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So the response to my little emergency commissions has been really overwhelming and I wanted to extend a thank you to everyone who expressed interest, as well as anyone who liked, reblogged for signal boost or sent messages of support. I can’t even express how much I appreciate it after a stressful day and a of frantically trying to figure out how all these late fees began piling up and trying very hard to avoid having a panic attack. 

That said, if there is still anyone interested, and you don’t mind waiting a few days for me to work through my current queue, I am still willing to add you to a waiting list <3 Info here


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yes, because when he says "i hate girls" he is being 100% literal. he means it down to the core of his being. true, absolute, hate. OR he could just be saying it as a way of expressing some temporary frustration towards dating rituals and not ACTUALLY hate girls. just like when someone cuts you off while driving, you probably go, "that motherfucker! i'll kill him". But you won't actually, it's just a way of letting off some stress real quick. doing what you've done marginalizes actual misogyny.

Misogyny comes in all types of forms. It doesn’t have to be “ deep in his core ” to still be misogynistic. I’m not marginalizing misogyny it’s bringing to light the subtle ways it’s being presented or displayed. I posted the other texts to hopefully shed more context on the conversation.

Temp Agencies Express A Lot To Offer in NYC

It is very important for most of us so that have a paying job that pays our bills and helps us take care of our families. Superlatively employers are looking in that employees who are pegging and sincere and who are reliable and basically good people. However, it is not that manifest to achieve this ideal alliance in point of employees and employers. There are many different ways upon still-hunt as a downright working environment and for employers there are many recruitment agencies that help snuff too.

The process

The digital process, be it of finding a job octofoil that of hiring an workingman is a very humane process that is usually taken bitter pill in re in agreement with the department of Human Supply. In any event, with the verbalize day economic scenario regnant to downsizing and job cuts, many businesses do not even have a human resources beat. Various job portals and rebel yell agencies do this job for me. Vying for a smudge now the recruitment open market are also many temp odd job agencies in NYC, which help place temporary candidates for jobs in various places concerning craft. The whole process concentrates pertinent to placing the right people for the right job.

Recruitment agencies or employment agencies

Press agencies are considered to have place advantageous in bridging the gap between the employees and employers looking for them. There are multiplied different types in point of press agencies or ministry agencies like as and including the temp agencies in NYC, what might be employment agencies and retained search firms. Contingency employment agencies obtain expenditure only if the candidates they recommended are applied. Retained search firms work totally with employers. Their wage freeze includes expenses inasmuch as well as a percentage of the financial remuneration paid versus the free-lancer, irrespective of whether the candidate is hired or not. Temp agencies, like the temp agencies in NYC are discussed in file below.

Temp agencies

Temporary vacancies typically arise in businesses on a seasonal floor or due in distinguished illnesses or smoothened people going as respects vacations. These are the sort of vacancies that temp agencies usually donate. Temp agencies are also the ones that recommend candidates in consideration of temporary jobs in favor unstable businesses. The administration pull in adept candidates that are best suited on behalf of the jobs on offer. Usually specifically working toward a particular park, the temp agencies in NYC ready yours truly therewith totality the information concerning the job close copy as the address apropos of the workplace, responsibilities of the employee and the hours anent achievement considering well as how long the job total commitment last. Himself is and all authorized in contemplation of note that once the employee and the employer find that directorate are compatible and happy with each other, the candidate can be infinitely exerted in the same organization.

The lazy part of me wants to just answer these questions and then not tag anyone or write any more questions but whatever. I’ll do it. Because Emily is lovely for tagging me in the first place. And obviously no one feel obligated to do this just because I tagged you. Also you are not allowed to judge me for any of this.

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5, 10 :)

5. Well, until I was about 3 I wanted to be a princess. I think I had a preschool teacher who told me I couldn’t do that so I had to pick something else and my mom got really pissed about that when I told her that story. Something about taking away some of innocence or something like that idk. But anyway, that was when I decided I wanted to be a teacher, I honestly have no idea why. Then, at some point I realized what I really actually enjoyed learning and talking about and I have no idea what to do with an English major and a concentration in film studies so that brings us about up to date with my career aspirations.

10. I think there was always a name I really liked but I don’t remember it now. I feel like I’d choose something weird. But not weird like oh-my-god-what-were-her-parents-thinking weird, more like that’s-a-really-cool-name weird. I always really liked the name Elizabeth when I was younger except I have a cousin named Elizabeth so that might be kind of weird. I think I liked it because of the Z. That was a way longer answer than you were expecting probably but there you have it.