Artsy Witch Ideas/Tips

For all of my witches out there that are artists or just love art of any kind, here are some things to consider adding to your craft.

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  • Use vine or compressed charcoal dust to make black salt
  • Use sketchbooks as unique grimoires, book of shadows, book of cosmos, dream journals, etc that allow you to use markers, paints, etc to your heart’s desire
  • Red liquid ink can substitute for blood
  • Black liquid ink is good for curses especially for blinding, confusion and chaos
  • Blue liquid ink can represent water or the ocean 
  • Yellow liquid ink for divination
  • Green liquid ink for protection and healing spells
  • Enchant your calligraphy pens for sigil work to strengthen the sigils you make or spells you write with them
  • Use doodles of people or how you see a person for taglocks in curses and bindings
  • Melt crayons for wax seals on jars or other spells by placing them in intense sun or heating them in a wax melter (use caution that you don’t heat them too high)
  • Melt crayons and mix with coconut oil and olive oil for anointing oil corresponding with the colors you use (also can be used as lipstick if desired)*
  • Use scrapbooking paper in your grimoire to give it unique and artsy pages
  • Use your paints to make painted spells. Make a sigil and paint it onto your page or canvas, and based on the sigil’s intent once dried paint over it an image that corresponds with that intent to activate. Hang up in your room or home. Cleanse and charge regularly
  • Glitter my witches, great for color magic and jar spells (note glitter is not good to be tossed into the environment so please don’t)
  • Write down a person or ‘force’ in your life you wish to remove and use erasers to erase it away as a simple severing spell
  • Use your dirty paint water for curses or inspiration spells
  • Use stickers to seal spell jars 
  • Unable to burn something in your apartment? Drench it in black ink or paint instead
  • Use mechanical pencil lead in curses by break it up. very effective for writer’s block and creativity block curses
  • Bead enthusiasts or jewelry makers, use your beads to make spell/enchanted jewelry based on colors, shapes, and letters used in it for correspondences
  • Make your own ouija boards, crystal grids, pendulum charts, etc on some matte board or foam board using paints to make unique affordable tools
  • Use chalk dust for warding and protection spells
  • Buy chalkboard paint to turn a wall or other object into a chalkboard for sigil use, spell writing, organization, etc
  • Use those plastic reusable paint containers for small portable spell jars
  • Sharpies and black markers are good for curses in general
  • Use your color wheels for divination via colormancy
  • Use modeling clay or pottery clay to make your own offering bowls, statuettes and poppets for a variety of uses
  • For a quick and easy black mirror simply paint the back glass of a picture frame with black acrylic paint. It may take several layers
  • Reuse bottles and cans by painting them up to make them witchy containers for your tools, art supplies and other storage purposes
  • Make drawings, write poetry, write stories, make pottery, make a painting, etc to make as offerings to deities, fae, spirits, etc. Just be sure not to sign it if it is for fae (your name can give them power of you)
  • Use glue or tape to seal spells, for binding and for strengthening spells
  • Use whiteout for banishing and invisibility spells
  • Use henna, temporary tats or body safe paint for fun body sigils
  • Save pencil shavings for inspiration and creativity spells
  • Enchant your art supplies to bring you creativity, focus, motivation and inspiration when you use them
  • Use your paints to paint rocks colors for easy color magic
  • Turn your name into a sigil to sign your artwork so people will recognize it as yours (or other such desires)
  • Use used paint sponges to absorb negativity before throwing away
  • Mix paint or ink with water to make color potions or spell jars
  • Collect markers, crayons, colored pencils, pens, highlighters, etc to use for colorful written spells, amplify sigils, and to strengthen spells
  • Illustrate your grimoire, book of shadows, dream journal, etc with images that you feel are important or doodles to add your own extra touch to the spells and information inside. Make it your own
  • Paint, draw, or design your desires or wishes and charge the art in the moonlight to help welcome those things into your life. Keep the piece of art in your room or home
  • Use lines from your written poetry, stories, lyrics, etc as spell incantations or lines when writing spells to make them more personal
  • Use old sketchbooks, idea notebooks, free write journals, etc for bibliomancy 
  • Try/Practice automatic writing or drawing for divination and spirit communication
  • Make collages out of posters, drawings, photos, writings, poems, etc on your wall to act as a low key altar

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Hello :) I was wondering if you'd like to write Clint and Bucky at a pride parade? You know representing themselves and just having an overall good time


 “Oh god, Buck, no.” Stevie has one hand over his eyes but he’s laughing, mouth wide and crows feet cutting through the rainbow someone’s painted onto his cheek. 

“Sun’s out, guns out,” Bucky says, and hauls his shirt off over his head, shoving it into the back pocket of his shorts. The scars ain’t exactly pretty, but he’s made an effort to make up for it - his abs are a work of freakin’ art, and he’s not afraid to take - heh - pride in that. Stevie’s still rocking the AVER shirt, ‘cos his boy Sam’s a campaigner for American Veterans for Equal Rights when he’s got time to spare from his counseling work; Bucky’s got their star in temporary tat form on what remains of his bicep. 

There’s music and laughter and dancing everywhere, and it’s the polar opposite to what his life has been up to this point. Someone pours glitter over Bucky’s head and he grimaces and shakes as much of it off onto Steve as he can - he’s gonna be shitting that stuff for weeks. Brushing it out of his hair, he looks up to see a group of people in fatigues, and he grins for all of the second that the glitter coruscating on his cheeks stops him from reading the signs. 

“Oh fuck, no,” he says, and marches over, Steve grabbing at him and only managing to yank the shirt out of his pocket. 

“The hell are you assholes doing?” he yells as soon as he gets close. They’ve got camo painted signs, slogans and slurs and bullshit, and he’d bet any money not a one of them’s served their country. 

“We’ve got signs to spare,” one of ‘em says, smug and smirking, “if you wanna join us, soldier.” 

Bucky sees red, and he’d punch the guy if he wasn’t likely to lose his damned balance and make an ass of himself. Instead he whirls around to see a pair in purple dancing, and he shoves his fingers in his mouth and whistles. They both look up, the girl flicking long dark hair out of her eyes as he beckons them over. 

“Hey, beautiful, get over here,” he says. 

“You’re not my type,” she says, and he grins. 

“Wasn’t talking to you,” he says, and blondie grins a little, one-sided, shoving his hands in his pockets - and jeez, the guy’s got a beautiful pair of arms on him - and saunters over. 

“Wanna offend some assholes?” Bucky says, jerking his head towards the group at the sidelines. 

Instead of replying, the guy just moves in closer, wrapping his arms around Bucky’s shoulders, grinning that beautiful grin right in Bucky’s face. Fuck it, Bucky thinks, and wraps his arm low around the guy’s waist, going for the full show biz kiss, bending the guy backwards and trusting him to hang on. 

And sure, okay, maybe it starts as some kinda dick move, but the way this guy kisses, Bucky’s gonna get his number, make sure this ends with dicks, too. 

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where are these temporary tattoo sheets people were talking about earlier? I checked your etsy shop and they weren't there. I love your art so much.

Hello! :D
It’s not on my etsy, because it’s not really something I’m selling ^^

It’s for the Nautical zine bundle! :D
Get the full bundle and you will get this sheet of temporary tats OwO

Honey & Venom || Slytherin!Tom

pairing: Slytherin!Tom x Hufflepuff!OC
warnings: language
word count: 4.4k
a/n: OMG you guys, i seriously love looking at all these ACE Comic Con photos everybody’s been posting. Tom looked so happy and yall looked so effing cute and beautiful. Some of the poses you guys chose were so fun to look at lol. 

p.s. can we talk about that panel with Tom lookin so extra™ while putting on chapstick? bruh lmaooo

parts: [ 1 | 2 |3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 ]


Tom watched as the light of the morning sun creeped through the window and hit her skin. Peaceful, warm, and glowy, he couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her. They way her skin warmed and soaked up the sunlight. Even though she was turned away, she  looked positively ethereal. His heavy-lidded eyes fluttered across her skin as she slept. He couldn’t stop looking at her. Everywhere he looked he discovered something new. The little scar under her jaw, the freckle on her shoulder blade…

His lips formed a sleepy smile as he ran a finger over the little temporary tattoo just above her elbow, then to the little charm in one of her braids. Memories of yesterday flooded back to him. Sitting on the floor, playing with stickers and temporary tats with Shalissa. For whatever reason, Manon had a whole cookie tin full of them (along with buttons, hair beads, bobby pins) and other weird knick-knacks. The little girl wanted tons of them up and down her arms, and Tom had obliged with a laugh and an excited smile. After decorating her little arms with tattoos, he got to watch with great curiosity as Oswin got her hair braided. 

Manon and Kalisha’s fingers moved quick as lighting as they chatted to one another. To Tom, the process looked terribly complicated, but it was like riding a bike for them. After hours of watching them work (and with Manon’s permission), he got to practicing on one of her curly-haired manikins. He listened to her instructions carefully, and after four attempts he finally got the box braid down. Oswin offered him the chance to try at least one on her head. He was wildly slower at it than the other two, but it didn’t matter. She couldn’t help but giggle at his focused face, Tom catching her eye in the salon mirror and sticking his tongue out. While he twisted and tugged (gently) on her tresses, he found himself getting lost in a sea of domestic daydreams. He couldn’t wait to get better at it. The image of her casually sitting between his legs while he braided her hair; The two of them just chatting about anything…

The thought of it made his heart race.

Once he finished the braid, he flashed a proud grin and showed it to her. The Hufflepuff had to gently pull the thing forward to look at it, but upon close inspection she flashed a bright grin and congratulated him. No loose ends, tightly braided, and a consistent pattern. It was perfect. He placed a little golden clamp on it so he would know which one was his handiwork.

Tom stared at the sea of braids that cascaded down her back and sides, his fingers running over the elaborate tresses before stopping on the one he did. He smiled a faint smile before leaning forward, planting a firm kiss on her shoulder before slipping out of bed.

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Again…apologies to all of Canada, and the Trudeaus.  But….I mean…come on! Look at him! Listen to him! *swoon*

Available as temporary tattoos at my Etsy!


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They temporary freckle tats or real ones? I thought they were makeup at first lol! You look hella either way ❤️

They’re cosmetic! So they’ll gradually fade

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They’re gonna be shopping for crocs in one too :)))) tae and his temporary tats!!!! I won’t count too much on the shirtless members though, tank tops maybe?

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TAT: Temporary blindness due to either magic or scifi stuff (and honestly, what's the difference between the two, really? I mean in scifi there may be fancy instruments and some science-y sounding speak but if we don't count that...) I mean most people rely so much on their sight, it's bound to freak pretty much any character out and make them feel so vulnerable. Even better if it's a situation where they don't feel safe!!

It freaks me out just thinking about it. Vulnerability for the win!

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unpopular opinion but I like to think prompto's second pair of tats are temporary tattoos since they don't appear on any of his other outfit textures and he'd be the most likely to use them. he gets drunk one night, buys ten thousand, and wakes up with temporary tats on his face n ass. love that butch.

it’s probably some of those expensive ones too, the ones that last a long time. Gladio has a butterfly on his ass