jobs i’ve applied for: domino’s delivery driver (but i said i wouldn’t adhere to the no-facial-piercings rule, so they won’t hire me, which kinda sucks because i just took out my piercing anyways and this is the only job that is actively hiring WHOOPS), two DSW locations (rejected from one on grounds of temporary vs. long term work), Build-A-Bear, Michael’s Crafts, Container Store, Spencer’s, American Girl Place (two positions, one designated temporary), Barnes and Noble, Express, JC Penney (two positions)

jobs i expect to get: literally nothing. will spend entire summer lying in bed worrying about affording a birb.

A Big Rain is Coming

There are times when we feel as if we are in the darkest times of our lives, and that there is no escape. Almost as if our lives are going down in a spiral. That’s okay, and it’s perfectly normal. Stop thinking for a second and take a deep breath. In this discussion I’d like to reference  《大雨欲來》 (Translation: A Big Rain is Coming), a Taiwanese song sung by 亦帆 (and no this isn’t Kris from EXO if you’re familiar with Kpop). 

This song talks about the end of a relationship, but I will be talking about it in a broader context so that any situation can apply. As mentioned before, there are dark times in our lives, but just remember that these are temporary. The singer expressed, “ 時間這呢偉大 什麼攏會變化 / […] 世間那呢啊濶 什麼攏會變卦,” meaning that the world and time are massive in comparison to us. Because of this, anything can change at any moment. That means that if you are in a dark part of your life right now, it will eventually change for the better. 

Just like in the song, I like to compare these dark times to a big rainstorm. Typically, rainstorms aren’t something people enjoy (there are exceptions of course). However in this context, they demonstrate the negativity in our lives   (” 大雨才會一陣一陣強欲來”). Even though we may not enjoy it in that period of time, it will eventually pass and the sun will shine. So, is experiencing this bleak period of time a bad thing? Not necessarily! It helps us grow and become stronger as individuals. 

My favorite lines in the song are: “ 我用原諒解救愛你的傷害,” and “ 經過地動山搖了後 傷會好起來.” The first one translates to: “I use forgiveness to heal the wounds from loving you,” and the second one: “After going through a tough period of time, the wounds will heal.” 

The reason why I love the first line is because it teaches forgiveness. It’s okay to forgive, and it’s good that you do too. Don’t be too hard on yourself and learn to say “It’s okay.” This allows us to grow and it sets our minds to peace. The second line is pretty self-explanatory. No matter what hardships you go through, it will be like a passing rainstorm. In the end, everything will be all right. 


a hot dog reads a story

Audrey Plaza is fucking hilarious. We loved her on Parks and Recreation and everywhere else she has been popping up. And she has stories to tell. While in an improv class at NYU in 2004, Plaza suffered a stroke that caused temporary paralysis and expressive aphasia (speech issues), but she has fully recovered. The stroke was caused by a clot in left temporal lobe of her brain. Plaza says she’s completely recovered, and the stroke, she says, at least puts Hollywood’s indignities and absurdities in perspective.
“I will never be sure about the cause of my stroke, but many doctors attribute it to the birth control pills, specifically Tri-Cyclen, which literally on the label says it can cause a stroke. It’s not common for people that are young but it does happen.” http://ift.tt/1cBqTEG

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gotchaamelia asked:

5, 10 :)

5. Well, until I was about 3 I wanted to be a princess. I think I had a preschool teacher who told me I couldn’t do that so I had to pick something else and my mom got really pissed about that when I told her that story. Something about taking away some of innocence or something like that idk. But anyway, that was when I decided I wanted to be a teacher, I honestly have no idea why. Then, at some point I realized what I really actually enjoyed learning and talking about and I have no idea what to do with an English major and a concentration in film studies so that brings us about up to date with my career aspirations.

10. I think there was always a name I really liked but I don’t remember it now. I feel like I’d choose something weird. But not weird like oh-my-god-what-were-her-parents-thinking weird, more like that’s-a-really-cool-name weird. I always really liked the name Elizabeth when I was younger except I have a cousin named Elizabeth so that might be kind of weird. I think I liked it because of the Z. That was a way longer answer than you were expecting probably but there you have it.