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The Nocturne No. 20 in C-sharp minor, Op. posth., Lento con gran espressione, P 1, No. 16, KKIVa/16, is a solo piano piece composed by Frédéric Chopin in 1830 and published in 1870.

Opening bars of Nocturne No.20

Chopin dedicated this work to his older sister, Ludwika Chopin, with the statement: “To my sister Ludwika as an exercise before beginning the study of my second Concerto”. First published 26 years after the composer’s death, the piece is usually referred to as Lento con gran espressione, from its tempo marking. It is sometimes also called Reminiscence.The piece was famously played by Holocaust survivor Natalia Karp for the Nazi concentration camp commandant Amon Goeth, with Goeth being so impressed with the rendition, that he spared Karp’s life.

Performer:Wladyslaw Szpilman.Wladyslaw Szpilman (Wladek) played this music in the last live broadcast for the Polish Radio on 23.9.1939 . An hour later German bombs destroyed its power supply and the Warsaw Radio closed for long 6 years.

Those old hands have been through so much.Beautiful interptetation.  

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Hi! How do you recommend practicing sight reading? I've got a piano exam coming up in a few months and apparently the sight reading portion is really tough at my level. Thank you!

Sight read for 15 minutes a day. Doesn’t matter what you play, just read something you’ve never read before.

Before you start, tell yourself out loud:

  • What key the piece is in.
  • What meter it’s in.
  • What clefs are used. (Don’t assume right hand is treble clef and left hand is bass!)
  • What the highest and lowest notes are.

Notice the tempo marking. Even if you can’t sight read at allegro or vivace, you’ll learn about the style and mood of the piece from the tempo marking.

Now pick a tempo and stick to it. If you can’t, turn the metronome on.

Always keep playing! Here’s how to do that:

  • Never, ever repeat a note. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. Oh well. No need to make the NEXT note wrong too by re-playing the last one instead of continuing.
  • Never stop. Never take your fingers off the piano. If you can’t read what’s in front of you, make something up that’s in the same key and has a similar rhythm to what you see.
  • If your right hand gets lost, keep playing the left hand.

Sight reading can be a discouraging thing to practice at first. By its very nature we will never feel good at it: playing something for the first time can’t possibly feel as secure and musical as playing something we know.

BUT: it’s a skill like anything else. Some people are not magically “good at sight reading” while others are naturally bad at it… sight reading is a learnable skill. Remember that once upon a time you couldn’t read English either, but now you can blow through a four hundred word text post in a few seconds. Reading music works the same way.

A few last tips:

  • Pick music this easy and play it flawlessly the first time with gorgeous phrasing.
  • Pick music this hard and just play one or two measures.
  • Pick music whose tune you know so you can use your ear.
  • Pick music whose tune is unfamiliar so you’re forced to read the notes.
  • Sight read duets with friends.
  • If you recognize the I and V chords of all keys, you can understand the structure of an excerpt and read it more easily.
  • Aim to play actual music as you sight read. The kind with dynamics and emotions and occasional mistakes. This will impress the judges more than a cold technical reading of correct notes.

Good luck on your piano exam!! If it’s a few months away and you’re already thinking ahead about practicing, you’re going to be great. I’d love to hear how it goes!

Telltale final pt: A Peter Pevensie fic,

A/N: You know how I said in the previous chapters that it’s not explicit, just a bit racy? Well, this one’s explicit. :) Thanks to everyone following this! Everything’s below the “keep reading” line this time, as I knew explicit stuff isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Here’s the links to the previous chapters if you’re new.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

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I have to know how to read music for December musical so I know I have time but all of our music teachers arnt accepting new students. What should I do I know I have a few months but I'm stressing so hard!

I think what they want you to be able to do is know your way around a score, but honestly all actors should be able to read music, understand basic music theory (at the very least) and sight read to some degree. 

teoria.com is a great resource for people studying music, and those who are just starting to learn. They have plenty of exercises and lessons online to boost your skills. musictheory.net is another great site. There are also countless quiz apps for iOS and Android that will test your note reading. Practice every day in some way, because repetition is key.  

Also, familiarize yourself with the vocabulary or score markings. There’s much more on the page then the notes, and you need to know what those dynamic, articulation, tempo, etc. markings mean. 

Once you get pretty good at reading the notes, start doing some solfege exercises. There are PLENTY online, but if you wanna go old school, Melodia is the OG sight singing method book.

Becoming proficient in reading music and sight reading isn’t something that happens overnight, or even within months. It takes years of training and experience to learn how to sight read. It’s an unavoidably tedious process, but it’s a necessary one. Being able to teach yourself music is an invaluable skill.  

But, between now and December you can certainly learn to read the notes, and learn the other terminology you’d see on the page :) 

headcanon-ish? more like a prompt

i want Murdoc to be fluent in music theory and 2D not to be omfg.

So like, when Murdoc taught himself bass as a kid, he wanted to be awesome at it, so he decided to teach himself music theory while he was at it, so he knows all the notes, all the dynamic markings, the tempos, all that shit.

2D, meanwhile, took it upon himself to try and learn music theory, but it was too complicated for his little head so he said fuck it and learned to play everything by ear. (This is based on my real life experience in band class, I barely know music theory for shit lmao)

So Murdoc and 2D are writing music together, and Murdoc asks him to play this specific group of notes in a mezzo forte dynamic at an andante tempo and poor Stuart has no clue what the fuck Murdoc just said. 

Praising Seungri

He is one of the most well rounded artist in kpop.  He sings, dances, composes, choreographs, produces (not a lot of people know that for his first mini album in 2011, Seungri co-produced and wrote six of the seven songs.
In his second album he composed and produced all the songs and he made it like in 2 or 3 weeks). Have you seen his behind the scenes stuff for his solo album? He virtually got no sleep and basically directed and choreographed both his music videos! 
Seungri usually choreograph his own solo songs and for bigbang too., he was the leader of his dancing team when he was only 13-14 and they were famous. And my opinion but the boy has the greatest precision I’ve ever seen in someone. Every single move is fucking done in time which is scary… really. Look at their concerts or when they dance and focus on the music notes and Seungri’s movements and it seems as if Seungri is marking the tempo of the music with his movements. IS GREAT. Not even Tae gets this hell of a precision. I think this is because Seungri is more musically sensible than others… my teachers would call it “musical ear”, it might explain even why in Bigbang they use him to harmonize but that’s another story….
The boy is creative, it shows in how he never or (usually never) needs a choreographer to make up his own steps… which I’m certain is related with his “musical precision”.
He is fully bilingual (korean and japanese, and I bet we need to wait a few years and he will be fluent in english too). Seungri is fantastic, the effort and enthusiasm he gives is much appreciated— He’s always determined to try his best and doesn’t care if he gets things wrong on the way because that’s how you learn ,did you ever see that bigbang alive toure video in  London where he spoke English but with a British accent? He makes every effort to connect with people all over the world and that is wonderful! He recently started to learn to speak chinese madarin too. 

He is regarded as YG’s variety ace, he is MC-ing his own japanese Tv shows. He keeps getting invited back to Japan to do TV shows and he has a good command of Japanese language and cultural nuances. At Bigbang concerts he is the one in charge for MC-ing and hyping up the crowds, and I can tell you all he takes his job very serious “ he talks a lot” ,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk-XeYDlcTE It works like this all the time . Which other kpop groups and other members can do this ? At music program rehearsals and concerts he can do the MC a stand up comedy on the stage just to entertain the fans and pull together the group all the time. During the whole Alive era World tour concerts Seungri was the one who recorded all the encore stages just for fans who cant be there can see it in every country and uploaded in youtube and in yg family concert he was doing the same he was so cute. No one else doing this in yg family. He just recently got into DJ -ing. He acted in dramas,films, and musicals too.
He has amazing business mind  regarding to his young age , he is the (CEO of 
“Seungri Academy” (he bought and expanded Plug In Music Academy + Joy Dance Academy) with his academy he helps kids that had big dreams like him to achieve something and to reach their goal. It still astounds me when I think about how Seungri left his hometown of Gwangju at the mere age of 14, and traveled to a big, unfamiliar city like Seoul, all on his own to pursue his dreams of being a singer. Seungri debuted in Bigbang when he was 15 years old lol.It’s interesting there are stil rookies that are debuting at the same age as his now. Winner Kim Jinwoo (he is just 1 years younger than Seungri) is from his academy , he mentored him and brought into YG 4 years ago. Most recently Seungri bought a coffee shop/cafe called 
"AND.Here"for his parents). 

And the  most important Seungri’s voice is… amazing… he’s got that  soft, sweet and sexy
voice, it’s simply beautiful and smooth  I love it .Seungri is very very talented and  he’s funny , smart and good looking too….. His confident maybe overflowing,but that’s how he grabs the hearts of VIPs and people around him.. He has that weird charm that you can’t help but come to like him eventually. (One of the best things about Seungri imo is that he has a lot of confidence in himself  but he’s always being uplifting towards the people around him. like he isn’t just all about himself, but he encourages everyone else to believe in themselves too. i just feel like he could really make anyone feel special and better about themselves.*)*(seungriseyno) 

he is into sports: he got aTaekwondo black belt before he debuted, his in to     Ju-Jitsu these days when he got a little free time he is rushing to the gym to practice,  Seungri is playing golf a lot with his friends too( his father was a pro golf player).   and football Maybe you don’t know that Seungri actually liked football since he is child. He even travel to Spain to watched football. he went to Valencia, Barcelona & Madrid with His close friend ‘Kimmy Lim’ -daughter of Peter Lim a Singaporean Tycoon & owner of Valencia FC-. Seungri & Kimmy Lim in Spain for 1 week, they spend their vacation traveling around Spain watching football. Seungri was actually a part of a club during his solo activities in Japan for years. Seungri must be so happy for being a part of the FC MEN is a celebrity football team because he appreciates and admires Junsu (Xia) a lot. Also, when Seungri was younger, he liked Junsu so much that he wrote Xia’s name in his PE uniform 

He is also really friendly with everyone!   and he loves his fans so much. ( * You always see him being the last to leave the stage it’s like he never gets tired of fans and he always greets rookies and those younger than him, and that time at MAMA when he moved all those tables so EXO could stand at the front and while everyone was focused on hyori during FB he moved tables so seohyun and hoyeon could dance too lee seunghyun is a sweetheat who tries to make people feel comfortable and doesn’t see himself as too good or too big to talk to anyone i love this man.)*(kyuuhyuna)  He can be super sweet. He can be manly. He can be cute.  He can be dorky.  Seungri brings the fun in Bigbang. If it is just the four of them in BB, I doubt they’ll be as entertaining as a group. The four if put together looks serious at times. But when you add in Seungri, he lifts up the mood in BB so much.

 People might not necessarily notice that behind Seungri’s mask of confidence he is also sensitive and kind hearted. I always know that behind his funny character there is a grown man. He dreams big and works hard for it.  "Never stop dreaming”. Perfectly describing Seungri from back then until now. .   I also believe he has a lot of untouched potential.  He is truly a musical artist that is constantly evolving and bettering his craft. And not only does he have the ability to do these things he does them really well. 

The Well-Tempered Clavier with Chopin’s performing annotations

Chopin constantly turned to Bach as a supreme point of reference. The Well-Tempered Clavier is said to be the only score he took with him to Majorca in the winter of 1838-39, at the time he was completing his 24 Preludes op.28.

The influence of Bach on Chopin’s compositional style is indeed a powerful one. It can be detected at various levels throughout his works, from the youthful Sonata op. 4 to the late Sonata op. 65 for cello. The essentially linear conception that predominates in his development of musical ideas—the logical, elegant voice leading—appears to stem from an intimate connection with the work of J.S. Bach.

Until now the important role played by the Well-Tempered Clavier in Chopin’s teaching has been known on the basis of literary sources. The document published here for the first time confirms it with living proof of a different kind, a live record, so to speak, of his teaching.

Leafing through the pages of this copy of the Well-Tempered Clavier I, one cannot fail to be struck by the neatness with which the signs and words indicating tempo, metronome marks, phrasing, articulation, dynamics, left-hand octaves, and so on, have been notated. 

(text: J.J. Eigeldinger)

how musical eras/styles see vocalists
  • medieval: our true connection to the lord. everything else is a measly accompanist peasant
  • baroque: violins with words right? ok cool here's a 32-bar semiquaver passage at tempo marking 140 you can do it right?
  • classical: no baroque we are kind to our vocalists. until they're coloraturas who want to show off then in that case hit an F6 hoe
  • romantic: only useful when they're singing in the top 6 notes of their register also DEATH DEATH EVERYTHING IS WOEEEEEEEEEEE
  • jazz: skipedyboop
  • minimalism: ummm just count idfc don't even sing I'll make an entire song of one two three four five six seven and have it part of something called einstein on the beach. fuck your chicken strips
  • late 20th-21st century music: you know that singing you were trained for? with all the intonation and diction and shit? yeah fuck that. i want you to make duck noises. art
  • rock n roll: we're like classical, but ~groovy~
  • pop: we're like rock n roll, but ~easy~
  • metal: do we really...need working vocal cords
  • screamo: good idea no we don't
  • broadway: i'm just here to have fun guys come on
07. dexterity pt. 2

Genre: Smut.

Content: Jung Hoseok [and Kim Taehyung]. The striking aftermath of a resentful night.

Word Count: 2,150

Time slowed.

His fingers trembled and fluttered erratically against the flesh of his palms, but it wasn’t from the volatile amounts of caffeine he had consumed hours before

His smile was impotent and forged, but it wasn’t because he was afraid of the cameras catching him at a bad angle.

His limbs ached and agonized, but it wasn’t in behalf of the 7,234 steps he had taken within the past hour

Jung Hoseok was experiencing a searing, arduous torment, one that was long overdue. Although the deafening applause cloaked itself over every animate, inanimate object, seeping into each nook and cranny, he could still hear and feel your soft, emphysematous pants carelessly trailing goosebumps down the weary, muscular limbs of Kim Taehyung.

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Masterpost of Singing (and some music!) Terms

This is so long overdue, so forgive me!  This is a huge list of different terms that relate to music and singing.  There are quite a few musical terms, but they all do relate to singing in some way, or are words you may hear in lessons or choirs!  Many of them were pretty hard to define, actually, so I hope they all make sense!

Note: If you think one of these definitions is misleading or has been listed incorrectly, simply send me a message!  I don’t mind at all, and I will humbly thank you for correcting my mistake!  Similarly, if you see something missing from this list, let me know!  I’d love to add it in!


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What tempo markings mean
  • Largo: just play each note until you get tired of hearing it before playing the next note.
  • Adagio: Make the audience cry before they fall asleep.
  • Andante: isn't that a pasta?
  • Moderato: probably fake
  • Allegretto: Like allegro, but cuter.
  • Allegro: don't bother actually practicing at 120; no matter how many times the conductor says he'll bring it up to tempo, the tubas will never be able to keep up.
  • Presto: Everyone will be so impressed that you even say the word "presto" that it doesn't matter how well you play after that.
  • Prestissimo: not for humans.