temporary vessel

Starfleet General Orders and Regulations
  • GENERAL ORDER 1 ("PRIME DIRECTIVE"): As the right of each sentient species to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred, no Starfleet personnel, Federation citizen and/or representative may interfere with the normal and healthy development of alien life and culture. Such interference includes introducing superior knowledge, strength, or technology to a world whose society is incapable of handling such advantages wisely. Starfleet personnel may not violate this Prime Directive, even to save their lives and/or their ship/installation, unless they are acting to right an earlier violation or an accidental contamination of said culture. This directive takes precedence over any and all other considerations, and carries with it the highest moral obligation.
  • GENERAL ORDER 1A (“OMEGA DIRECTIVE”) TOP SECRET — CAPTAIN'S RANK AND ABOVE ONLY: Due to its destructive nature upon subspace & its inherent dangers towards all starfaring civilizations, the omega particle has been determined to be the greatest natural threat to the Federation and the entire galaxy. For that reason, any and all omega particles found to be in existence are to be destroyed at any cost. During the duration of said mission, the Prime Directive is suspended. Notification of the crew of a vessel or installation as to the true nature of this directive is an offense punishable by general court-martial, dishonorable discharge from Starfleet, and a prison term no less than 30 years and no greater than the offender's natural life.
  • GENERAL ORDER 2: No Starfleet personnel shall unnecessarily use force, either collectively or individually, against members of the United Federation of Planets, their duly authorized representatives, spokespersons, or designated leaders, or members of any sentient non-member race, for any reason whatsoever.
  • GENERAL ORDER 3: The sovereignty of each Federation member being respected in all things, Starfleet personnel shall observe any and all statutes, laws, ordinances, and rules of governance currently in effect within the jurisdiction of a member planet. Violators of such ordinances will be subject to such punishments or corrections as shall be determined by local governmental bodies.
  • GENERAL ORDER 4: If contact is made with hitherto undiscovered intelligent lifeforms, under no circumstance shall Starfleet personnel, either by word or deed, inform said lifeforms that worlds other than their own or intelligent life-forms other than their own exist outside the confines of their own space or answer questions by said lifeforms pertaining to the existence of other species outside said space.
  • GENERAL ORDER 5: In cases of extreme emergency, Federation special representatives are empowered to assume emergency powers to deal with a condition or circumstance that is deemed hazardous to the welfare of Federation citizenry. Within the scope of these emergency powers, duly authorized civilian personnel may assume temporary command of Starfleet vessels, installations, and/or personnel to deal with the emergency. Starfleet personnel must submit to their authority for the duration of the crisis.
  • GENERAL ORDER 6: The request for emergency assistance from Federation citizenry or non-aligned persons demands unconditional priority from Starfleet personnel. Such personnel shall immediately respond to said request, postponing all other activities. This responsibility extends to current governments at odds, actively or passively, with the Federation.
  • GENERAL ORDER 7: No Starfleet vessel shall visit the planet Talos IV under any circumstances, emergency or otherwise. This order supersedes GENERAL ORDER 6. Any transgression of this general order shall be punishable by death.
  • GENERAL ORDER 8: Upon sighting a warship within Federation space and identifying it as belonging to a foreign power, the commander of the Starfleet vessel/installation shall determine the reason(s) for that craft's presence in the vicinity. If there is conclusive evidence that the vessel has hostile intentions, the Federation vessel may take appropriate action to safeguard the lives and property of Federation members or other non-aligned persons under current Federation protection. In such cases, the commander may use their discretion in deciding whether to use force to disable the hostile vessel. However, care should be taken to avoid unnecessary loss of sentient life.
  • GENERAL ORDER 9: A commander of a Starfleet vessel or installation, military or auxiliary, may grant political asylum to any individual without first being given express permission to do so by a representative of the Federation government. However, said decision may and can be overturned by a superior officer or representative of the Federation government pending a reviewal of circumstances.
  • GENERAL ORDER 10: If there exists eyewitness testimony by senior officers or similar verifiable evidence that an individual, military or civilian, has violated the Prime Directive, said individual may be relieved of duty by a duly sworn representative of the Federation government and placed under immediate arrest. The governmental representative shall then take such action as he deems necessary to minimize the results of the violation.
  • GENERAL ORDER 11: Starfleet officers with command-level rank or higher are granted full authority to negotiate conditions of agreement and/or treaties with legal representatives of non-Federation planets. In such circumstances, the acting officer carries de facto powers of a Federation Special Ambassador. Any and all agreements arranged in this manner are subject to approval by the Chief of Starfleet Operations, the Secretary of Starfleet, and the Federation Council.
  • GENERAL ORDER 12: When approaching a vessel with which communication has not been established, all Starfleet vessels are to maintain maximum safety precautions, regardless of the origin of said vessel, be it a foreign power, an hitherto unknown ship, or a Starfleet vessel.
  • GENERAL ORDER 13: Except when orders state to the contrary or in accordance with GENERAL ORDER 6, Starfleet personnel will respect the territorial integrity of independent planetary systems and governments within and without the confines of the Federation's borders, and will not violate territorial space belonging to such worlds.
  • GENERAL ORDER 14: Starfleet personnel may intervene in local planetary affairs to restore general order and to secure the lives and property of Federation citizens only upon receiving a direct order to do so from a civilian official with the effective title of governor or higher.
  • GENERAL ORDER 15: No officer of command or flag rank shall travel into a potentially hazardous area without suitable armed escort.
  • GENERAL ORDER 16: Starfleet personnel may extend technological, medical, or other scientific assistance to members of foreign powers or previously unrecognized sentient species only if such assistance in no way compromises the Prime Directive or the security of the Federation or Starfleet.
  • GENERAL ORDER 17: The commanding officers of Starfleet vessel and installations are to consider the lives of their crew members and/or civilian population as sacred. In any potentially hostile situation, the captain will place the lives of his crew above the fate of his ship.
  • GENERAL ORDER 18: Upon being accused of treason against the Federation, Starfleet personnel may demand a trial conducted by the Federation judiciary or representative Judge Advocate General for that sector. If the individual is acquitted, Starfleet Command shall have no further legal recourse against the accused in said matter.
  • GENERAL ORDER 19: Except in times of declared emergency, Starfleet personnel may under no circumstances convey personnel or material between planets or planetary systems when there is reason to believe that said personnel or material may be used to conduct aggression, whether against Federation members or other non-aligned worlds. This order applies to independent worlds within the Federation as well as to Federation members.
  • GENERAL ORDER 20: Officers and personnel of Starfleet Command may employ whatever means necessary to prevent the possession, transportation, sale, or commercial exchange of sentient beings held against their wishes within the boundaries of Federation space. This includes temporary violations of GENERAL ORDER 13, but not of the Prime Directive.
  • GENERAL ORDER 21: No Starfleet personnel, either officer or enlisted, may offer his services to an independent foreign government without the express authorization of the Federation Council.
  • GENERAL ORDER 22: As the rights of individual expression and free discourse are considered sacred, Starfleet personnel may debate the policies, decisions, and actions of their governmental representatives privately at any time, to the extent that such discussions do not violate their command oath or specific duties to the Federation per these GENERAL ORDERs or Starfleet regulations.
  • GENERAL ORDER 23: When verifiable proof is presented to the senior commanding officer of a Starfleet vessel or post that a Federation representative may currently be acting or have acted in the past to violate the Prime Directive, the officer may relieve said representative of office, then assume the full powers of that office pending a full investigation by governmental officials.
  • GENERAL ORDER 24: If a commanding officer deems that a planet has been culturally contaminated to a point where correction is no longer viable and said culture now poses a direct threat to Starfleet personnel or Federation civilians, he may order the destruction of a planet's surface to occur within a time limit set upon invocation.
  • GENERAL ORDER 25: Civilian and military personnelϷhether a citizen of the Federation, a non-aligned world, or a foreign powerϴaken into custody by Starfleet personnel during times of extreme emergency shall be accorded proper treatment consistent with their rank or station, insofar as such treatment does not compromise the security of the Federation or Starfleet.
  • GENERAL ORDER 26: No member of a ship's complement or other ground-based installation can be held directly accountable for the actions of their superiors. Similarly, no member of a ship's company or other Starfleet personnel will share in disciplinary measures taken against the Commanding Officer(s) if said individuals were not directly involved in the actions leading to disciplinary measures. This order extends to conditions involving proven violations of the Prime Directive, where proof of such violations exist. However, failure to attempt to halt the actions of said superiors is a violation of the order and as such is punishable by general court-martial.
  • GENERAL ORDER 27: No member of Starfleet shall be required by the assignment of standard duties and responsibilities to undergo extended separation from his family if family members can be reasonably provided for aboard ship or as a part of an existing Starfleet installation.
  • GENERAL ORDER 28: No officer of command rank shall be removed from command status unless such action has the complete and unqualified agreement of at least three senior officers present per Starfleet Procedural Order 104, sections B and C.. Whenever possible, such officers shall include the ship's First Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Counselor, and one junior officer of command station.
  • GENERAL ORDER 29: The primary responsibility of the commander of any Starfleet vessel or installation is the welfare and safety of his crew, including any civilian members. No action may be taken that creates an unwarranted threat to the safety of those individuals under the officer's charge, except in the line of duty and when otherwise unavoidable. This is a concurrent order with GENERAL ORDER 17.
  • GENERAL ORDER 30: Starfleet Command recognizes the right of each ship commander to interpret the specifications of the Prime Directive as he sees fit, consistent with the conditions of other existing general orders in effect, and based upon circumstances that may arise in dealing with newly discovered sentient races. However, said decision may and can be overturned by a superior officer or representative of the Federation government pending a reviewal of circumstances.
  • GENERAL ORDER 31: The conditions and specifications of the Prime Directive shall henceforth apply to all sentient lifeforms discovered, whether they are of natural or artificial origin.
  • GENERAL ORDER 32: Federation officers may violate Neutral Zone areas as designated by treaty only if such action is required to save the lives of Federation citizens under conditions of extreme emergency as required by GENERAL ORDER 6.
  • GENERAL ORDER 33: If a commanding officer deems that an individual or group of individuals pose a direct threat to the safety of Starfleet personnel, Federation citizens, or those under current Federation protection, they may take any actions necessary to safeguard the lives of those threatened. In such cases, the commander may use their discretion in deciding whether to use force. However, care should be taken to avoid unnecessary loss of sentient life.
  • GENERAL ORDER 34: All Starfleet personnel and/or Federation civilian contractors shall follow a superior's order to the best of their ability, unless said orders should conflict with the regulation laid out in these orders. Special dispensations are granted in emergency situations as per specific orders, with the exceptions of GENERAL ORDERs 1, 2, 3, or 7.
  • GENERAL ORDER 35: Should the entire personnel of a Starfleet vessel or installation become severely incapacitated or deceased due to an environmental or medical contaminant, said vessel is to be destroyed within a 24-hour period from initial discovery of cause to prevent spread of the epidemic agent.
  • GENERAL ORDER 36: No Federation vessel, whether civilian or Starfleet, is allowed to visit a planet or star system placed under quarantine by Starfleet or the Federation Council unless the visitation falls under the jurisdictional actions accredited by GENERAL ORDERs 1, 5, and 6.
  • GENERAL ORDER 37: Starfleet personnel shall respect binding contracts, agreements, and bondings made by the Federation government and/or Starfleet itself and shall operate within the boundaries & governances of said treaties, especially in matters dealing with the co-signatories of said treatise.
  • GENERAL ORDER 38: In the event of the death, absence, or incapacitation of the commanding officer of record, command of a ship or installation falls to the next highest-ranking crewmember, regardless of position in the command structure. When two officers in the line of succession are of comparable rank, command first falls upon the officer with command experience; barring that requirement, command will fall upon the officer with seniority.
  • GENERAL ORDER 39: An officer or crewmember may be removed from active duty status if they are judged to be incapable of fulfilling their obligations as a member of Starfleet, whether for medical or psychological reasons, by either the Chief Medical Officer or by the two ranking command staff officers.
  • SOURCE: st-minutiae.com

Your Time Is Running Out.

Yes, we need to appreciate the present moment and understand that there is no such thing as the past or the future - yet we also need to realise that everything is temporary. These human vessels we inhabit are going to expire one day - with this in mind it’s important to reflect on how we’re using our time.

Are we using it to create a life we love living? Are we learning and growing throughout our journeys? Are we shooting for the stars - or settling in the dirt? Anything is possible but if we take a relaxed approach to trying to achieve it - we may never acquire what we desire.

Wasting our time on this planet looks different for all of us, but we can all agree that if we’re not happy & fulfilled we’re wasting the precious little time we have here. Drugs, TV, dysfunctional relationships, junk food - the list of distractions could go on forever, they are all on offer to stop us from reflecting on our choices and making changes that will empower us.

Where are you in your life right now? Are you where you want to be? Are you with the people you love? Are you in the situation you want to be in? Or are you just going through the motions - hoping something will change one day? One day never comes - you have to make the decision to do what’s best for you.

Look at the people, places & things in your life and ask yourself the question that only you can answer - am I wasting my time here? . If they are not contributing to your growth or goals - why are they in your life? If you’re not happy & fulfilled right now something’s got to change. 

That something is you.

We all make choices but, at the end of the day, our choices make us.

Peace & positive vibes.

Fallen Angel Learns To Fly With Broken Wings.

This is not the best me..
My dad tells me to pray, don’t you see these horns father?
As I fall from the sky and hit the ground you’ll still see me smiling so mischievously.  That’s all I can do, smile and laugh at the fact that I was once an angel flying high in style.  
Look at me now, a fallen angel; Exiled.

I didn’t think this would ever happen to me.
I never knew you could hit the ground so hard, hard enough to break your wings.
I am now a fallen one, only one to blame is me, now I see, it was a privilege to fly oh so high with those wings.

I need to get up, wings tangled and torn won’t stop me from anything.
With broken wings that I will rearrange to get me moving with the winds, oh I’ll be airborne with these broken wings.  No, my destination is not back up to the heavens.

 Why so they can praise me for overcoming a challenge in this life? Oh, shut up with all your hallow words and persuasions. I may be a fallen angel, but I am still an angel just labeled: Exiled.

I’m better off here with the mortal. I am better off living a life mortally learning and finding the meaning of life. I found my reason in this life, and I will die one day yes you will still see that devilish grin on my face when that time comes.

Believe what you believe, I will never take that away from you but there  is more to life than to just sit and hope you’re going to make it to a place you aren’t completely sure exists.

Where ever we go, just know you don’t need wings to fly high.
This temporary vessel has an expiration date, don’t fear that or be too cautious.There must be risk taking, pain to be endured and mistakes to learn from.Fall after fall after fall with all the Scraps, bruises and scars.

Those are just worn like medals in my opinion. You’re still breathing, you’re still here.My wings have been broken; I’m bloody, beaten and bruised. You’re not the only one.We are survivors, and there is time to come when you will recover.

This is me at my best. Helping myself, taking a helpful hand when it is presented.I may have it worse than someone but someone has it worse than me.Remember that, also listen to one another. You may just learn something new.

Head in the clouds and feet firmly on the ground. With my devilish smile I conclude this with a simple farewell and it seems as if I am flying high with these broken wings higher than those who exiled me.

Who I am today is not who I was or who I will be. We are constantly adapting. So if anyone says “you’ve changed.” Just simply respond by saying “No, I’m just growing up.” And smile that devilish smile.


ThoseMeaningfulWords. VH.

When you put all of your love into something that is temporary, you’re unknowingly digging yourself a hole which will one day soon be filled with sadness, remorse and despair.

Abandon this temporary vessel which all your love is in, detach yourself from those false hopes of ‘forever’ and break free from those shackles.

anonymous asked:

I want to start following God but.. I'm someone with boy parts who doesn't want boy parts. I've always held a grudge against God for not creating me as a girl. What do I do? How do I create a relationship with Him again?

Perhaps part of your journey with Him is finding yourself, which you’ve done. 

I’m probably going to get a ton of heat from other Christians / Catholics for saying this, but to heck with it.

God cares about your soul. Our bodies are just temporary vessels, like cars. People decorate their cars however they want. They’ll custom-fit them, get cool spinners, repaint, redo the interior and so forth. If God cared so much about our bodies being perfect, He would be turning away everyone who has tattoos or piercings. He would be shunning anyone who had surgery. Anyone who had organ transplants, amputations, cosmetic work, etc. Also, people who have permanent fire or chemical burns that leave permanent scars.

All of those things alter our bodies too, but people lose their butts if somebody dares to change their outward appearance to match their gender. 

So be who you are. So what if your gender doesn’t match your genitals? I don’t think God cares about that. He care about you loving Him and loving others. Also, love yourself. If making changes to your body so it matches your mind will help you do that, then go for it.

Jesus said “Love one another as I have loved you,” He did not say “Love everyone…except those people.” No, he said go out and love.

Coming back to following God will be like the Prodigal Son whose father welcomed him home with joy rather than resentment. God doesn’t get angry at us for falling away. He waits patiently for us to find our way back and there He will be with open arms.

I’m not judging you, Nonny. I love you. You’re not broken. God loves you and He will accept you no matter what your gender identity is.

game theory: inklings are actually energy-based life forms whose physical forms are made up of the species universal biological material. when an inkling “dies” in multiplayer, a small “ghost” can be seen floating back to the nearest respawn point. this implies that the “ghost” is the inkling’s TRUE form and that their bodies are temporary vessels formed out of the biological material, the “ink,” commonly associated with inklings

gender, sex, skin color, it’s all meaningless to these enegy-based inklings, their physical forms are mere reflections of their will. their bodies are shaped by their capricious whims and desire to look fashionable.

g2g. the campus security just spotted me and i’m not suppsosed to be in here. will conftinue at a later date. bye

Short-fic Wednesday

So, for Short Fic Wednesday (posted Friday because I was busy irl on actual Wednesday), here are a heap of short fanfics! Be warned, while some of these are fluffy/angsty oneshots, most of them feature explicit destiel sex.


Fic Name: Damn You, Auto Correct!

Author: Chiyume @chiyume

Auto-correct leads Dean and Cas to a bizarre challenge attempting to seduce each other. It works.

Fic Name: Magic Fingers

Author: Chiyume

Grace-fuelled massage, because Cas likes to touch Dean and give him pleasure.

Fic Name: Teach Me

Author: Chiyume

Dean teaching Cas how to kiss. Cas isn’t disappointed.

Fic Name: Cathedral

Author: RiddleRose

A telepathic mind bond. Also, angels are massive and incomprehensible. Also, Dean grooms Cas’s wings.

Fic Name: Kansas’ Most Wanted

Author: MightyMidget

Cas and Dean end up with an awesome “How we met” story, and several test animals got to go free. Huzzah!

Fic Name: Neglect

Author: vanishingact

Castiel confides in Dean how much he misses the comfort of wing grooming, since falling to earth. Dean decides to oblige him.

Fic Name: Our Body, Ourselves

Author: 2spooky4u

Cas is close to death, so Dean offers himself as a temporary vessel until Jimmy’s body can be healed.

Fic Name: Please Turn on Your Magic Beam

Author: mnwood @deancasheadcanons

Cas, a starving asexual succubus has been visiting the dreams of Dean, an insomniac. Things become a little more awkward when they meet in real life.

Fic Name: WANTED

Author: faeryn @faeryn 

Fake-boyfriends going home for thanksgiving. Nothing could possibly go wrong!


Fic name: I’ve Been Caught!

Author: thepinupchemist @scarlettshazam

Cute arsonist meets handsome firefighter.

Fic name: Shoots and Ladders

Author: Caswingsuniverse @caswingsuniverse

Castiel thought he’d be spending his birthday party alone, until one particular jock shows up.

Fic name: Imagine Dragons Might be on to Something

Author: Triska_zevkia

A small village has decided Sam makes a perfect sacrifice for the local dragon. Dean disagrees.

Fic name: Bower

Author: perpetuallycaffeinated

Dean’s things begin to go missing. Sam is suspicious. Dean’s just frustrated.

Fic name: Never Been Kissed

Author: elevensong

Cas needs to draw on his previous experiences to give depth to his romance novel. The only problem is he has none to draw on.

Fic name: Resonance

Author: pinksatinpanties @leviathncas

Resonance is the feeling of connection when the energies of a familiar and their witch meet.

Fic name: Strength of the Pack

Author: Soupernabturel 

Dean and Cas are velociraptors.

Fic name: In 150 Characters

Author: anc and hufflecas

Charlie and Cas become texting buddies.

Fic name: OTP - Oh-fuck-no True Pairing

Author: VKFujan @fujkelevramad

Sam is cursed to unwillingly ship Destiel. It begins to consume his life.

Long list, but short fics. Read them all if you have time!


Reverse Pines AU [My Take]

(Grunkle Stan) On the run from officials chasing after him for his false identities, Stanley Pines is dumped with his grandniece and grandnephew after his younger brother, wife, nephew, and niece-in-law pass away in a tragic car accident. With his grandniece getting sicker by the day, Stanley had no other choice but to look to his only remaining family to help. Packing up the kids in his car and unable to contact his brother, he researched where his twin had moved and gone off to and headed for Gravity Falls, Oregon. However, caught in a snow storm just outside Gravity Falls with a broken-down car, he packed the kids in the back with blankets and headed out on his own to find help. On his trek to get help, he slipped and slid down the side of a ravine and got trapped. Unable to find the cold, Stanley slowly began to fall asleep. Coincidentally, he’d fallen into an old summoning circle where a certain dream demon – Bill Cipher – had been lying in wait for someone to pull him into this dimension. Bill took liberty in Stanley’s dreams and struck a deal with the old man, telling him he’d save him and the kids if Stanley let him use his body as a temporary vessel whenever he needed. The fear-blinded Stanley agreed, and the demon was brought into the world. Bill erased the storm and was able to save Stan’s niece from dying. With his guidance, the Pines would soon move on to bigger and better things…

(Dipper & Mabel Pines) With the help of Bill Cipher, the twins then came into possession of matching psychic stones witch they turn into amulet charms. With the stones, the twins could see the future, read minds, use telekinesis, etc. Because of almost losing his twin, Dipper became super protective and almost controlling of what Mabel did, his heart turning dark to everyone but her – because of this darkness growing in him, Bill took a special liking to Dipper, who he began to teach dark secrets, terrible knowledge, and black magic to. Mabel became independent; enjoying using her telekinesis to “play dolls” with the stuffed animals she was gifted from her brother and learning to enjoy solitary activities like reading, drawing, playing instruments and the like. Her one solace came when Stan and Bill collaborated to open “The Tent of Telepathy” where the twins became “The Psychic Pines”, an attraction that would bring in money to support them as they funded the plans Bill had for Gravity Falls…

(Gideon Gleeful) After facing some tough times as a kid due to his family’s poverty, the Gleeful boy found his curious niche when his mother – Missy Gleeful – began to work for Fiddleford McGucket at “The Mystery Shack”, a supernatural museum-esque establishment in Gravity Falls. Gideon, who had a knack for his studies, found himself engulfed in the superstitions surrounding his hometown. Sparked by the mysterious life of the Mystery Shack’s owner – the ever-elusive and absent minded genius McGucket – Gideon and his best friend, Pacifica, delve into discovering all there is to know about Gravity Falls…

(Pacifica Northwest) Having grown up in a fun and loving home with two enthusiastic and upbeat parents who ran a 80’s themed dance studio, Pacifica Northwest found a friend in everyone she met, even the shy boy who later became her best friend. Being carefree and just as Curious, she was ecstatic when Gideon invited her into his adventure into the unknown surrounding the town. Pacifica had always been the more adventurous of the two, it had been Pacifica’s idea to go into the new Tent of Telepathy and try to befriend the peculiar Psychic Pines twins…

(Fiddleford McGucket) Having already created a successful brand of personal computers, Fiddleford had been moving on to the great and big. However, it only took one call from his college buddy – Standford Pines – to entice the genius to invest his time in researching the supernatural occurrences plaguing the little town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. With his funding and his brains, he was able to successfully test the trans-dimensional portal with Stanford. But it only took one big mistake for their combined success to go wrong: the first night of a test pilot personal investigation into the portal, Standford’s wires were cut and he went tumbling into the portal, screaming for Fiddleford’s help. The Machine manually shut down, leaving McGucket to face the loss of his friend. Enraged by the mistake, he began to invest everything he had into reactivating the portal and saving Stanford. Whilst in the middle of doing so, he opened up Stanford’s cabin as a museum / information hub to the locals to explain and educate them about the lore surrounding Gravity Falls. Although he hardly partakes in the attraction himself, he hired and taught both Missy Gleeful and Robbie Valentino – the manager and shop-keep – to do so in his place, hoping the right minds would be able to learn and help him and Stanford (if and when he returned) in their research…

(Soos) Having never had a father figure to attach himself to, Soos eventually turned into a bad kid and dropped out of school. He began to pesker people in Gravity Falls, ruining most people’s days and bugging Stanford and McGucket before the accident with the portal. Now he just hangs around the Mystery Shack with Robbie, who seems to be the only person who can tolerate him…

(Robbie Valentino) After a close call accident with a heart condition, Robbie and his parents got super close and even bonded. He grew up happy after his heart got better and even got a job at the Mystery Shack, though his parents were afraid it’d upset him. Determined, however, he got the job and actually found he enjoys teaching people about things. He found an unlikely friend in Soos, who he feels he understands, due to them both having felt alone in the world (Robbie with his illness and Soos with his loneliness)…

(Wendy & The Cool Kids) When her father, Manly Dan, struck up a deal with a shipping company for the nice oak wood from Gravity Falls, their family hit the jack pot. Now Manly Dan has his investment settled in Gravity Falls (which he owns most the property of) and Wendy sits up high on the status quo. Her and the other rich kids (Tambry, Nate, Thompson, and Lee) now ‘rule’ Gravity Falls with their higher standing and money…

 Side Facts:

  • Bill is the same Bill Cipher from the original Storyline, being that he is a dimensionless dream demon – meaning he’d be able to travel between dimensions and stay the same in every one, because he doesn’t reside in any particular dimensional plain itself.
  • Mabel, although less educated and rounded in the knowledge of her powers than Dipper, is the stronger user of their shared psychic powers.
  • Mabel is the younger one in this AU, but more willing to be independent from Dipper (on account of how suffocating his protection is to her). She craves the outside world, outside friends, and the experiences of whatever this is besides her life with her Grunkle, the demon, her brother, and her powers.
  • Bud Gleeful is a mostly stay-at-home dad. In the past, he would work as a cars sales man or whatever part-time he could find. Now, on the side, he is a vacation planner who loves recommending Hawaii.
  • Stanford Pines’ path has lead almost parallel to the original story, except for the fact that Fiddleford was there when he was sucked into the portal.
Two Timer

*This fic was based on a request I received*


            Cas knew something was wrong. He didn’t really know exactly what, but he felt pain. He tried healing himself, but it didn’t go away. He had searched his vessel’s body to see if there were any injuries to it but he found none.

            ‘What is wrong,’ He thought, trying to think of what could possibly be happening. His mind was racing with thoughts as the pain increased and he was becoming frantic. Thinking back to the lessons he had received in Heaven, Castiel remembered something. He remembered being told that on occasion the vessel becomes warn out and needs time to rest.

            Cas knew the vessel he was in was his true vessel but he also knew he would have to leave it for at least a couple of hours. Deciding he would go out and find a temporary vessel, Castiel left his in a safe place and went off to search.

            It was actually pretty easy for him to find someone. Apparently people are offering themselves up to the Lord quite frequently in these days, searching for some kind of salvation. As he entered the body and adjusted he remembered that he would need to go talk to Dean. He didn’t know how long it would be before he could return to his true vessel, so he had to explain what was happening to Dean.

            In the blink of an eye, Cas disappeared and popped up outside of a bar where he knew Dean was at. Cas was a bit nervous. He didn’t know how Dean would handle him in his new vessel or if he would even believe him at all.

            Pushing open the door, Cas was hit with the sounds of people chatting away, laughing, and clinking glasses. He smelt musk and beer around him and navigated himself throughout the bar looking for Dean.

            It didn’t take Cas very long to find Dean sitting alone right up at the bar. Walking over, Cas took in a deep breath of air and stood next to Dean. For a moment, nothing happened. Dean didn’t even look over. Cas tapped his arm and sat down next to him, trying to get his attention.

            “Well hello there, what’s someone as beautiful as you doing here by yourself?”

            “I came to speak with you.”

            “You did, did you?” Dean shifted so he could look more directly at Cas. He looked up and down talking in the sight of the woman before him. “What did you want to talk about?” Taking another swig of beer Cas noticed Dean appeared to be a little more than drunk. He was kind of hunched over, and smelled pretty strong of alcohol.

            Clearing her voice Cas replied, “I need to talk to you about my body. I-“

            “And what exactly about your body are we going to discuss. I mean we could talk about all of it if you like, I’m a very visual learner.”

            Cas tensed up as she felt Dean’s hand on her arm. She felt her heart flutter like it had so many other times when she was with Dean.

            “So, what’s your name anyway?”


            Dean’s heart started racing at that. ‘Cas,’ he thought. ‘I wish she was the real Cas,’ he thought. Dean had been having trouble dealing with his feelings for Cas for a while now. And he had recently thought about talking to him about it, but changed his mind every time he came close.

            ‘She even kind of looks like him, dark hair, and the eyes, she has his eyes.’ Dean felt himself becoming uncomfortable the more he thought about Cas. He knew what he should do, but he didn’t know how, or even if he could.

             ‘Hell,’ he thought, ‘Maybe I’ll help if I fuck her…’ Dean wasn’t sure why he decided to pursue this woman, but part of him thought it would somehow help him cope with his feelings for Cas.

            “Hey, do you want to get out of here?”

            Cas looked around taking in her surroundings. Taking in a breath of air she decided it would be best for them to leave.

            They made their way outside and Dean explained that they could go back to his room at the motel, so Cas complied.

           She didn’t know exactly how she was going to explain what was going on. She wasn’t entirely sure the logistics of it herself, and felt a bit uncomfortable in this vessel. Cas was used to being in a man’s vessel. Being treated as a man. She already had noticed the looks of lust she had been getting and it made her uncomfortable. This just was not what Cas was used to. Everything felt so foreign in this body, whereas his true vessel felt safe and comfortable.

            And quickly enough Cas had been caught up in her thoughts and they had arrived at the motel. Cas felt Dean’s hand around hers leading her inside. She sat down at the table. After Dean had closed the door he noticed Dean leering over at her. For a second she didn’t quite understand why, but when she looked down, she snapped her legs shut. ‘God this is strange,’ Cas thought. This was definitely not what he was used to.

            Dean knew he was a little drunk. Ok, well a lot drunk. But this girl was hot. Sure her outfit made her look like she just came back from her mission, but he didn’t care. She was hot, and she looked like Cas.

‘Hell, she even has the same name,’ He thought. He started thinking about Cas and his body, his eyes, his voice. Everything about him made Dean excited, he felt his heart beat faster as he imagined Cas under him, kissing him- ‘Not gonna happen’ he thought, ‘No way in hell Cas will go for it.’ Looking up, Dean tried to forget about Cas, his Cas.

            “So, about my body.”

            “Yea, so about that,” Dean said, taking a few steps closer to Cas.

            Cas tensed as Dean walked closer to her. Her heart raced and she was nervous. She didn’t really want anything to happen, not like this. She wasn’t in her true vessel, it felt wrong.

            “Well it’s wrong, I mean I’m not- my body isn’t-“

            “Hey, whatever you’re going to say, don’t. There’s nothing wrong with your body, believe me,” He smiled as he walked closer and grabbed Cas’s hand bringing him over to the bed.

            Cas sat down and Dean leaned over kissing her hard. For a second Cas tried pushing Dean off but thought that it was better than nothing. At least he would finally be able to be with Dean. It felt a bit dishonest, like he was lying in a way. But Cas had wanted this for so long, he lost himself in the moment.

            Soon Dean was pushing Cas over on the bed and climbed on top of her.

            “You know,” Dean breathed as he kissed Cas’s jawline, “You remind me of a friend.”

            Cas’s heart skipped a beat, “W-what friend.”

            “Just a really good friend. He’s great,” Dean said as he pulled off Cas’s shirt. “He’s actually amazing, he’s perfect.”

            “I-It sounds like yo-u like this guy a lot,” Cas managed to Cas as Dean slid off her skirt.

            “I do. The only problem it, he’s not exactly someone who would want me.” He paused for a second looking down before removing his belt. “At least, not how I want him.”

            Cas watched as Dean removed her clothes and felt heat pool in his groin. This wasn’t exactly how she wanted it to happen, well not at all. But she would take it.

            “I’m sure, if you were to talk to him, you might find that he does want you…”

            “Maybe, but let’s not worry about that right now.”

Dean had now removed all of his clothes and got up to find a condom. He walked over and slowly pulled off Cas’s underwear before putting the condom on. He climbed back on top of Cas and began kissing her again.

His eyes were closed, but his mind was wide awake. Dean was imagining Cas below him, his Cas. He pictured the man under him kissing him back hard as their cocks rubbed together.

After a few minutes of kissing, Dean snapped back into reality and looked down at this new Cas below him. Looking for some sense of approval Dean slowly pushed in.

When he was in all the way he slowly pulled out and pushed back in. He kept doing this as he felt Cas’s body under him rocking with him. He imagined his Cas below him. He imagined how tight Cas would be and how much it would mean do this with him. He thought about how good it would feel, how much he wanted it.

Dean was drunk, so it didn’t really take him too long. After a few minutes he came without so much of a thought of the woman below him. In his mind he had just fucked Cas, the real Cas. He came with his name on his lips and fell asleep with his image in his mind.


Cas woke up the next morning a bit uncomfortable. She liked what had happened last night, but it also had felt wrong. Dean didn’t know, she felt like she was lying to him. And after what he said, what exactly did Dean want of him.

She rolled out of bed and slowly got dressed. Her heart felt heavy as she pulled her shirt back on. She looked over at Dean sleeping and wished it would all work out, that everything would happen like she really wanted them to.


She felt a pull in her mind and after a few seconds she realized it meant her vessel was healed. She left quickly and returned her current vessel to her home before thanking her for her service and returning back to his true vessel. When Cas reentered he felt no pain. Everything felt right.

Immediately, Cas appeared back in the motel room and saw Dean jump awake as he arrived.

“W-what the hell Cas,” Dean yelled confused and tired. He looked around, ‘I’m glad she left,’ he thought noticing that the girl had gone. He felt kind of off, like what he did was wrong. He fucked some random girl because she reminded him of Cas and had the same name. He groaned and leaned over before looking back up at Cas.

“Is something wrong?”

“N-no, I’m fine… I guess,” Dean looked away he didn’t want to see Cas. He felt bad, and he felt really awkward.

“So how was your night?”

‘Shit,’ Dean thought, “It was pretty weird. I mean- yea it was really fucking weird,” looking away from Cas feeling his cheeks heat up he continued, “I met someone, they reminded me of you. Only, I wish they actually had been you.”

Cas felt his heart race, “What exactly do you mean.”

“N-nothing, forget I said anything. Anyway, how was your night?”

“It was strange as well. I tried to explain that last night to you.”

“What are you talking about, I didn’t even see you last night.”

“Yes, and no. I was there,” Cas explained. “My vessel- it needed to rest. So I got a new one, a temporary one.”

“What are you saying,” Dean asked as he stood up.

“The woman you met last night, the one you- slept with, she was me.”

Dean didn’t really know what to say. He started panicking thinking of everything that had happened. ‘I fucked girl-Cas? What the hell!’ He paced across the room as he tried to figure out the situation. And then it hit him, “What I said last night, about you. I mean, shit.”

“It’s alright Dean.”

“No its not! I shouldn’t have said that, just forget about it. I was drunk right?”

“Dean please-“

“I meant I want you to- I want you- I didn’t mean that!”

Dean was growing more and more frantic and his thoughts were blurring together. Cas was growing irritated with Dean. He knew what Dean said and they both knew what he meant.

            “Dean,” Cas yelled, “Stop and listen to me.” Cas walked over to Dean and pulled his arms down from behind his head, lacing his fingers through Dean’s.

           “I know what you meant, we both know what you meant.”

           “No, just stop,” Dean said as he tugged away from Cas.

           Cas just tightened his grip around Dean’s hands. “Please Dean, listen.” Cas looked up at Dean as he stepped closer, “I know what you meant ok. And I’m fine with it. Why do you think I let what happened yesterday happen. Did you think I would just let anyone do that with me?”


           “No, I would only let you do that with me, ok? Dean, I-” Cas said looking down, trying to figure out what to say.

            Dean’s heart was racing. He didn’t exactly know what Cas was trying to tell him. He had an idea, however he didn’t think it was right. But then he felt Cas’s lips on his. He felt Cas’s soft touch and he felt warmth radiate throughout his body.

           Cas released the kiss for a moment before Dean kissed him back hard. Opening his lips Cas let Dean in as he felt his tongue explore his mouth. The two kissed each other trying to let their emotions run through. Dean felt Cas’s tongue slide across his and moaned into Cas’s mouth.

            Cas released Dean’s hands bringing his own up Dean’s back gently skimming over his shirt. Dean pulled Cas closer and slipped off his Coat before grabbing his tie and pulling him back in.

            Cas slipped his fingers under Dean’s shirt and let them trace his muscles. He let his fingers trace the curves of Dean’s body and explore all of his skin. Dean shivered upon feeling Cas’s touch. It felt exciting and it felt right. Dean brought his hand up to Cas’s jaw and the other one to his head as he let his fingers slide through the Angel’s hair.

            “Dean,” Cas breathed when their lips broke apart.

            “Cas, I-“

            Cas kissed him suddenly before falling onto the bed. He immediately began undoing his tie and popping the buttons on his shirt. Taking the hint, Dean removed his shirt before he started helping Cas with his belt.

            Dean knew he was hard but seeing Cas undress was just turning him on even more. He removed the belt and quickly unbuttoned Cas’s pants before Cas lifted his hips allowing Dean to remove them.

            Dean looked down and smiled when he saw that Cas was just as hard as he was. He pushed his lips back on to Cas’s kissing him deeply. After a few moments he stood back up and slipped of his own boxers.

            Cas gasped causing Dean to laugh softly before crawling back over Cas. The two continued kissing as Dean dipped down letting their bodies touch. Cas felt his skin spark as their bodies touched and he wrapped his arms around Dean’s back.

            Dean began grinding his hips into Cas’s causing the Angel to let out short grasps. Their erections rubbed together causing the pleasure to pool up more and more. Dean moved his kisses down Cas’s body and onto his nipple slowly kissing. He licked the bud and Cas’s hips jerked up in response as he let out a moan.

            Cas felt like his body was on fire. Every sense was heightened and everything felt like it was amplified. He felt his stomach and chest fill with heat and pleasure that continued to grow. Cas let his fingers dig into Dean’s back surly leaving marks. His marks, Cas felt like he needed to claim Dean.

            As Dean played with Cas’s nipples Cas continued grinding his hips up. Finally Dean trailed his kisses down more and stopped right over Cas’s crotch. He let his hands slowly slide down Cas’s hips and he swirled his thumbs over Cas’s hipbones.

            Cas suddenly felt Dean’s mouth over his cock and immediately bucked his hips up further into Dean’s mouth. He felt Dean’s warn mouth slide over his skin as he felt himself grow harder and harder. Dean let his tongue slide under the bottom of Cas’s cock and slowly back up. He flicked his tongue over the tip causing Cas to gasp out.

            Cas squirmed under the overwhelming pleasure. He felt so much pleasure coming from his crotch and pulsing throughout his body.

            “God Dean- I need-,” Cas breathed out.

            Dean just kept going as he placed his fingers right at Cas’s hole before slowly pushing in. Cas felt his finger slowly fill him as Dean’s mouth continued working on him. Once his finer went all the way in he pulled it out before pushing it in once again. Cas’s body was beginning to become overwhelmed by all of Dean’s touches.

            “Dean, If y-ou keep doing t-his, I am going t-“

            Taking the hint, Dean pulled his head up and off of Cas’s cock before he kissed Cas’s hip continuing to move his finger in and out. With his other hand he reached up and grabbed one of Cas’s hands.

            “I’m going to put in another finger,” Dean warned. He then pushed in his second finger causing Cas to hiss out in pain. Dean took it slowly before he was all the way in. He kept going in and out as Cas got used to the feeling. Soon Dean was moving deeper and harder causing Cas to gasp out and move his hips to increase the touch.

            As Dean moved, Cas felt him hit something inside of him causing him to yell out. He felt his body fill with overwhelming pleasure as Dean kept hitting that spot over and over.

            “Dean-“ Cas gasped, “I need you- now.”

Kissing Cas’s hip once again, Dean removed his fingers and moved over Cas. Leaning down kissing Cas, Dean slowly pushed in allowing Cas to adjust. Cas kissed him back as he was filled trying to get used to the feeling.

            Cas felt like he was so full. Dean was so deep inside him he didn’t know how this was going to work, he would be lying if he said it didn’t hurt. Dean slowly pulled back and Cas felt him sliding against his body inside of him. He allowed himself to feel the pleasure from the sensations of Dean moving in and out of him, deeper and deeper.

            Dean increased his pace as he pushed in harder and harder. He felt Cas’s tightness around him causing his body to be filled more and more with pleasure, preparing to release. Cas began rocking his hips into Dean’s and they moved together causing the thrusts to be harder and sharper. Dean angled himself up higher and pushed into Cas.

            Cas felt a shock of pleasure rip through him once again as Dean hit him in the same spot as before. His breaths started coming out in sharp huffs as he became closer and closer.

            The two moved together as their bodies slid over one another and inside and around each other. One of Cas’s hands moved into Dean’s hair and tugged hard as the other dug in deeper to his back leaving a more intense mark. As Dean’s thrusts came quicker and harder he moved his head into the crook of Cas’s neck and breathed shallow breaths as he pushed in and out.

            “Dean-“ Cas breathed.

            “I want you to cum, for me, please-“

            Dean pushed harder overwhelming Cas. Dean hit his prostate once more causing Cas to thrust his hips up as pleasure rushed through him. His head shot back and his eyes shut closed as he was overwhelmed by the heat running through his body. Dean felt Cas tighten around him before he felt himself hit his limit and release inside of Cas.

            As he came he groaned and bit down on Cas’s shoulder. He continued thrusting and Cas felt his body fill with Dean’s cum. The two came down from their orgasms and stayed together in each other’s arms feeling the residual waves of pleasure continue running through them.

            Dean laid down on Cas’s chest as his breathing slowed and his body started relaxing. He felt Cas’s hand gently sliding through his hair as the two laid tangled together. Dean smiled and let his thumb stroke over the spot where he bit Cas, where he left his mark.

            “I’m sorry about that,” Dean said.

            “About what?”

            “I bit you.”

            “Oh, really? That’s ok,” Cas laughed pulling Dean back up to face him. Dean pulled out allowing himself to sit up over Cas.

             Pulling his head down, Cas laced his fingers through Deans hair and kissed him softly.

            “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about my vessel.”

            “Dude, that’s ok.”

            “No,” Cas said looking away, “I used you. I used you to get what I wanted. And that was wrong.”

            “Cas,” Dean said as he moved Cas’s head to face him. He kissed him slowly before saying, “That may be true, but I decided to go along with it too. So I have some responsibility for it as well. And anyway, this happened,” He said smiling, “And I’m very happy about that.”

            Cas smiled softly grazing his lips over Deans. Dean leaned in and kissed him firmly allowing Cas to explore his mouth.

            After a few minutes Dean rolled off and wrapped his arms around Cas. Cas grabbed one of Dean’s hands with his own and wrapped their fingers together. Dean let his head rest in the crook of Cas’s neck as they laid there together.

            Cas was happy, he was truly happy. He was back in his vessel, what he felt to be his true form. He was able to be with Dean, he was able to share with him what he had felt for so long and he was thankful for that.

            “I love you Dean,” Cas whispered as he squeezed Dean’s hand lightly.

            “I love you too,” Dean whispered back, “I always have.”

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Museum of the Roman Forum (Thessaloniki):

From the temporary exhibition “…young and in excellent health” Aspects of youths’ life in Ancient Macedonia

Red figure lekythos with a depiction of Hermes slaying Argos- the hundred-eyed guardian of the transformed Ιο-, by the Pan Painter, found in Ancient Aphytis. (470-460 B.C)

Supernatural Timeline (from an Angel's point of view)
  • 1972- The demon, Azazel begins searching for a vessel for Lucifer
  • 1978- A small group of angels lead by Anna attempt to kill the parents of Michael and Lucifer’s vessels.
  • January 24, 1979- Dean Winchester, Michael’s vessel, is born.
  • May 2, 1983- Sam Winchester, Lucifer’s vessel, is born.
  • 2006- Lucifer’s vessel is killed during Azazel’s trials. Michael’s vessel sells his soul to bring him back to life
  • 2007- Michael’s vessel is killed by the demon, Lilith, and goes to Hell.
  • 2008- The angel, Castiel leads a group of angels to rescue Michael’s vessel from Hell.
  • 2008- Lucifer’s demons begin breaking the 66 seals that keep him in Hell.
  • 2009- Lucifer’s vessel breaks the final seal by killing Lilith and sets Lucifer free.
  • 2009- Lucifer uses the human “Nick” as his temporary vessel.
  • 2010- The angel Zachariah is killed by Michael’s vessel
  • 2010- Michael decides to use Adam Milligan, the half-brother of Dean and Sam Winchester as his vessel.
  • 2010- Anna goes back to 1978 to kill John and Mary Winchester.
  • 2010- Gabriel is killed by Lucifer.
  • 2010- Lucifer takes control of his vessel and prepares to fight Michael and start the Apocalypse.
  • 2010- Castiel is killed by Lucifer.
  • 2010- Lucifer’s vessel takes control of his body and throws himself into Hell along with Lucifer, Michael, and Adam Milligan.
  • 2010- God resurrects Castiel.
  • 2010- Castiel brings Sam Winchester’s body back from Hell.
  • 2010- Castiel and Raphael’s armies begin to battle for dominance in Heaven.
  • 2011- Castiel, helped by the king of Hell, Crowley, absorbs the souls from Purgatory to defeat Raphael.
  • 2011- Raphael is killed by Castiel, now proclaiming himself God.
  • 2011- Castiel kills all of Raphael’s followers still in Heaven.
  • 2011- Leviathans possess Castiel and kill him.
  • 2011- God resurrects Castiel, but without his memories.
  • 2012- Castiel and Dean Winchester kill the Leviathan leader, but are sent to Purgatory.
  • 2012- The Prophet, Kevin Tran, is kidnapped by Crowley.
  • 2012- Naomi, the current leader of the angels, saves Castiel from Purgatory to retrieve the Angel Tablet.
  • 2013- Metatron steals the Angel Tablet, kills Naomi, and banishes the angels from heaven.
  • 2013- Castiel becomes human.
  • May 15, 2013The FALL
  • 2013- Bartholomew and Malachi begin gathering followers to battle for Heaven.
  • 2013- Gadreel, previously disguised as Ezekiel, kills the prophet, Kevin Tran, under orders from Metatron.
  • 2014- Castiel kills Bartholomew.
  • 2014- Castiel begins forming an army to battle Metatron.
  • 2014- Malachi is killed by Gadreel.
  • 2014- Castiel’s forces lose faith in him and side with Metatron.
  • 2014- Gadreel sides with Castiel to defeat Metatron.
  • 2014- Gadreel kills himself to aid Castiel.
  • 2014- Metatron’s followers turn on him when he is tricked by Castiel.
  • 2014- Castiel is considered temporary leader of the angels while he attempts to replenish his stolen grace.
Swan Song

A/N: This was inspired by Steph’s (@torn-and-frayed) rewrite, she posted Season 5 episode 1 Part 1, and I felt inspired to write a rewrite of the Season 5 finale, and here it is, let me know if you want a next part…cause I have some ideas. Hehehehehe.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader

Summary: You have been captured by Lucifer and tortured into saying consent to let him posses you, but what will happen when Dean is trying to find you, but also help his brother fight the Devil.

Warnings: Detailed torture, breaking bones, gore, demon blood, Lucifer being a dick bag.

Word Count: 2,905

Tags are at the bottom!

Feedback is greatly appreciated…as always.<3

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The Devil had a vessel, Nick to be correct, but he was becoming used and worn down. Lucifer had to find a new one, but not Sam Winchester…Not just yet. Lucifer had to use a temporary vessel until he could posses his true vessel.

He had a few choices for his meat suits, but he had one in mind that stuck out, one human that would make the Winchester’s blood boil. So he set out on his mission, to find her, interrogate her, and make her meat suit his.

He had a special tactic, one that could make humans crush under him, cripple to his feet. After all, he was the Devil, and there was no way he would EVER bow down to the weakest creation.

So he did, he captured you, and made it his mission.

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  • GREG UNIVERSE, YOU ALL. How does he continues to up in the cinnamon bun scale??.
  • I find it very interesting, the glowing thing. Now we know that Steven’s powers are tightly connected to his emotions, so as a baby- and the first baby gem in the world- experiencing a very strong emotion like the joy from the wiggling keys would most likely cause some of his gem’s features to mannifest, in this case,in form of a glow.

  • Of course, the Gems were not aware of that by then, and were completely lost regarding what Steven was, and I find it very interesting how all of them were projecting on baby Steven somehow:

    • Pearl hadn’ even gotten around the idea of Steven not being Rose in the first place, she’s most likely in the denial stage of grieving, and so she inmediately thought (and hoped) that Rose was alive and aware, a second concious inside of Steven, and maybe the only concious habitating the body of the baby. She’s projecting her own desperate desire (”We can be together again”) and so projects Steven as only a temporary vessel for Rose Quartz, rather than an independent individual who’s very much NOT Rose.

    • Amethyst is the most childish of the two and the one’s who’s always persuing her identity, I’ve always thought that Amethyst’s fondness of shapeshifting is because she’s desperate to try every version of herself she can think of exploring, by shapeshifting, she’s trying to find herself. She sees a simile in Steven or “Rose in this new form”, she that Rose tried this new form and grew bored of it, so she needs to revert to what she knows but is unable to. It’s a feeling she’s familiar with and so thinks she can empathize with “Rose”.

    • Garnet: My baby always thinks it’s about fusion. Althought she may be the one who’s closer in concept, she was still wrong about Steven’s nature. The pros for her is that she saw and treated Steven as a separate individual, not Rose, not Greg, but a mixture of two. However, she still thought Rose was inside and aware, but wanting to take a break from fusion.
  • At the end of course, they all were working with what they knew, but the way each of them boarded the subject was very interesting, in my opinion. They’ve grown so much, my beautiful gay space rocks.

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ok so prepare for lots of words explaining my beliefs pertaining to ‘kin woo
i believe in souls, right? the soul being the energy that is You, and your body being a sort of temporary vessel. And i believe that when your body dies, your soul just sort of hops off to do whatever’s next, floating around and being all ghosty and stuff, until it finds something new to attach itself to. Souls don’t necessarily have to be attached to animals at all times, and can attach to pretty much anything they choose (plantkin’s soul having attaching itself to a tree at one point, glitchkin having spent time inside/messing with computers) or they can just sort of float, not attaching to any one thing for long (ghostkin, voidkin, etc.)
i also believe in aliens, ( seeing as how time and space are so infinitely large, it’s very unlikely that earth is the only inhabited planet ever ) and other universes and such, which is explanation for alienkin, mythical-kin, and fictionkin.
souls can attach to lots of different things during their existence. having lots of kintypes just means that your soul has been adventurous, heh.

anyway yeah, nobody asked for this but whoops, it’s here anyway.