temps long

the legion’s ShitList:

1. rip

    • undoubtedly
    • malcolm: we give him a makeover and this is how he repays us?
    • darhk: he’s so ungrateful
    • eobard: didn’t you both keep threatening him
    • malcolm & darhk (at the same time): your point?

2. sara

    • malcolm: if at first you don’t succeed…
    • darhk: what’s that supposed to mean?
    • eobard (stage whisper): he’s killed her before but her sister threw her into the lazarus pit 
    • darhk: ooh, the same sister i get to kill? nice

3. ray

    • malcolm: he’s too happy all the time i don’t trust him
    • darhk: i don’t even know him but i agree
    • malcolm: oh, you hate him, too. he was your prisoner and told you to shove it before escaping with robin hood and his merry band of men
    • darhk: huh
    • malcolm: i might have helped them

4. malcolm


4. damien

    • eobard: come on we’re better than this

4. eobard


4. vixen

    • darhk: is this because she threw you into the garbage that one time boohoo poor malcolm
    • malcolm: shut up
    • eobard: she’s actually one of the only competent ones
    • malcolm: …………didn’t she shoot you, too? i mean—s TOP DOING THAT PUT YOUR HAND AWAY

5. firestorm

    • malcolm: met him once, not a fan
    • eobard: he probably feels the same way about you
    • darhk: we all feel the same way about you, malcolm

6. mick rory

    • malcolm: he might actually join us if we asked. he’s pretty much a criminal, and he and his partner almost killed the flash
    • darhk: if as he’s terrible as you say he would have killed the legends by now
    • eobard: they’re insufferable

7. steel guy

    • darhk: he’s too patriotic i don’t trust him

wow, that’s a lot of stuff!!


“Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes. You must look into that storm and shout as you did in Rome. Do your worst, for I will do mine! Then the fates will know you as we know you.” // . lit moodboards // the count of monte cristo for @le-temps-de-la-papillon  . 

I work at a thrift store. My job is picking out potentially profitable things from a giant pile of stuff that we’re given for free, and putting it out on the racks and shelves to sell. Sometimes we clean it a little or spray it with Sterifab but mostly it’s just stuff people already didn’t want, that we’re now saying is ours until we get money. At least, the part we don’t throw away or ship to Africa to sell for $5 a bale. We’re also expected to rat out the customers (often very poor) who steal the stuff. That complete strangers gave us, for free.

On top of that, a portion of the proceeds is supposed to go to a local children’s hospital, and the hospital board recently got more control over what happens to the profits, but mostly they sink them back into building new stores and, more recently, advertising. There’s a guy my coworkers talk about, I’ve never met him personally, who’s made a killing off all this and lives in a mansion. But the charity aspect is hyped up to guilt customers out of stealing and into buying more stuff, and to push employees to beg for extra money in the donation jar.

It goes without saying that everyone’s paid very little (I know an assistant manager who’s worked there for years, recently asked for a raise based on experience, and was offered 8 cents.) The stores have profit quotas they have to make so the managers are constantly pushing their employees to work harder, to the point that we’re mentally stressed and physically hurting most of the time. We’re expected to be grateful we have lunch breaks at all, since they’re not mandatory in my state.

It’s like the whole deal was designed to highlight how ridiculous every aspect of life is and how easily it could be better in any number of ways, and how hard it is to actually make that happen when everything’s subordinated to the profits of a few specific people. It’s one of the main reasons I no longer think capitalism is a sane way to run anything.


Shinhwa Company’s Updates:  7000 Days” SPECIAL POST

  • All English translations are by hearts_shinhwa except for Minwoo, it’s by deeshoong

Shinhwa Company :

7000 days, every day


Shinhwa’s debut 7🍊🍊🍊 days💛 Thank you so much for 'SHCJ’ who are always with us and love you all ~💛 
- Minbongie 
PS: Always feeling thankful to members and love you all 💛  

7🍊🍊🍊 jours💛 depuis les débuts de Shinhwa. Merci tellement aux 'SHCJ’ qui sont toujours avec nous, je vous aime tous~ 💛
- Minbongie
PS : Je suis toujours reconnaissant envers les membres et je vous aime tous. 💛


SHCJs who have been with us for the past 7000 days, thank you for always supporting us and giving us strength. We’ll work hard to show an even better side of ourselves. Hop your days will be filled with love and peace.

Pour les SHCJ.
Aux SHCJs qui ont été avec nous ces derniers 7000 jours, merci de toujours nous soutenir et de nous donner de la force. Nous allons travailler dur pour montrer un meilleur côté de nous-mêmes. Que vos jours soient remplis d'amour et de paix.


« Shinhwa 7000 days »… Thank you so much~
All SHCJs who have been believing us, supporting us and protecting us for such a long time… thank you so much.
Let’s be together for a long long time in the future~ !!! Thank you again and again ! And again~
- Hyesung- 💛💛💛💛💛💛~
🍊x7000 wow~

« Les 7000 jours de Shinhwa »… Merci tellement~
Aux SHCJs qui ont cru en nous, nous ont soutenus et nous protègent depuis si longtemps … merci beaucoup.
Soyons ensemble pendant longtemps encore dans le futur ~ !!! Merci encore et encore! Et encore ~
Hyesung- 💛💛💛💛💛💛~
🍊x7000 wow~


Shinhwa and SHCJ’s 7000 days~ 💛
Not one day of the 7000 days that has passed felt like a bore~ !!
Thank you so much for being with Shinhwa’s joys and sorrows for a long time. Let’s be together foo an even longer~ time than the time that has passed !!! OKAY ???

Les 7000 jours de Shinhwa et Shinhwa Changjos~💛
Pas un jour des 7000 jours passés a été ressenti comme un ennui ~ !!
Merci beaucoup d'être avec les joies et les chagrins de Shinhwa depuis longtemps. Soyons ensemble pour un temps encore plus long que le temps qui s'est écoulé !!! D'ACCORD ???


7000 days~ !! Daebak^^
It’s so great because we’re together with SHCJ~!
Let’s continue to be together in the future, I love you.
And thank you always~💛

7000 jours~!! Daebak^^
C’est si bien car on est ensemble avec les SHCJ~!
Continuons d’être ensemble dans l'avenir, je vous aime.
Et merci comme toujours~ 💛


To Shinhwa Changjo princesses~
Our pretties ! You’ve been doing well right ?~ keke
It’s already been 7000 days since Shinhwa debuted!~
Thank you for 💛 us for such a long time~
We’ll work hard for everyone to love us even more in the future !
Thank you~💛
Beware of the hot weather~~~kekeke

Aux princesses Shinhwa Changjo~
Nos jolies ! Vous allez bien n'est-ce pas?~ keke
Cela fait déjà notre 7000 jours que Shinhwa a débuté !~
Merci de nous aimer depuis si longtemps~
Nous allons travailler pour que tout le monde nous aime encore plus dans le futur !
Attention aux hausses de température~~~ kekeke

Dongwan’s 41st Broadcast

D: Thought I’m saying this again, Shinhwa is, of course, not responsible for your lives. No one else is responsible for our lives either. However, Shinhwa Changjo is Shinhwa’s dependable companion, history, and eyewitnesses. Let’s work harder until we’re sixty, more or less. Even when we reach sixty, if we’re full of drive, we can go on even longer right ?

Bien que je le répète à nouveau, Shinhwa n'est évidemment pas responsable de votre vie. Personne d'autre n'est responsable de nos vies non plus. Cependant, Shinhwa Changjo est le compagnon fiable de Shinhwa, son histoire et ses témoins oculaires. Travaillons plus fort jusqu'à ce que nous ayons soixante ans, plus ou moins. Même lorsque nous atteignons soixante ans, si nous sommes pleins d'énergie, nous pouvons continuer encore plus longtemps n'est-ce pas ?

okay, so, “time bureau” sounds ridiculous i love it, a ridiculous organization that rip would definitinely create.

but? i’m not gonna accept the fact that he does it alone. dammit i want eve baxter back and this? is a great reason. rip leaves at the end of the season under the guise of needing some….time….but after enough of it, he gets to work.

i don’t imagine the old time masters are particularly hard to find, but what is hard is rip convincing them to listen to him after all the shit his team’s pulled.

and his team is exactly why he looks for the last of the time masters, because as much as he loves the legends, they really shouldn’t be the ones tasked with protecting the timeline, even if it’s something they believe they’re suited for.

the former time masters have training, and ships and god knows they have a significant amount of time on their hands. rip might not be a people person, but given the evidence (and the giant hole in time and space the legends created trying to protect it), enough time masters agree to give another regulatory organization a try.

So I need to talk about Noora, more specifically what she did. 

Noora did a shitty thing yes, but she’s hurting too. Noora JUST found out that the boy she believed to be the love of her life has found someone else, and not just that. She finds out that Sana ( plus the rest of the girls ) knew about it, and didn’t tell her. No one told her, which to me is a shitty move. I understand that they’re not sure if it’s just a rumour, but they could at least have given her a heads up, told her they’ve heard some rumours about William and another girl. I don’t believe she’s kissing Yousef to intentionally hurt Sana, Noora is heartbroken okay? She’s not only been betrayed by the boy she loves, but by her friends too. She’s lost and Yousef happens to be there, and in an attempt to erase the pain she kisses him, and he kisses back. We’ve seen Noora talking fondly of him to Sana, so I feel like she’s oblivious to Sana’s feeling. I mean if she knew, she wouldn’t talk about him to her the way she does. But I might be mistaken, I just don’t see Noora making the same mistake twice. She didn’t tell Vilde at first when she started falling in love with William, and when she did tell Vilde she already knew. So naturally to me she will talk to the girls whenever she’s starting to crush on someone. She wants to be honest with her friends, and not try to hide a possible relationship again. 

But this is just my thoughts, and I might be mistaken. Sorry for this semi long post, and I really hope people will respect my point of view on this. I just had the need to protect my child or at least try to give a reason why she’d kiss him. But doing it to hurt Sana is so out of character for Noora if you ask me.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day/evening night even through our hearts have been broken by this scene.

Proust dit que l'amour est “le temps rendu sensible au coeur”. Sans un amour profond le temps est, en effet, bête comme une voie de chemin de fer. On y va de gare en gare. L'amour change la couleur du temps. Des points lumineux s'allument, s'éteignent, se rallument après des années. Les mois, les semaines, les jours sont multicolores. Il en est de noirs, de bleus, de rouges, d'écarlates. Le temps n'est plus un long chemin qui s'étire tristement, c'est un feu d'artifice où les fusées de la joie s'efforcent d'éclairer la nuit obscure.

Lettre à Laurence. Jacques de Bourbon Busset

Quand mon absence s’achève et que je retrouve mon ordinateur, mes forums et mes personnages !

Quand la moindre connexion Wifi - aussi mauvaise soit-elle - était bonne à prendre pour surveiller (le plus discrètement possible) mes forums.

Quand la plupart de mes RP ont reçu une réponse pendant mon absence…

… Et que bien sûr, n’ayant pas eu mon ordinateur avec moi, il m’était impossible d’y répondre.

Quand il est donc temps de se retrousser les manches pour taper toutes ces jolies réponses à faire.

ok so I was yelling with @bshittyknights​ about JACK L. ZIMMERMNANN (as one does) and SHE MENTIONED EPIKEGSTER AND HOW JACK WAS LIKE, “hey you wanna take a selfie” and AND

okay. first of all: i still cannot believe jack wanted to take a goddamn selfie with bitty. but that’s a given. i’ll never be over it. i’m making this post because i rEALIZED that jack would have made the selfie his fucking facebook profile picture. if parse hadn’t showed up and RUINED EVERYTHING, JACK LAURENT ZIMMERMANN WOULD HAVE CHANGED HIS PROFILE PICTURE TO A SELFIE OF HIM AND BITTY.

(l i t e r a l l y I JSUT FUCKDIFHNGDK REALIZED THIS AND I’M DEAD. does your own brain ever kill you. god dAMN.)

so anyway as i’m like, crying & losing my shit over this realization, @bshittyknights​ goes “he would have emailed it to himself”

which. WHICH. yeS. JACK EMAILED THE PICTURE TO HIMSELF AND THEN HE SAVED IT TO HIS FUCKING COMPUTER. THEN HE OPENED FACEBOOK AND LABORIOUSLY TRIED TO FIND THE PIC AGAIN. “where did it go. hmmm,” jack thinks to himself, clicking around, brow furrowed. computers are annoying. (he probably re-downloads it several times, thinking, maybe it didn’t save?? or something?? where is it going??)

so then there’s like “IMG_5583.jpg” “IMG_5583(1).jpg” “IMG_5583(2).jpg” in jack’s downloads folder. FINALLY HE FINDS IT. this whole thing has taken like 25 minutes. so then Jack uploads it to fb and he’s careful to make sure the crop looks good (it just so happens that bitty is centered in the little icon in the end, jack’s face a bit smooshed to the side—it’s just, bitty looks nice. that’s why jack likes the picture. he doesn’t really care about pictures of himself, anyway).

the picture gets a bunch of likes and johnson shares it to his page with the caption “i love this au, what could have been *sigh*” which jack thinks is weird but whatever. it doesn’t matter. the picture looks great. bitty looks nice. jack likes looking at it.


(it’s still Bad Bob’s doing. Jack’s pulling his whole puppy-dog-eyes-staring-at-Bitty’s-back-with-discontentment thing as he walks away, and Dad Bob comes over, chirps, “<Hm, he’s cuter in person than in your profile picture, don’t you think?>” Jack turns instantly beet red, splutters, “<N-n—I, w-what? What… do you… mean?>”  Rad Bob raises an eyebrow. “<I didn’t want to pry, but you know you can tell me things, right?>” Jack stares at him. What does his dad think he knows…? Rad dad Bob smiles, rolls his eyes. “<Go on, then… go really say goodbye. We have time.>”

Oh, Jack thinks.

He turns around and runs. To Jack, it feels like he’s running toward a place he’s always been going.)

ill leave you with the memory

requested by anonymous

(yall know that episode of spn where dean is taken by the Jinn and sees this alternate universe where mary never died? and he has his family and things are nice and stuff? this is basically that) 

au in which 10k gets the booster shot, and hallucinates a world where the zombie apocalypse never happened. 

When 10k wakes up, he finds himself in a bed.

Not just any bed. A comfortable bed. One with clean sheets, and nice smelling pillows.

He opens his eyes, and sees a white ceiling above his head. To his left, a nightstand with a small lamp on it. A bottle of water, half empty. To his right, a bundle of pillows and blankets.

When it moves, and a head pops out from underneath, he nearly pulls the lamp from beside him and brings it down onto the moving object.

You push the covers off of your face, giving him a sleepy smile.

“What are you staring at?” You murmur, blinking the sleep out of your eyes, dropping your head on the pillow beside you.

“What?” He asks.

“You’re staring. And tossing and turning. Bad dream?” You ask.

His brows furrow, and he sits up.

This doesn’t make sense.

The last time he saw you was in the bar. You pressed a kiss to his forehead, and told him you’d see him again soon.

The last thing he remembers is plunging an injector into his leg.

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I close my eyes

and see her pass

                                   Eclair de blond

                                  et de violet

Many goodbyes

break me like glass

                                  Que temps est long

                                  sans son reflet

I see you clear,

bright existence

                                  Je ne désire

                                  point ton absence

I feel you near

in the distance

                                  Mes joues rosir

                                  en ta présence

And when this dream

finally fades

                                  Et que je rouvre

                                  mes yeux fermés

My life may seem

bathed in the shades.

                                  Oh je me trouve

                                  déjà charmé…

hi, I’m still here

Well, fuck, it’s been two months since I’ve been on here. Oops. Life’s been pretty busy, which is great. I’ve had a long-term temp job at a media company, which I might get hired at which would be really cool. I would honestly love to work there, it’s a great, inclusive, diverse, supportive environment. It’s a company run by an amazing woman, and employs mostly women. (there’s like 5 guys out of 40 employees) Everyone is awesome and super pretty because it’s LA and WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE SO FUCKING PRETTY HERE. 

Also, I have a big crush on a straight girl which SUCKSSS.

Final update–in exactly three weeks I’m going home to visit my family, who I haven’t seen since I moved here last December. I’m so excited to see all of them!!!

Oh, and I’m gonna try to be on here more often. I think I’m going to rework this account though, since I don’t pay attention to the 1oo at all anymore. Obviously a part of me will always love Clexa, but I’m 100000% done with that show and have been for quite some time. I literally do not care about it lol. (I obviously care about the actors on it, I hope they’re happy and eating well, I love them <3)

So, yeah. Changes to come, just might take a bit of time since, well, I don’t really use my time to go on tumblr anymore. But I miss you all and I definitely want to start getting active on here again.

<3 Isabel