temple grandin movie

So I feel a though I should offer my opinion on the HBO biopic about Temple Grandin. I speak as someone who was diagnosed Asperger’s/”high-functioning” autistic, so please bear that in mind as you read my review. 

I really appreciate this movie on a number of levels. Its first aim seems to be to portray the world as Temple views it, emphasizing certain sounds and sights, even showing some of her initial thoughts and ideas when presented with a figure of speech (one that I really liked was when her aunt says, “We get up with the rooster,” and Temple pictures her aunt and uncle sitting on the roof crowing with a rooster). There is one point when Temple says, “I can see the heat!” which I thought was really interesting, because I feel as though I can see heat as well, but it wasn’t something that I thought was autism-specific until I saw this movie. Temple’s thought process is especially underscored, mostly in terms of her visual thinking, which is shown in some interesting scenes.

Another aspect that I very much appreciate is the portrayal of Temple. Claire Danes, in my opinion, is a fantastic actress, and she really shines in this film. I love how her voice pitched too high much of the time, and how sometimes, when she shouts, she waits a moment and goes, “Oh, right, don’t shout!” I really liked how she greets people, which the movie shows as a learned script and routine that Temple knows, views as a chore, and doesn’t put much thought into. I also enjoyed how it portrays her frustrations, how when she fails or deals with a harsh response from something, she has a meltdown, she gets angry, she destroys stuff, she hits people. It was a really balanced portrayal that I enjoyed.

As with anything, though, there are a few things that could have been adjusted. Personally, I felt there was too much emphasis on the mother character and the perceived strains of raising an autistic child. I honestly don’t think it’s a walk in the park, exactly, but I also think the real accomplishments were achieved by Temple herself and not her mother. On the other hand, though, as I understand it, Temple feels she owes a lot to her mother, and her mother often accompanies her at conferences, so the movie probably wanted to honor that. Perhaps in connection with that, I disliked how her ability to hug about 3/4s into the movie was viewed as a real achievement, mostly in the eyes of her mother, admittedly, but I don’t think Temple’s being able to handle touching people is a major thing that should be emphasized? That’s just me, though.

Overall, the movie is by far one of my favorites, and this portrayal of Temple Grandin is my favorite one to include an autistic main character (out of all those others, you know j/k). I definitely recommend it to all my autistic and allistic friends alike. It’s a movie for everyone.

Was A Slaughterhouse

Shanghai, 2012. Very interesting place, reminds me Chinese Eight Trigrams design that often been talked by fortune tellers or fengshui masters. If you’ve watched the movie ‘Temple Grandin’, you’ll probably understand why the paths were designed up and down going around and around. Search google ’1933 slaughterhouse’ will get you more information. To me, the whole building now looks more or less just like another Xintiandi clone in China.

Nikon FE with Mir-24N, expired Chinese Era 100 PAN film.