temporarily a 'brave' blog

a) I have used my Brave tag four times in the last two days for four newly-released things!!!! it is February and the movie is out in June, oh my god, I didn’t even realise that until I wrote it and now I want to hug everything! (her face is still so captivating, you guys.)

b) Happy Endings is on a roll, you guys; I thought last week’s was good, but then they gave me maximum Brad/Jane being perfect and glorious Alex and Dave and Penny playing off each other perfectly and minimal (and mute!) Max and everything was grand. I adored it.

c) I watched the David Tennant/Catherine Tate stage version of Much Ado About Nothing today and it was. beautiful. favourite play! great all around (the prince I found myself liking a lot, but everyone!!), but DT in particular, oh man - his Benedick is so fantastic I was actually surprised (granted, his last few episodes as Ten did him no favours). The only other version of the play I’ve watched is the Branagh/Thompson one, and I liked it so much (probably because it was the first time I’d heard Shakespeare be properly spoken), but I rewatched some of it after watching the stage recording and while I think Emma Thompson is still actually pitch-perfect - DT blows Branagh out of the water, man. his phrasing. actually died a little bit at love me, and mend.

how great is this play though, right. how great.