I wanna thank the crewniverse so much for this episode, it hit pretty close to home with me. I know fully well how thoughts can stop you from taking action and make you paranoid about seemingly meaningless things. Knowing how to calmly organize your thoughts is such an important skill to learn and i’m so glad their teaching this to a younger audience. 

Also that song is my absolute favorite, Estelle, AJ Michalka, you both have goddam angalic voices (^-^)

Number of damaged temples rises to 390

The number of temples in the ancient city of Bagan that were damaged by the earthquake that struck central Burma on Wednesday has risen to around 390, according to officials from the Department of Archaeology.

The latest figure is more than double that of initial reports, which put the number of temples that suffered severe damage at 180. The Department of Archaeology is now conducting a more in-depth survey of the destruction that will include less extensive damage.

“We will also be also taking into account minor damage at smaller temples in our survey,” the department’s deputy-director Thein Lwin told DVB on Friday. he added that the survey expected to find that more of the roughly 3,000 temples at the site were damaged by the 6.8-magnitude earthquake. Read more.


26082016 | /100 | Finally finished up the pages in my journal from my LA mission. I’ve only been back for three days but I miss it already.
not the weather of course. It’s hovering around 17C here and I am sooo happy. I couldn’t take any other hour of the California heat good lord.

Rick....sorry, DICK Riordon

So today I was bored and wanted to see how the community is doing and I scrolled through the tag “Hellenic polytheist” just for kicks and see the new stuff y'all have posted :)

Well, when I saw the many strong opinions on what people think of the Percy Jackson series (99% hate it for many reasons) I got curious. I am not a fan of how the fandom treats the series as gospel and claims it’s canon to the whole mythology and religion, but I wondered what Riordon had said to make people not like him, calling him and ass and such (I’ve seen a couple quotes beforehand with him calling the gods “superheroes” and such, but THIS pissed me off


So if you didn’t read it or can’t, he basically explains how the Greek hellenics (like living in Greece mind you) wanted to use the Temple of Zeus in Athens for a ceremony. I’ve heard both sides of the argument and while I understand that polytheists want the original temples to worship it probably just can’t happen.

Now, I would LOVE to have a temple to visit (I live in the Bible Belt so that’s slim to none) but I would also really love visiting the Athens and Grecian temples. But those are government property. They are frail, ancient monuments and (now) ruins. Any activity could cause them to wear away and the relic of the ancient times could be lost. Preservation is key to keeping those alive.

Now in Greece it is basically outlawed to be much else but Greek Orthodox Christians. They claim religious freedom but it isn’t shown in the practice of law, unfortunately. But it is not religious freedom to deny people from potentially harming a preserved monument as a testament to history. Because if the religion used those monuments and such to practice, defacement and vandalism could occur from those who oppose the religion; damage caused by trying to rebuild the temples; increased traffic could erode any delicate materials; and it would stop people, like me, from being able to visit the temples as a personal experience and it could decrease Greece’s tourism income (yes greed is horrible and money shouldn’t be a factor but with their economy and so much misconduct it is important they have that revenue to stay afloat).

I am not saying the Grecian government should deny polytheists from building temples or churches of their own for the practice, but I agree with the governments right to protect a very important piece of history and cultural identity. I would love to have a temple like the Mormons do, a fuck ton, but that is difficult.

Now, WHY did I bring this up? Well, that’s what the story is about but what infuriated me was Riordon’s mockery and disrespect for the polytheists. Saying “they can’t even decide on a name”. Really? Hmm….then why are there hardly any churches of Christianity with the SAME NAME EITHER??? Each name is a different devision of Hellenism (the actual name if I do recall) who choose to divide into different sects with similar practices. Just like Christianity has Catholicism, Lutherans, Evangelism, Jahovah’s Witnesses, Baptists and Protestants, Hellenism has many. And just like Christian churches have churches and temples with different names (Church of Christ, Holy Cross, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Church of Mary, etc) Hellenism has the same. Hellenism is not something to mock just because it is not a"norm" or popular religion in today’s society. Nor are any pagan or ancient religions and belief systems.

Rick Riordon is a dick to Hellenism and it’s followers. Humanity is not “Christianity or Bust” nor should it be treated like such. Religious freedom is practicing your beliefs without interfering with law or other people’s lives or beliefs.

And Riordon is a dick.

“1984 was a f**king amazing year, especially the movies that came out in the summer of 1984 - it was just a great year for pop culture… so we’re trying, hopefully, to capture a little bit of the magic of those films. Something like Temple of Doom - I actually really love Temple of Doom, I love that it gets a little darker and weirder from Raiders… it messed up a lot of kids, and I love that about that film - that it really traumatised some children. Not saying that we want to traumatise children, just that we want to get a little darker and weirder.”

Stranger Things creators The Duffer Brothers say that Season 2 of the show (which will be set in 1984) will look to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom for inspiration.