temporary allegiance

A touching and fascinating beginning gave way to a reveal that is somehow a lot more disturbing than the first Fusion Experiments ever were.

Between Peridot’s newfound temporary(?) allegiance, Malachite, and the Cluster… This show is juggling such incredible story lines right now. It’s getting SO GOOD. Holy shit.

I rate episode 71, When It Rains, another 9/10.

Here’s the plan. I’m going to go prepare breakfast. I’m going to answer a small mountain of Asks that have popped up. I’ll chill on the Discord a little bit.

Then we’re starting another two episodes.

Speaking of doing two episodes, my Ask Screener has actually told me I’m on good pace doing two episodes at a time, as for some reason the Season 2 “Finale” happens one episode earlier than normal, and the actual final episode is a sort of wind down recap thing. So I guess I’ll stick to even numbers.

See you in 1-2 hours.