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What I need from Defenders, Daredevil Season 3, and The Punisher Season 1:


I need to see her have someone she can lean on other than Matt and Foggy.

I need her to have her girl squad, to actually meet, interact, and talk to other females and have besties. Organize sleepovers, chat about mundane things and have that kind of a support system without feeling lonely as most fanfictions describe her.

It hurts my heart to think this force of nature, this awesome yet mysterious character has only her job and shaky friendship with the avocados and nothing else. I loooooove reading Kastle fanfics where she has Frank by her side as well but what I love the most are those fics where all these ladies who appeared in other Marvel’s shows on Netflix just hang out together and are there for each other.

I love reading fics where Trish meets Karen and they immediately click and Trish invites her to be a guest on her radio show. I love fics where Karen seeks out the snarky dark haired private detective and Jessica is brutally honest and protective of Karen. I love fics in which Elektra and Karen team up to save their boyfriends because the guys are too wrapped up in their own heads to ask for help. I love fics where Claire gives Karen no-nonsense advice over a cup of coffee and pancakes.

I need all of this to be canon too because all these friendships and dynamics are too precious to waste and/or ignore.

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Just a theory

So I’ve been thinking about the avatar reincarnation cycle and I came up with an interesting theory. What if the avatar spirit chooses it’s next host because the previous avatar had a strong connection to where the next host was born? Roku’s spirit chose the southern air temple. He could’ve chosen any of the other three but I think he chose the southern air temple because of his long friendship with Gyatso. Aang must have chosen Korra because she was from the southern water tribe, that was also the same place where he had met Katara who he had later fallen in love with, married and had children with. Which means Kyoshi might’ve had some sort of connection to the fire nation and Kuruk to the earth kingdom etc, etc. It’s just a theory though. Tell me what you think about it.

Steven MomSwapVerse S1E9 and S1E10: “Arctic Glass” and “Peridot’s Gambit.”

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anonymous asked:

uMMMMMMMMMMM... Sorry to burst your bubble but I don't think Asami every saw Korra naked. Asami never went with Korra to The Southern Water Tribe. She was probably referring to her mother and Katara having to dress her. I can't remember for sure, but I do believe her mother was there after Korra fought Zaheer. Even if her mother wasn't there, then I'm sure one of the adult females changed her.

Okay, one; I didn’t say Asami went to the south pole with Korra. I brought up the fact that she couldn’t dress herself after 6 months because she’s made progress within that time so in the beginning it must’ve been even more difficult.

And two; Asami was the one getting Korra ready for Jinora’s ceremony, Senna was outside waiting with Tonraq. The fact that Asami hasn’t left Korra’s side in the times we’ve seen them after the incident shows that she probably hasn’t left her side at all.

If you were in Korra’s shoes, would you rather have a friend your age help you with tasks or adults? For me, I would want someone who I’ve grown to know and trust who is my age. And don’t forget that Asami lives on Air Temple Island so their friendship is probably more deeper than we know.

That post wasn’t to trigger some fantasy about Korrasami smut, I pointed out Asami saw Korra naked because seeing someone at their most weakest while naked (because I feel like it’s a sense of vulnerability) is something really rare, especially for someone like Korra. She doesn’t wanna be seen as weak or someone who can’t do things on her own. But since Asami saw these sides to her, she’s grown to trust her in more ways than one.

Many can argue with me but seeings how we don’t have scenes of anything after the attack except the scene of Asami never leaving Korra’s side before, during and after Jinora’s ceremony and while Korra was still in Republic City, I will forever believe it was Asami who fully took care of Korra. So yes, I will forever believe Asami saw Korra naked.