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murder at the park


New England Gothic
  • There are leaves covering the ground in reds and oranges and yellows and browns, but there are still leaves on the trees. In fact, all the trees are still completely full of green leaves.
  • The sky is always incredibly clear. There are never any clouds even when it’s raining or snowing.
  • A man comes into your 24 hour Dunkin Donuts exactly 5 times during every shift and orders a small hot black coffee, even at night. He’s always wearing jeans, a tshirt, and sunglasses, even when it’s -12*. You’ve never seen his car park, he just seems to appear in front of the doors.
  • You can tell the time by when you hear the T go by, but when you look, there’s never any train.
  • You were told to never go into the graveyards at night. Not because it’s illegal to go in when the gates are closed, but because of what those gates are keeping in.
  • Every October, the leaf peepers come. It’s always the same people in the same cars. You don’t know any of their names even though they’re temporary residents of your town for one week every year. And then they’re gone.
  • You get up for school and hear that it’s a snow day. Immediately, you get bundled up and run outside to play in the snow. You slowly begin to notice that there’s something wrong with the snow. It’s not snow at all. It’s ash.
  • You woke up one day and the trees were covered in crows. You don’t know where they came from, but just when you were starting to get used to their eyes watching you everywhere you went, they disappeared.
  • There are woods behind your house. They’re not very deep or dense and you can perfectly see your backdoor neighbor’s house from yours. But sometimes people go walking in those woods and never come out.
  • Your neighbor’s tomatoes keep growing after the plants died in the first frost. You see him out there in the middle of the winter harvesting his bright red tomatoes from the dead plants. He comes over one day with a basket full of tomatoes. They’re bright red and beautiful, but they smell like rot. You accept the gift, but don’t dare to eat them. You’re not sure what they are, but they’re certainly not tomatoes.
  • It’s snowing, but it’s 80* and it’s July. “We live in New England. Wait a few minutes and the weather will change,” they say. A few minutes later the snow is gone and it’s sunny again.
  • People keep talking about the moose hanging around town, but no one you know has ever seen one.
  • Your family has lived in the same house since the house was built in 1702. Your family has died in the same house since the house was built in 1702. You’ve met all of your ancestors.
  • You can’t leave New England. It’s not that you don’t want to or haven’t tried, it’s just that every time you try to cross state lines out of New England, you always end up back at your house with no recollection of returning there.
Help get me home

So despite the politics of the nation, I need to get back home to America. I moved to Sweden to be with my fiancé just over a month ago and the way things are going here, I don’t think it’s going to work out. Relationship is now bordering on the abusive side, and since I have no income (I’m unable to get a job with the temporary residence permit I have), I’m coming to Tumblr for help. Any support, even in the form of reblogs would be appreciated. I have not drawn in quite some time, so I apologize in advance for any inconsistencies with the samples.

Commission prices (lineart/flats/shaded)
Bust/icon: $5/$7.50/$10
Halfbody (anywhere from waist to knee): $10/$15/$20
Fullbody: $15/$22.50/$30
Colored Lines/Lineless: Not currently offered* 
Multiple Characters: Multiply price by characters, price can increase depending on complexity (any price discrepancies from what is listed here will be discussed after seeing the request and determining if any extra cost is necessary)

*You may have one single background color and color for lines per character free of charge (if you want one character with green lines and another with blue lines with a grey background, you would not factor colored lines or backgrounds into the price)

✔️ Females
✔️ Males (please note mine tend to look a bit feminine but this is improving)
✔️ Fanart
✔️ OCs
✔️ Gaia avatars

✖️ Furries/Animals (can draw ears and tails without issue, paws and faces are the difficult areas)
✖️ Mecha
✖️ Guns
✖️ Muscular characters
✖️ Backgrounds
✖️ NSFW/Gore
I think pedophilia is my only hard limit, everything listed above are just subjects I’m not yet confident in and therefore less likely to accept.

If you need clarification or want to ask about something not listed, please ask! I can be reached at Simply.Indescribable@yahoo.com (also my PayPal email) or through Tumblr. Please note I am currently in GMT +1 (I’m awake during the shitposting hours lmao) and my fiancé is a bit controlling with my schedule and time on the internet, so it may take a few hours to a full day to get back to you, depending on when you contact me (please don’t mention anything about my situation in any contact you have with me so I don’t have to worry about opening messages with him sitting next to me). Thank you for any and all support!

Character Reference(s):
Size (icon/bust/halfbody/fullbody):
Colors (none/flats/shaded):
Colored Lines? (indicate single color request if so):
Pose/Expression Request:

day after tomorrow

firewalker post-ep au, second installment in my x files rewatch series. (the two stories i’ve posted insofar are unrelated to each other; there’s no planned connection between these stories.)

summary: She almost died a few weeks ago. But she is here, alive. And her partner has kissed her. 

note: i have little to no knowledge of quarantines, so this is probably horrifically inaccurate. 

Trepkos disappears into the volcano with Jesse O’Neil and Scully waits for the government to arrive in the dark, rubbing her raw wrist. It feels almost normal, after everything that’s happened, and that feels worse than anything.

“You okay?” She jolts at the sound before she realizes it’s just Mulder; they should turn some goddamn lights on. She turns towards him in the shadowy room, still rubbing the sore spots. “Your wrist hurts,” he says quietly.

He’s spoken quieter to her since she was returned, touched her more. She’s not sure whether she likes it or is annoyed by it, but she’d felt the weight of his hand on her shoulder for long minutes after he’d left. Now he touches her wrist gently, turning it over to try and examine it in the nonexistent light. “I’m fine, Mulder,” she says determinedly. “It’s just a little sore. All things considered, I’d say I’m pretty well off.” (They don’t know that they aren’t infected, she thinks. They could be dying right now.)

“C’mon, let’s take a look at this,” he says stubbornly, in that soft, nudging way he’d had since the abduction. Somehow, they both move in opposite directions at the same time and she crashes fully into him. And then the next thing she knows, he is kissing her. His hands soft on her hips, his mouth hot on hers. She kisses him back with something like eagerness, anticipation, until he pulls away.

“We should… find you something,” he says unevenly. “For your wrist.”

“Mulder…” she starts.

“Scully, I’m sorry.” His hand is still cupping her wrist; he lets go and turns to head down the hall. “I’ll be right back.”

His footsteps echo down the empty hall, eerie in the dark like they’re in a haunted house. People have died here, she remembers. She almost died a few weeks ago. But she is here, alive. And her partner has kissed her.

“You don’t have to be sorry,” she says to the empty room.

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Eluvium - The Motion Makes Me Last


LGBTQ activists are throwing a queer dance party outside Mike Pence’s house

  • At the end of this week, Mike Pence and his family will be moving out of their temporary residence in D.C.’s Chevy Chase neighborhood and into the posh Naval Observatory. 
  •  Before he leaves, one group is going to give him one good look at the queer side of America he will soon have to represent.
  • Over 700 people have confirmed their attendence to the Queer Dance Party at Mike Pence’s House.
  • The party is a protest action organized by WERK for Peace and DisruptJ20, designed to send a message to “Daddy Pence” that “homo/transphobia is not tolerated in our country,” according to the event’s Facebook page. Read more
Heaven nor Hell

Pairings: Crowley x Angel!reader Mentions: Castiel, Sam & Dean

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count:999

Summary: The reader is an angel whose wings get a little messed up after helping the brothers with a hunt. Crowley shows up and offers help.


“Wow… those… you’re… wow.” You glanced up over the top of your powder blue wings at the British voice that was bumbling in front of you with a half mouth smirk. You grabbed a twig that had found temporary residence in your right wing after the last hunt with the Winchesters and tossed it toward the King of Hell.

“Yep, they are pretty ‘wow’.” You mocked as you attempted to tuck your wings behind you. A slight instinctual blush of embarrassment crept up your cheeks at the idea of being caught in such a compromising position and you couldn’t help but wince at all of the literally ruffled feathers that grated together in your wings.

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Summoning Your Patronus {Harry Potter Inspired}

So, before you can summon your Patronus, you obviously have to create one. Creating thoughtforms is pretty simple, but takes some time. Here’s how I make mine:

Step One - Gather up things with energy to help create your Patronus. This could be a special herb that is related to your Patronus, crystals for communication, or even things that will help ground the Patronus into this plain of existence. My wand is the grounding place for my Patronus, so I kind of made it a spirit vessel. It’s made of Oak, which I associate heavily with grounding, strength, and power, and I decorated it with things my Patronus could latch onto, like seashells (She’s an Octopus). 

So, since I have an Octopus Patronus, the things I would gather up include sea shells, ocean/salt water, clear/blue/white stones or sea glass (Clear/blue/white stones are good for Patronuses anyway, because it amplifies their power (clear quartz), and helps with communication (sodalite, etc), Images of the Patronus animal, and maybe an herb or plant associated with water, like seaweed. 

Step Two - Create a vessel for your Patronus to live in, or take up temporary residence in. This could be a bottle, a box, or even a cup. Like I said, one of mine is a wand, so you can get creative with it. I made an ocean ina  jar for my Octopus. Decorate it if you wish, or leave it plain. Fill it up with as many of the energy-aids as you can, set the ones you can’t put in beside it. 

Step Three - Give your Patronus a name. Names are powerful things. They give spirits strength, and in this case, life. So call to it by name, and offer it the vessel. Ask it to take up the energy you have laid before it, and tell them what it is supposed to do. Do some divination with them, maybe find out their pronouns if they have any. Have fun with this, and remember to check up on it as often as you can, because that will build a stronger bond between you, and make them more likely to come to you when you most need a happy moment. 

Step Four - Practice ‘casting’ your Patronus. Ask them to help you at first, and tell them that the signal for them to come to you is “Expecto Patronum”. Use your wand, your hand, whatever you like, and call them out in front of you. Explain what they need to do at this time, whether it be just chilling with you, or actually fighting something off. 

Step Five - Go out and feel safe! You created your own Patronus, and it will be with you at a single call!

Sasusaku Month '17: Day 8

Prompt: Heartbreak hotel.

Title: Little Blue Box.

Rating: T

Summary: And after that day, Sasuke understood that bringing Sakura along on business trips was not a great idea. /sasusaku AU.

A/N: Guess what, I’m laughing at my own summary, I couldn’t find anything else to write, lol. Also, this fanfic has some major drama, I just couldn’t help myself. So here ya go, enjoy!

‘Little Blue Box’

The rays of sun were creeping into the hotel room through the window left open, shining over the creamy sheets that were barely covering their bodies as they laid there, in each other’s arms. Light air breezes were hitting her soft skin as a moan escaped her lips as a morning reflex. She tried to shuffle her body, failing to do so because of a strong grip around her.

She turned a little, careful not to disturb the boy holding her. His arms holding her beautifully close to him, one wrapped around her flat stomach, a blush dusted her cheeks as she noticed the placement of his other hand, just underneath her breasts. The pace of her heartbeat increased when he slightly shifted his body, pulling her closer, and his fingers brushed the lower side of her chest, sending shivers down her spine. He was still drowned in his deep slumber when his thumb started rubbing her soft skin and his hand shifted upwards, cupping one of her breasts. Her face was by then painted in crimson, embarrassed, she stayed still in her spot, unable to move her body. Paralyzed.

She couldn’t understand why she still found herself trembling under his touch, after all, they had been together for almost 7 years. And waking up next to him, with barely anything covering their entangled bodies, his arms massaging her gently, his fingers travelling all over her petite frame, shouldn’t be having such quivering effects on her. But she just couldn’t help but shudder due to the impact of the fluttering butterflies in her belly and the throbbing state of her heart.

Her back was pressed against his chest, his face buried in the crook of her neck, the strands of his dark, dark hair tickling her smooth skin. His exhaled hot breath, hitting her skin, sending calming effects all over her body. The pace of his breathing was calm, his eyes closed shut, his intoxicating scent ruling her conscience. He shifted one of his legs in between hers, in a way that intertwined their bodies. And because of these little movements, she assumed he was in the process of waking up.

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“It takes YEARS to repair all the property damage every time that crew lands on an island. And that’s only after the months of paperwork. It’s even worse when the island’s inhabited- then we have to find temporary residence for all the civilians, and ways to compensate them for damaged goods… it’s a nightmare.”


The Trumbullplex, in the Woodbridge neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Created in 1993 when members of the collective established a nonprofit corporation and purchased the property, two Victorianhouses on either side of a single-story art space.
It acts on the basis of consensus decision-making and serves as a home, theater, art gallery, infoshop, meeting space and temporary residence for traveling artists, musicians, and activists.
The art space is run on a donations-only basis, and members pay an equal portion of the costs involved in the property’s upkeep each month.

The collective’s mission statement asserts that they “want to create a positive environment for revolutionary change in which economic and social relationships are based on mutual aid and the absence of hierarchy.”

Lena Luthor/you fic pt. 22

Originally posted by lenazorel

“Rise and shine!”
Your eyes cracked open at the sound of Kara’s voice, far too cheery and loud in your ears.  One of the first things you realized was that you weren’t seeing your surroundings, you were seeing through them.  Sitting up, you blinked a few times in an attempt to adjust, only to have a pair of glasses slid onto your face.  As soon as the frames settled against your features, your vision returned to a crystal clear ‘normal’.
“Thanks,” you croaked tiredly.  Kara placed a warm cup of coffee in your hands and sat down next to you on the bed.
“How did you sleep?”
“Like a rock, so why did you wake me up?”
“Cause its day 1 of training!  Also, I brought doughnuts, because one of the best things about being a Kryptonian is that you don’t have to watch what you eat.”
The beaming blonde produced a box from behind her and opened it up to give you first choice.  Considering you hadn’t eaten since lunch on the day Lillian took you, your stomach growled and you reached for one of the glazed treats.  You stifled a yawn before dipping it into your coffee and taking a bite.
“Jesus,” you mumbled with a mouthful of doughnut, “why does this taste so good?”
“Another perk; all of your senses are enhanced.  That includes taste.”
“And the downside is I could accidentally kill someone by sneezing.”
“Yes,” Kara admitted begrudgingly, “but that’s why we’re training; so that your sneezes don’t kill anyone.”
“You’re not going to make me wear a cape and run around the city, right?  Like, I get that it’s your thing and I respect it, but it’s not really up my ally.”
“No, no,” Kara laughed and sipped at her own coffee, “you don’t have to be a hero.  As soon as you finish learning to control yourself, you’re free to do whatever you want.”
“Alright, good.  How, um, how’s Lena doing?”
“Well, I had Winn set her up a little office so that she could keep herself busy with work things.  She didn’t have much to say this morning, but at least she’s got something to distract herself during the day, right?”
“Right,” you nodded half-heartedly, “and what about Lillian?  Any sign of her yet?”
“Actually, yes.”
Her answer surprised you and you stayed silent, waiting for her to elaborate.
“Alex’s team has been surveying all known CADMUS bases and believe her to be in one of them.  It’s heavily armed, but they’re planning a strike for tonight.”
“To kill her?”
You failed to hide the hope in your voice, but Kara pretended not to notice.
“Not unless they have to.  Their main objective is to capture her and bring her back to the DEO for containment.”
“You want to bring her here.”
“There are some of the galaxy’s most dangerous criminals locked up in this facility and you can’t even tell.  This place is far more secure than any prison out there.”
“You guys got a death penalty around here?”
“Y/N, I know Lillian has hurt you and Lena in more ways than I could imagine,” Kara sighed, “but as horrible as she is, we’re not going to hurt her.  But, she will spend the rest of her life rotting away in here, so there’s that.”
“Fine,” you relented and gave up on your need for revenge, at least for the time being.  “So, should we get this over with?”
“Not exactly the attitude I was looking for, but sure!”
“I’m still in charge, Jess,” Lena assured her assistant once again, phone balanced between her cheek and her shoulder.  “But, I need to take some time and I trust Randall more than anybody to fill in for me.  I still want bi-weekly reports from you and if you think anything is being done in a way that I wouldn’t approve of, call me and I’ll set it straight.”
The dark-haired woman glanced at the door to her temporary residence as Alex Danvers poked her head in.  
“I need to go; I’ll speak to you soon,” Lena sighed and hung up the phone before Jessica could blurt out any other questions.  She wasted no time in fearing the worse as she looked at Alex either.  “Has something happened?”
“No, no, everything’s alright,” Alex assured her quickly.  “I just wanted to know if you’d like to take a walk and maybe take a peek in at the training rooms?”
“Is she in there?”
“Oh,” Alex’s eyes widened when she realized how things had been interpreted and chewed the inside of her cheek, “I didn’t mean actually go in.  I’m sorry.  We just have viewing platforms that look into the training rooms.”
“I understand.”  Lena hid her slight disappointment well and stood from the desk.  “Is there any word on my mother—Lillian,” she corrected herself and flinched slightly.  The two women entered the hallway as Alex started to reply.
“That’s another thing I wanted to talk to you about; my team and I have traced her to one of the CADMUS headquarters.  We’re planning to strike tonight.”
“And if you find her?”
“We’re going to lock her up in one of the cells we usually reserve for alien fugitives.  We aren’t taking any chances of her escaping.”
“Good.”  Lena pursed her lips and followed Alex into a stairwell and the two embarked upwards.
“Do you mind if I share something personal?” Alex asked as they continued their ascent.  Lena nodded a little uncertainly.  She wasn’t quite sure what the older woman was about to share or why she was sharing it.
“I underwent something similar to what happened with Y/N a while ago.  Fugitives from Kara’s home planet devised this mind-control program called Myriad, and they used it to force me to try to hurt Kara.”
“How were you supposed to hurt someone with Kara’s abilities?” Lena frowned.
“I had a bionic exoskeleton and the Kryptonite saber I used to kill Kara’s aunt.”
“Oh,” Lena replied softly.  
“I know the situation was different, but I remember how awful I felt inside during that fight.  And how terrifying it was to have no control over myself.”
“I can’t imagine.”
For a second, Lena felt the prickle of tears in her eyes.  The dark-haired woman was quick to blink them away.
“But, I was able to move past it.  So was Kara.  I know that once Y/N gets a hand on her powers, you two will move on too.”
“Thank you, Alex,” Lena said sincerely as Alex opened a door at the top of the stairs.  
“No problem.  If you ever want me to try talking to her about it, just let me know.”
“That’s probably a good idea.  She…she’s going to blame herself no matter what we tell her, though.”
“It’ll be hard for a while,” Alex admitted as they entered a simple room with a table and several chairs.  Once she flicked what appeared to be a light-switch, several panels on the wall slid up to reveal thick panes of glass.  “One-way glass,” she explained.  Lena walked up to the windows and peered down into the large chamber below.
“As long as you can control your temper, you can control your powers,” Kara started off, taking on an authoritative tone in her voice.  “When I came to Earth, the hardest thing for me was keeping my vision normal, but the glasses fixed that.”
“What about the heat vision and steel-bending strength?”
Kara rolled her eyes at the sarcasm in your voice, but reminded herself to be patient.
“Like I said; temper,” she replied.  “Pick up that egg.”
You had wondered why there was an egg sitting among the other various objects on the steel table between the two of you.  Unsure of where Kara was going with this, you reached out and picked up the smooth piece of food as delicately as you could.  Relief flooded through your chest as you realized you weren’t crushing it by accident.
“Go ahead and squeeze it a little—no more than if you had just tripped and were afraid of dropping it.”
Hesitantly, you tightened your grip.  The egg still didn’t break.
“Doesn’t even feel like you have powers, does it?” Kara asked.  She watched as you examined your hand and shook your head.  Then, the blonde hopped the table in a split second and shoved you.
“What the hell?” you frowned, regaining your balance.  The egg in your first was quickly forgotten as her hands made contact with your chest again and pushed.  “Kara, knock it off.”
She closed the distance and rammed into you again.  
Before Kara could shove you another time, there was a quiet crunch and your hand was suddenly wet.  The blonde stopped her advances and you looked down.
The egg wasn’t just broken.  Its shell had all but disintegrated and the yolk had shot in streams between your fingers, staining the floor several meters away.  
“If that had been someone’s hand, you would have crushed every bone in it,” Kara informed you softly.  Your heart raced at the idea of it having been Lena’s.  
Kara turned around and went back to the table; handing you a paper towel after reaching it.  You wiped off your hand and tried to slow your own pulse.
“So how do you do it?  How do you keep from hurting people?”
“I learn to let things go.  I take deep breaths.  I count to ten,” Kara sounded almost thoughtful as she spoke, “and I pay attention to my body.”
“You’ve had what, over a decade to practice?  I’m going to be dangerous for years.”
“Hey, that’s not true,” Kara reassured you quickly.  “I’m going to help you through this, and so is Lena.  Take off your glasses.”
“Here,” she reached over and slid them down the bridge of your nose, then pointed towards a seemingly blank wall on the far side of the huge room.  You squinted uncertainly at the surface and suddenly, you were squinting through it.  Lena was on the other side with Kara’s sister.  You froze.
Lena felt her pulse quicken as you appeared to look right at her.  A few moments later, Alex spoke and confirmed her suspicions.
“I’m pretty sure they’re looking at us.”
The entire “training” session up until this point had left Lena relatively confused; the egg and the shoving didn’t seem to make any sense at all.  But now that you were looking up towards her over the top of your glasses, her confusion changed to anxiety, and then sadness.  She wondered when she’d ever even be able to touch you again.
Boom.  Sadness.  Life is hard.  Lillian mission and maybe a reunion next time.  Let me know what ya think!


Mogwai - Coolverine

Taken from the new album ‘Every Country’s Sun’ out 1 Sept 2017 on Rock Action Records (Temporary Residence in North America / Spunk Records in Australia). Video directed by Hand Held Cine Club.

muchadoeaboutnoting  asked:

top 10 fics every dramione fan should read?

Hi! There are definitely more than 10 that should be on this list but here are the first ones that came to mind that, I think, are absolutely worth every dramione fan’s time:

The Fallout by everythursday - MA, 49 Chapters - Hermione learns about growing up through the redemption of Draco Malfoy.

Isolation By: Bex-chan - M, 48 Chapters - He can’t leave the room. Her room. And it’s all the Order’s fault. Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company, something’s going to give. Maybe his sanity. Maybe not. “There,” she spat. “Now your Blood’s filthy too!” DM/HG. PostHBP.

The Flatmate By: attica - T, 5 Chapters - After the Ministry seizes all of Draco Malfoy’s possessions - including his beloved Malfoy Manor - he takes up drinking and finds himself taking up temporary residence at Hermione Granger’s flat in Wizarding London. But what neither of them expect is that a lot can happen in 139 days in such close quarters - even the impossible. DHr. COMPLETE!

The Rest of Their Lives By: smuggled-muggle - M, 15 chapters - [Complete] Voldemort’s defeated and now they’ve got the future to look forward to. Hermione’s happily ever after doesn’t happen as she had planned, and Draco refuses to live the life planned for him.

A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy By: Countess of Abe - M, 25 Chapters - Draco loves his son more than anything in the world. So, when his ex-wife plans to take his son away, Draco asks the most unlikely person for help. Hermione must decide whether changing her entire life is worth helping the man she hates unconditionally.

Gravity By: luckei1 - T, 10 Chapters - It’s about arranging stacks of books, wall colours, and jumping off a cliff. Draco/Hermione

The Green Girl By: Colubrina - T, 22 Chapters - Hermione is sorted into Slytherin; how will things play out differently when the brains of the Golden Trio has different friends? AU. Darkish Dramione. COMPLETE.

Diary of an Illicit Affair By: LoveBugOC - M, 11 Chapters - Chapters of an affair, through the eyes of two lovers: an unfaithful husband and his mistress. Rated for Mature subject matter. Eleven-part series. Dramione.

Clean By: olivieblake - M, 31 Chapters - Malfoy’s handsome face was contoured into a condescending smirk. “No faith in that giant brain of yours, Granger?” She looked up at him defiantly. “Maybe I don’t have faith in you!” she said, raising her voice. Malfoy only looked at her. “You’ll find I’m very surprising.” Dramione AU, Year 6 with a slow burn and a killer twist. COMPLETE.  

A Fruitless Year by everythursday - MA, 3 Chapters - Sometimes the simplest of storms can grow to nearly topple the mightiest of oaks, and the only choices left are to sever it by the roots, or let it grow towards the light.

- Jamie