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Werewolf AU with Iwaizumi scenario protecting his s/o

Camp NaNoWriMo Day 12 Request Complete!

i randomly remembered temple run the other day and got an idea, so i decided to roll with it?

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Your ankle is throbbing and elbows scraped, but you clutch onto your satchel with every ounce of your strength. Perhaps, if you curl up in this underbrush, they’ll lose you. It would be sometime before you could move again knowing that your mobility was limited with your new injuries and they could still be chasing after you.

What exactly they were, you couldn’t say. Maybe they were monkeys–they certainly sounded like them. Whatever creatures they were, they were clearly unhappy that you’d taken their treasure. You can hear their screeches in the nearby distance and brace yourself for whatever fate you end up with.

I had a good life. Not long enough, but it was fun.

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Sam in full colour! Yay!

Samantha “Sam” Samwise Temple, the Brujah who uses her head a lot, for headbutting hoards of zombies that is. Honestly, I am never going to let that one go…

Sam belongs to my friend Jonas. She is my Ventrue’s partner in crime. He had to go through sewers for her! That’s how much he cares! It was disgusting!