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MAINS  CALL   ( kinda )

Considering how I plan to update my mains list  &  because I still need to add certain muses to Ouma’s hitlist  —  I thought I’d temporary make a new post to list my current mains  &  potentially add some more  !!!  I’ll delete this post as soon as I get off of my lazy butt   &  code a mains list onto my theme but for now, you’re going to have to put up with my lazy unorganized ass.

What a main entails is that your muse will be referred as my Ouma’s canon relationship in any verse. For example, if I refer to kirigiri in any particular verse if it’s not with another duplicate, I would be talking about @kyoukokiwigiri   &  so forth.  This, of course, has to be a mutual thing between us since it’d only be fair y’know ???  If you’d like to be added to my list of main memes, feel free to  LIKE  this post.  (   Muses from other fandoms  &  faceclaims for OCs are also up for becoming mains   )

* mains from other fandoms / faceclaims will be added underneath a read more

DANGANRONPA 1, 2,  AE,  3,  V3

Kyouko Kirigiri  -  @kyoukokiwigiri

Celestia Ludenberg  -  @gamblingqueen

Mondo Oowada  -  @autcro

( Mono ) Kuma  -  @desbearer

Leon Kuwata  -  @punkofrockballs

Sayaka Maizono  -  @xaetheria

BETA! Junko Enoshima  -  @gorebled

Fuyuhiko Kuzuruyu  -  @holyhustle

Mikan Tsumiki  -  @plecay

Souda Kazuichi  -  @scudas

Mahiru Koizumi  -  @snappshot

Nagisa Shingetsu  -  @fourthfallcn

Chisa Yukizome  -  @cleanhope

FASHIONISTA! Seiko Kimura  -  @fxshionable-mxsks

Kaede Akamatsu  -  @ivorytracing

Miu Iruma  -  @inventiing

Toujou Kirumi  -  @retentoelegans

Himiko Yumeno  -  @mxgicxlrxd

Kokichi Ouma  -  @malfique

Maki Harukawa  -  @rosethroat

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A doodled comic about my many inconsequential quirk related questions 

the legion’s ShitList:

1. rip

    • undoubtedly
    • malcolm: we give him a makeover and this is how he repays us?
    • darhk: he’s so ungrateful
    • eobard: didn’t you both keep threatening him
    • malcolm & darhk (at the same time): your point?

2. sara

    • malcolm: if at first you don’t succeed…
    • darhk: what’s that supposed to mean?
    • eobard (stage whisper): he’s killed her before but her sister threw her into the lazarus pit 
    • darhk: ooh, the same sister i get to kill? nice

3. ray

    • malcolm: he’s too happy all the time i don’t trust him
    • darhk: i don’t even know him but i agree
    • malcolm: oh, you hate him, too. he was your prisoner and told you to shove it before escaping with robin hood and his merry band of men
    • darhk: huh
    • malcolm: i might have helped them

4. malcolm


4. damien

    • eobard: come on we’re better than this

4. eobard


4. vixen

    • darhk: is this because she threw you into the garbage that one time boohoo poor malcolm
    • malcolm: shut up
    • eobard: she’s actually one of the only competent ones
    • malcolm: …………didn’t she shoot you, too? i mean—s TOP DOING THAT PUT YOUR HAND AWAY

5. firestorm

    • malcolm: met him once, not a fan
    • eobard: he probably feels the same way about you
    • darhk: we all feel the same way about you, malcolm

6. mick rory

    • malcolm: he might actually join us if we asked. he’s pretty much a criminal, and he and his partner almost killed the flash
    • darhk: if as he’s terrible as you say he would have killed the legends by now
    • eobard: they’re insufferable

7. steel guy

    • darhk: he’s too patriotic i don’t trust him

Everyone gets set up for a crime we didn’t commit and end up serving six months in a colosseum. We get out and start trying to find the ones who set us up. Level up as we leave and our wizard/tiefling takes “inspirational leader” feat.
Wizard: I’m gonna inspire everyone. Takes ten min and they get 8 temp HP til a long rest.
DM: give me your ten minute speech
Wizard: uhhh. Uhhh. We paid our dues? Time after time. We did our sentence. But committed no crime. And bad mistakes. We’ve had a few. We had sand kicked in our face, but we’ve come through!


“Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes. You must look into that storm and shout as you did in Rome. Do your worst, for I will do mine! Then the fates will know you as we know you.” // . lit moodboards // the count of monte cristo for @le-temps-de-la-papillon  . 

“Come on! Just us three! On a adventure! It’ll be like the good ol’ days! Our glory days! You won’t regret it!”

I had this idea a while back and it always makes me sad/happy~
Them going on aadventure purely for nostalgia

Ivor’s clothes design is made by @thelapismoon Is absolutely perfect okay??? I need it in my life

Le bac me pompe toute énergie, entre le réveil à 5h30 le jour des épreuves ou à 9h les jours de révisions (ok c’est pas super tôt mais je suis une couche tard, alors pour moi c’est pas légal comme horaire), les révisions sur des trucs que j’oublierai après, les longs trajets de RER, essayer de faire les bonnes impasses et stresser. Cette semaine est interminable.

I work at a thrift store. My job is picking out potentially profitable things from a giant pile of stuff that we’re given for free, and putting it out on the racks and shelves to sell. Sometimes we clean it a little or spray it with Sterifab but mostly it’s just stuff people already didn’t want, that we’re now saying is ours until we get money. At least, the part we don’t throw away or ship to Africa to sell for $5 a bale. We’re also expected to rat out the customers (often very poor) who steal the stuff. That complete strangers gave us, for free.

On top of that, a portion of the proceeds is supposed to go to a local children’s hospital, and the hospital board recently got more control over what happens to the profits, but mostly they sink them back into building new stores and, more recently, advertising. There’s a guy my coworkers talk about, I’ve never met him personally, who’s made a killing off all this and lives in a mansion. But the charity aspect is hyped up to guilt customers out of stealing and into buying more stuff, and to push employees to beg for extra money in the donation jar.

It goes without saying that everyone’s paid very little (I know an assistant manager who’s worked there for years, recently asked for a raise based on experience, and was offered 8 cents.) The stores have profit quotas they have to make so the managers are constantly pushing their employees to work harder, to the point that we’re mentally stressed and physically hurting most of the time. We’re expected to be grateful we have lunch breaks at all, since they’re not mandatory in my state.

It’s like the whole deal was designed to highlight how ridiculous every aspect of life is and how easily it could be better in any number of ways, and how hard it is to actually make that happen when everything’s subordinated to the profits of a few specific people. It’s one of the main reasons I no longer think capitalism is a sane way to run anything.

Betta Tank Minimums: Let’s Discus!

haha see what i did there? ;D but really though, I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this! This post should be a thread where people are allowed to express their own opinions freely, and discuss the opinions of others in a civil and polite manner. It’s okay to disagree, this is supposed to be a conversation afterall, but it’s not okay to berate anyone for having an opinion.

1. How do you define minimum tank size?

I consider the minimum tank size to be the absolute minimum size of a tank (with reasonable dimensions) where all a fish’s basic needs can be met. i feel like ‘minimum tank size’ shouldn’t be synonymous with ‘recommended tank size’ because the minimum tank size only covers the basics and nothing else while a recommended tank size gives the fish more room to swim and also leaves more room for decor, plants, hides, extra enrichment, etc. basically: i feel like the minimum tank size for a betta is 2.5 gallons, but i’d still recommend a 5 or 10 gallon tank to anyone looking into getting a betta since bigger is better and bettas love to wiggle!

2. As a follow up question, do you think that minimum tank size should be synonymous with recommended tank size? If so, how does that relate to or affect how you define ‘minimum tank size’?

3. Why do you feel that this tank should be the absolute minimum size tank required?

  • you can buy a standard-size 2.5 at most pet stores
    • if someone’s looking at a 1-2 gallon bowl for a betta, it might not be too hard to talk them up to a slightly bigger tank. if someone’s looking at a .25-.5 gallon bowl, 2.5 gallons looks like a palace and they probably won’t even consider upgrading to a 5 or 10 gallon for their prospective betta :/ also, lids! a standard 2.5 is the smallest size lid (glass or screen) thats commercially available from what i’ve seen.
  • pet stores don’t sell fishbowls over 2 gallons
    • i dont even think fishbowls over 2 gallons are manufactured >.> someone let me know if they are tho?
    • a lot of keepers push the “fishbowls are bad” narrative (me included!) since a lot of people will walk into a store and want to impulse buy a betta, guppies, or goldfish for a very small bowl. now, i know that the shape of a tank isn’t really the problem here (in fact, if you like the bowl shape, head over to walmart, hobby lobby, michaels and pick up a 12" bubble bowl from the floral department. 3-4 gallons (when full of water and decor) for $10-20, same price as a 1-2 gallon bowl), but a lot of people (myself included) would like to see people move away from seeing fishbowls as acceptable because when someone who doesn’t know about fishkeeping thinks “fishbowl” they probably just picture some gravel, a bowl, no filter, no heater, and cheap flakes for food. “fishbowl” is kind of a packaged up notion of fishkeeping and i’d really like to see the general public move away from “fishbowls” and the type of care that generally goes along with them.
  • the smaller the tank, the harder it will be for the cycle to be stable
    • i’ve heard this a lot, and so far i think that water changes for really small tanks should be based off of carefully monitored parameters. removing too much waste (ammonia that’s hanging out in the water) with a big water change could starve the bacteria if your fish doesn’t produce ammonia very fast, meaning that there could then be a bacterial bloom or your cycle is just thrown off and you’ve got to pay even more attention to your parameters and your water changes. most beginning aquarists aren’t going to want to do this or know how to do this. (if i’ve misunderstood how a cycle works in a small tank, please feel free to comment! i’m always open to learning new things or understanding the nuances of a big concept!)
  • the smaller the tank, the harder it will be to heat properly
    • bettas require a heat source. most heaters are too big (the smallest 50w adjustable ones i could find are 6-8") or can quickly overheat a small tank (a 7w “betta bowl” heater or “slim” heater can quickly heat a 1-2 gallon bowl to 86F+, the hottest i’d let a pet-store betta get. i wouldn’t recommend keeping them at that temp long-term tho). the smaller the tank, the more the temp will fluctuate. and since most 1-2 gallon bowls aren’t big enough for an adjustable heater with a thermostat, even with a little 7w heater, the temp will fluctuate more than a few degrees unless your house stays x degrees 24/7/365. i feel that the extra ½ gallon of water and the dimensions of most 2.5 gallon tanks pushes you, just barely, over into the safe zone and allows you to purchase an adjustable heater with a thermostat.
  • wiggle room!
    • bettas aren’t colorless lumps of finnage that sit in one place all day! they’re super active fish most of the time! I have a boy who’s a double tail half moon with an insane doral fin (he’s gorgeous and i love him) and even tho he wouldn’t do well in a very deep tank, he doesn’t stop to rest very often in his current tank :p i find that bettas are so much more enjoyable when you get to see them and interact with them! a standard 2.5 gives them more length-wise swimming room than a smaller bowl or tank :)*

I wasn’t really sure if i should also point out this or not, but i feel like its a good thing to make note of regardless of tank size: tank size doesn’t necessarily equate directly to how much water volume is in a tank that’s got decor and substrate, so having a 2.5 gallon tank with substrate and decor might actually hold 2-2.25 gallons of water. in a 2.5 gallon standard tank, i dont think that this affects the fish’s swimming room very much, but i dont know to what degree the stability of the cycle is affected.

As a little endnote to everyone who participates in this conversation or who reads this post and those that (hopefully) follow:
It’s okay to have an opinion that’s different than someone else’s. It’s also okay to agree with someone else on certain points and disagree on others. It’s okay to question someone’s reasoning or stance, and it’s okay to be questioned. Be open to having a discussion! :) Lastly, it’s okay to walk away with a different opinion than the one you came into the conversation with! if someone’s point makes you rethink your view, feel it out and be open to change! I will be and I hope you will be too <3

Je m'ennuie. Je m'ennuie tellement.
Je suis là, posée sur mon lit.
Un peu autiste.
Je regarde par la fenêtre et j'attends que ça passe.
Que le temps passe. Et c'est long.
Les yeux dans le vague… j'imagine…
J'imagine une autre vie.
Une vie où je ne me languirais pas.
Une vie où je rirais beaucoup.
Le rêve prend toute la place et la réalité m'ennuie.
—  Véronique poulain