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The lazy part of me wants to just answer these questions and then not tag anyone or write any more questions but whatever. I’ll do it. Because Emily is lovely for tagging me in the first place. And obviously no one feel obligated to do this just because I tagged you. Also you are not allowed to judge me for any of this.

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gotchaamelia asked:

5, 10 :)

5. Well, until I was about 3 I wanted to be a princess. I think I had a preschool teacher who told me I couldn’t do that so I had to pick something else and my mom got really pissed about that when I told her that story. Something about taking away some of innocence or something like that idk. But anyway, that was when I decided I wanted to be a teacher, I honestly have no idea why. Then, at some point I realized what I really actually enjoyed learning and talking about and I have no idea what to do with an English major and a concentration in film studies so that brings us about up to date with my career aspirations.

10. I think there was always a name I really liked but I don’t remember it now. I feel like I’d choose something weird. But not weird like oh-my-god-what-were-her-parents-thinking weird, more like that’s-a-really-cool-name weird. I always really liked the name Elizabeth when I was younger except I have a cousin named Elizabeth so that might be kind of weird. I think I liked it because of the Z. That was a way longer answer than you were expecting probably but there you have it.