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the signs as mythical creatures

Aries: Dragon / easily angered, they inspire fear and awe. if provoked, they’re a fearsome enemy. behind all that raw power, they’re still also sharp as a tack. they’re naturally born powerful and fierce. 

Taurus: Elf / very respected creatures, often bound to the earth, they have been thought of as a group of beings with magical powers and supernatural beauty, ambivalent towards everyday people and capable of either helping or hindering them.

Gemini: Fairy / quirky, playful, and unpredictable. fairies are immortal. they are, by nature, young and free spirits. their energy and their beauty will be forever young.

Cancer: Nymph / eternal beauty and grace, strongly connected to the fertility deities. they have a cheerful, generous behavior. however, they can also feel jealousy, and great sadness; even dying of a broken heart.

Leo: Mermaid / sometimes perceived as vain, idle and arrogant, they can still be kind and compassionate and capable of falling in love. they’re often gorgeous creatures, bound to be forever graceful. 

Virgo: Alkonost / with a bewitching voice, it makes those who hear it’s sounds forget everything they know and want nothing more ever again. as a unique creature, it lives in paradise, but it often comes into our world to send messages.

Libra: Unicorn / pure heart, eternal optimism, always seeing the best in people. they’re protective of those close to them, but avoid conflict at all costs. when they trust someone, they trust them entirely.

Scorpio: Vampire / with dark-cold hearts, some of them can be deeply emotional or completely merciless, no in between. if they chose to feel, their emotions can crash them. they’re possessive, seductive and sexual creatures. 

Sagittarius: Satyr / strong headed, adventurous, they have the reputation of being care-free. they are also known for their playful nature, enjoying jokes and pranks and most anything that will get a laugh out of themselves or those around them.

Capricorn: Centaur / a creature of two worlds. they know how to put themselves on the winning side of any situation, and have no problem with subtly manipulating situations to their advantage, which makes them a powerful ally.

Aquarius: Sphinx / a wise and benevolent creature with ferocious strength, is a guardian often flanking the entrances to temples, usually with a riddle for those who comes across her. 

Pisces: Angel / kind, pure, generous and protective servants always willing to help others. their beautiful wings along with their utterly stunning appearance bring peace to others and they’re always a sign of good things to come. 


Capitoline of Sbeitla

Sbeitla, Tunisia

2nd century CE

70 m. X 67 m.

From left to right: Temple of Minerva is in the best condition, while the Temple of Jupiter next to it has almost all of its walls still standing. The Temple of Juno has fared worse, but there is plenty to help you imagine what it must have looked in pristine condition.
To the south of the forum is the Arch of Antionius Pius.

The southernmost of the three temples was dedicated to Minerva, which was the daughter of the two gods revered in the other two temples. She was considered to be the virgin goddess of warriors, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, crafts and inventor of music.
Her temple appears as the most impressive of the three from the outside, and even the interior is in excellent condition.

The Temple of Jupiter stands in the middle, being the temple of the most important of all gods in the Roman pantheon. It is the largest temple, and deduced from its present, excellent condition, it was the object of first-class engineering.
It is noteworthy that the temple has no entrance by itself, it was entered by bridges across arches from either of the other two temples. 

The Temple of Juno is by far the least impressive of the three making up the Capitol. It is also the most ruined one.
Juno was the Queen of the gods, the wife of Jupiter and the mother of Minerva. The niche in the middle had a statue of the goddess, which has never been found. 

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Hey,I wanted to say thank you!I adore through Lenses Eye:) May I ask for a continuation?Maybe Palps decides to issue 66 after sending few assassins to (un)successfully take care of his reporters problem?Anyway,whatever you write in that universe will be welcomed with open arms and a smile for making my life better:)Thanks

The clones were attacking the temple.

The Supreme Chancellor had declared the Jedi traitors and the clones were attacking but there was something not right about the way it was happening, the way they were repeating. ‘Good soldiers follow orders.’ As they marched and laid siege to the building so familiar with them.

The mix of red, orange, green, blue and purple, every garrison on Coruscant at the moment.

Somehow the Jedi had been prepared and had set up barricades at the temple entrances, every possible sealed but guarded by those on the dead planet covered in buildings. Or perhaps not prepared but always ready to defend themselves with makeshift solutions.

As smoke plumed towards the sky, the journalist team filmed it all, frightened Jedi younglings with their creche masters, padawans sealing off the hanger doors and knights setting up guard positions with masters all over the temple, their recordings playing on all emergency channels over Coruscant.

And ever more important, the first in line like Master Kenobi and Knight Skywalker at the entrance of the great halls of the Jedi temple, its statues overturned with the Force to create barricades.

“What’s even happening!?” Ahsoka yelled, catching sight of all to familiar blue symbol carrying armor.

“I don’t know but keep them from the temple Ahsoka!” Anakin snarled, reaching out and snapping his fist shut, sending yet another trooper passed out to the ground as sweat rolled down the blonds temple from exertion.

They were doing their best to avoid lethal actions but it was getting almost impossible.

It did help that Rex, Fives and Kix were all seemingly unaffected and were doing their best to keep the vods from coming up the stairs too, blasters set on stun though Rex seemed ready to go for the kill the closer the troopers were getting to the steps of the temple.

Not far from them, Obi-Wan narrowed his eyes at the troopers as he wondered what made Rex and the other two different, before widening in realization as he stared at Fives, his lips forming the word ‘chips’ unnoticed to everyone else.

Deactivating his blade and placing it on his belt, Obi-Wan reached out into Fives mind with a single focus, finding the deactivated chip, memorizing it, its shape, its feel and its context before pulling back once again.

“…Let the light from inside shine.” Obi-Wan’s voice was soft, almost unnoticeable over the sound of blaster fire and the whir of machines and the cries of men in battle. “For the path is dark and I see no other light.”

But Anakin had been attuned to his master for as long as he had been the mans padawan and he turned to him, cursing as he barely dodged a bolt.

“The battle is wrought, our sacrifices blood worn and the enemy great but my light still shines its brightest and shall not break.” His voice wasn’t gaining volume but somehow he was the only thing that mattered to Anakin as Obi-Wan stood there, every blast missing him even as it ruffled up hair and clothes.

“I am the shield and the spear, I am the swift wings of light, undeniable in the darkness that brightens the shadows. And I shall not be denied, I shall not be stopped and I shall not yield. For my light shines eternal.” And with closed eyes, Obi-Wan took a step forward.

“Obi-Wan!?” Anakin snarled in shock before freezing, feeling a massive build up in the Force that was originating from the redhead and something tickling against his rather impressive shields and he almost feared what he’d see if he turned his gaze into Force Sight.

He watched Obi-Wan slide around the fallen statues made into barricades and take two more steps until he reached the steps of the temple and knew he wasn’t the only one watching.

“Skyguy?” Ahsoka whispered, her hands clamped to her head and she wasn’t the only one. “What’s he doing?” The togruta whimpered. “Its like bells are going off in my head!”

Was it just Anakin or was Obi-Wan glowing?

They watched as the redhead lifted a hand towards the trooper, palm flat and facing up, yet another blaster missing him but ruffling his tunics once again.

Slowly Obi-Wan closed his hand, fingers curled into his hands until he had a fist and then squeezed.

Like puppets cut of their strings, the troopers fell to the ground but a hiss from his side distracted Anakin, making him turn to his padawan to where Ahsoka was having a sever nosebleed with her hands clamped to her head even harder and Anakin’s own shields taking a sudden battering.

It was now obvious Obi-Wan was glowing as he turned back to the temple opening his fist as his eyes flickered beneath his lids before he repeated his motion six more times, each time he did Ahsoka whimpered or cried out until even Anakin could feel Obi-Wan moving through the Force as if he was pure light, having his own nosebleed from the massive amount of Force in motion.

And after every squeezed fist, reports of troopers falling to the ground, alive but unconscious reached their comms.

Anakin lifted his eyes to his husband, watching the glowing form with baited breath as he glowed like a miniature sun on the steps of the Jedi temple.

“Obi-Wan?” He whispered shakily, wiping blood of his bottom lip as Rex rushed to Ahsoka’s side to help his commander, reports of all attacks halted reaching them with obvious relief from those on the comms.

With that Obi-Wan collapsed to the ground, convulsing as the light left him, leaving behind just Obi-Wan and with a snarled curse, Anakin vaulted over the statue to the redhead’s side as the other convulsed harder and harder.


Ritual Purity in Hellenism

Ritual purity featured heavily in worship in ancient Greece, with water basins called perorrhanteria, established near the entrances to temples; and stoas found bearing inscriptions that command visitors to cleanse themselves before entering the sanctuary. The nature of ritual purity changed over time and location, as with most aspects of worship in ancient Greece, but the ritual act of purification remained an important one.

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Guys what if Maeve is Vanth?

So it is mentioned in passing by Sartaq in chapter13 of Tower of Dawn. He is discussing what his spies have told him to Nesryn…

“They reported that Rifthold was full of terrors. People who were not people. Beasts from Vanth’s darkest dreams.”

Nesryn’s internal monologue then explains who Vanth is…

“Vanth - Goddess of the Dead. Her presence in this city predated even Silba’s healers, her worshippers a secretive sect that even the Khagan and his predecessors feared and respected, despite her rituals being wholly different from the eternal sky to which the Khagan the Darghan believed they returned. Nesryn had walked swiftly past Vanth’s dark-stoned temple earlier, the entrance marked by only a set of onyx steps descending into the subterranean chamber lit with bone white candles.”


Ok so a couple of reasons I might think Vanth is Maeve.

Vanth is dark - a goddess of death. Maeve has powers of Darkness. 

The Temple is like a personification of Maeve herself. If I flick to that last chapter “Fireheart” then I know Maeve has teeth as white as bone and also black hair. Her red lips might be the sort of rituals that happen within but I could just be taking my thoughts and running with them way too far as I don’t have proof for that. 

Vanth pre-dated Silba. 

a secretive sect that people feared.

Maeve came through the tear in the worlds before and left her foot soldiers to guard …. didn’t Amren mention something about this in the Acotar universe?


Someone care to discuss???

heyo, i still haven’t been able to write anything, but please have this unfinished snippet inspired by @/likealeafonthewind’s talk months ago about Obi-Wan getting hijacked by the temple and becoming its guardian or smth like that. I didn’t publish it at the time that i wrote it because it was?? idk darker or more upsetting than I really wanted to deal with at the time.

(it’s really not all that dark or upsetting at all, that was just how i felt at the time lol)

without further ado, post-Temple slaughter!Vader and Obi-Wan-of-the-Temple encounter

It’s his worst nightmare.

(no it’s not, his worst nightmare has come and past and come and past and come and past, in sand and heat and blood and the sick-sweet stench of rot, of blood and flesh gone putrid. In something clawing into the part of him tender and weak, something wretched, like venomous teeth, slimy and sticky, vile fangs sunk into flesh that now fevers and an infection that spreads. Something is wrong. Something is wrong. He’s known this, but he hadn’t had the words. The worst nightmare comes and passes and comes and passes, a thousand deaths behind his eyelids in darkness and it slips between his fingers.

His worst nightmare has been realized. The reality now proves to be much, much worse.)

“Obi-Wan,” he says, and the name scraps through his throat and past his lips like it rips something vital out of him. His hand tightens on the wretched ‘saber in his hand. “Obi-Wan. What are you doing here?”

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More Void connected information.

Void temples: The main entrance is open to the public and works as a museum and place of learning. The lower clergy work out there and will happily explain the history of hell and other interesting bits and pieces. Past that is sectioned off to only the clergy for safety. The priests and priestesses in training live and study here. Beyond that their is an inner chamber where only fully trained clergy who have had their initiation can go. Past this is the Void chamber that is rarely unsealed. Some members of the clergy are “miners” and can chip away some of the crystallised void to be used in jewellery. These miners are all blind as looking into the void is a fast way to go insane. Other than that the high priests/priestesses care for the inner chamber and communicate with the void. 

 The initiation has the high priestess escort the initiate to the void chamber where they face the pure void. If they don’t immediately find themselves in existential terror they are invited to communicate with the void. At this point it judges them. The void strips away everything other than the true self without all the social masks and lies everyone presents. If they refuse to let go of the lies they are pushed out and have failed. They can try again another time or leave the clergy. If they pass they’re welcomed as a fully fledged priest/priestess.

Executioners work for the void herself, not exactly the empire but they do take most of their orders from the empire. To be an executioner you have to become a priest or priestess first. Then you must train in your preferred weapon. Once you have a good skill level you return to face the void and a tattoo or marking is pulled from your soul to the surface of your skin, marking you as an executioner and giving you the ability to execute even the strongest of beings. Some demons are so old and powerful they cannot die by traditional means and will sometimes ask the executioners to end their lives for them. They also execute those who have performed such an atrocity that the usual hellish punishments are not enough. There is no coming back from an execution. Executioners are also spoken of as god killers. The most well known executioner is Rofocale.

 Void creatures come in two types. Pure void which are simply extensions of the void herself . These often come in swarms and devour anything that is threatening her. They’ve taken the form of scarab type creatures, dog beasts and sentient ooze as just a few examples. The second type are trapped beings. Those who have wronged the void in such a way that they can see and are conscious but have no control over their actions. They are the epitome of I have no mouth but I must scream. They are known as void imps and contact with them can cause either instant death or becoming one of them.

Larger demons, dragons and many beings in hell have a pure void core. This can be seen by their unusual forms and frightening appearance. The rest of the beings of hell have small amounts of void within them. Void beings are almost always avoided and feared. Executioners are also feared but also respected.

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34. Before we jump :O

:D Thank you for this; it was super fun to write.

“They really don’t seem to like us here,” Mara shouted to Quinn over the din of blaster fire.

“I can’t imagine why,” he shouted back.

She crouched next to him, returning fire blindly as he sliced the control panel on the half-ruined door that could cut off their attackers. He jerked back with a yelp when power suddenly returned to the panel, shocking the hand holding the now-live wire.

They were on the upper levels of the Jedi Temple ruins on Coruscant. Something had tipped off the local Republic guard contingent that he and Mara were, if not Imperial, at least hostile. If he were forced to guess, he’d say a security bioscan had identified Mara’s species. Visually, there was no way to tell - her hood and knit mask covered the telltale chin spurs and brow stalks, and she’d deliberately left her lightsaber behind.

They shouldn’t have been here at all. Even now Quinn had difficulty remembering how exactly his wife convinced him that sneaking into the Republic capital was a workable idea. But he’d come - as if he’d leave her to this task alone - and there was little else to do now but make sure they got home in one piece.

“Got it.”

With far too little ceremony given his effort, the blast door slid shut. A hair before it did so, a metal canister clanked into the hallway next to them. Mara yelled a curse and shoved him to the floor, shielding him with her body as the detonator flew across the room, as far away from them as her Force push could send it.

The explosion left his ears filled with a dull ringing. Mara rose, shaking debris from her hair, and fired a single shot into the control panel.

“Come on, we’re almost there.”

She pulled him to his feet and through the hallway, up several flights of stairs, and finally out onto a landing pad. They’d not been stupid enough to bring their getaway vehicle to the temple; it’d be a short trek by foot to a spaceport in one of Coruscant’s seedier districts. As they ran toward the edge of the pad, Quinn squinted at Mara’s back, then grabbed her arm, bringing them up short.

“What are you-“

“Your parachute is damaged,” he said, ice creeping through his insides as he pulled ribbons of shredded fabric out of her pack – shrapnel damage from the detonator. “Badly. I don’t think it’ll hold you.” He unbuckled his harness. “Take mine. I’ll meet up with you when I can.”

She grabbed his hands. “Malavai, no. We both take yours.”

“Mara, this isn’t rated for-”

“I don’t care!” Her amber eyes burned into his. “My mother died here. I couldn’t do anything about that, but I-” Her hands balled into fists against his chest and she looked away. “Either we both fight our way to ground level or we hope the chute holds us. Your choice, but I’m not leaving you.”

“Alright,” he whispered, kissing her forehead when she turned hopeful eyes to his face, running the calculations in his head. Safety ratings on military equipment were conservative by design, and in any case, they had a better chance of living through this jump than they did of fighting their way through however many Republic troopers had already flooded the lower levels of the temple.

“Alright.” His voice was stronger.

It took a moment to buckle their harnesses together. As he finished the last buckle, Mara grabbed his harness and yanked him closer, her lips searing his in a short, hard kiss.

“Was that for luck?” he asked, casting a glance over the ledge, bracing against the dizzying sensation of vertigo.

“Luck?” her voice dripped disdain. “Why would I need that?”

He chuckled. “Right, you have the Force.”

“I have you.”

His breath caught. He fumbled for words, drowning in her glowing eyes, and then her chin jerked to look back toward the temple entrance, brow stalks furrowed beneath her mask as she reached out with her Force senses.

“Ready?” she asked

His arms tightened around her. “Always.”

As one they hurled themselves over the edge.

Turban Chronicles - Israel

Length of Reading: 5 Mins

Turban Tolerance: 2.1/5

Oh my this going to be juicy, so grab some popcorn and let International Sukh knock your socks off. I’m going to have to number these instances because there were MULTIPLE times!!!

  • My most interrogating interaction. I have just got off the plane and walking towards passport control, out of nowhere these two guys are eyeing me up and walking towards me, I start looking behind me to see if there’s something funky going on, not to my surprise I’m the funky object getting looks. This gentleman with a high vis asks me ‘Bro I love your turban where did you get the material from?’, I wish he actually asked for my passport and initiates a full on interview whilst all the other passengers are walking past. The guy gives me a death stare as I put my hand in my pocket and says take your hand out, that’s when I knew this shit just got real, the conversation went like where you staying? How long for? What’s your dad’s name? What’s your grandad’s name? Oh, you’re Indian? Move on. Literally, as soon as he found out I’m Indian his posture and face changed completely. RACIST much!
  • At this point, I had shat myself and wasn’t ready for round 2, so I’m standing at passport control looking worried! In my head I’m trying some positive pump like ‘you got this’, ‘you smashed round 1’, ‘we’ve prepared for this’, ‘just tell them the truth’, as I look up this normal looking white couple get sent to the interrogation room, how the hell was I getting through if they didn’t? One thing you need to know is ‘Trust in Sukh!’,  Passed the exam with flying colours, it was the fact that I was Indian, the Brown Canadians of the world. Tip: if you have gone to an Islamic country then you will be questioned, I was asked about my trip to Morocco.
  • I made it through passport control surely I would be okay now? That was just a start of what I would experience. I’m just going to skip over the part where police cars would slow down to stare me out as they drove past. I like to think that I’m relatively comfortable in my own skin and quite proud to wear a turban, but the mental struggle and anxiousness made me fold, I decided to rock a man bun and a bandana, Sukh you weak disgrace. I was warned of armed young police officers, that would be trigger happy and use any excuse to fire, with this in mind every move I made within the walls was with extra care. I stressed the fact that I was a British Indian by only speaking in English and not responding to anything that wasn’t.
  • It’s about 9 am, just come out of Church of the Holy Sepulchre feeling blessed and excited for the next item on the agenda. Staring at my phone to see what direction I should be heading in, I get greeted by a police officer who has an all too suspicious look on his face, I hand over my passport with a smile. I get a few questions and then one that resonated and stayed with me was ‘What is a Sikh?’, was I surprised that these people weren’t educated about Sikhs? I think it was more the fact that he didn’t even know anything about Sikhi, like had never ever seen one and heard of it before then.
  • My second trek in the Holy land, was to visit Temple Mount which can be visited by non-Muslims through only one entrance, which I wasn’t told about until I was stopped by the 4th police officer. It might have been paranoia but it felt like I was being followed and watched everywhere I went. Unsurprisingly I’m not the only person that has felt like that, a few individuals I spoke to in the hostel said the same thing. As I arrived at the Temple Mount entrance a set of checks were lined up; a detector, pat down and passport checks, It all became all too normal for me. For a few minutes I had to explain to security that I was Indian and just visiting as a tourist, I’m not Muslim I will not be going into the Temple I have only come to admire as a spectator, finally after a few discussions among the guards in Hebrew, probably taking the piss out of me, they let me in.

These five interactions were not the only ones, I had a few more which were being stared at in a belligerent manner from the locals and officers, waved away from some attractions as I wasn’t of the right religion and being directed in the opposite direction as I weren’t welcome in certain parts of the city.

I hope my grief doesn’t deter you to visit Jerusalem. Remember, Past performance does not guarantee future results. It honestly is an amazing and completely unique to everywhere I have been and would recommend it even though I had faced so much difficulty. Definitely not for the light hearted, I wouldn’t send my mum the poor thing.


International Sukh

First Session Summary: Emily

Our story starts with Aaliyah, Dreya, Giles, and Umong in jail in the city of Waterdeep for petty crimes, all sharing the same cell with only three beds. They’re approached by an anxious, elderly human man who introduces himself as Dingus Mcdouglas. Dingus offers to free them from jail on the condition that they deliver a package for him to a woman named Alithra in Neverwinter, offering them two-hundred gold upfront and promising a payout of the same amount upon arrival. They accept his offer, and before they head out, they are warned to keep the package wrapped no matter what.

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the ‘Ipet-Resyt’ Temple of the God Amon at 'Uaset’-Thebes (the “Luxor Temple”):
the entrance-gate of the Pylon, flanked by two colossal votive statues of King Ramses II enthroned. To the left, one of the two obelisks of Ramses II (the other obelisk now is at the center of the Place de la Concorde in Paris). On the background, the First Court, “the Great Court of Ramses II”, and another colossal votive statue of King Ramses II