temporary building


These niggas are so temporary. One day they’re on you and the next they’re on someone else. One day they act like they need you and the next they begin treating you like you need them. One thing I’ve learned in these past few months is to not focus on men, but on your goals. Because truth be told, your accolades can never wake up one morning and tell you that they don’t want you anymore. Work on building yourself rather then building temporary relationships with temporary people.


i didn’t even buy anything, i just like that greasy, misplaced, little liquor store and wanted the photo. the land it’s on is entirely too large. the building looks temporary. the signage is to the point and unimaginative. it just looks like somebody put it there by accident and just kind of went “…huh… oh well!” and flicked on the open sign.

kodak portra 400 / canon ae1

Donmar Warehouse to build temporary theatre for all-female Shakespeare trilogy
Season comprising Julius Caesar, Henry IV and The Tempest to be staged at 420-seat venue next to King’s Cross station
By Mark Brown

The Donmar Warehouse is building a temporary theatre for an all-female Shakespeare trilogy that will see, on some days, Dame Harriet Walter performing the demanding roles of Brutus, Henry IV and Prospero back to back.

The artistic director, Josie Rourke, on Wednesday announced that the Donmar was breaking out beyond its compact Covent Garden home in London for a 13-week season of Julius Caesar, Henry IV and The Tempest in a new, purpose-built, 420-seat space next to King’s Cross station.

In the summertime, when I was a little girl, I would slip out of the house after eating dinner just to feel the cold grass on my toes. Everything looked different at night. The world seemed bigger, like a huge, dark room full of questions to be answered. I would walk around my backyard and create makeshift forts in small places, allowing the nighttime to ignite my imagination. I was always comforted by the idea that a certain space was mine, and only mine. Even if that space was under my swing set at nine pm, after swatting away the spider webs with my freckled hand. I would sit in that small, cramped space and be at peace. I was protected, I was hidden, I was safe.

I suppose as I’ve gotten older not a lot has changed. I’m still building temporary homes in places I don’t belong; only now they are in people. Now, I am building structures in the remains of other people’s hurricanes.

The darkness has always soothed me, which is why it makes sense that I fell in love with him. His darkness is far more intriguing than the suburbs at night. His darkness is like the shadows behind your bones, or the outline of a tree in the middle of winter. It’s constant, and unapologetic. I am still that same little girl – sneaking out of her house at night, not wanting to be seen. Only now, when I sneak out, his darkness sees all of me.

—  Isabel Klee - Finding a Home