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Who You Should Fight on Netflix's Daredevil
  • Matt: Do not fight Matt Murdock. Sure, he WANTS you to fight him, he may have even ASKED you to fight him, but that’s only because he wants to kick someone’s ass. This man would kick his own ass if he could; he will definitely, DEFINITELY kick YOUR ass. Do not fight him.
  • Karen: Karen seems like she’d be a good person to fight. She doesn’t look particularly intimidating, she’s sweet, she’s personable…don’t be fooled. ON NO ACCOUNT SHOULD YOU FIGHT KAREN PAGE. Once you throw the first punch, she will NEVER stop fighting back. She won’t stop until you’re either crying your eyes out or FUCKING DEAD. Fight Karen Page if you want to die.
  • Foggy: ...Why? Why would you fight Foggy Nelson? Why would you do that?? Absolutely do not fight.
  • Ben: I mean, you could fight Ben. You might even win. But you’d feel like such a horrible person while doing it that it’s not even worth it to try. Hasn’t this man been through enough?
  • Claire: If you fight Claire, you’ll lose. Badly. Make no mistake, she WILL beat the shit out of you. The only upside is that afterwards, she’ll feel bad about it and probably help fix you up, maybe offer you some tea and a blanket. Fight Claire if you don’t mind a lot of bruises and Matt’s subsequent rage when he finds out.
  • Wilson Fisk: Are you insane? I know that it’s tempting to punch him, it really is, but you will die. This man beat a cold-blooded killer to death with a car door. You don’t stand a chance. Besides, he’d be uncomfortably emotional about the whole thing. There is no benefit to fighting Fisk.
  • Wesley: Absolutely fight him, but first: look him in the eyes and take his glasses off his nose. Maintain direct eye contact, break them in half, and hand them back to him. Then punch him. Just slug him right in his smug little face j us t fucking d o it. Fisk might kill you after but it’s SO worth it. FIGHT HIM
  • Vanessa: Honestly? I would not fight Vanessa. You should not fight Vanessa. If you fought Vanessa, she’d probably just glare at you and you’d drop dead of your own accord before you could land the first punch. Besides, if you fought her and lived, Fisk would be waiting, and you REALLY don’t want that.

“Basics, Zuko! Break his root!” - Iroh

Zuko always thought he needed to learn more advanced forms of firebending to defeat his opponents. Yet, he managed to defeat both Zhao and Azula (the prodigy) using basic firebending tactics). 



I hope you’re in the mood for some Cyberpunk action! Great production design and solid action-choreography goes a long way in creating a proof-of-concept that sells the idea of a larger film. Utilizing action and Sci-Fi elements we’ve seen before, filmmaker Nguyen-Anh Nguyen transports us into a visually appealing world where cybernetic enhancements are crucial to humanity’s survival. You’ll love the style and tone of the piece! 

this wasn’t one of the star wars prompts but a friend and I were talking about lightsaber duels today and I wrote this 

The dojo observation balcony was packed to capacity, masters and padawans pressed shoulder to shoulder, younger initiates jumping up on tip-toe and crawling through forests of legs to get a better view by the railing. No one dared try and spectate from the dojo floor itself. Whether this collective decision was made out of respect or sense of self-preservation, no one could say.

None of them had known about the duel until about an hour ago, when the fight had begun. But whether by word of mouth or sense in the Force, Jedi from all over the Temple, from initiates to High Councilors, had trickled in to watch. The exhibition did not disappoint.

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I may do a post detailing the differences in firebending we see in the Zuko v Zhao agni kai, the Azula v Zuko agni kai, and the firebending training scene we see in the first Korra episode, but since I have these gifs up I’d like to return to something pointed out by @mikey-p00 when I made a post comparing Zhao and Korra’s defensive moves: Korra’s dissipation of the fire blast is much more fluid, just like a waterbender. Meanwhile, the movements used by Zhao and Zuko are much more harsh–just like a typical firebender. (Actually, is Zuko doing one of the danceing dragon moves?)

I’ve also made the observation that, compared to Zuko’s incorporation of different bending techniques, Korra’s use of different styles is much more fluid and more practiced. My guess is that it has to do with Korra learning the different styles from a much younger age, and having more experience doing so. Thus, it’s more second nature for Korra than it is for Zuko.