Here’s the promo! It’s specifically for “Legends” and not the remaining episodes from this season. Henry Danger’s Jace Norman guest stars, as well as game show host Kirk Fogg! And it’s very likely Dee Bradley Baker will reprise his voice of Olmec – he had guest appeared on the episode “Pets Peeved”! The episode debuts next month!

Danny Rand Appreciation Week

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Day Four: Favorite Episode

Iron Fist 1x11: Lead Horse Back to Stable

Every episode is my favorite episode, but I think this was the most important for all of the characters. Danny goes to Claire for help and has decided to give up on his pursuit of the Hand, Claire confronts both Danny and Colleen about their problems, Claire gets to learn a little bit more about how Danny was raised from Davos, and Colleen gets a wake up call about the fact that she was raised in a cult and they want to kill her for disobeying Bakuto.

This episode was so important I think because everyone aired their dirty laundry for everyone else to see. Davos was finally upfront with Danny as to why he resents that Danny was chosen to take the Trials, Claire confronts Colleen about the Hand and why she lied to everyone about being a part of it, Claire confronted Danny about dealing with his intense feelings for Colleen and thinking about what it must have been like for her being raised in a cult. The episode was so good and I think so important for the show and to push Danny into making a decision about his own life and what he wanted to do with it.


Yūshōin Niten Gate- Backside Aoi no Gomon por Rekishi no Tabi
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This is the crest of the Tokugawa–the ruling shogunal family of the Edo period (1603-1868). It’s on one of the old gates Zōjō-ji temple complex- the Niten gate of Yūshōin, Tokugawa Ietsugu’s mausoleum, in the Shiba area of Minato-ku, Tokyo. The temple grounds have shrunk in size, and this gate now stands on the property of the Tokyo Prince Hotel. The gate is in need of dire restoration work. Never-the-less, I think this mon (crest) looks quite interesting, even in it’s current state of decay.