temporary drawings


I started drawing this before it got upgraded from an AU TO A HEADCANON ORIGIN STORY HEYYO

the feel when you were finally actually making enough money to commission other artists, only to suddenly have bills, more (unexpected) bills, and thats right, you’re looking at aparrtments in a week or so.

murder at the park


                                                One more time!

                                          I laugh,laugh, laugh,I do that.
                                               I’m sure as if by magic the world changed.
                   You easily chewed the seemingly delicious depression hanging over this room
                                              That I can’t be saved from, and swallowed it.

                             Besides, perhaps you don’t know how much I was saved by you.
                       If we can meet tomorrow, at that time, it will be good if we can honest.

                                                                                                                                           Written by Plum

fav pair of losers tbh