tempo short

Gravel to Tempo : A Professional Analysis

why is everyone talking about Headphones Girl™ or Bubblegum Girl™ being gay af and having the hots for Hayley when obvs there’s one more Girl™ who likes teenage denim-addict Hayley Kiyoko circa 2007. I present:

Blonde hair black top denim shorts with belt green backpack Girl™. 

LOOK AT THE TIME STAMPS PEOPLE. this girl has walked back again, past hayhay’s table JUST to see hayley again……suspeecious 

AGAIN, TIMESTAMPS PEOPLE. this Girl™ has seemingly walked past the table, back again and WALKED PAST THE TABLE YET AGAIN JUS T TO SEE HAYLEY DANCE. idk about kinsey bUT THIS IS GAYSEXUAL BEHAVIOR!! 

Blonde hair black top denim shorts with belt green backpack Girl™ WAS THERE FOR DENIMISED HAYLEY CIRCA 2007 WHEN NO ONE ELSE WAS. SPREAD THE WORD. 


going down on ashton, leaving kisses down his abs as you were pulling down his pants. stroking his inner thighs lightly to make him shiver from your touch as you look up at him, biting your lower lip. his eyes desperately begging you as his tongue flicked over his lips. maintaining eye contact with him as you trace your tongue from his root to his very tip, smirking as he quitely moans. teasing him with your tongue again before placing your lips around him, sliding slowly all the way down. lightly touching his skin with your fingers to feel him shuffle in pleasure. going back up and increasing the tempo for a few short movements before going slow and deep again. seeing his head go back in pleasure, his mouth letting out another airy moan. continuing until you have him on the edge before pulling away and using your tongue again. repeating it over and over until he’s begging and twitching with desperation and desire. smirking and looking into his eyes as you finally let him get off. his hand clutching your hair as his body tenses for a moment before his lips part slightly, letting out a final low grunt. his face lighting up in a satisfied smile, pulling you up and kissing you before happily returning the favor.