list of random spirits encountered:

- a spirit haunting a lamppost on 3rd street. it asks for the umbrella of anyone passing by in exchange for a temporary alteration in reality

- a spirit haunting people with burdens on their mind. manifests as a pair of wings on their shoulders


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What's with all of these "couples" being focused on this arc in particular?

Why are so many characters coming out for their feelings to others?

As we later find out that the title suggests, Tokyo Ghoul :re is about the coming of age of a King, and his progression through the life cycles of infant, adolescent and adult, with the adult phase signalling his readiness to take on the title of King. Each of these phases in life come with a different priority for relationships: first family, then friends, then love. But because Kaneki is the main character, the story revolves around him and the story’s themes are aligned with his development. So when Kaneki develops, so does everyone else. The child phase was the first half of the :re manga, the teenage phase was the Rushima Arc, and the adult phase is this latest Siege Arc - and now, love is the focus.

Kaneki -> Touka: Haise was his childhood; naive, oblivious (not even having his memories), and utterly controlled by senior figures, Haise was at least happy - except for the nagging sense that something was wrong which heralded the onset of his spiritual adolescence. He hits the adolescent phase with the return of his memories, and with them an enormous amount of greater insight, emotional turmoil (not to mention edginess), power, and the desire to break away from his family (Arima) when their flaws and injustices become apparent, favouring his friends (Hinami). He at last breaks from the egg in the Rushima Arc when he overcomes the emotional crisis of his adolescent stage through the mental image of the closest of his friends, Hide, and by coming to understand the true nature of his ‘father’. On reaching adulthood, he symbolically overcomes his father figure, who then removes himself from the son’s path and steps aside to allow him to become the One-Eyed King. But now he is free from the yoke and chain of his parent, Kaneki still feels lonely in his absence. Now in the Siege Arc, Touka has offered to fill that hole for him with the emotional requirement of an adult - love.

Touka -> Kaneki: Touka’s development doesn’t fit the mould quite like the other examples, with both the revelation of her moving on from her family and the fruition of her romantic feelings happening in the Siege Arc. The former occurred when Touka was talking to Akira in Ch 120 and demonstrates that she’s come to see her father how he really was, allowing her to graduate into the adult stage of life (while she’s been in that stage for some time, it’s not important which arc it occurs in, it’s important which arc the reader sees it in). The latter, of course, happens in Ch 122.

Amon -> Akira: In Amon’s case, his child phase is not related to familial feelings, but rather expressed through his confinement at the hands of the fatherly Kanou. He is rescued by a friend in Scarecrow and thus progresses to the teenage phase, his moral compass in torment as he struggles to live as a Ghoul but help the CCG. But in the teenage phase you can go both forwards and backwards, and Amon falls back into Kanou’s hands, only to be rescued again by a friend in Takizawa. Now completely free and in the adult phase, Amon turns to love through Akira.

Akira -> Amon: Like Haise, Akira was an obedient investigator who followed orders, largely due to the overwhelming influence of her father even beyond the grave. But in the Rushima Arc, she violated protocol and did something her father would never do - for the sake of her friend, she shielded a Ghoul, and she begins to question everything she once believed. When taken to Goat in the Siege arc she begins the phase of her spiritual adulthood, forming new points of view and leaving her father behind in her talk with Touka, coming to truly understand him beyond the figure she idolised. And while she’s struggling to adapt to this new life, she finds comfort through love in the form of Koutarou Amon.

Takizawa -> Akira: Takizawa had resigned himself as a plaything in the hands of Aogiri for a long time, but in the Rushima Arc he turns against Tatara, the figurehead for Aogiri, and kills him for the sake of his friends, Akira and Houji. In his teenage turmoil, he then reeled between his childish self and his future adult self, until his friend Amon pushed him towards the future. In the Siege arc, rather than at the orders of his controlling pseudo-family, he risks his life for the sake of his love for Akira (it’s also in this arc that he has the memory of eating his parents, a fitting if grim reflection of his displacing of them into the adult phase). Sadly Takizawa’s romance didn’t work out, but not all do, and his storyline reflects that truth while still allowing romance to develop his character’s progression through the stages of life.

Mutsuki -> Haise: Mutsuki was constantly in the shadow of her father’s abuse - but in the oblivious nature of a child, she blocked it out from her memory. Facing that kind of abuse in the Rushima Arc at the hands of Torso, she was put through unbelievable emotional turmoil that enabled her to remember her past and understand the flaws of her family, symbolically overcoming this by turning the tables on her abuser. In the Siege Arc, with a helpful push from a Clown, she turns her attention to love - her love of her Sensei, Haise Sasaki. But unfortunately, she has not escaped her turmoil unscarred, and her attitudes to love are as twisted as her father’s were.

Matsuri -> Urie: Matsuri was cocky and prideful for the first half of :re, naively believing he’d paved the path to success out in front of him as he followed the orders of his father and grandfather. The Rushima Arc breaks him of that conviction, when his father and grandfather are murdered and Matsuri is shoved prematurely into the adult stage of life without ever having the chance to question his family, psychologically breaking him. Unprepared for this stage of life, he is completely swallowed by his love for the one man he believes to be on his side, and soon can think of little else.

Urie -> Mutsuki: Urie’s development is a little delayed, with his teenage phase and the onset of adulthood both happening in the Siege arc. Urie was in the CCG for the sole reason of living up to his father, but Donato, whose alias is literally ‘Father’ and who had a history with Mikito Urie, forced Urie into questioning his devotion to his father and pushed him into such a great state of turmoil he momentarily became a monster. Saiko filled the hole left by the absence of his father with friendship, and when Urie wakes up, he registers his transition between the teenage and adult phases by thinking of their primary figures in turn. First he thinks of Saiko, who fulfilled the requirement for friendship, and then he thinks of Mutsuki, who he hopes will fulfil his desire for love. (This is assuming Saiko meant ‘love’ in a platonic sense, judging from her calm demeanour and the fact that she hasn’t left her child phase yet - she had the chance to do so by sparing Amon, but she didn’t take it.)

Ui -> Hairu: Like Matsuri, Ui has been shoved into the adult phase in the Siege Arc before his time. His relationship with Arima was not familial, per se, but he clearly had a deep respect for him as a mentor. When Arima died and Ui’s other friends, Hirako and Haise, defected, Ui was at his wit’s end. So long as Arima was around he could remain in the child phase without the need for romantic love, and so long as his friends were around he could stay in a teenage phase and rely solely on them. But without them, he has nothing, because the woman he loved had already been snatched away from him. He was faced with a gaping hole that nothing seemed to be able to fill - until Furuta offers to bring Hairu back to life. With nothing else he can do to fill the emptiness, Ui has no choice but to dance to Furuta’s strings.

Furuta -> Rize: But who was the first link in this chain of romance? Naturally, a Clown. This all started when Furuta announced his love of Rize in Ch 101. At the end of the Rushima arc he murdered his father and became free from his controlling influence, in order to pursue his grand ambitions to win back Rize and effectively rule over Tokyo (and further, depending on how far V’s influence extends) with her.

I think that’s it for the pairings, but if you’re interested in some other examples of family splits in the Rushima Arc, there’s Tatara (unable to move on from Yan and Fei and pays the price), Kurona (moves on from Nashiro and confronts Kanou) and Yomo (moves on from his sister).

So in a sense the manga itself has reached the adult phase, and that’s why this latest Siege Arc has been spreading the love - beyond Ishida trying to kill us all with feels, that is.


(A/N): I, for the life of me, cannot recall what the weird pool thingy was so I’m jus going to call it the black pool

Request:  I was wondering if you had watched the new movie, “Fantastic beasts and where to find them”? If so I was wondering if u could write a little story about where the reader is stuck in the little pool with the stuff that can kill you( when newt had to save Tina) and newt saves you and its super fluffy! Thank you!

Warnings: near death

Originally posted by thesafesthands

   Newt watched as (Y/N), his long time companion, stared at the shimmering black pool beneath their feet, completely entranced with the liquid that was slowly working it’s way upwards, threatening to eat them alive. He had to figure out to save them, he couldn’t let them die, he couldn’t stomach the thought of watching as they died a horrible, brutal death.

    “(Y/N)!” Newt called to them, hoping to break then out of their trance. “(Y/N)!” His voice was a bit louder but It still held its usual softness to it, even in a time of dire need he couldn’t find it himself to raise his voice. (Y/N) slowly looked up at Newt, their eyes almost glossy with fear.

    “I’m going to die," 

   "no,” Newt tried to reason as he attempted to figure out some way to get (Y/N) out. “No you’re not, I’ll get you out, I promise,” (Y/N) looks back down, their lip quivering as the black liquid slowly began to rise, lapping away at the bottom of their chair. 

   Newt was frantically trying to figure out out some way to save them and yet every plan seemed to fail- every one but one. 

   "(Y/N), I need you to listen very carefully,“ (Y/N) looks up at Newt, their eyes brimming with tears. 

   "O-okay,” They whisper, their voice quaking slightly. 

   "I need you to jump,“ 

   "are you crazy? I’ll surely die,” Newt shakes his head as he gestures to something just beyond (Y/N)’s head.

   "I need you to jump on him,“ (Y/N) cranes their head to look behind them, at a large, multicolored beast. It was beautiful and graceful, so much that (Y/N) nearly forgt they were on their way to dying. Nearly. "I’ll catch you,” Newt whispers as the creature circles around a bit, avoiding everywhere he wanted it to go. “Trust me (Y/N),” Newt eyes the beast, waiting for the opportune moment when it circled back around. “Just listen to me, jump when I tell you to jump, okay?” (Y/N) looks at the beast then back down to the rising pool.  By now the liquid was forming a circle around them and their chair, making any other form of escape impossible. It was either jump and die trying or let the pool get to them first. 

   Steeling their nerves (Y/N) nods, slowly but steadily rising from their seat. Newt gives them a soft, lopsided smile, a comforting one at that too and yet his eyes remain locked on his creature. He calculated its movements, predicting it’s next move. It was risky to do so but by now the pool was so close to touching (Y/N) he could feel his stomach quickly dropping. 

   "Jump!“ Newt suddenly calls as the beast swoops down majestically, cawing softly as it does. (Y/N) obeys, jumping at Newts call and somehow- by some stroke of luck- they succeed. Just as the black liquid swallowed up the chair (Y/N) had safely jumped into Newt’s arms, sort of. They did both nearly end up falling backwards but they were both alive, that’s all that mattered. 

   "Oh my god,” (Y/N) sighs shakily, their tears burning more than they previously had. “Oh my god,”

    “Shh,” Newt soothed them gently, running a hand over their hair as his lips pressed a soft kiss to their forehead. “It’s okay, you’re okay my love, I’ve got you,” Newt held (Y/N) close, scared that it he let them go they’d somehow get sucked back into the pool. 

   They quiver against him, their hands shaking as they grip at his jacket, the material balled up so tightly he was surprised it didnt wrinke. 

   He held them for god knows how long, kissing their forehead and nose, running a hand over their hair, assuring them that they were going to be okay. Eventually he had to break away, no matter how much he and (Y/N) didn’t want to. He gulps as he takes their hand, finally letting them out of his embrace. 

   "Lets get out of here,“ He gives them his signature shy smile and he was ever so relieved when (Y/N) smiled back, even if it was a bit less brighter than it usually was. He gave their hand one good squeeze before he guided them out of the horrifying room and out into freedom. 



Colored Touka and Kaneki Conversation in Ch. 122

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A colored part of Ch. 122 to help you cope up in the Golden Week :’D
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there's a yuri on ice moving coming out? will it be available online?


***Correction: they don’t mention anything about screenings*** but it will probably be available online after a while just like every other anime movie! ⌒(☆♡☆)ノ*: ・゚