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So, based on THIS POST by @knightinironarmor that @the-flightoficarus rambled about for a hot minute there, @mephestopheles and I did our favorite thing and plotted out a version of IM1 where Howard is still alive. It’s somewhere between a ficlet and a headcanon.

And let us just say in advance, Ow. and also, we’re sorry. but not a lot

Howard Stark has held onto the leadership in Stark Industries because of a clause that means he can continue searching for Steve on the company’s money. It’s been all of Tony’s life, Tony has never once eclipsed a man that died in the water 60 years earlier. Howard is old, and he’s fixated. Stane handles most of the salesman stuff. And Tony IS the R&D department. Everyone knows this. The board loves Tony. The press loves Tony. Freaking everyone loves Tony.

Tony loves to beat his Dad’s records, loves to outdo the best inventions his dad ever made in a sort of petty reaction to how he has been treated, so Tony is still definitely the Merchant of Death, and he carries it with a grin.

There’s a growing push to encourage Howard to step down and for Tony to take over, and everyone is thrilled… except Howard, who is convinced that this time, this time he knows where Steve’s plane is, and he’s utterly convinced that Steve is alive somehow. Howard is off searching again when Tony goes to Afghanistan.

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Can you do 35 and 74 for namjoon? And can me being pregnant be mentioned? Thanksss I love your work btw ❤

Member: Namjoon

Prompt Request: “It’s been a while.” “Too long.” & . “You should marry me.”

Genre: Fluff

Imagine Summary: After breaking up one months ago, Namjoon sees Y/N at a pharmacy and finds out that she’s pregnant.

Word Count: 1k


Absolutely worn out from practice, I trudged my way into the pharmacy as I was in dire need of a muscle relaxer. We were preparing for not only our upcoming world tour but also our comeback which came with a whole new set of choreographies for each of the new songs on the album. I wiped the sweat off my brow as I skimmed through the aisles. I finally found the small plastic bottle and made a beeline towards the cashier. From afar I saw a girl dressed in grey sweatpants and a pullover burgundy sweater. She ran her hands through her long brown hair that fell down her back and ended right near her perfectly round bottom.

I got in line, eager to see the face of the girl with the perfect rear-view. As soon as I was within arms-length of her however, I recognized the girl; it was Y/N. We hadn’t seen each other since she broke up with me a month ago. I immediately wanted to switch aisles or even leave the store in total but my feet stayed planted to their stop on the floor. In my temporary paralysis, I remembered how much I’d missed her and how much it hurt to see her so close to me and not be able to reach out to her the way i once would have.

It was Y/N’s turn to cash out so she moved forward and placed her item on the counter. My eyes immediately zeroed in on the slim white box I recognized to be a pregnancy test.

“Why are you buying that?” I blurted out so quick I had no chance to even rethink my choice of words or my tone. Immediately Y/N whipped her head around to face me. Her cheeks were flushed her eyes looked a bit swollen, probably from lack of sleep.

“Joonie..” She murmured, her mouth ajar. She quickly shifted to block the little box from my view.

“Y/N… it’s been awhile,” I said. “Too long.”

“Yeah it has,” she replied softly. Her voice was as light as ever but a bit more raspy than usual.

“How will you be paying?” asked the girl behind the register, claiming Y/N’s attention again.

Y/N mumbled a quick, “Debit” and tapped her card. She quickly put the box in her purse, trying to be inconspicuous.

“Wait for me, will you?” I asked her. I wondered who she could be buying the pregnancy test for.

She nodded and waited for me to finish my transaction. I swiftly added a Ring Pop to my items, remembering that they were her favorite candy.

We exited the store together and I shivered at the cool air that brushed over my skin leaving me with goosebumps.

“So, how have you been?” She asked, keeping her eyes on the ground as we walked through the parking lot. I could see her car in the distance and if it was possible I wanted to transport the car even farther so that I would have an excuse to be around her longer.

“Fine. Just busy. You?”

“Same old. Same old.” she replied dryly,

I scratched the back of my head trying come up with the right way to phrase my question. “So who is the test for? Is it for Camille?” I asked. Camille was Y/N’s best friend and I remembered that Camille was always complaining about her boyfriend not being completely committed to her. I had heard her talk about trying to get pregnant before to teach him a lesson and I didn’t buy it, but now that Y/N had the test in the her purse there was only one explanation.

We reached her car and Y/N turned around to face me.

“It’s not for Camille. The test is for me.” The corners of her eyes were watering and it did not help my confusion.

“Is there someone else? Already?” I tried to keep my voice under control, I didn’t want to cry and I sure as hell didn’t want to yell at her.

“No. Never.” She said. She kept her gaze focused on my eyes and between our stare I found my answer. She was carrying my child.

I took in a deep breath. “Are you positive?” I asked in anticipation.

“This will be my third test.” She mumbled.

I stood there for a moment mouth gaping open, not knowing what question to ask next. “How long have you known? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn't’ want you to feel burned. You are at the peak of your career and you didn’t ask for this. I didn’t want you to ever have to sacrifice your dreams for me.”

I shook my head. “I would do anything for you. This child is not a burden… It’s a gift and it’ll bring us closer together. I may not be here for you first months but I’ll be here when it’s born and I’ll take care of the both of you, not because you’re a responsibility but because you are the love of my life and I-I”

I didn’t know how else to explain how much Y/N meant to me so I quickly reached into the plastic pharmacy bag I had in my hand and turned my back to her. I yanked the Ring Pop out and turned around. I got down on one knee in the parking lot and held out the blue and red candy to her.

“Y/N put your faith in me. Put your faith in us. I want to have this child with you. I want you to know that you are everything to me. I want you to know that you should marry me.”

Y/N dropped down to her knees and cupped my face. Tears streaming down her flushed face, she managed to say “Yes,” her voice even cracking a bit.

I placed the ring pop on her finger and pulled her into a tight embrace. I was never letting go again.

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So, this isn’t the kind of thing I do, but after the HELL week I’ve been through, and the issues I’m dealing with at the moment… I really need as many pics and gifs of Captain Swan/Killian Jones/Emma Swan/Colin O'donoghue/Jennifer Morrison cuteness as humanly possible. To make being sequestered in bed unable to move a little more bearable. Please, and thank you. So my ladies don’t think I’m not telling them things: @hollyethecurious, @kmomof4, @ilovemesomekillianjones, @seriouslyhooked, @xhookswenchx

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“While I can appreciate that things have changed since you signed, there really is no way around it. Its a contract you see and if you refuse to cooperate, we’ll simply resort to chemical means.  After a shot of trancilace you’ll lose consciousness and nothing may seem different when you wake up… as long as you don’t become aroused. But the moment you become erect, your limbs will lose control and you will experience temporary paralysis. Lying helpless but alert, you’ll watch as one of our ladies rides you until you give them exactly what they wanted. And filling them full of you potent seed, you’ll find each limb gains control with each blast of semen making you able bodied once again. Well… that is until you become turned on again.

You know… many guys would beg for a chance to date with these women, much less breed them. But go ahead, breach your contract and give us a chance to show you just how capable our chemists have become.” 

I may have technically been an adult when I signed in college, but there was no way I was going to try to explain to my girlfriend now why I “had to” inseminate five women.  I was convinced this woman was bluffing and was convinced the “chemistry bit” was far fetched… 

That was… until the power went off in my house later that night and Maddy was there waiting when I flipped the breaker switch back on. 

And she was the last thing I remembered before waking up locked in the back of a panel van. Drugged and groggy, I struggled to make out what the jerking motion was until I figured out that a woman was pulling my pants off.

But just as I was about to resist, I saw Liv began to drop her dress. 

And as surely as my cock began to grow, my legs began to fail… I was paralyzed and I could only watch and feel as Liv slipped out of her panties and slid down my shaft.

Liv didn’t say much until just before I coated the inside of her womb with my cum. “I wanted to unlock you after you cum deep inside me, but Natalie insisted I keep you locked up. She doesn’t want you to interfere with her public edging. But don’t worry, she’s really confident she can time you… ah, ah, ohhh… time you right.”

Hours later the van doors opened and Natalie walked in wearing only a short sweater. She nonchalantly unlocked my cuffs and as she walked back out, said “Don’t worry. After I’m through with you, the other three will be easy breeding.”

I didn’t know what she meant, but even though she had left with my clothes, I was eager to get out of there. I jumped up and walked out to find myself at the train yard. Seeing my clothes in a pile, I headed toward them until a pair of headlights lit up, flooding me with light. Covering myself with one hand and shading my eyes with the other, I looked up to see Natalie’s sweater lifted to her shoulders as I watched the silhouette of her perfect body walk towards me. Simultaneously I felt my body weaken and my cock straighten as I sank to the ground. And it was there, in the middle of the tracks I lay as Natalie began to ride me and edge me for what seemed like an eternity.

Aching to release, I pleaded to let me cum. I promised to cooperate from that point forward, but nothing phased her. She was finding joy in my suspense and pleasure in the risk. When I heard the sound of a train, she smiled and said “You’ve made it over two hours without getting stage-fright. Don’t get shy now. Fucking shower me in your cum and lets get off of here!!”

Releasing and shooting rope after rope of semen into Natalie, my hands broke free as her pace quickened

And my legs strengthened as her pussy spasmed and milked me dry. Jumping off the tracks with Nat, I turned and saw that she had caught the entire thing on video. Laughing, she said, “Its what I do, but don’t worry. Fuck the other three voluntarily as you promised and the video stays in my private collection. Jennifer is going to meet you in room 201 at the hotel tomorrow morning after your girlfriend heads to her conference session. Becky is in the same room that night and you can fertilize Brooke’s eggs for breakfast on Sunday in the office next to the pool. Just don’t let your girlfriend turn you on in the meantime.” 

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yes yes yes i need the continuation where gladio mercilessly manhandles prompto and pounds him exactly like he's daydreaming

More manhandling, you say?

Daaaamn, Anon and @peachypotpourri - you guys are as thirsty as Prom! 

Very well. Here you have it, Part Two of the Promptio Manhandling Kink Saga! (Implying, of course, that there will be more of this in increasingly smutty increments). In this edition, Gladio realizes just what his manly muscles do to Prompto’s dick. 

Shameless. That’s what this is. And also a continuation of this mess. 

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Manhandle Me, Daddiolus

Prompto x Gladio
1,565 words, Mature (for dirty, dirty thoughts)

Prompto is acting weird, no two ways about it.

And not like an everyday kind of weird, which Prompto usually is and which Gladio adores about him, but distant weird. Ever since they came back that morning from their hike, the blonde has hardly said three words to him (which amounted to a hurried ‘Here ya go’ as he’d handed over the flowers he’d picked).

On top of that, Prompto’s clearly avoiding him. Dodging out of his way, not making eye contact, hiding out in the tent faking a stomachache. Childish things that remind him of when Iris was younger and got mad at him for breaking her toys.

But Prompto isn’t a child, and Gladio isn’t sure how to handle being given the cold shoulder like this. He prefers to deal with problems head on, always has. How can he do that when the blonde is ducking out of sight at every corner?

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Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (13)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©

Part 13 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22-Finale

Word Count: 2,510

A/N:Kind of had a hard time writing this one guys. I feel like I did a really bad job writing up this chapter so I apologise if it is really crap. Also, I’m no Doctor/Scientist I tried hard to make this as “realistic” as possibly could I’m really sorry for such a bad Chapter, please don’t obliterate me in the comment section lol. I honestly tried my best.😖

Minseok’s P.O.V.

His breath was caught in his throat as the world around him slowed down, life flashing before his eyes as they skidded across the road and smashed into the tree. It was silent and his body was consumed by fear and shock. He was in a temporary state of paralysis. What had happened? And why did it happen so fast? It took a good few minutes for Minseok to recollect himself and piece together his thoughts and when he finally did so it had just registered that they were involved in a hit and run. He blinked hardly; this is when he became aware of the burning sensation in his right wrist and the pain in his neck and head. What were once windows were now gaping empty holes in the cars body, shattered fragments of glass scattered around him and in him. Airbags blown out of their compartments. It was so silent he had almost forgotten that she was in the car with him.

“Y/N?” He called out into the quiet remains of the car.
No answer.
He turned his head slowly into her direction, hissing in pain as he did so.
“Oh God! Y/N no! Answer me Y/N! Babe please answer me!” He cried, looking at her still body. Her head was faced down on the dashboard, bits of glass stuck into her skin, she was completely unresponsive. Slowly Minseok undid his seat belt trying to ignore the extreme pain he was in, he opened the door and slowly walked over to her side, supporting himself on the car, opening her door carefully. He placed a hand on her thigh, making sure not to shake her body too violently as he didn’t want to cause more damage than had already been done.

“Y/N babe! Please you have to answer me! Say something! Please…” He was desperate now, but still she remained silent. Panicking he reached for his phone in his back pocket.

Hello?” The voice picked up.

Sehun I need help please! I need help! This is all my fault. I should have made her stay behind! Sehun help me please!” He cried hysterically into the phone. This was all too much, his eyes were burning, and his head was throbbing. Vomiting onto the space in front of her feet he passed out by her side.

He woke up in a bed to the sound of beeping; it was extremely bright so he squinted staring around the room. It looked unfamiliar. This wasn’t home; neither one of them. Was he in a hospital? He frowned looking around the room, seeing a few familiar faces. Kyungsoo, Sehun, Junmyeon, Baekhyun, Yuna, Jongin and “Babu?” Minseok breathed, looking up at the ceiling and back down at everyone again.
“What am I doing here? Why are we in a hospital? Why not in the Op room?”

“I came as soon as I found out where you were Minseok, but Baekhyun wasn’t home at the time then I panicked I didn’t know what to do, so I called Soo and told him to get Babu. You’re not mad at me are you?” Sehun pouted like a school kid. Minseok shook his head, looking around the room and frowned once again.

“Where’s Y/N?”

“She’s in the next room.” Babu cleared his throat, walking beside Minseok’s bed, pulling his stethoscope around his neck. “You’ve been involved in a car accident Minseok and—”

“—I know what I’ve been involved in.” Minseok interrupted, becoming quickly agitated. “I want to see Y/N.” Babu ignored his request continuing to talk over him.

“You have a minor concussion, a few cuts and scratches here and there. Since it was minor you may experience slight dizziness, feeling a bit sick and dazed, possibly headaches; but nothing too serious you were very lucky—”

“I want to see my wife, now!” Minseok shouted, he couldn’t care about the extra details. He just wanted to know if she was okay. If she was alive.

“Uhh…Minseok…” Junmyeon near enough whispered, letting go Yuna’s hand and stepping closer towards the older male.

“What? What is it?” Minseok’s heart began to beat against his chest; panic was not a strong enough word to describe how he felt.

Junmyeon continued. “Y/N…she’s in a bad way, she’s still unresponsive. So Babu won’t know the extent of her injuries until she wakes up. She could wake up now, she could wake up in a week…she may never wake…”
Minseok let out a shaky breath, whipping his head towards Babu trying his hardest to not cry.

“Please let me see her. I need to see her.”
Babu let out a sigh and nodded, and they all went to where she was resting. It was true she was silent and still and Minseok felt as though he was trapped inside a nightmare that he couldn’t escape.

They went hours without speaking. Yuna and Junmyeon kept bringing the coffee in, whilst Baekhyun was doing his best to comfort Minseok. The hours felt like years and Minseok’s heart was growing heavier by the second.

“Her concussion seemed to be much more severe than yours; however we’ll have to wait until she awakes to see the extent. She also had cuts and bruises, all pieces of glass have been removed. Symptoms that she experiences may include: headaches, vomiting, double vision, nausea and dizziness and memory loss. However to be honest with how badly that crash was I’m surprised the both of you survived. I just need to check on another patient, I’ll be back in 5.”

“Thank you Babu.” Kyungsoo nodded at his brother whom dismissed himself from the room.  Minseok sat beside her bed-side, burying his head into her stomach in defeat, sobbing quietly. If only he made her stay behind. He should’ve been more authoritative.
Another couple of hours passed now, it was coming up to 8PM, when suddenly Jongin piped up, causing everyone in the room to jump out of their skin.

“Look! She moved! Her fingers moved!”

Minseok snapped his head upwards to look at her. He was right she was moving her fingers were twitching, slowly but surely, as time went on the movement was more apparent. His breath began to speed up, unable to remove the exaggerated grin from his face.

“Come on babe, you can do it. You’re nearly with us just try a little harder Y/N.” He encouraged. “Y/N Y/N Y/N…” he began chanting, as though it were a mantra in the hopes that the familiarity of her name would bring her back to full consciousness. The rest of the room began doing the same now. Everyone began repeating her name slowly and carefully, in order to guide her back to the room.

“Y/N, Y/N…”

Suddenly without warning her eyes shot open. Minseok began crying silent hot tears, that were spilling down his cheeks. He grabbed a hold of her hand and brought it up to his mouth, covering her with kisses.

“Oh Y/N. I thought I lost you. I’m so happy! I’m so happy Y/N!”
She stared around the room blankly.

“Why am I here?” She frowned, looking back at Minseok.

“We were involved in a crash Y/N, the detail may be a bit too much to go into at the moment just focus on resting okay?” He reached up to her face to caress her cheek, but she pulled away. Eyes widening fear.

“Don’t touch me!” She panicked. “I don’t know you… I don’t know any of you! Who are you?” She began crying hysterically now. “I was with my friend. He’s tall and slender. Where is he? Have you seen him? His name’s Chanyeol. He was convincing me to come to a club with him, but now –where is Chanyeol?!”

Minseok’s eyes widened as his heart froze and his world came to an abrupt stop. Tears were streaming furiously down his face and his breathing had become erratic.
His wife couldn’t remember him.

Then he frowned deeply, looking around the room. Where was Chanyeol? They were best friends and he was always there for her he would never leave her alone if ever she needed him. He slowly let go of her hand, as she fell back into sleep. He rose from his chair slowly his knees shaking.

“I need some air.”

Y/N’s P.O.V

You woke up confused, in a hospital bed. You stared around the room seeing two men sitting on the foot of your bed. Your heart jolted.

“Sehun, where’s Minseok?” You asked, trying to control how fast your body was trying to make you sit up as the pain in your head was telling you no. Sehun eyes shot open wide, his mouth dropping open as he looked at you in shock, along with Jongin; both men looking at you as though they had just seen a ghost.

“What? What did you just call me?” Sehun breathed slowly, leaning closer into your direction. You blinked confused at how strangely he was acting.

“I said Sehun… Look where is Minseok? please tell me he’s okay.” Your voice became shaky, but the boys were still looking at you in shock.

“Sehun go and get Babu!” Jongin rushed his sentence. Sehun didn’t need to be told twice; before you could blink again he was up and out of the room. You still weren’t able to put the pieces together, but by this time Babu had returned, using all sorts of equipment to check up on you and you were beginning to get increasingly uncomfortable.

“Where is Minseok?” You huffed, looking up at him and pouting.

“He’s fine he’s outside alive and well. Listen Y/N could you tell me why you’re in this hospital?” Babu spoke quickly, shining a small torch light into your eyes, making you squint.

You let out a short breath, you were glad Minseok was okay.
“The last thing I remember is getting hit by a car and that’s all. Hey, could you bring Minseok in here?” You pleaded.

“It appears you have Transient global amnesia Y/N it’s a temporary form of memory loss. See earlier when you woke up you didn’t know what had happened and who anyone was, all apart from Mr. Park’s son I believe. Now luckily for you this is not prolonged so you will be okay, but we will have to keep a close eye on you. I’ll go and tell Minseok the good news and tell him to come and see you.” He nodded quickly exiting the room. You were left behind with only Jongin, you took a deep breath. It was ironic and paradoxical that you couldn’t remember not remembering anything.

“Are you okay Y/N?” You turned your head at the sound of Jongin’s voice who was looking at you expectantly on the edge of your bed. You were in so much pain, but you managed to nod your head regardless. Humming you smiled at him softly, you weren’t sure where Chanyeol was but Jongin’s comfort seemed to serve some sort of purpose.

“I’m glad you’re okay. You know if you ever need anything just tell me. I’ll get it done.”

You shook your head politely.
“That’s kind Jongin, but I have Minseok. He’s my go to guy.”

“Right. But I’m not talking about Minseok right now I’m talking about me. Besides I can help you out better. I hold emotion, something he’s incapable of.” He rolled his eyes in disgust. “I didn’t want to do this when you were most vulnerable but what the heck. You picked the wrong guy! It should’ve been me Y/N. But look it’s not too late. With this whole memory loss episode. You can pretend to have forgotten him for real and come my way.” He looked up at you. You scoffed, thinking he was joking.
But he wasn’t.

“Jongin!” you hissed angrily “Are you being fucking serious?!”

“Of course I’m being serious Y/N! He’s incapable of looking after you. You always get yourself into a mess because of you. He’s the reason you ran away last year when Red captured you, if it wasn’t for Tao bringing you back you would have been dead. You were kidnapped by Luhan under his care and now a damn car accident! What’s next Y/N? Do you have to die in order for him to know what he’s lost!? Goodness Y/N open your eyes, you’re not safe with him. You’d be safer with me!” He spat, slamming his palm on the bed. “And I’m not just saying this to spite you or him for that matter, Minseok’s a great guy but it’s the damn truth!”

“How dare you. It’s not been easy for Minseok, besides this wasn’t his fault. You’re not allowed to evaluate my marriage, who do you think you are?!” You were so angry that your voice was breathy.

But unbeknownst to both you and Jongin, Minseok was standing silently outside of the room listening in on your conversation, crying silent tears because everything that Jongin was saying was true and it was all his fault. He was happy that you were fighting his corner, but Jongin wasn’t wrong and that’s what pained him the most.

“Make sure you keep a close eye okay? I shouldn’t be discharging her so early.” Babu bit his lip nervously bending down to look at you all in the car.

“It’s okay, I’ll keep a close eye on everything, I’ll let Kyungsoo know if we need you.” Baekhyun called as you all pulled off and drove back home. You were exhausted and all you wanted was some painkillers and sleep.

“I think I’m going to go straight to sleep, help me upstairs.” You said to Minseok, who had been unusually quiet the whole ride home.

“Ah! Actually before you go upstairs, I’d just like to run a once over, just to make sure you’re really okay.” Baekhyun smiled at you. You rolled your eyes, but Minseok nodded so all three of you made your way too the Op room. If you saw another hospital bed this year you were most definitely going to scream. Baekhyun was poking, prodding and checking you with all types of surgical instruments, half of which you didn’t know the name of, whilst Minseok sat on the bed opposite you, still unusually quiet. You brushed it off and attributed it to the fact that he was still shaken up by the day’s events.

“Hmm? That’s strange… your hormone levels are unusually high.” Baekhyun mumbled, pinching his chin between his index finger and thumb in confusion.

Minseok began to panic across the room from you. “What? Well can’t you do something about it?  God, she won’t die will she?”
You pulled a face at how unsubtle Minseok’s question was.

“No, she’s stable and everything but… God Y/N, your HCG levels have rocketed…unless…wait I think… How did Babu miss this?” Baekhyun’s mouth dropped open.

“What!? What is it Baekhyun!” Minseok shouted; uncomfortable with being kept in the dark, much like you were.

“Y/N” Baekhyun blinked at you in what you distinguished to be shock.
“You’re pregnant.”

D&D Homebrew Poisons

So, im working on a mini series for badassdanddpics and was wondering if you guys had any ideas. im calling the mini series “Bewildering Botany and Perilous Poisons” that will basically showcase magical plant homebrew that will aid adventures and villains alike. for the poison section of it, i put together some basic information from D&D about the rules as well as how they are applied and used against others as well as common symptoms from plants in the real world.

different poisons are applied to victims by

  • contact
  • ingested
  • inhaled
  • injury
  • smoke from being burned

common rules (for 5th edition D&D regarding poison)

  • A weapon coated with poison will dry out in one minute.
  • When you are poisoned, you will usually suffer from the poisoned condition.
  • Poison can be bought or crafted using the downtime rules and a poisoner’s kit.
  • Cures for poison include low level spells or anti-toxin.
  • Truth Serum is listed under poisons, and is something I think could be useful in your campaign in many different ways.
  • Poisoned: A poisoned creature has disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks.
  • each round until you make a saving throw.

Common symptoms of poisoning include nausea, vomiting, convulsions, liver failure, disables nerves, lowers blood pressure, and can stop the heart, muscle twitches, and sometimes paralysis, irritation of skin throat and mouth, swelling, burning pain, breathing difficulties and stomach upset. dilated pupils, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, tachycardia, loss of balance, staggering, headache, rash, flushing, dry mouth and throat, slurred speech, urinary retention, constipation, confusion, hallucinations, delirium, convulsions and photo-toxicity

underneath the “keep reading” i have included some actual plants that could help with creating realistic homebrew.

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denbroughbill  asked:

here’s your quote! “i get scared and start to think of you. is it true, do you think of me too?”

Eddie has nightmares and thinking of Richie always helps.

TW: homophobic slurs. 

The anniversaries are the hardest.

None of them talk about it, how the nightmares comes back tenfold and with a bloodthirsty vengeance every July. They don’t have to. It’s evident in the dark circles under everyone’s eyes, how they are all exhausted but secretly too afraid to sleep. So they stay out as late as they can, until the streetlights come on, spending more time at the quarry and Mike’s Grandad’s farm than anywhere near the Barrens. Because even though they defeated It, the trauma doesn’t go away, and the nightmares have the facility to twist and warp themselves into terrors that are somehow worse than that of what they saw down in that sewer two years ago. There’s a semblance of reality to these new night terrors that seems to put them all in a chokehold, gasping for breath long into the morning hours; that seems to haunt them regardless of how many times they remind themselves that It’s gone.

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Any ideas for cultist zen ?

  • Much more direct with his manipulation and very confrontational 
  • If he thinks you’re up to something he’ll ask you about it immediately and if you don’t give him an answer he likes he’ll have Genji follow you around and report back to him
  • Doesn’t mind you being away from him for long periods of time as you typically come back exhausted and in need for his company 
  • Sometimes he can’t help but want to dirty you up sometimes so when you’re least expecting it he’ll pull you into his arms so tenderly it almost distracts you enough to not notice the tentacle sliding up your thigh
  • 100% has goo from his tentacles that causes temporary paralysis bye 
Klaine one-shot - “Caught in the Act” (Rated PG13)

There’s an amazing man in one of Kurt’s classes, and Kurt just has to find out more about him. He tries to consult the man’s student profile in an attempt to find some clues, but he can’t remember the man’s last name. Luckily, a serendipitous stranger wanders by to lend a helping hand. (1226 words)

Different first meeting, NYADA, inspired by this video.

Read on AO3.

“Jesus, Rachel! Could you take any longer calling me back?” Kurt grumbles, juggling his phone and his books as he fights his way through the crowd for a seat at an empty table with an available computer. The campus coffee shop is always busy during the school day. Students pop in to log onto the café laptops between classes and check their email more than they do to buy coffee, so Kurt usually makes it a point to never go there. The coffee tastes burnt anyway, and he prefers to use his laptop at home. But this is an emergency. He needs information, and he needs it now.

“According to my phone, I called you back literally a minute later,” Rachel says in her defense. “I just got out of class a second ago, too, you know. Cassie’s glaring at me as it is. I think she’s about to grand jete over and fan kick me in the face!”

“Bob and weave, Berry, bob and weave. This is important.”

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the truth we both know (3/3)

emily au (season 9)

one /// two

warning for events of the truth.

They don’t win.

Scully visits Mulder’s cell right before the trial to see him in private for the first time in months. She tries to bring Emily, but they refuse to let a seven-year-old see a purported murderer so she goes on her own and holds him on the dirty floor and fills him in on the past eleven months (only the happy parts; she leaves out the kidnapping and the fear and the blood on the floor). She testifies at his trial and tries to stay for the rest of it, but they won’t let her.

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1. Meadow Buttercup - Ranunculus acris
2. Cursed Buttercup - Ranunculus lanuginosus (now Ranunculus sceleratus)

The buttercup or anemone (Ranunculus spp.) has a worldwide distribution. The meadow buttercup is probably native to Alaska and Greenland, but it has been a “weedy” plant in North America for as long as Europeans have recorded it. Even though it’s used as a folk medicine in many Native American tribes, the Iroquois are noted to have had issues with it invading squash fields back in the 1700s.

All buttercups have a toxin in them, called protoanemonin or ranunculol, which is activated when the plant is wounded or crushed (as it is in many folk medicines, or when eaten). While it’s not deadly, it causes itching and blisters on the exposed mucosa, and can cause dizziness, nausea, jaundice, and temporary paralysis when ingested.

The Cursed Buttercup has more of this toxin than any other member of the genus, to the point where it can cause rashes and blisters on the skin if you touch damaged leaves.

Deutschlands Flora in Abbildungen.  Johann Georg Sturm, illustrated by Jacob Sturm, 1796.

anonymous asked:

Can you explain the different type of paralysis. I have a character who is magical and has the paralysis where it's an on and off thing with their legs. I was wondering if it was possible for them to be able to drive or operate Machinery like a motorcycle or a car. What would be the limits to what they can do because I want them to pose as human as possible.

Hey there nonny. A lot of what I’m going to say is going to go out the window, because you specifically mentioned magic and you specifically mention temporary paralysis (”on again / off again”). 

And this may be uncomfortable advice to get, but I’m going to ask you to read this answer all the way through, read it again, think about it, and read it a third time. 

First, talking about your character “posing as human as possible” gives me some really uncomfortable feelings about the way you may be planning to represent disability. This may be a function of the character limits in the ask box, or English may not be your first language, but the words you used implied that your character is disabled and thus not human. BAD. (Your character may be an elf or piskie or merwolf, I don’t know, but if your character is human, take a good hard look at how you’re looking at them.) 

Next: Yes, paralyzed people can drive, as long as they have some function in their arms. In fact, I worked for a quadriplegic man as his home health aide (search for Tom if you want the whole story). He could brush his teeth and comb his hair if you velcroed the implement to his hand, but he operated a car safely and effectively. Hand levers operated the brake and gas, and a control knob for the steering wheel, worked for him just fine. 

I don’t know about motorcycles, but I would assume that if he’s wheelchair-dependent, getting into and out of a motorcycle would be problematic. 

Now, on to the “on again off again” paralysis. This does exist, but not following trauma. Periodic paralysis is caused by a group of genetic disorders which change the way the body’s muscles process ions. (Muscle movement are triggered by nerves, which rely on ion changes to send electrical signals; changes in the ion channels changes or prevents electrical signals from processing). Most of them are triggered by something: heat, cold, high-carb meals. Some will have problems with high potassium (with glucose being the treatment), others will have problems with high sugar (with potassium being the treatment). 

This group of diseases is always genetic and always inherited. 

I’ll be honest: this isn’t my area of expertise. For a better understanding of the way these diseases work, I suggest you do some homework on the clinical presentation of periodic paralyses. (There’s a very good resource here; may require a free account.) 

Take care, good luck, and make sure that you take the lives of paralyzed people into account. 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

(Samantha Keel)


Shape the blog. See the future. Have you considered becoming a clairvoyant?

New & Improved FreeBook: 10 BS “Medical” Tropes that Need to Die TODAY!  

anonymous asked:

Really random idea kustard red gets hurt damages vertebrae in neck can't talk until healed sans worrying (idea has been stuck in my head forever needed to tell someone and I love your writing so yeah also sorry my English sucks have a nice day)

No problem! Your english doesn’t suck, hun. It’s ok. :D

It was easy to forget that bones were fragile despite looking as if it can withstand any impact. Any injury to the vertebrae can have serious consequences because it can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis—or even death

Red had gotten lucky that it wasn’t severe, and was to receive temporary treatment of wearing a neck brace for six to eight weeks until the bones healed. His consequence of the cervical fracture; however, due to the mild neck pain the skeleton felt from time to time, and unstable magic, Red was unable to speak.

Sans was still relieved that full recovery was possible, and he would visit his lover after his work and on his day offs. Red hated being in hospitals, but he wouldn’t be discharged until a month into his recovery. So the two made do with their situation.

“Did they give you your medication yet?”

‘No, but they will soon.’ The grumpy expression on the skeleton’s face made Sans chuckle.

“Aww, cheer up, hun. It won’t be much longer until you’re discharged.”

Red put his small whiteboard to his lap, opting to not respond to the encouragement.

Sans would’ve kept smiling, but his eye lights continued to travel towards the neck brace. Memories of receiving a call from the hospital, how his husband had been hit by a car … Red had been lucky he didn’t die upon impact. Broken bones would be tolerable in other parts of the body, but not the neck up.

And hearing that it was a cervical fracture had him on the borderline of getting a heart attack.

Sans was startled out of his reverie when Red grabbed his hand, looking at him apologetically.

“It’s … I was really scared, Red. I know you are here, but I can’t help thinking the ‘what if’s’.” He felt a squeeze on his hand, and the skeleton found himself tearing up much to his own embarrassment.

Sans didn’t fight the pulling of his arm, as Red embraced him. It was kind of funny how he was the one being comforted when he wasn’t even injured. The skeleton was careful of the brace as he sat on the bed to return the gesture.

“I love you so much.”

Red drew on his back, and it made Sans laugh as he tightened his hold.

‘You can’t rid of me that easily.’

“I don’t want to anyway.”

Hope it was satisfactory. I’m not sure that it can cause muteness per se, but magic am i ryt? :’D

Thanks for reading m(__ __)m

PS: it’s funny to me how I got a some mute Red requests ever since I mentioned wanting to have mute Red. Ahahahaha!! XD 
Guys, pls. I’m just trying. ;v;)
Don’t let me write too many mute Red, I’m running out of ideas of his reasons to becoming mute. Orz
There’s one last mute Red in my inbox. Bless. :’)

Natasha Romanoff X Female Reader - Toast

Originally posted by silent-infernos

Another request from a nonny. This is my first Natasha fic and it’s also my first time writing a LGBTQ fic so i hope i did alright. I hope you like it nonny. 

#103 - Hold on to Me.
#104 - Can you stay? please? 

Summary: Because of a past trauma you are unable to tell the love of your life (Natasha) that you love her. one night a little playful joking goes to far. 


You stare out the window of the apartment you shared with your friend Natasha Romanoff, a million thoughts running through your mind. You’d known Natasha for years and it was only natural that you would develop feelings for the beautiful redhead. Of course, you could never tell her. You’d only liked one other person before her and once they had found out you were gay they had dropped all contact with you calling you disgusting. That alone was enough to keep you from ever getting serious about another person again. That was until you met Nat.

Letting out a heavy sigh you turn away from the window to see her standing a few feet away. “Did I wake you?” You ask as you cross the room to enter the kitchen.

“No, I was about to head to bed when I suddenly had a craving for your famous cinnamon toast.” She replies making you smirk. “Care to make them for me?”

“Sure, I could use some sugar myself.” You reply as she follows you into the kitchen. You quickly gather all the ingredients you would need as she reached into the fridge to pull out a couple bottles of beer. You eye her curiously making he chuckle.

“Just because it’s the middle of the night doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a beer, or a few of them.”

“True,” You reply as you take one of the beers from her and start to chug it.

“Long day?” She asks and you nod.

“You could say that.”

“You met with your brother right, him and his new wife.”

“Yeah,” I reply furrowing my brow. That first love you had thought about, the one who called you disgusting, had indeed married your brother and was now your sister in law.

“So, how’d it go?” She asks and you scoff.

“About as good as expected. She glared at me the whole time while my brother tried to ‘be nice’. It was just a bunch of bullshit. Honestly when I saw her, I thought ‘what the hell had I been thinking’?”

“You were young. You’ll meet other women. Better ones.”

“I suppose you’re right.” You reply hiding the fact that her words both helped and hurt you a little. “How many would you like?” You ask pulling out a few slices of bread.

“Five,” she answers quickly making you chuckle. “Okie dokie, guess I’ll just make the whole loaf.”

“Sounds like a plan.” She says as she grabs a bag of Doritos off the counter and opening starts to eat them.

“Doritos and Cinnamon toast, gotta say it doesn’t sound to appealing.”

“You’ll see the appeal when the toast is done.”

“I guess I will.” I say as I preheat the oven.

“It’s her loss you know.” Natasha says making pause to look at her. “You’re a great woman, any girl would be lucky to have you.”

“Thanks Red,” You say feeling your heart start to clench. You quickly finish prepping the bread the room becoming awkwardly quiet. Placing it in the oven you turn on the timer and then quickly drain your beer before walking back over to the fridge to get a new one. Right as you open it you hear Natasha say, “You know you’re pretty obvious.” You spit beer everywhere as you turn toward her.

“Excuse me?” You ask trying to catch your breath.

“You need to get laid.”


“How about we-”

“NO!” you quickly interject making a devious glint fill her eyes as she quickly and seductively walks around the bar and over to you making you gulp down a breath of air. “Nat I mean it.”

“What’s the worst that could happen?” She asks as she inches closer making you back up into the oven.

“Nat you’re not gay.”

“No, but I am bi.”

“You don’t like me like that.”

“How do you know?” She asks making you stop in your tracks.

“Wait, what?” You ask confusion filling your face. She smiles inching closer making you say, “Nat, do you… do you like me?”

“Of course, I like you. I wouldn’t live with someone I didn’t like nor trust.” She says making you lose your last thread of patience.

“NATASHA, STOP!” You yell out making her stop in her tracks. “You think this is funny? Do you have any idea how hurtful this is?”

“What are you talking about, I was just joking. We joke around all the time.” She pauses a moment until it hits her. Her eyes widen and you are instantly brought back to the trauma of your first love. Your throat closes up making it suddenly harder to breathe. You gasp as you fall to your knees trying anything to be able to breath again. “(Name), hold on to me.” She says but you shake your head and push her away.

Forcing yourself to your feet you go to leave the room only to have her grab your arm and lead you to your room. You try to pull away from her but she just glares at you. “Stop it (Name), you’re having a panic attack. You need to focus on breathing.” She sits you down on your bed before kneeling in front of you. You look away from her trying to think of anything else but nothing was working. The next thing she did shocked you so much you are instantly pulled out of your panic attack.

You stare wide eyed for a moment until you realize that she was in fact kissing you. Just as you had thought they would be, they were soft and gentle. Your eyes close slowly as your body takes over making you reach out to wrap your arms around her waist pulling her in closer deepening the kiss, making it become something more. You were surprised even more that she didn’t pull away. Her arms wrap around your neck pushing you back onto the bed. When your back meets it you gently push her away.

“Nat, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but,” You pause considering her lust filled green eyes. “I’m in love with you.”

“Me too, now that we’ve got that out of the way.” She replies than starts to lean back in but you stop her.

“I mean I love you, I want to be with you. I want to date you.”

“I know what love means (Name).”

“And you?” You ask fear filling your heart.

“(Name), how long is it going to take you to realize that I’m in love with you too?”

“But before?”

“That was me realizing that the person I love, loves me back.” She says and you smile. You instantly lean up gently kissing her lips. As she deepens the kiss the timer for the toast goes off and she groans. “As much as I want to keep going, I don’t want to catch the apartment on fire.”

“But we were just getting started.” You say wrapping your legs around her waist.

“(Name), if the apartment burns down where are we gonna live?” She asks standing up pulling your legs from around her waist.

“Can you stay? please?” You ask pouting.

“Let me at least turn the oven off then we can get back to me fucking your brains out.” She says shocking you so much that you freeze in place allowing her enough time to leave the room and run to the kitchen. When she came back you were still shell-shocked frozen in place. Her chuckles from the doorway pull you from your temporary paralysis. You look to her and she smiles brightly as she says, “I fell in love with a dork.”

“Yeah, but you love this dork.”

“That I do, now if I remember I promised to fuck your brains out.”

“If you keep saying it I’m gonna have a heart attack.”


The two of you lay beside each other both breathing heavily and drenched in each other’s sweat. You look over at her and chuckle as you say, “You weren’t lying.”


“That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“It only gets better from here (Name).”

“Too bad I can’t walk, I could go for those cinnamon toast right about now.”

“Good thing you have a girlfriend who placed the oven on keep warm. I’ll grab them, the Doritos, and some water.” She leans over and gently kisses your lips as she adds, “You stay here.”

“What did I ever do to deserve someone as awesome as you?” You ask as she climbs out of the bed and starts down the hall bare ass naked.

“Who knows,” Natasha replies before leaving the room. It doesn’t take her long to bring everything back. As we eat she nonchalantly says, “Hurry up and finish, we have a lot sex to make up for.”

“Holy shit, you’re gonna kill me.”

anonymous asked:

Would you please do 24. “i love you today, and i’ll love you tomorrow and everyday after that.” With jackcrutchie

So, I also had another anon ask for this prompt, so here it is, twice as long as I expected it to be… (Which, I suppose is appropriate, since two people asked for it…)

It took a lot to completely frustrate Crutchie. Generally, the comments and insults would roll off his skin like small, quivering beads of water. He would smile–whether the motion was true or false–and move forward with life. But, today…

Today, everything ended up being too much.

The day started off on a bad note: Crutchie awoke to a nightmare. He couldn’t recall the invisible monsters that grabbed and pulled and touched, but could feel the remnants of chills that shivered down his spine. Crutchie woke with a sharp gasp, his fingers immediately curling against the rough roof, grounding himself in the small granules of dirt and dust and muck that dug into the space beneath his pale nails. For a moment, he simply breathed, blinking back shadows that pressed at the corners of his eyes, dark and dripping. “Jack,” Crutchie had croaked out, the name a reflex.


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The Shadows In Our Minds (Part 1)

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Warnings: angst, nightmares, fire, blood mention, death, decapitation, panic attack

Tag list (message me if you want to be on it): @musicphanpie-b, @imin-loveanon, @ordinary-chaos, @sandersandthesides, @ajumbleofwords, @demonickittykat, @zadi-jyne, @serenefreakgeek, @fandons-mangoes, @leesacrakon, @gayfagg

(I tagged everyone on my tag list, but if you aren’t interested in this series, let me know and I will take you off the list for this one)

Notes: This is the sequel to What Lies Beyond The Shadow, you should read that before reading this. It’s also found on AO3. You can also read this fic on there

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anonymous asked:

Hi Jen! Thanks for opening up your ask box. Re: 5x20, we know that F's chip won't be hacked but her paralysis will come up in some way and you mentioned that the wheel chair may be coming back. How do you see this playing out? While it would be great to see the emotional part of this explored, it sounds like there will be lots of action in the last 5 eps and don't want to F to be sidelined. Thanks.

I don’t think it will be hacked but I think it will be short circuited. I think it’s temporary paralysis. I believe the intent is to make Felicity more dependent on Oliver, making a difficult situation even more difficult, forcing them to work together more and therefore bringing their issues to the surface.