temporary headcanon

destroy the idea that trans people need to pick new names close to their birth names, but also don’t make fun of those who do pick names with similar sounds or letters. it’s a comfort thing for some.

The one major issue with the Magi origin is that, because the player is dropped into the middle of a brand new world that the character has inhabited all their life, Amell or Surana will spend the entire time wandering around like “new brain who dis?”  I like to headcanon that temporary memory loss and disorientation is a well-known side effect of the lyrium taken at their Harrowing. This is why you don’t immediately know the name and backstory of the hundred or so people you’ve been locked in a tower with for at least a decade. All those templars are just rolling their eyes behind their helmets at you as you get lost trying to get to Irving’s office. They’re like oh, no, here we go again, “You can’t leave the tower, remember? You have to stay here because you’re a mage, okay? You do magic. Your name is Amell. Aaa-melll.” 

This also accounts for some of the more awkward conversations you can have with tower residents:

“Why hello, my dearest and oldest friend who I have known since we were both wee magelings, how are you today?”

“Are we fucking?”

“No. Just… No.”

Overwatch heroes and the music they listen to
  • Bastion: plays disgustingly sweet pop music while mowing down opponents in turret form. everyone knows to scatter when the music suddenly gets louder and closer.
  • D.Va: dubstep. she likes to blow her MEKA when the beat drops.
  • Genji: ambient electronica. he used to go hard in his wild years, but as he's mellowed out so have his music tastes.
  • Hanzo: everyone blames McCree for the country music that sometimes plays late in the evenings. Hanzo doesn't correct them. it is his secret shame.
  • Junkrat: wasn't sure what he liked until Winston played him Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. then he decided it was "anything with cannons."
  • Lúcio: a little bit of everything. his eclectic taste keeps his own music fresh and new.
  • McCree: fucking loves classic rock, and will take every opportunity to inform you of that.
  • Mei: anything and everything Disney. each song has hundreds of plays, and she knows the lyrics to every single one.
  • Mercy: folk, both new and old. but she keeps the more grim songs about famine and pestilence out of her hospital.
  • Pharah: rap and r&b. she's been known to light up the skies with fiery beats when she's flying a mission.
  • Reaper: hardcore punk. before being recruited into Overwatch and then Reaper-ified, he was very active in the scene.
  • Reinhardt: overly invested in musical theater. he likes to sing show tunes at full volume.
  • Roadhog: doesn't really react to any music. but he really likes mosh pits.
  • Soldier 76: still thinks the Beatles discography is the pinnacle of modern music.
  • Symmetra: dislikes most music - it's too chaotic and dissonant. but sometimes she plays the old music she used to dance to. that's when she really turns hard light into art.
  • Torbjörn: likes to work the forge while listening to symphonic metal. it makes everything feel very Epic.
  • Tracer: anything you can dance to! swing, in particular. she likes to follow because of all the spinning.
  • Widowmaker: an insufferable indie fan. once a song plays on the radio she's done with the band.
  • Winston: classical. not because he's pretentious, but because Dr. Winston always played it in the lab.
  • Zarya: pounding electro house that she blasts in the gym at ungodly hours in the morning.
  • Zenyatta: twelve hours of whale noises.

anonymous asked:

This tumblr is lovely and wow don't even get me started on how beautiful the writing is - do you know of any other blogs like this one? I NEED MORE.

Hey, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog and thank you very much for your kind words!

If you’re asking about HP worldbuilding blogs I can refer you to quite a few:

  • thelethifoldwitch which focuses on canon based expansions of the wizarding world and themonsterblogofmonsters which focuses on writing about the various magical creatures of the wizarding world. Both are run by the same mod and I can safely say that about half this AU has been shaped by them and their wonderful ideas.
  • wizardhistory which goes into the various histories of the wizarding world (and is always a very interesting place to go).
  • flourishandblottsstories - occasionally posts, with generally canon based expansions of the wizarding world. Also responsible for this very incredible post on the nature of magic which has p much become my headcanon for how magic works in the wizarding world.
  • departmentsofmysteries which is currently on hiatus, but a lovely whimsical look at the wizarding world in all its skeevy gloriousness, so do read what is there - it’s all very very clever, good stuff.
  • amortentiafashion - mostly robes, but occasional headcanons that work on expanding the wizarding world and always very well written.
  • shafiq28 - currently inactive, but still one of my favouritest HP fic projects. Focused on expanding the wizarding world in Bangladesh in so many interesting and incredible ways from the perspective of various members of the Shafiq family thru the ages (tho mostly late ninteenth to twenty first century, iirc.) The mod of this blog has been incredibly helpful in setting up this blog and  in shaping discussion of certain themes in this universe.
  • saintsandseekers - this is still a relatively new project, still in the early ‘birthing’ stages, but I am very very excited about it. It’s an expansion of HPverse, set exclusively in Ireland and will follow the story of a young banshee and will tackle all sorts of very, very interesting themes concerning the British rule and its effects on magic practice, as well as issues concerning the being/beast dichotomy and the central character’s place in wizarding society as a result. 
  • livesandliesofwizards - it’s last on this list but do. not. be. deceived. The blog is an archive now, but it contains immensely interesting and always very well written fic both by the blog-runner and various other people (some of whom are now mods of the various blogs listed here).

These are my personal favourites but there are others you might want to look at like americanwizarding, 36viewsofhogwarts, headcanonish (which tumblr won’t let me tag for some reason & is also on temporary hiatus), theoneswefoughtfor (headcanons exclusively about HP next gen), amusliminhogwarts and others as well?

(Followers, please do add to this list if I’ve left anyone out.)

There are a lot of HP worldbuilding/ficlet blogs out there and I have a feeling that these only scratch the surface so yeah.


Pewdiepie: Why are you laughing so hard?
Marzia: he-he has a shard…. On his dick…
Barry: oh boy
P: thats a place you never want anything…. Well lets drop him off at the infirmary before his partner gets here. *picks up Marzia and Dan’s gem*
B: why you scared of a tiny little ninja?
P: oh you never want to see this guys partner angry… Kids got fire in his eyes and a heart of shards….

I ended up only doing 9 pages so it did actually fit in 1 post. Im bad at doing comics so this was a nice practice.
Also i literally havent seen any twrp fanart for crystal grumps, and since we still know nothing about lion i just made a fun temporary headcanon.
Either way, Dan is very happy that Barry didn’t recognize him, although the second Barry figures it out he would probably just be like
“Wait… Dick shard guy?”

  • Kurt and Blaine: I will love you...
  • *Kurt wakes up as his arm is nudged by Adam*
  • Adam: You falling asleep on us Kurt?
  • Santana: Hard to believe you'd miss your favorite part Hummel. You and the hobbit would never shut up about how this was going to be your wedding song.
  • *Kurt ignores everyone and gets up. He walks out to the fire escape before letting tears fall*
  • Kurt: ... until my dying day.
Headcanon 005-ish

Apparently, Kazama is supposed to be done with high school. He’s sort of Hijikata’s (and the others’) batchmate, so why is he still in high school in SSL? 

Well, let’s just say that a certain long-haired comrade of his told him he couldn’t do it (“What are you talking about, you can’t just go back to high school any time you please!”), and being Kazama, he wanted to prove the other guy wrong (“Watch me”). 

So there it is. Despite having already completed his education, he’s still there bugging everyone. 

It’s also some sort of stress relief, because the real world is too stressful (and painstakingly boring) for him. 

Canon: Will had a temporary colostomy bag. Headcanon: Hannibal nicked Will’s colon. Because he was cutting blind with a linoleum knife, because he was the Hannibal version of hysterical, because he hadn’t practiced surgery in years (except for amputations on two people only one of whom he wanted to live more than a few days). He nicked the colon. IMAGINE the bitchfit Hannibal throws when he finds out. First, the DISGRACE of fucking up while cutting on someone, anyone, oh the SHAME! Second, the indignity Will suffered, forced to defecate into a plastic bag glued to his skin - NOT part of the opera that is Hannibal’s life. Third, that Will had a body part that Hannibal never got to see, pink and moist and part of Will’s innards and tucked back inside him now like it was never there. Fourth, that OTHER PEOPLE did get to see it and touch it; some other surgeon created it, and a series of nurses took care of it and taught Will to take care of it, and fucking Freddie Lounds took a picture of it. There would be crying in the shower. There would be vodquila. There would be buying of Crayola pencil sharpeners because he was not worthy of touching a scalpel ever again. There would be sweatpants. Dear God, there might even be McDonald’s. There would be a full-bore diva wobbly.