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Unbreakable (Part 2)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Torture, Swearing, Abduction
A/N: Prompt. Part 1. So, here is the second part of ‘Unbreakable’! Honestly having so much fun writing this one, let me know what you guys think! Feedback is always appreciated!

All Bucky could do was stand, frozen in place, watching you walk away from him once again.

“You want to know why she hates water?” A feminine voice murmured from behind him, causing him to jump, much like you had moments before.

“Wanda?” He asked, face a picture of confusion, “How the hell did you get up here?”

“I have my ways…” She smirked, twirling red mist in her fingertips, “But you didn’t answer my question, do you want to know?”

“Yes.” He answered immediately, hands clenching into fists as he took a step forward.

“It’s not pretty…” Wanda murmured, eyes clouding with concern, “I wouldn’t usually do this… but you need to understand what you did…”

“I know Wanda, just… show me.” He answered, sucking in a breath as Wanda placed her hands on his temple, red clouding his vision for a moment, before everything went black.

Eyes snapping open, Bucky immediately locked onto a familiar-looking young girl, who couldn’t be any older than 5.

“Y/N?” Bucky murmured, jaw going slightly slack at the scene in front of him, watching your small form cowered in the corner, knees drawn up to your chest as you sobbed into them. Eyes flickering around the room, he took in the peeling wallpaper and dingy carpet, frowning at the large scorch mark up one of the walls. Letting his hand run over some of the dusty pieces of furniture, he lingered for a moment over a familiar looking stuffed bear, lightly singed around the edges but otherwise fine. Just as he went to pick up the object, the door slammed open, only narrowly avoiding falling off its hinges.

“There it is!” A greying man stuttered, pointing towards your cowered form.

“Get it, before it can do any more damage!” Said another, cowering behind a large group of angry, yet scared, looking men.

Before Bucky could move, two of the men grabbed you by the arms, hauling you out of the room kicking and screaming.

“Daddy!” You wailed, tears streaming down your cheeks, “Don’t let them take me!”

The greying man seemed to slink back at your words, Bucky being able to easily identify him as your father. As Bucky felt the anger begin to build, the same red mist from earlier clouded his vision, dragging him back into the darkness.

Waking with a gasp, Bucky only felt more confused than before. Why did those men seem so scared of a small child? Why would your own father let them take you? Pushing himself up off the hard ground, he quickly realised, he wasn’t back at the compound. Eyes adjusting to the flickering light of the room, he couldn’t work out where the source of light was coming from. There was no lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, none on the walls, and no lamps. That’s when he realised. It was you. Sat cross-legged on the floor, the still young version of you let a small flame fill the palm of your hands. Letting a smile tug at his lips, Bucky watched your childlike wonder at your powers, knowing just how powerful you’d one day turn out to be.

Just as Bucky started to get lost in the moment, letting his eyes focus solely on the flame that was burning in your small hands, it was once again shattered by the sound of the large metal door crashing open, your small form immediately extinguishing the flame.

“Oh look, it’s the freak!” A malicious looking man spat out as he entered the room, your younger self immediately backing away as far as possible. “N’awww is the freak scared?” He laughed, sauntering over to you before dragging you up by the arm.

“No no no no no…” Your younger self sobbed, as the man dragged you towards a small, grimy looking tub. Turning on the rusted tap, water began to sputter out at a slow rate.

Realising what was happening, Bucky felt his jaw clench and hands ball up into fists.

Just as Bucky went to take an angry step forwards, the man hauled you up and dunked you under the water, ignoring the way you struggled in his arms, small hands clawing away at where his arms kept you submerged.

“Stop it! She’s a child! You’re going to kill her!” Bucky found himself yelling, trying to get to you, yet something was holding him back.

Finally bringing you out of the water, the man smirked as you struggled for breath.

“This is what you get for being a freak!” He spat, backhanding you across the face, not hesitating another moment before dunking you back under the water.

Letting out an enraged growl, Bucky went to storm at the man, the red mist stopping him in his tracks and dragging him back under.

Gasping awake, Bucky immediately shot up, eyes wild as he span around, trying to take in his surroundings.

“You’re back Barnes, it’s okay.” Wanda murmured, smiling sadly as Bucky let out a shaky breath and slumped to the floor, covering his face with his hands.

“It’s not okay!” He yelled, the sound only slightly muffled as he threw his head back, “That little girl, she…” He started, flinching slightly as Wanda rested a hand on his shoulder.

“She’s all grown up, Bucky.” Wanda murmured, “She’s okay.”

“But she’s not, is she! I…I fucked that up! She was okay, she was safe, and I had to go and literally throw her back into all that shit!” He shouted, tugging at his hair as he ranted.

“Then make it right Barnes!” Wanda loudly interjected, pulling his hands out of his hair, “You are the only one who can.” She said more softly, patting him on the shoulder before turning to leave.

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Title: Overprotective

Character: Joe Merriweather

Movie: Solace

Warnings: None

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Blindly reaching over for my cup, I brought it to my lips only to frown at the lack of coffee in it.

The smell of the hazelnut creamer was still strong, but that wouldn’t get me through the night.

“Damnit,” I cursed.

I was working on a case that my husband and I were put on, and I truly didn’t want to get up from my desk.

“Here, Y/N,” Joe came into my office, placing a fresh cup on my desk.

“I knew I married you for a reason,” I smiled, pouring the hot liquid into my cup.

I blew on it before taking a sip. Sighing, I pointed at my cup, nodding, “Yup… Definitely married you because of this,”

Joe laughed, shaking his head as he sat on my desk.

“Love you too, baby,”

I blew him a kiss as I picked up a piece of paper.

“Find out anything new?”

I rubbed my head in frustration, “No. I’ve gone over this rape and autopsy report at least ten times and none of this making any sense,”

Joe tilted his head, taking a crime scene photo and studying it.

“The patterns just aren’t adding up, but I know it’s him Joe. I know it.”

He sighed, placing the photo back down where he got it from.

An officer knocked on the door, “Sorry to interrupt Mr. and Mrs. Merriweather, but we have someone here that wants to speak with one of you.”

“I’ll be there in a minute, Officer Banks.”

Joe turned back to me, “Listen, we’ll catch him, Sweetheart. We always do,”

He leaned over, taking my chin in his soft hand. Slowly, he kissed me, his tongue gently dipping into my mouth.

Grunting slightly, he pulled back, grinning, “I knew I married you for a reason,”

I laughed, swatting at him, “Ass,”

Joe chuckled, kissing my head right before he left.

I rubbed my temples, my vision blurry from staring at the photos and paperwork for so long.

Making a final decision, I decided to just go back to the crime scene to scan it over once again.
John Clancy ran into the station, demanding the front desk that he speak with his long time friend, Joe.

“He’s busy at the moment Sir. Have a-”

“I don’t give a damn if he’s busy or not!” he snapped, slamming his hand on counter.

“John, what’s going on?” Joe’s brows were furrowed as he approached him.

“Where’s Y/N?”

“She went back to a crime scene, why?”

“I saw her,” John’s accent became thicker the more he remembered his vision, “She’s in an abandoned apartment. Old blood splattered on the nicotine stained wall.”

Joe’s eyes widened, fear making them glossy. He turned, telling others to get to 4861 Stemming Road.

“Keep talking!” Joe said, as John kept up with him.

“Fresh blood on the floor… drag marks… she’s- she’s tied to a chair…”

“Oh my God,” Joe whispered.
I groaned, my head aching and a nasty crick in my neck as I tried to lift it.

“Wake up, sleepy head,” A male, sing-song voice said.

I felt a rush of air and a hard slap to my cheek when I didn’t comply.

“I said wake up, Goddamnit!”

Carefully I blinked, but it burned. That when I noticed in the shitty lighting that my vision was stained red.

The burning was caused by blood getting into my eyes.

“Ohhh, lookit here, lookit here!”

“We got us a beauty Cyrus!” Another male voice cheered.

A slap resounded, “No names you fuck wit!”

“Oww! No need to get violent! I mean, shit! It ain’t like she’s gonna live through it!”

“Alvin,” the voice became darker, “I like my fish wet and squirmy. If she dies before I get my piece, I’m slittin’ your fuckin’ throat!”

I wiggled my wrists, but the were tied to the arms of the chair tightly.

“That’s right, you just keep on wigglin’!” Cyrus, I presumed, cackled.

My vision became clearer the more I blinked.

“What do you want?” I gasped.

Taking his knife, he ran the tip of it down my cheek, cutting it.

“We just wanna have some fun now, Sweetness,”

I swallowed the bile that was building up in my throat.

When some commotion came from the lower floor, Cyrus sent his accomplice down to check it out.

A scuffle sounded, then it became dead quiet again.

Cyrus sighed and shook his head, “Fuckin’ igidt probably fell down the stairs again. Oh well,” he threw his knife up in the air with a spin and caught it, “some things ya just have to do yourself,”

With that, he lifted his arm high and stabbed my thigh with the knife.

I screamed, gripping the arms of the chair until my knuckles were white.

I could tell by the sound that it was embedded into the wood.

My scream turned into cries and gasps as I leaned forward.

Cyrus went out the room, whistling.

Gunshots and shouts erupted, then multiple people running up the stairs echoed in the hall.

I watched as Joe scanned the room from each side of the doorway, “Clear!”

“Joe,” I cried out, my breath skipping as I tried to calm myself.

Tears filled his eyes as he whispered, coming over to me, “Baby,”

“We need the paramedics, now!” John yelled.

Joe cupped my bloody cheeks as he cried along with me, “Y/N… Sweetheart,”

“Get me out of here, please!”

“Shhh, shhh, Sweetheart. We are,”
6 months later

I sat on the exam table, waiting impatiently for the doctor to come in. This would be my last visit if everything had healed well.

Joe stood, leaning against the counter with his arms folded across his chest.

“Gah, I hope I get to go back to work!”

“Y/N…” Joe said, lowly.

He was very reluctant to even let me out of his sight. He was driving me nuts if I were to be honest.

“Joe, I swear if you don’t give me some breathing room…”

When he opened his mouth to argue, the doctor came in, ending the argument… for now.

“How are we Mrs. Merriweather?”

“Ready to get back to my old life,” I said.

“Well, from the looks of your tests, everything seems to be back to normal,”

A sigh left me, my shoulders sagging.

“Thanks Doc,”

He smiled, writing me a prescription for light painkillers to be taken if needed.

On the way home, I could feel the tension radiating off of Joe.

He’d flexed his jaw and grip the steering wheel to the point that it’d creak.

“Joe,” I called out to him softly.

He ignored me, slamming on his breaks once we were in the driveway.

“Joe, what the hell!?”

“I can’t lose you, alright!?” He shouted, his chest heaving.

I became silent, feeling my eyes burn with the threat of tears.

Carefully, I unbuckled my seatbelt and got out of the car.

“Y/N,” Joe called out to me, his voice hoarse and tearful.

I unlocked the door and went inside and began pacing the kitchen.

Joe slowly came inside, his eyes red.

“I-,” I got choked up, my words cutting out as the tears started, “I get it, Joe; I do, but I’m suffocating here!”

Shoving my fingers into my hair, I lightly pulled at my hair, “Each day that I’m not at work helping in some way, is letting those bastards that did this to me, win!”

I watched as Joe’s bottom lip quivered.

“I want my life back! I want us back, damnit!”

With that I sank to the floor, the dam that I had built all these months, breaking.

“Y/N…” Joe wrapped me up in his arms, pulling me to his warm chest.

“I’m sorry for being so overprotective, baby,” he cried, “I just don’t know what I’d do with- without you,”

We held each other in the kitchen until our tears dried. This was something that had been brewing for a while and we needed to address it before we were really able to heal.

Holding his elbows, I pulled back from his chest giving him a watery laugh, “I feel better now,”

He combed his fingers through my hair, chuckling, “Me too, baby… me too.”

Pulling his head down to mine, I gently laid my lips over his in a slow kiss.

“I knew I married you for a reason,” he said, lowly, once I pulled back.

I snorted, smacking his arm the same way I did those six months ago.



Return To Me

Can be found on AO3 and FF.net, also this chapter under the cut….

Summary: What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with the last 5 years of your memories gone? After an unfortunate accident, Oliver Queen must figure out his place in a life he has no memory of whilst his wife, Felicity, does everything she can to support him. With emotions, secrets and relationships pushed to the limits; will love and friendship be enough to turn back the hands of time?

Authors Note: As always thank you for your support, I am well into writing this so you can stay safe knowing I’m chapters ahead (just not in editing :P) which means everything is planned out ;)… SO ENJOY!

Chapter 3: Support.

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You Need a Maid? Chapter 12

Fandom: Avengers / Marvel
Rating: G / PG13 / R
Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, blah legal stuff. Don’t sue me, I’m poor.

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You woke up to the dingy stink of being underground. The cold, wet floor under you make you shiver. A pathetic thin mattress in the corner offered a thin separation from the concrete. Metal bars denied you the ability to exit your cage. You were trapped.

You looked for some form of warmth, more than the paper thin nightgown could offer. What had happened? You pushed yourself up, away from the floor and looked around. Where were you? You walked to the bars and peered out. There were guards, watching, waiting. “Hey, hey!” You called out, but none of them so much as looked at you.

“They won’t talk to you, darling.” Came a woman’s voice. You could hear her before you could see her. When she came into view you stumbled back. She was paper white, eyes bloodshot red. Along her left cheek and all down her neck were burns. On her lab coat was a strange symbol, it looked like a red octopus, with a skull for a head.
“Only I will talk to you.” She grinned and you shuddered, feeling queasy.

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coloringpencils  asked:

For the 100 word drabble, may I ask for Gladnis + "Shit, oh my god are you okay?!"

Of course you may! And in fact, because this was another one I couldn’t make my mind up about, you got two scenarios…

“Shit, oh my god, are you ok?!” Gladio’s face drained as he rushed to steady him.

Ignis, stoic, hearty Ignis, swayed. “I… I’m fine,” he breathed.

“No you aren’t,” Gladio growled, a hand on each arm as he marched him from the room.

Ignis was too dazed to realise he’d been marched from the king’s audience chamber. He shivered. The room was too hot. “I… think I may be unwell,” he murmured as he sank down onto Gladio’s couch.

“No shit, Shiva,” he chuckled. “Lemme take care of you.” And he handed him a mug of hot honey and lemon.

“Shit, oh my god, are you ok?!” Gladio yelped, lunging for Ignis.

The tall advisor crumpled like a felled tree, knees folding beneath him. Gladio’s blow had caught him on the temple. Blinking stars from his vision, Ignis tried to speak, but for once, words failed.

“Lie still,” Gladio hissed, flapping nervously. “Shit, I’m so sorry.”

Ignis moved his gloved hand to his brow and blinked. “You owe me after that one,” he smirked weakly.

“Save the sass, Specs,” Gladio retorted, sounding shaky as he checked for concussion. Cradling him and bending low over Ignis, he exhaled. “I love you.”

As a thank you for reaching 100 followers, I’m writing 100 word drabbles. Send me a person or a pairing plus a word, or an opening sentence, and I’ll write you a 100 word drabble in return! (note, I’m moving house right now, so I’m not able to respond as quickly as I’d like. I’m sorry!)

And in the silence afterwards, not even the sound of their breathing exists.

Cas didn’t mean to say it, Dean can tell—or at the very least, he didn’t mean for it to come out as abruptly as that. He can tell by the way Cas’ eyes have gone all wide with fear and shock, and by the way his hands shake when he slowly works them free from the lapels of Dean’s coat, holding them in front of his body like he has no idea what to do with them. He steps back, but only a little.

Although Dean is no longer being pressed up against the motel door by the curled fists of a pissed-off angel, he doesn’t relax his stance in the slightest. He keeps himself flat against it, stiff as a board.

This is the part he doesn’t understand.

Fighting he can understand. He knows fighting. He’s good at fighting. He’s never enjoyed it when it was with Cas—if anything, it’s always left him with a hallow and vaguely sick feeling in his stomach, accompanied by another feeling in his chest he cares not to examine. But he still knows it. He knows what words to say to make the deepest cut, knows how to ask all the wrong questions, knows how to speak with his teeth bared and with a growl lodged in his throat.

But this is the part that overwhelms him. This is the part he doesn’t even let himself think about. Cas is just staring him with his mouth parted open and looking like he’s about to take off the moment he can get his senses back, and Dean shouldn’t feel like prey who’s been cornered, but he does.

It’s so much. It’s too much. Dean doesn’t even know if he could possibly hear anything besides the sound of his own heart pounding in his ears, a constant drum against his temples as his vision turns to red. He squeezes his eyes shut tight and does the same to his mouth, having not even realized it was open.

Dean Winchester doesn’t get this. This doesn’t happen. Those words were never meant to be said to him, and they definitely were never meant to be said by Castiel. It’s blasphemy. The moment between them seems to stretch on endlessly.

Unable to gain complete control of his body and with so much emotion rising that Dean couldn’t stop it from escaping him even if he dared to try, he does the most girly, stupidest, most embarrassing shit he’s ever done: he fucking cries.

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Star Wars: Episode 8: The Last (Pride & Prejudice) Jedi

TheBigReyloTheory Trasherpiece Theater proudly presents:

Star Wars: Episode 8: The Last (Pride & Prejudice) Jedi

Brought to you by Captain McHusbandMan who recovered my glasses from the imaginary number space! Yay!

I hope you are familiar with Pride & Prejudice. If not, I implore you to check out the ’95 and ’05 versions. And, always, READ THE BOOK.

‘K I’m long-winded, but especially today cause P&P’s my fav…you’ll be scrolling FOREVER. :D

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Jedi Master strong in the Force must be in want of a padawan.”

Argh, Star Wars, so stressful, so many characters to worry about…My nerves and Star Wars are old friends, twenty years at least.

Quick Recap of The Force Awakens:

Ahch-To is let at last! (meaning: occupied)

Do not you want to know who has taken it?

Skywalker. (Mr. Bingley)

He is a Jedi Master to be sure!

It is a fine thing for our Star Wars characters.

How so, you ask?

My dear Star Wars fans, you must know that I am thinking one of them must be his new padawan!

And if he must train one of them, I must throw in a good word for lil Rey (Elizabeth). She has something more of a quickness about her.

*Epic Flashback*

At Starkiller Base (the grand assembly) Kylo Ren (Mr. Darcy) is encouraged to read (dance) Rey’s mind for the map (to find a pleasant girl). But, honestly, he really doesn’t want to…it gives him no pleasure.

It’s probably true…she’s just a scavenger…(country girl with crazy family).

When he uses his Force power, and she meets his probe (eyes) with her own, he withdraws. Rather rudely.

Needless to say, Rey remained with no very cordial feelings towards him.

However, later on, after escaping, and besting his call to the Skywalker lightsaber, Kylo Ren begins to admire Rey.

His doing so drew her notice.

Therefore Kylo Ren finds himself presented a very desirable padawan (dance partner). He cannot refuse to be her teacher (dance), when so much beauty is before him.

But, of course, Rey refuses.

*Jumping to Episode 8*

Luke Skywalker is a very pleasant fellow indeed!

It’s clear he’s really developed a thing for the lovely First Jedi Temple (Jane). They spend a lot of time together. He never wants to leave her, er, I mean the Temple.

So, anyhow, it rains a lot on Ahch-To. Rey’s really fond of walking. So she decides she better go check on the poor ole leaky First Jedi Temple (sick Jane). ‘Cause Rey is good at fixing things, bypass skills are very handy.

Turns out, poor ole leaky First Jedi Temple (sick Jane) is ok. Luke is thrilled that it’s raining and he’s stuck in the Temple. Rey’s ok with it, until she realizes there’s another visitor lurking around.

Argh, he is a most disagreeable, horrid man! But apparently Jedi Temples are like neutral, nonpartisan, sanctuary zones. Everyone’s going to have to get along…er, skate around snarky comments.

It makes for several stir-crazy days together…Rey starts walking, aimlessly, around the room. Kylo Ren starts hate-flirting with her.

When it stops raining, everything just gets worse….

Stormtroopers (militia unit) arrive on Ahch-To!

And a very, very, very distant relation of Rey’s comes to stay for a week…

Yeah, Rey should be happy to see her cousin and all, but he stinks. No really, “Mr. Collins the Hutt” is an odious bore. He talks about his patron, Snoke (Lady Catherine), day and night. But rumor has it, Snoke stinks, too.

And, to add insult to injury, it turns out, Mr. Collins the Hutt is going to inherit the deed to Ahch-To. What? No! Argh, Hutts and their properties…it’s just like Star Wars: Monopoly.

Anyhow, he really wants to move into the First Jedi Temple. But once he sees how the First Jedi Temple is already spoken for by Luke, and how committed Luke is, Mr. Collins the Hutt comes up with a new plan:

If Rey marries him, they can all happily stay on Ahch-To and Luke can remain with the First Jedi Temple.

What??? But they are cousins you cry!

Indeed. So, Rey does the only sensible thing. She tries to avoid Mr. Collins the Hutt by doing lots of walking. Those stairs are a great workout. And Hutts are slow.

On one of these particular walks, Rey meets a delightful young officer. General Armitage “Wickham” Hux is, seemingly, a perfect gentleman and very handsome in uniform.

While Rey and General Armitage “Wickham” Hux are talking, they cross paths with Luke and Kylo Ren on the stairs. Luke, of course, is very good humoured. However, Kylo Ren almost growls at Hux, and marches off to throw a tantrum.

Rey knew Kylo Ren was horrid and all, but she is shocked by his rudeness.

Later, Hux explains that he brings out the worse in Kylo Ren, cause Kylo Ren is so jealous of him. The Supreme Leader (father) likes Hux best and Kylo Ren can’t stand it. Although Kylo Ren should be grateful that he has the Force (large estate, money) and is in an arranged engagement to the Supreme Leader’s (Lady Catherine’s) daughter, Captain Phasma…Kylo Ren is just a hateful person who screwed up Hux’s raise (living). Rey feels sorry for Hux.

Meanwhile, Luke decides, as a neutral, nonpartisan Jedi, to throw a party and invite all the Stormtroopers (militia) on Ahch-To. It turns out to the social event of the year. Rey, of course, is forced to be polite and dance with Mr. Collins the Hutt…even though she really wanted Hux to ask her to dance.

Strangely enough, Kylo Ren, who really hates dancing, comes to claim Rey’s hand.

Rey is so shocked, she accepts, but quickly decides to tease him about everything Hux told her. The effect on Kylo Ren is immediate. Such distain. She accuses him of being prejudice. Hux, after all, is just a poor, innocent officer trying to make his way in the galaxy…

The dance ends. Ren exits the room knowing Rey is full of her own pride.

However, Rey finds herself out of the fire and into the frying pan when Mr. Collins the Hutt decides to “formally” propose marriage to her.

But apparently Mr. Collins the Hutt thinks she’s playing hard to get

What say you, Star Wars fans? Trash shippers will never forgive her if she doesn’t marry Mr. Collins the Hutt, the rest will never forgive her if she does….

Thankfully, Mr. Collins the Hutt takes a hint. He can tell Rey’s mad, and he doesn’t want to end up like Jabba or anything. So he leaves. And in a shocking turn-of-events, he suddenly marries Rey’s friend, Maz Kanata (Charlotte). Odd, yes. But Maz never wanted to be an old maid. And she can’t wait on Chewie FOREVER. So long as she’s happy, I guess.

Without warning, Luke decides to take Kylo Ren’s advice and spend some time away from the First Jedi Temple. What? Out of the blue?

Ahch-To is turning topsy-turvy! Rey feels some time away from the stir-crazy island will do her some good, too. Therefore, she flies to see the newly married Maz Kanata-the Hutt at Mr. Collins the Hutt’s humble home on Naboo. Maz is now technically her distant cousin-in-law and all.

However, you can’t simply visit the Hutts without making a visit to the home of their neighbor and patron, Supreme Leader Snoke (Lady Catherine). That’s just rude. So, Rey accompanies them to meet Snoke and Phasma. Argh, boring. Snoke talks and talks non-stop about how him and Phasma are so great, and how weird Rey seems. How negligent her parents were (duh).

Then Kylo Ren shows up!

Ahhh! It’s like Kylo Ren is following her or something! Now she’s going to have to put up with him the whole visit.

Oh my. Can things get any worse? Yup.

One day Kylo Ren suddenly shows up on the Hutts’ doorstep. For some strange reason, Maz and Mr. Collins the Hutt rush out of the room to give Ren and Rey time alone. Awkward.

Pretty soon, Rey can’t escape Kylo Ren anywhere. He’s always showing up at Hutts’ home or at Snoke’s or wherever she’s walking. People keep leaving them alone. They have to make weird, but oddly flirty conversation.

In the meantime, Rey gets a holo (letter) from Luke about his new adventures. He’s decided never to return to Ahch-To again. Luke claims Kylo Ren was right, the First Jedi Temple just isn’t giving him visions anymore. Maybe he needs a new temple or try Darth Vader’s helmet (Georgiana Darcy) for a while. Oh, and he wants her to know that Hux is a total flirt and has been seen ‘round with another wealthy officer.

Oo! Rey feels the anger flowing through her. She doesn’t even care what Hux does. But Kylo Ren? He’s messed everything up! The plan was set! Luke was going to stay with the First Jedi Temple, and Rey was going to learn the ways of the Force. Not only is Kylo Ren horrid, he’s also completely meddlesome!

Just when she wants to be alone to fume, Ren shows up again. He’s got a question to pop.

Say what?? When she has every right to think ill of him?? He wants to marry her and be her teacher?? Argh!

Ren is astonished. I mean, he did just tell Rey he loved her…some men just wait and tell the lady “I know.” I mean what does Rey want? For him to rejoice in the inferiority of the Resistance? That they’re on opposite sides?

Ren leaves ashamed of his feelings. Rey is vexed.

Next day, Ren sends Rey a holo, promising it’s not another join me, marry me, or be my padawan proposal. Instead, he wishes to tell his side of the story in regards to Luke and General Hux.

It was Ren’s observation that, although Luke felt at home with the First Jedi Temple, the First Jedi Temple had no peculiar regard for his Force power. The First Jedi Temple didn’t give Luke any extra special powers or visions. Ren, however, admits that he might have been too hastily, and the First Jedi Temple could potentially make Luke both powerful and content.

As for Hux, the man was given several raises, all of which he gambled away in Sabacc games. When his next raise was denied, Hux stole Darth Vader’s helmet (Georgiana Darcy) and made Ren pay ransom to get it back all safe and sacred. Ask anyone.

Huh. Well maybe Rey only knew the truth-from-a-certain-point-of-view. Oh bother. Maybe they were both wrong. She starts to feel kinda bad about it.

Needing a distraction, Rey decides to visit the Lake Country of Naboo. Varykino is, apparently, a must-see estate. Didn’t something historic happen there? Oh well, that’s what tour guides are for.

So she gets there and the tour guide explains that Varykino is still owned by the Skywalker-Solo family. In fact Padme and Anakin Skywalker were secretly wed at Varykino. Rey is fascinated. It’s a beautiful place. To think, her and Kylo Ren could have been married at Varykino, too. Then the tour guide gushes about how Kylo Ren is a really kind Master. Rey wants to sigh. She could have been his padawan. Could have been Mrs. Rey Forgot-My-Last-Name-Ren-Solo. Ah, regrets.

On the way out, she thinks maybe she’ll check out the flowers in bloom. That’s when she sees him…Kylo Ren is actually here! *Shock* Rey blushes. He walks over and speaks to her, completely gentle and kind. It’s clear he’s delighted to see her, too. And, is still very much in love with her.

Kylo Ren politely invites her on a behind-the-scenes-tour of his super secret Anakin Skywalker collection. He’s eager for her to see Darth Vader’s helmet (Georgiana Darcy). He also informs her that Luke is on Naboo and he’s planning to return to the First Jedi Temple right away.

Rey is thrilled. This is turning out to be the best day ever.

Until a holo suddenly informs them: Hux has stolen the Skywalker lightsaber (Lydia) from Ahch-To!! If they want it to remain whole, Hux is going need some ransom money, asap.

But Rey doesn’t have any money! This is terrible! Worst day ever!

Kylo Ren rushes off. Rey is beside herself with grief. She returns to Ahch-To, hoping to find comfort with the First Jedi Temple (Jane). This has ruined her life as a padawan. No one will ever respect her as a Jedi with a blotched lightsaber.

Then another holo arrives: Hux has accepted a mysterious amount of ransom money for the lightsaber. It isn’t broke into bits. Thank the maker!

What’s more, Luke returns to the First Jedi Temple. He proclaims he will dwell there forever. Yay, happily-ever-after.

When Rey places her hand on the newly-returned Skywalker lightsaber she receives a Force vision: Kylo Ren paying Hux off for Rey’s happiness. Kylo Ren to the rescue. He completely saved her reputation…wow.

Well, everything goes back to normal. Luke’s at the First Jedi Temple. Rey studies daily. Until, one night, Snoke (Lady Catherine) arrives out-of-the-blue. He demands to see Rey.

It seems Snoke has finally gotten wind of the rumor that Kylo Ren has the hots for Rey, and he loves her, and asked her to marry him, even though he’s in an arranged engagement to Snoke’s daughter, Phasma. Snoke wants Rey to promise that she won’t secretly wed Kylo Ren. Pff. Rey fights back and takes care of Snoke, Star-Wars style. Bye bye, Snoke.

Next morning, a holo arrives from Mr. Collins the Hutt. It congratulates Rey on taking down Snoke and her engagement and forthcoming marriage to Kylo Ren. Huh? That’s very interesting…

Unsurprisingly, Kylo Ren returns to Ahch-to. He accompanies Rey on her morning walk. He confesses that he did pay off Hux, so the lightsaber could return to her in one piece. He did everything for her happiness and still loves her.

Much to the surprise of the galaxy (everyone thought they hated each other) Rey and Kylo Ren are wed.

To this day, Rey still teases Ben about how and why he fell in love with her.

The End.

Mafia AU-Yoongi

I Need You Pt1

Info: Yoongi part for Mafia AU…not good at descriptions sorry.

WC:1000+ (short part)

Warnings: Slight Violence

Originally posted by yoonkooks

“Listen…you’re beautiful, smart, funny. Hell, you’re perfect and I cannot lose you. So promise me that…promise me that if anything happens you will not turn back, you will run. You will keep running until you can’t anymore because I swear to god if anything were to ever happen to you. I wouldn’t be able to live another day.” His words rang through my head, I had promised him that night and made a vow to run away when trouble ensued.

It was a lie though, I could never run from danger when it involved him, I could never leave him. I ran, but towards the danger, towards his bruised and bloody body as guns shot off around us in the small warehouse echoing an ear splitting bang that resounded inside my heart all the pain I felt at the sight of his broken body. He had screamed at me to run, to leave him and chanting over and over that he would be okay because god forbid I get hurt too.

He wasn’t okay though, he was slumped behind a large shipping container, out of the way of gun fire. Jin was stooped down by his side trying to stop the bleeding, hands pushing firmly into Yoongi’s side with a look of urgent serenity. I couldn’t see the blood against Yoongi’s black button down, but it was there and Jin’s bloody hands proved that. The red liquid straining out of his mouth as he coughed gave way to how much pain he was holding in. His eyes closed in agony and the string of curses spilling out were more proof that he was in a dreadful state. When his eyes open to find me crouching down to his side hesitantly he looked ready to strangle me, why did I never listen to him immediately.

“Y/N what are you doing here? I told you to run, jagi I need you to get out of here…” He started coughing at the strain of speaking,“Fuck! Get out of here please, I’ll be fine”.

“Yoongi shut up! Talking is only going to make it worse,” Jin growled at his friend who was trembling in discomfort of the wound under his hands.

“You’re not fine! Look at you…” I let out a shuddering breath accompanying my slightly raised words, my body quaking with silent tears. How could he ask me to leave him, how could I ever leave him. My beautiful celestial lover with his rough voice and soft eyes. The man who had carried me so delicately into this world and promised over and over again that he would never allow anything to happen to me. I didn’t want that promise though, I had always only wanted his safety. He is my everything, my breath of fresh air in such a cruel world.

“I won’t leave you ever!” I screamed at him now fully sobbing at the image of my ragged lover. On my knees and clutching to his jacket as though it were my lifeline I chocked out more tears. One of his hands lifted to cup my stained cheeks, hushing my loud sobs with soft strokes of his thumb.The bullets around us started to die down as did my tears and from the sound of voices I could tell our side was winning. Namjoons authoritative voice ringing out over every other sound.

“They only have three men left!” His deep baritone blazed loudly. Most may think this was him telling the others to go all out, but I knew just as the Bangtan Boys aware, he was warning them to be careful. Namjoon always repeated a single phrase when referencing these moments “trapped animals fight harder”. It was more dangerous for me now than it had been before and from the way Yoongi’s eyes sparked in panic I could tell that my choice was truly idiotic, why do I never listen the first time.

“Get the fuck out of here!” His brash raised voice sounded agitated, his big dark eyes hardening in that families dominance he always exhibited to get his way. Then he doubled over and gasped at the sharp pain pumping through his veins. I know he won’t forgive me if I stay, he would be furious with me and lecture me on how I could have gotten injured or killed. We would fight all night and the only way it would end is with me handcuffed to the bed.

I nodded finally giving in, giving in to him as I had so many times before when he was right. He would be okay and Jin would take care of him, neither of them had ever let me down before. I helped guide him back into a sitting position and pressed my lips to his tearfully, ignoring the copper of blood as he pressed back with a passionate force. His breath staggered and urgent, pushing all of his unspoken love into the tender kiss.

“Go” They were the last words he spoke before lightly pushing me away, was he crying too? Yoongi had such emotional eyes, they always spoke for him when he couldn’t place his words and right now he looked so tired and so desperate. Desperate for me to leave him there, for me to get somewhere safe so there was zero chance of me being injured. I hesitated for a moment, not wanting to leave him when he was so weak.

“Don’t worry Y/N I’ll take care of him,” I looked to Jin who had silently watched or exchange, more focused on stopping Yoongi’s bleeding. I nodded and let out a shaky breath finally standing and making my way quickly from the scene.

I just managed to reach the stairs when a hand shot out, roughly gripping my arm with a bruising force. The large hand yanked me away from my escape route causing my head to snap back. A cry of shock and pain escaped from my mouth in a pathetic, high pitched noise.

“Lay your weapons down or I shoot her!” I looked to the man holding me, my eyes wide and fearful, was he going to kill me anyways. Yoongi always said men like this usually killed regardless of their words and the cold barrel of his gun pressed to my temple wasn’t convincing me otherwise.

“Stop shooting! He’s got Y/N” It was Jimin shouting, of course the Yoongi’s best friend would be the one calling for the ceasefire. Everyone froze in place on both sides, baited breath and hesitant trigger fingers. Jimin was stock still, but his gun was still raised and finger poised. Hoseok too, his eyes full of worry for me. We were very close friends, both teachers at the arts college and he happened to be my ex before Yoongi. Taehyung and Namjoon were the only ones who had downcast their guns, but their bodies were still poised with anticipation.

“I said put your guns down!” The burly man holding me yelled again, he looked panicked with mussed hair and crazy eyes, probably due to the lack of men he had left. They had lost most of the ten who had originally attacked the small warehouse and now only two were left standing, him being one of the two. The third from earlier had been shot not too long before I was grabbed. The second was now standing up from his hiding spot with a raised weapon, but his hands shook violently. He looked absolutely terrified as though he did not want this shoot out to continue. His feverish eyes flicked over the bodies of his companions.

“Let her go,” It was Yoongi, the idiot stood up and was ripping a gun from Jimins hand as he passed. He staggered forward with killers intent holding the weapon out towards the coward holding me, his hand was pressed roughly into the wound on his side in order to keep the blood flow to a minimum. His face was screwed up into a scowl, the look of pure rage present in those deep eyes.

“Hyung don’t be stupid!” Jimin shouted at him grabbing his shoulder and pulling him back before quickly ripping the gun from Yoongi’s weak grip. Jimin and Yoongi were very close and no one else would ever dare to so boldly take a weapon from Yoongi let alone yell at him. Jimin looked a little disappointed at his superior’s actions and was speaking to Yoongi in a hushed whisper. Yoongi seemed to want none of it though and started shaking his head rapidly, looking close to terrified.

“He’s going to kill her!” I had never heard Yoongi’s voice break like this, his body shook and he fell heavily to his knees. I hope he isn’t about to beg, that isn’t Min Yoongi’s style, he does not beg. I would not let him beg for me, my Min Yoongi was not this weak man before me. Tired dark eyes trained on me with a plead hanging silently in the air. He had never gone this far in all the years we’ve been together. He has never come across as so weak.

“Don’t you dare Min Yoongi,” I warned him, I was not about to let him shame himself for my well being. His heavy eyes were still locked on mine, blood staining his lovely pink lips and pale skin as it had run down his throat from earlier. He’s the picture of beauty and pain as he silently pleaded with me, wishing, begging for me to be safe. He looked so pitiful and all I wanted was to run to his arms and let him know everything was alright. That he didn’t have to be on his knees for me, that his pride was not worth giving up for me.

“It’ll be alright,” I cooed to him in hopes to ease his heart.

“Shut up bitch” The brute holding me jerked roughly and brought the blunt end of his gun down onto my temple hard. My vision flickered, black, white, red, is that blood I feel by my ear. I saw Yoongi hollering something, Jimin quickly bringing his gun up and Hoseok bounding over the nearest shipping container. Then, with a few loud bangs, everything went silent, black, empty.

I hope it’s okay! I would appreciate feedback and don’t worry, if you like it I have more coming. PS: I’m really not he best at punctuation so I apologize.

Let the games begin - Ch. 2

Photo created and gifted by the wonderful: @wonders-of-the-enterprise

You and Jo have been captured by Romulans, but why and for what purpose? Do you have what it takes to get yourself and Jo out of this alive?

4,719 word(s) of angsty, violent goodness. Be ye warned, all who enter here.

Chapter 1 for anyone who missed it.

I still suck at summaries. Again, its going to be at least 6 or 7 chapters, I haven’t decided yet. So, if you wanted to be tagged for the rest, yay! just shoot me a message. If you don’t want to be tagged, then shoot me a message and I will try to keep my tears to a minimum, and apologize for being a disappointment. Be gentle. I am a delicate flower.

Tags: @imoutofmyvulcanmind @outside-the-government @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse @yourtropegirl @feelmyroarrrr @bkwrm523 @fandomheadrush @darlinleonard @trekkimagines201 @arrowsshootyouforwards @captian-hannah-kirk @hellhoundsandunicorns @kaitymccoy123 @starmission

You started to come back to yourself. You felt the coolness underneath you, seeping in through your clothes and pressed against your face. You concentrated on it as it helped to clear your head. The process is painfully slow, as you kept your eyes closed tight as you try to force your drug addled brain to cooperate. You tried to remember just what the hell happened before you lost consciousness.

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Does little Ani glomp onto little Soka when she comes to the Temple in Shmi's vision verse? How does Plo react to that?

Plo probably thinks it’s adorable. Several of the OTHER masters and knights around the temple think it’s creepy, but that’s mostly because Anakin is very seriously and solemnly teaching Ahsoka important things like how to make a lightsaber crystal and throw a grown adult across the room when they’re supposed to be, like, coloring and shit. Her crystals are coming out a little small for a lightsaber and she hasn’t gotten all the way to throwing, but she’s getting pretty good at picking people up. The crechemasters are not amused. 

Ahsoka did almost eat a crystal once, so Plo was a bit concerned about THAT. But otherwise, yes, it’s cute af to him. 

To the Dark Side, With Love

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

As requested by anonymous: Ohh could you please do one where the reader is a sith force sensitive commander like Kylo is, and they are together and are a badass power couple who the whole galaxy fears.

You had a terrible past. One filled with so much pain and anger. You hated it. Yet, without it, you wouldn’t have been able to discover your powers or you wouldn’t have met your other half, Kylo Ren.

You two were powerful indeed. Both trained under Supreme Leader Snoke himself. Both equally as powerful as the other. Through your training, love and respect blossomed. Your Master didn’t object to the bond, but rather encouraged it. It brought out a strength in the both of you.

So here you were, both commanders of the Finalizer striking fear into anyone and everyone’s hearts as soon as you entered the room. You wouldn’t have it any other way.

You walked into a console room to see Kylo using the force to choke and pin a measly officer to the wall. Your lips twitched upward as you walked up to them and stood beside Kylo, “Reasoning?”

“He’s been having disgusting thoughts about you.” Unlike Kylo, you didn’t wear a mask or helmet. You wanted to show your face. You wanted it to fool others. You wanted your face to be the last thing people saw before you killed them.

Your head tilted to the side curiously, “Is that so? Well, let’s just see how disgusting these thoughts are,” you lifted your hand up and hovered it near the officer’s temple. Visions of the officer degrading you, thinking about your body, taking it for his own. Kylo was right, it truly was disgusting. 

The man’s anguished cries filled your ears like music. You let go of the mental hold you had on him, “I’ll take it from here.”

Kylo let go of the man and he fell to the ground panting, “Show no mercy,” Kylo said to you. 

You smiled evilly at him, “It’s like you don’t know me at all.” The officer stood and was ready to run, but then your hand caught his throat, “Let’s make an example of you, shall we?”

Kylo stood to the side as you mentally twisted the officer’s mind. It was cynical and Kylo loved it. You didn’t take anyone’s disrespect. Your life before him and the Dark Side was filled with so much disrespect towards you. Once you became as powerful as you are now, you promised yourself you would never go through something like that again. 

That’s something you and Kylo had in common: a broken past. It’s what brought you too together and it’s the thing that allows you to understand and love each other deeply. It’s what made both of you the all powerful Dark Side couple that everyone fears today.

Return to the Sky

Prompt: “what about skyward sword zelink? just got back up to skyloft, and zelda is helping link get cleaned up, maybe fussing over his injuries a little…”


Her scream pierced the air as Ghirahim continued his dark ritual, causing Link’s blood to turn cold in his veins. Between himself and his beloved Zelda, countless Moblins attacked on all sides of him, clawing at his tunic and thrusting their swords at him; Link felt the sting of each blade as they spilled his blood all over the sacred grounds of the Goddess Temple. But he didn’t care about his own blood. Zelda needed him. She was calling out his name, and he kept trying to reach her. But it seemed no matter how many monsters he slashed, how much ground he could cover, he still couldn’t reach her.

“ZELDA!” He cried out, but his voice was drowned out by the din of the monsters around him.

And then, just like that, they were all gone.

And Demise stood over Zelda’s limp body.

Before Link could raise his sword against the demonic King, he felt the sharp sting of burning steel slide through his chest.

Link shot upright with a gasp, but it quickly turned into a near howl of pain as his chest and sides began to burn with agony. Hissing, Link fell back against something very soft, and he slowly realized that he was not in the Goddess Temple anymore. His vision was clouded, but he couldn’t mistake the shape that had suddenly appeared over him, looking down on him with frightened concern.

“Ze—Zelda…?” His voice was hoarse, as if he hadn’t used it in days, and his chest hurt as he caught his breath.

He heard Zelda release a noise that was something between a laugh and a sob as she heard his voice.

“Link… oh my gods, you’re okay…” She brought a hand up to caress his face, and Link’s vision cleared enough to see that Zelda’s own eyes were red and puffy, possibly from exhaustion or perhaps even crying. She pushed a tuft of his hair out of his face before adjusting the stool at his bedside so she could sit closer to him.

“Good morning, Sleepyhead… I was so worried about you.”

Link scanned his surroundings, and he realized that he was in his room in the Knight Academy.

They were back in Skyloft.

For a moment, he wondered…

“… Zelda? It… It wasn’t a dream… Was it…?”

Zelda’s smile dropped, she turned to the door, and she listened… After a moment, and after hearing no one coming down the hall, she turned back to the wounded boy, leaning close to his ear.

“No… It wasn’t a dream, Link…” she took his hand, pushing her sleeve up with the other one. There, on her wrist, was one of the dazzling bracers she had received as Hylia’s incarnation. “You saved me… everyone. You stopped Demise… But you were so badly hurt—you collapsed and wouldn’t wake up…” Her voice hitched, and Link saw her struggle to keep her composure.

“Link… I thought you were going to die…”

Link mustered all his strength to curl his fingers around Zelda’s slender hand, offering the best smile he could despite his pain. The hazy memories of saying their goodbyes at the Sacred Grounds came back… They left Impa and Fi behind. And then everything went black.

“… How… How long have I been asleep…?”

“Three days,” Zelda said softly, absently rubbing her thumb over his bandaged knuckles, “Groose helped me get you back here… Owlan did his best to treat your wounds, but he told Father and I you might not wake up again…”

Link gave Zelda’s hand another pitiful squeeze, but she seemed to take comfort in the gesture nevertheless.

“You’re not going to lose me that easily,” he said, trying to make light of his state, “After all that? I’m not gonna lose you like that again…”

He brought his hand up, however shakily, to brush a tear away from Zelda’s eyes, and she leaned into his palm as gently as she could.

“After all… You said you’re still my Zelda, right…?”

She laughed, and her smile returned.

“I did say that… And you’re my hero, Link… I promise I’m going to make it up to you, somehow.”

A quiet knock interrupted the two, and Gaepora slowly opened the door to peek his head inside.

“Well, well. Look who’s come back to us. I thought I heard voices in here.”

Zelda sat up in her seat, brushing at her remaining tears with her sleeve.

“I knew he’d wake up sooner or later, Father.”

The Headmaster entered, looking down at both of the teenagers with an oddly proud gaze, before putting his attention on Link.

“We all thought you were done for when Zelda and Groose brought you back here, Link. You looked as if a wild Loftwing had clawed you to death, never mind all the burns and bruises.” Gaepora moved to stand behind his daughter, placing one of his large hands on her shoulder.

“But… if it weren’t for you, I may not have ever seen my child ever again; and for that, I can never thank you enough.”

Link saw a guilty look flash across Zelda’s face but for just a moment before she turned to smile at her father.

She didn’t tell him who she really is, he thought. But that’s probably for the best…

“Don’t mention it, Sir…” Link grunted, settling back against the feather pillows under his head and back. Zelda must have given him an extra one to prop him up a little.

Gaepora chuckled, moving to give Link a pat, carefully, on the boy’s bandaged shoulder.

“But I shall mention it many times. You have my eternal thanks and gratitude, Link. Now,” he said, turned to his daughter once more, “why don’t you see if Henya has any of Pumm’s soup still in the kitchen? Neither of you has eaten a bite in Goddess-knows-when.”

Zelda hesitated, no doubt afraid to leave Link’s side, but her father spoke up before she could voice her fears.

“I’ll keep an eye on Link while you’re gone, alright?”

She turned to her broken hero, and then back at her father. “… Alright. Make sure he does not try to get up. Owlan said he needs to stay off his legs as much as possible.”

With that, she stood up and left, but not without giving Link’s hand one last squeeze.

And like that, Link and the Headmaster were alone.

“… Zelda told me a lot about what happened,” Gaepora said, taking Zelda’s place on the stool beside Link’s bed, “but I know she didn’t tell me everything.”

Link opened his mouth, but Gaepora continued before the boy could interrupt.

“I know you two have been through quite the ordeal, Link… You’ve run yourself ragged these last weeks trying to get my daughter back from whatever dark force took her away from our fair Skyloft. And you brought her back unharmed while you were in Death’s hands. I’m not sure what exactly you went through, but…”

Gaepora sighed, looking back towards he door, as if Zelda would appear just then.

“… I have a feeling there’s a reason I won’t know everything. But there’s one thing I do know.” The old man turned back to Link, leaning forward on the stool as if to tell a secret.

“Not once in the days that you were dead to us did Zelda leave your side. I had to pull her away so she could take care of herself; but she’d always come right back here, insisting that she had to be here when you woke up.”

Link felt his chest tighten a little, but not from pain or guilt.

Zelda had stayed by his side until he woke up…

“But this time, when all of this is over, will you come wake me up?”

“I promise…”

Link was brought back from his memories by Gaepora clearing his throat, giving the lad a knowing look. “You take care of my daughter, Link… Cause I have a feeling she’s not gonna leave your side after all this.”

“… I promise, Sir.”

Barely had the words escaped Link’s throat when the door opened once again. Zelda pushed her way in, and Gaepora moved to allow his daughter to take her seat again.

“Henya said that she would bring something up in a little while… But it shouldn’t take too long.”

The Headmaster gave Link a brief nod as Zelda settled herself back at her hero’s side, and Link returned the gesture as best he could under the circumstances, and as best he could without her noticing. Thankfully, she was more concerned with Link’s comfort and busied herself with making sure the pillows supporting his head were properly adjusted.

“Well, Link, it looks like you’re in good hands. Don’t worry about any classes; Horwell and Owlan have ceased all classes for the time being, so concentrate on getting well again, hm?”

He gave his daughter an affectionate kiss on her cheek, eliciting a genuinely happy grin from the secret Goddess.

“You two take care, now.”

And with that, Gaepora stepped out; they were alone again.

Zelda wasted no time in lacing her fingers with Link’s, careful not to jostle him more than necessary. She looked as if she had a lot on her mind, but had no idea how to express any of her thoughts. Truthfully, Link felt the same way. They sat there in an oddly comfortable silence for some moments, letting the reality of their ordeal being over at last just sink in.

“… Ghirahim didn’t hurt you, did he…?” Link asked, breaking their quiet. Zelda raised a brow, and almost looked offended by the question.

“You nearly get yourself killed, spend three days asleep with the possibility of never waking up again, after traversing a world we only thought to be real in superstitions and fairy tales—and you’re worried about me?” She sighed through her nose, shaking her head.

“Honestly, Link, you are absolutely impossible.”

“Of course I was worried about you, Zelda…” Link closed his hand around hers and brought it up to his chest. “I was terrified I’d lose you for good…”

Zelda’s face softened considerably. While she meant no harm with her chastisement of her dearest friend, she quickly realized that he really was that concerned for her.

“No… Ghirahim didn’t hurt me, Link. Not anything like what he did to you…”

"I’m serious,” Link said, despite his hoarse voice. He was losing his remaining energy fast, and sleep was threatening to pull him back. “Ever since you fell from your Loftwing… That was the thought in the back of my mind. ‘What if I never saw you again?’ … I didn’t want to ever find out the answer to that.”

Zelda brought her other hand up to brush Link’s hair away from his eyes again, allowing her hand to linger a moment on his cheek.

“You won’t lose me, Link… Not ever again. I promise…”

Deciding to throw caution to the wind, Link used what last bit of strength he had to pull Zelda close to him in as strong an embrace as he could manage. However, once Zelda figured out what he was doing, she more than made up for it with her own embrace. He felt her shudder against him, no doubt suppressing another round of tears.

Zelda hated crying. But her relief seemed to come forward through healing sobs, and Link let her cry out her held-back emotions into his shoulder.

It was over… though Demise’s curse still rang in his ears as clear as the academy bell, their nightmare was over.

Zelda pulled back after a minute or two, but her face stayed close to Link’s. Their eyes were locked together, as if trying to guess what the other would do next.

This time, it was Zelda who took the first step.

Link felt his heart begin to race, his aches disappear, his hands shaking.

Zelda had kissed him. Not on the forehead. Nor the cheek.

Zelda kissed him full on his lips.

"Thank you, my hero…”

They didn’t need to say much after that…

Woo!! Finally finished! Okay, Anon! Let me know if you like it! Keep sending me prompts and I’ll keep writing as much as I can.

Unrelated subject: One of these days I need to figure out how to copy this /exactly/ how I write these in Word. Mobile posting is rough on the italics.

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Bones gets alien whammied & won't wake up. Jim has tried everything including kissing the sleeping beauty to wake him up, but nothing works. So they enter Bones' dreams layer by layer, but the rabbit hole leads deeper & deeper into Bones. Jim finds out more than he expected about the man he thought he knew better than himself.

Layer One

Jim rubs his temples, black spots flooding his vision like spilt old Terran ink. 

“Can you repeat that, Spock?’ He asks his first officer from his spot, where he’s been rooted beside Bones’ bedside for four weeks.

“Of course.” The Vulcan’s voice is as empathetic as it may ever be. “I was just eluding to one of the Vulcan Science Academy’s projects, taken from 21st Century Terra military experiments. I believe it might help in Leonard’s case.”

Jim looks from his first officer’s face to Bones. He’s never seen such a blank expression on his husband’s face, even in sleep, even while treating Jim in the medbay, he’s never looked so vacant. Out of every terrifying thing Jim’s seen and done, it’s this that will haunt him, he knows. It’s unnatural. Which is why he’ll do anything to make it stop. 


“Your answer should probably be given only when you hear the risks inherent in the procedure, Jim.” Spock adds. 

“If our situations were reversed, what do you think Bones would say right now, Spock?”

He sees Spock swallow, the bob of his adam’s apple, the narrowing of his eyes, before he nods, firmly and stands. “I will talk to Sarek about getting a PASIV.”

“I don’t like this.”

“You don’t like anything.”

“Dream sharing, kid? It’s not worth it.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I’ll never forgive you if something happens to you.”

I have to try, Bones.”

He’s suspended in near sleep, head pressed against Bones’ pillow, his scent barely lingering and the pillow cool and soft to the touch. He took medication M’Benga pressed into his palm, a few yellow pills to help him shut off. He’s taken them before, in the hospital after Khan. But he had Bones then, to rub circles in the space between his shoulder blades, to kiss forehead when he bolted up in bed, sure his body was burning from the inside, trapped on the wrong side of the Warp Core’s glass containment. He can hear Bones as if they were tangled together, the way they might be in the early morning hours before a high level mission, each worried in their own ways. 

Bones would disapprove of what Jim’s about to do, no doubt. Bones would yell, growl, grab Jim’s face between his gentle palms and beg him not to do it. 

But Jim can’t leave Bones behind in his own mind. 

Because Bones never left Jim behind. Not even in Jim’s own dreams.

They decide on a neutral planet, rampant with illegal activity, popular for the way it always manages to past Starfleet inspections. 

The Vulcans manufacture the PASIV and research the data done with dreamsharing experimentation. 

They do not, however, produce the drug somnacin. 

Somnacin has been illegal for almost 300 years. 

You can get it most places, sold on the Black market, dealt like old Terran drugs used to be, sold to addicted dream addicts who can’t fall asleep without the compounds surging through their system. 

“It’s highly addictive.” Spock says as he handles a small vial. 

Jim smiles sadly. “That’ll be the least of our worries.”

From what the VSA scientists reported and what Ellis, a stooped older lady who runs a dream den, they might need to go a few levels down for this. Whatever that being did to Bones, it locked him up tight. And this PASIV, this compound, might be the key to getting him back. 

“A few levels down should do.” Ellis draws out a line from the PASIV and hooks it around her wrinkled hands. 

“A few levels, as you say, will trap them in limbo.” Prisu, the Vulcan scientist says. 

Ellis’ lips quirk “Haven’t you heard of the men who climbed out of limbo? They’ll be fine.”

“They are inexperienced. This will kill them.”

Ellis swings her head to Jim. “You gonna let this kill you, Kirk?”

Jim doesn’t say that he’s read enough on this to know that if they go far enough down, he’ll kick Spock out and lose himself down the levels until he finds Bones. He doesn’t care if he gets caught in Limbo. He just doesn’t want to leave Bones alone. He can’t. 

“No, ma’am.” He says, realizing he’s hesitated for too long.

Spock tilts his head, question lingering between them when there’s a knock on the door. 

Uhura files in, Scotty peering behind her, Chekov bouncing behind them and Sulu holding up the rear. 

“What the hell are you guys doing here?” Jim asks, pushing past Prisu and Ellis, past Spock who doesn’t look surprised. 

“Dream sharing.” Scotty breathes as he takes in the PASIV on the table between the two cots, the vials stacked beside it, the lines wrapped up in Ellis’ hands. “Can’t let you having all the fun?”

Uhura points a finger at Spock’s chest. “Spock Prime ratted you two out. Were you really going to do this without us?”

Risk. Will you risk your crew, Jim? For me? He hears Bones say. Bones who still lay prone in the bed nearest to the cot Jim was about to get on. 

“I can’t-”

“I’d watch before you say something heroic and selfless there, Jimmy boy.” Scotty grins. “We can’t let you do this alone. Len’s our friend too.”

Ellis sighs. “We’re going to need a bigger PASIV.”

There’s no logic in dreams. 

It’s bizarre that the VSA would study it so intensely. But after the dream sharing trails of 2015, it makes sense that the Federation backed away from it, afraid of what dream sharing could do to an already broken world. Dream sharing, was the hobby of rich businessman, a revenge tatic for shrewd people who wanted to steal secrets from one another, a mind crime of the most intimate order. 

The Vuicans were the only ones to claim it, but only for practical use. 

But Jim can see why it’s so alluring, an enticing gamble for adrenaline junkies, criminals, anyone bored with commonplace thievery. This is the epitome of adventure. Unexplored territory. 

“Final frontier, my ass.” Jim mutters as he twirls in the field.

He knows he’s dreaming and yet he doesn’t. He just feels…more invincible. 

“Great, that’s all we need.” A voice behind him says around a–affectionate?–sigh. 

Jim whips around, wind striking his face like a slap, to see Chris Pike. 


Pike rolls his eyes. “Formality, Jim, really?”

“How’re you here?”

“No one ever taught you about projections, I gather.”

Jim shakes his head. 

“We’re in McCoy’s head. You’re dreaming his dream. Somehow,” Pike opens his arms to the expanse of fields around them. “He’s dreamed me in.”

“Do you know where he is?”

Pike smiles sadly. “That would be too easy.”

“Could you at least point me in the right direction?”Jim says

“I’m afraid not, kiddo.”

“Then what the hell can you do?” Jim is suddenly angry. Very fucking angry. This is a dream. He’s in a fucking dream trying to find his husband who may be dying and he’s talking to his projection of his dead mentor. Fuck fuck fuck. 



“James T. Kirk, I swear if you went another level down without us!”

Pike grins. “You’re crew is looking for you.”

Jim walks past the field, toward a clearing. The packed dirt turns into the gravel of a farmhouse drive way. 

His team are at the edge of the driveway, looking up at the sky. It’s blue, cloudless. 

“You looking for me?” Jim rubs a hand down his face.

“We thought you got lost.” Sulu claps his shoulder. 

“Lookie what I can do!” Scotty says and flicks his wrist, a flask appears. 

Uhura bats it away. “We have more important things to do.”

Scotty stares down at the flask and blinks. “Aye.”

Spock turns to JIm and looks at him like a parent might look at another when dealing with their small brood of children. Long suffering. 

JIm wants to say thank you. Or you can leave now. Or please don’t leave me until I find Bones. 

Instead, he turns on his heel with one glance toward where Pike was and then toward the house. 

“Hey! Keptin, where are you going?” Chekov is the first to catch up with him. 

“I have a feeling.”

“I wish we were going on more than a feeling.” Uhura says. 

Jim falls back into step with her and links arms. “Do you trust me?”

She laughs. “God help me.”

He nods. “I can find Bones. And that house? It was his childhood home. It’s the best place to start.”

And so they take the steps up the porch, Jim trying to ignore the way his stomach twists as they open the door, knowing that they’re grossly unprepared but also that there’s nothing else they can do. 

Bones might never forgive him for risking himself. But Jim would never forgive himself for letting Bones go.  

"The Tempest"

Another short fic, inspired by a pair of @meldy-arts sketches (here, and here) and set between the events of “Trials of the Darksaber” and “Legacy of Mandalore.”

Words: 2,123

Ezra blew a soft stream of warm air through his hands, warding away the tingling discomfort of the early morning chill. The faint orange glow of dawn approaching had only just begun to illuminate the eastern Atollonian mesas, the indigo of night still dominating the sky overhead. 

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BTS Jimin Angst - Blindman's buff Part 1

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Violence, Gore, Underground organisation!bts

Warnings: Strong language, Gore and Violence later.

Characters: All bts members

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What if all the years you spent trying to protect your loved one, suddenly disappeared? 

Originally posted by bts-we-are-bulletproof

I do not own the gif.

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