DIY Haunted House Dollhouse Tutorial and Template from Mr Printables.

Make this DIY Haunted House Dollhouse out of cardboard, plywood or thick card material. Also, you can skip the black paint and make a dollhouse you can customize with scrapbook paper and fabric.

The scary dollhouse occupants are made out of pegs for peg dolls. There’s also a peg doll tutorial at the link.

have you ever...

trigger warnings apply!

been cheated on | been bullied | told a horrible lie | stolen something of value | overdosed on drugs | been drunk | passed out | cheated | bullied | punched someone in the face | been beaten up | broken a bone | been admitted to hospital | had a near-death experience | been drugged | done drugs | smoked | kissed someone you weren’t attracted to | bled severely | killed someone | had an attempt on your life | made an attempt on your own life | lost someone | loved someone | gone without food for over three days | gone without sleep for over three days | been tortured | been slapped by a parent | been abused by someone who should have loved you | had a panic attack | been in a car accident | had sex | had sex with a stranger | been raped | felt raped | passed out from pain | cried yourself to sleep | spent a whole day in bed | hurt yourself | taken your anger out on yourself | taken your anger out on someone you love | been used | used | been terrified | played a cruel game on someone | been dominant | been submissive | been forced to smile | been misgendered | felt too many things at once | laughed when you felt like crying

DIY Surprise Gift Box

Make a DIY gift box that interacts with the gift inside. *Attach a small loop to your gift so you can pull it out of the box.

Find lots of Packaging DIYs here.

Go here for this DIY Surprise Gift Box Tutorial and Template from Fabrica de Imaginacion.


instagram template by hollandsofrp

instagram changed their layout and i didn’t see anyone doing this yet so hey, hello, this is another template for you angels. this is 540x265 bc of the new ugly dimensions, so it’ll look nice on the dash. you will need one 80x80 picture for the icon, three 160x160 pictures for the latest images. every text can be customized and the font used is arial which should be already installed on everyone’s computer. things are organized in folders so you won’t get lost and you need to know about clipping masks to get this going.

please like/reblog if you find this helpful or downloaded and stay beautiful.


A basic male and female base for designing characters.

Sometimes I am lazy. I wanna draw outfits without having to get the figure right first. So i made a basic male/female template for designing costumes/characters/etc. Good for anyone with OCs, wanting to do prop design (EDWARD you spoon), or whatever you feel like.

The only thing I ask if you use this, it’s for private use only. Please don’t use for commissions or adoptables, and please don’t upload and claim as your own.

You don’t need to ask permission or credit me, but a like/reblog would be lovely.

If these are popular, I may make more with difference poses and what not C: so let me know if they’re useful and you want more :D

bold your muse's preference!

go into the future/past
never age physically/mentally
lose your eyesight/hearing
the first/last to die in a group
have it constantly dark/light
extreme cold/hot weather
have ringing in your ear/see hallucinations
the deep sea/far in outer space
be apathetic/ignorant
get even/over it
always tell the truth/lie
change the color of your hair/eyes
to kill/be killed
give/take bad advice

DIY 8 Bit Pop Up Card Tutorial and Templates from Minieco.

For more pop up cards from Minieco that I’ve posted, see below:

DIY Folded Valentine’s Day Cards Tutorials and Templates from minieco.