Sounds In A Gallery - National Poetry Month with BABEL (4/26)

The evening will be co-presented by A Poet Art Gallery & Community Arts Organization, “Love, Us” and will include:
> Food!
> Wine & other refreshments!
> Full set by Temple University’s Poetry Collective, BABEL!
> Special guests!
> Open mic!
> Music & art!
> Dj'ing by #TeamLoveUs member, @theSophant
> Hosting by Christopher K.P. Brown!

8-9pm: Gathering
9pm: Open Mic & Performances

**18 and over
**$10 includes everything above with the exception of drinks

Located at A Poet Art Gallery
4032 Girard Ave. (40th & Girard)
Across the street from High School of the Future, down the street from The Philadelphia Zoo

Bring a friend. Always great vibes here. Always better with you in attendance:)




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Starting from Scratch: Temple University Activism

By Kaitlyn Oberg–It started with a research project.

In August of 2014, I embarked on the first stage of my journey to autonomy, more casually known as “going to college.”  I made the journey from my small, rural hometown to the large, occasionally abrasive city of Philadelphia, to attend school with 25,999 other undergraduate students. To help freshmen acclimate, the university suggested students take a “Freshman Year Experience” class, offered by different sections of the university; even our president taught one section. I was lucky enough to take my course with our Wellness Resource Center.

The final project for the course was a research paper and presentation on a health topic that was prominent in the collegiate setting. Having battled an eating disorder throughout high school, I knew it was a topic that deeply affected the undergrad population.

During my research, I discovered the university itself offered nothing in terms of National Eating Disorder Awareness (#NEDAwareness) week events. In a school with 26,000 undergraduates, it was easy to see there was (and is) a large population without any sort of outward support, in regards to a public, university-sponsored event.

So I discussed with my professor, the leader of the campus Peer Educators, regarding starting an event. From there, I have worked closely with a peer educator, also in recovery, to create three separate events to hold on campus: a build-a-Barbie, an affirmations craft, and a movie screening of “For the Love of Nancy.”

NEDAwareness week isn’t exclusive to just those of us recovering or currently battling the illness. NEDAwareness week  pertains to those in recovery, family and friends, and people who are just looking to be educated in regards to eating disorders. My university does a great job of providing free individual and group counseling to students, but lacks any public support of students. I want NEDAwareness week to provide students with something else: a clear message that there’s nothing to be ashamed about in regards to their disorder.  I want Temple University to have at least one week a year that allows those of us with disorders to feel comfortable and supported publicly. In addition, I want others to be aware that my university has a place for those who are either in recovery or fighting an illness, and wants to support everyone to the fullest extent.

I encourage and implore anyone who feels the call to start an event at his or her university to do this, as well! The experience has been both enriching and inspiring, and in planning this event, I have found support in people I would never have met.  I hope this event will continue at the university for years to come, and not only educate the undergraduate population, but provide a place for those with the illness to come forward and share their stories as well.

About the author: Kaitlyn is a freshman nursing major attending Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, with hopes to one day be a Public Health or Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. In her free time, you can find her wandering through Center City, watching Bob’s Burgers, or with her nose in a John Green novel.

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I just submitted my deposit to Temple University!

After a semester of being miserable at Pace University in New York City and another semester of being miserable at a community college in my hometown, I’m finally going to be where I wanted to be in the beginning (TempleU)! I can’t believe that it’s finally happening though. I feel like I’m finally on the path to achieving the life I want. I’m done taking advice from others and not doing what I want! If you live that way forever, you’re just setting yourself up to be miserable (just like I did). 

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