Useful resources thursday! I’m a liar, I don’t have a specific day for this stuff. :P

If you’re on Society6 you might be already familiar to the pain of having carefully positioned your designs on a product and put it up for sale only to discover that it’s weirdly cropped and there is an elusive phone camera right over a character’s face. If you’re not there yet but will join soon you might want to save yourself from such annoynance!

To avoid such situations I have created templates for some of these trickier products; now I’m sharing them with you! They have been personally tested by me as I uploaded everything in my shop.

Download the ZIP for free

This zip contains 2 PSD files, one with templates for smartphones cases, another for pillows, tote bags, clocks and mugs in their highest resolution. Enjoy!


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Designer’s Vintage Studio: Over 200+ Retro Resources - only $27 - 1 week.

With one single deal, you can get yourself everything you need to create the perfect vintage project! This deal from Design Panoply features more than 200 retro resources for one low price! You’ll get everything from stock photos to templates to textures to Photoshop actions and more. Act now and you can save more than 80% off the regular price.

The regular price is $162

You save: $135 at

$27 price limited for 1 week.

Download it here: http://bit.ly/19rM62Z

Template Chat by Psperfect. In the template you can change the date, texts, balloons and their color. The template contains 2 balloons in a large size. You can reduce and add as many others want only by duplicating. Look the preview in small size here. The tamplete is in 1500x500. Please, like or reblog if you like or download.  [DOWNLOAD]


Pack templates for twitter headers done by fiftysoucers​. This pack contains 4 templates and configuration hint of blur (which is what I use on my headers). If you download, please give like or reblog, because that’s how I know you like my work. I hope you enjoy. (x) download

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