a long way. 

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Have you ever noticed that just about every magazine or blog has an ultimate guide for a somewhat ordinary subject? I mean of course this sounds very self-aware considering this is a beauty blog, but what I mean is they’ll introduce the guide as “THE _________’S GUIDE TO __________”. As adorable as I think these guides are, I’m going to over generalize the title of mine, as to not make it seem so daunting and in your face, like the Lush employee at your local mall, whose been eagerly pressuring you to purchase more than just a bath bomb, that you fear you might be murdered at the grace of their Shea buttered scented hands. Now that I’ve placed that visual in your head I’d like to introduce to my



 “Better mascara for a Better You”

  • Eyelash/ Eyebrow brush
  • Mascara of choice

  • Index Card

  • Blow Dryer

  • Eyelash curler

  • Vaseline or Castor Oil

  • Q-Tip

Before application: Before applying your mascara you should rub the excess mascara on a tissue, not to much but not too lightly, this will prevent you getting clumps onto your lashes, you want a nice even coat to be applied. Take eyelash curler and get a lift to your lashes. Spread them out with eyelash comb. This will prep your lashes for the next steps.

Application: A good 3 coats is sufficient. Use an Index Card to lift up your top lid and guard your lid from extra mascara getting on; all mascara fallout will end up on index card leaving your lids mascara free. Wait about 7-10 seconds in between applying coats. This will dry mascara so you won’t be adding random clumps and instead actually add volume them.

After application: Take eyelash comb to carefully spread out lashes now that your mascara has been applied. Now here is the fun part, take your blow dryer and set it to a warm, it doesn’t need to be hot because we won’t be using it for that long. Face your eyelash curler towards and the blow dryer and heat up the curling iron for about 10-20 seconds. The eyelash curler will be a bit hot even though it was such a short time, so you should let it cool a little, test the temperature on the back of your hand until it feels right for you. Afterwards curl away!

Removal: I made a post about makeup removal so I of course recommend using coconut oil as a remover for your mascara even if its waterproof
Nigh time: At night I rub either castor oil (Jamaican black castor oil not the laxative) or Vaseline on my eyelashes and sleep with it on. Using only a little bit will condition your lashes and bring you on a journey to longer lashes. This of course is optional, but if you do try it tell me about your eye lash journey and we can share our woeful stories of what life was like when our lashes were stubby! (kidding, but not really)

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Well guys I hope this mascara guide improves the way you apply mascara to your eyelashes, I’d love to hear if you’ve had any tips that you think or worth sharing, or if you’d like to tell me what I should write about next!