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asoiaf meme: (¼) events ➝ THE DOOM OF VALYRIA

To this day, no one knows what caused the Doom. It was written that every hill for five hundred miles split asunder to fill the air with ash and smoke, and fire so hot and hungry that even the dragons in the sky were engulfed and consumed. Great rents opened in the earth, swallowing palaces, temples, and entire towns. Lakes boiled or turned to acid, mountains burst, fiery fountains spewed molten rock a thousand feet into the air, and red clouds rained down dragonglass and the black blood of demons. To the north, the ground splintered and collapsed and fell in on itself, and an angry sea came boiling in. The proudest city in all the world was gone in an instant, the fabled empire vanished in a day. The Lands of the Long Summer — once the most fertile in all the world — were scorched and drowned and blighted, and the toll in blood would not be fully realized for a century to come.

O Spirit, make my soul Thy temple, but make my heart Thy beloved home where Thou wouldst dwell with me in ease and everlasting understanding.

Establish a Temple of God in Your Own Soul

My greatest desire is to build temples of God in the souls of men; to see the smile of God on men’s faces. The most important of all life’s accomplishments is to establish a temple of God in one’s own soul. And it can be easily done. That is why Self-Realization Fellowship was sent to the West.

Anyone who has established God in his soul temple is a yogi. He can say, with me, that Yoga is for the East, North, South, and West - for all people, that they may follow the byways of theology to join the highway of Yoga. The right road leads to the palace of God’s bliss. He who reaches there shall “go no more out.”*

*Revelation 3:12.

-Paramahansa Yogananda, Man’s Eternal Quest, p 20; Affirmation, Metaphysical Meditations, p 21.