temporary vessel

still waiting for an episode where castiel is pulled from jimmy’s vessel (by some spell) and dean tasks sam and mary in watching over jimmy’s body as he tries to locate castiel

castiel, who has to flit in between  temporary random vessels until he’s able to reach jimmy again.

aka where dean sees cas in a both female and male bodies and it hits him deep that castiel is not human and he is not “jimmy” but an ANGEL with no corporeal body

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I've seen spec about Cas temporarily losing his vessel and I just had the best/worst thought. What if he goes back to Claire? I know she's in an upcoming ep that Misha is not and I feel she would say yes if something like this happened. Also it would be amazing to see Kathryn Newton play Castiel!

I don’t think it’s actually possible for Cas to “lose his vessel” anymore. I’m in the camp with the “it’s not his vessel, it’s literally his own body” folks. I don’t think he CAN leave it anymore.

So, moot point, I guess?

I think the only bit of Cas that COULD leave is is grace, the way Metatron cut it out in 8.23. Everything that makes him “Castiel” would still be in his current body, but the mojo/power could be extracted and he would become human again.

Now, it’s possible his grace could be removed that way and stored in a temporary “vessel,” but it would literally just be a power transfer at this point.

At least, that’s the only way I could see it happening now.

The show’s made such a strong point that that is Castiel’s body, and not a vessel, by the fact that he was able to consent to possession by Lucifer. If it wasn’t his body, that consent wouldn’t have worked.

I don’t think any other actor is going to be playing Cas (except in potential flashbacks to pre-Apocalypse versions of Cas).

Swan Song

A/N: This was inspired by Steph’s (@torn-and-frayed) rewrite, she posted Season 5 episode 1 Part 1, and I felt inspired to write a rewrite of the Season 5 finale, and here it is, let me know if you want a next part…cause I have some ideas. Hehehehehe.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader

Summary: You have been captured by Lucifer and tortured into saying consent to let him posses you, but what will happen when Dean is trying to find you, but also help his brother fight the Devil.

Warnings: Detailed torture, breaking bones, gore, demon blood, Lucifer being a dick bag.

Word Count: 2,905

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Feedback is greatly appreciated…as always.<3

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The Devil had a vessel, Nick to be correct, but he was becoming used and worn down. Lucifer had to find a new one, but not Sam Winchester…Not just yet. Lucifer had to use a temporary vessel until he could posses his true vessel.

He had a few choices for his meat suits, but he had one in mind that stuck out, one human that would make the Winchester’s blood boil. So he set out on his mission, to find her, interrogate her, and make her meat suit his.

He had a special tactic, one that could make humans crush under him, cripple to his feet. After all, he was the Devil, and there was no way he would EVER bow down to the weakest creation.

So he did, he captured you, and made it his mission.

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“Stiles, stop.” Scott said dominantly. “Stiles is gone, but don’t worry, I’ll take good care of him.” You eyed the spirit as it circled the four of you. “What do you want with Stiles?” Scott asked the spirit as it walked by you. The spirit reached out to stroke your waist gently. 

“Oh, I don’t want anything with Stiles, he’s just a temporary vessel.” The spirit said circling just you now. Isaac let out a low growl. “Then what do you want?” you asked knowing you wouldn’t like the answer. 

“Don’t act stupid, it doesn’t suit you.” He whispered in your ear pulling you towards him by the hips. You heard a growl from somewhere behind you but you didn’t know if it was Scott or Isaac. 

He spun you both around so that you were now facing the pack. “So tell me my pup, what do I want?” He asked grinding into you. “Me.” you whispered. 

“I’m sorry what was that?” He asked placing a kiss at your neck. Scott’s hands shook at seeing what was being done to his Beta. “Me.” You said louder.

He pulled you so that your whole back side was pressed up against him. “Very good pup, very good.” He said breathing in the scent of your hair. “You’ve had your fun, now give me Stiles.” You said. 

“Oh no darling, you don’t get to give orders, that part comes later.” He said sending a shiver down your spine. 

“Let her go!” Scott shouted. “That’s alright,” He shoved you into Isaac. “I’ve waited one thousand years, I can wait a few more days.” He said mockingly “I’ll be back for you.” He said before he disappeared.

“You alright?” Scott asked pushing your hair back from your face. “Yeah.” you nodded “I’m fine.” 


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They don’t exactly do anything worth getting excited over. They just kind of lie there. Every night, Sam calls on Lucifer from the physical plane, and every night he is joined by the archangel. It isn’t a complicated arrangement. They aren’t technically hiding anything from anyone or declaring anything about themselves.

They simply are.

So when Lucifer shifts positions this time, it isn’t anything strange. When he lingers, his temporary vessel’s head resting on top of Sam’s chest, it might not be what Sam is expecting, but it isn’t unusual. When Lucifer presses up against Sam’s chest and stays there, however, Sam’s interest is piqued.

“What’re you doing down there?” He asks, amused by the look of concentration on the archangel’s face.


“To what, exactly?”

“Your heart.”

“That’s surprisingly intimate,” Sam muses. Lucifer looks up to meet Sam’s gaze before quickly glancing back down. He doesn’t respond to the comment.

Sam let’s the angel concentrate on his heartbeat for a few minutes before he breaks the silence.

“What’s so interesting to you about my heartbeat?”

“It’s yours,” Lucifer explains. “It’s unique. Every human has a heart and a heartbeat, but there’s a different number of beats for every heart, a different rhythm, a different time signature, even. If a human heart is surrounded by loud music and the rhythm is close enough to the heart’s, the heart will begin to beat in synchronization with the music. And it’s just an organ—another muscle—shocked into animation again and again so that it can pump fuel throughout the rest of the body.”

Lucifer pauses for a moment, giving himself a chance to listen to Sam’s heart again.

“So it’s because my heart’s a major part of my life force?” Sam asks.

“It’s because angels don’t naturally have hearts.”

Sam hums, unsure of what to say.

“In our vessels,” Lucifer elaborates, “we have hearts. But if someone stabs a regular knife into the heart of an angel, the angel will survive it. The heart is necessary for us only as long as we need to keep our meat fresh. It’s crude and disgusting, but it’s what we need to do in order to efficiently enter your plain of existence. Our true forms have a rhythm of sorts, but it’s fast—more like a vibration, to be honest. It creates tones and pitches. Like the music of celestial spheres. Humans…humans are more percussive. We have nothing like that.”

Lucifer looks up at Sam again and allows himself to smile at his true vessel. Sam smiles back. As they watch each other, Sam notices a quick spark in Lucifer’s eyes. Something like inspiration. Lucifer rests his vessel’s hand on Sam’s chest, over his heart, and leans forward.

Before he can really react to the sudden movements, there are cool lips pressed against Sam’s mouth. He hums in surprise; he doesn’t have enough time to consider resisting Lucifer’s advances. Later, he realizes that he probably wouldn’t have resisted even if he’d had a clear enough mind to consider it.

“There,” Lucifer mutters against Sam’s lips with a smile creeping back onto his face. “There’s a tempo change.”

ok so prepare for lots of words explaining my beliefs pertaining to ‘kin woo
i believe in souls, right? the soul being the energy that is You, and your body being a sort of temporary vessel. And i believe that when your body dies, your soul just sort of hops off to do whatever’s next, floating around and being all ghosty and stuff, until it finds something new to attach itself to. Souls don’t necessarily have to be attached to animals at all times, and can attach to pretty much anything they choose (plantkin’s soul having attaching itself to a tree at one point, glitchkin having spent time inside/messing with computers) or they can just sort of float, not attaching to any one thing for long (ghostkin, voidkin, etc.)
i also believe in aliens, ( seeing as how time and space are so infinitely large, it’s very unlikely that earth is the only inhabited planet ever ) and other universes and such, which is explanation for alienkin, mythical-kin, and fictionkin.
souls can attach to lots of different things during their existence. having lots of kintypes just means that your soul has been adventurous, heh.

anyway yeah, nobody asked for this but whoops, it’s here anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, now. I’m all for sexy, confident, human-form Bill seducing Ford…but consider the following.

Bill getting a hold of a temporary physical vessel somehow and being noisy as fuck in bed, because he doesn’t often get to do physical vessels and he’s certainly never done anything like this in one, and this would be a really fantastic opportunity to actually advance his plans but everything feels so damn good.

Ford’s heart melting, because this is the first time he’s ever seen Bill overwhelmed by anything. 

Ford vowing to make this a good experience for his beautiful, wonderful muse.

The moment lasting about three minutes until Bill decides he still finds pain hilarious and asks Ford to stick him with hat pins or something.