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I just wanted to share this!! I met Cherami Leigh today at an anime convention and asked her what her thoughts were on Kunzite and Venus as a couple and she said "I wish he'd just get his shit together when they reincarnate so they could date already because I cried too much when he died!" And I thought that was the best thing ever.

That’s so cool that you got to meet her! “I wish they’d get their shit together when they reincarnate” is pretty much the subtitle of the whole series. 

if ur questioning that u may be autistic all on ur own, which is very hard to do, i completely totally utterly recommend the movie temple grandin. its an excellent true story from the perspective of an amazing autistic woman (whom is a lesbian, although its not explicitly stated) who changed the way we raise cattle forever because shes an amazing genius whose special interest is cows. not only is it great because its from her, its not a sad story, and she directs her future, but because watching it is like gettin slammed in the chest with a big THATS ME!! hammer if ur on the spectrum. made me sob like 15 times watch it even if u kno ur not autistic 

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i promise you i'm not asking this to make fun of u but how/why are you kin w/ cows? i dnt know anything abt them so it just seems kinda random

lol its cool man thats def one of those where i myself was like…. wh 

its partially because cows are v big but gentle and soft but its also mainly because of the temple grandin movie where she looks into cow behavior and how they feel better when they go through that sorta hug machine thing and i just… related 2 that a lot i dunno :v

Was A Slaughterhouse

Shanghai, 2012. Very interesting place, reminds me Chinese Eight Trigrams design that often been talked by fortune tellers or fengshui masters. If you’ve watched the movie ‘Temple Grandin’, you’ll probably understand why the paths were designed up and down going around and around. Search google ’1933 slaughterhouse’ will get you more information. To me, the whole building now looks more or less just like another Xintiandi clone in China.

Nikon FE with Mir-24N, expired Chinese Era 100 PAN film.