Character Profiles

This is an extensive character profile sheet that I use. Feel free to use it all you want. You can tailor this for your story, adding or removing bits that don’t apply. I definitely adjust it, depending on the story.

Character Basics

Character Name: What is your characters name?

Alias(es): Does your character have any aliases s/he goes by?

Gender: Is your character female? Male? Gender-fluid? Non-Gender?

Age: What is your characters physical age?

Sexuality: Is your character heterosexual? Homosexual? Asexual?

Ethnicity: Is your character of a specific ethnicity?

Race: Is your character of a different race? Or are they just human?

Birthday:  When was your character born?

Birthplace: Where were they born?

Location: Where do they live now?

Horoscope: Do you know your characters horoscope? Is it the western, Chinese, or an original?

Character Physical Appearance

Eyes: What color are their eyes?

Hair: And what about their hair?

Height: How tall are they?

Build: What is their body-type?

Complexion: What is your characters skin tone?

Tattoo(s): Do they have tattoos?

Piercing(s): Any piercings?

Special Feature(s): Does your character have a peg leg or any other kind of special characteristics?

Clothing Style: Does your character prefer dresses to pants?

Character Personality

Character Traits: Using adjectives, list a few words to describe your character.

Extensive Personality: Write a paragraph or two describing your character’s personality

FlawsWhat imperfections does your character’s personality have?

Ambitions & Dreams: Does your character have any hopes or dreams?

Fears: Everyone is afraid of something. What’s your character afraid of?

Hobbies: What does your character do in their spare time?

Likes: Does your character have something specific they like or love?

Dislikes: What does your character hate?

Favorite food: This can go in likes, but if you want to split it up you can.

Least favorite food: Same goes for this.

Motivation: What is driving your character through this story?

Character General

Family: Does your character have any family or are they an orphan?  Do they belong to a tribe?

Relationship(s): Do they have a partner? A close friend?

Pet(s): Does your character have a companion? What’s their name?

Job: Does your character work or is he jobless?

Weapon(s): Does your character use any weapons? What type? Do those weapons have names?

Magical Abilitie(s): Any special abilities? Telekinetic? Fireballs? Mind-reading?

Vehicle(s): Does your character have a car? An airplane?

Theme Song: This is for funsies, but sometimes it helps to think of a song that encompasses your character

Character Biography

Take the time to write a few paragraphs of your characters past. You can make it as long or short as you want, it’s just to give you an idea of who your character is and where they come from.


character psd: across the world wide web (social media psd pack; click photos to enlarge)

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  • here’s a different take on the social media PSDs. i made these for my characters but people have been asking me to upload the PSD, so here you go. no credit is required but please tag me in your post–i’d love to see it!!
  • fonts: kohinoor devanagari font family (can’t find download)
  • all of the PSDs are in one PSD, organized into groups–it should be pretty easy and straightforward to use but if you’re a super-beginner to photoshop, i wouldn’t suggest you use this
  • download (mf)

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template #01: pantone

a simple template for aesthetic moodboards of your characters. size is 540x700px, images are added via clipping masks & everything else is self-explanatory. font used is Helvetica Neue. if you have any questions, let me know! 

like or reblog if you use. don’t copy or claim as your own, thx. give credit where it’s due.

download / more psd’s


COMPTER LES ÉTOILES (aka ms pain inspired theme)

it features:

optional tags, captions, infinite scroll

for any bugs, glitches or theme requests, don’t hesitate to ask

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Useful resources thursday! I’m a liar, I don’t have a specific day for this stuff. :P

If you’re on Society6 you might be already familiar to the pain of having carefully positioned your designs on a product and put it up for sale only to discover that it’s weirdly cropped and there is an elusive phone camera right over a character’s face. If you’re not there yet but will join soon you might want to save yourself from such annoynance!

To avoid such situations I have created templates for some of these trickier products; now I’m sharing them with you! They have been personally tested by me as I uploaded everything in my shop.

Download the ZIP for free

This zip contains 2 PSD files, one with templates for smartphones cases, another for pillows, tote bags, clocks and mugs in their highest resolution. Enjoy!


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