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instagram changed their layout and i didn’t see anyone doing this yet so hey, hello, this is another template for you angels. this is 540x265 bc of the new ugly dimensions, so it’ll look nice on the dash. you will need one 80x80 picture for the icon, three 160x160 pictures for the latest images. every text can be customized and the font used is arial which should be already installed on everyone’s computer. things are organized in folders so you won’t get lost and you need to know about clipping masks to get this going.

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Recently, I made two sets of tabloid magazine covers for a celeb au of my favorite ship, and the rpc loved it! The original psd is by stephanieofrp and can be found here, and after getting her blessing I decided to recreate the covers and share them as a complete psd! These do require a little bit of knowledge of Photoshop in order to get part of the background photo in front of the logo, but it’s not terribly complicated and it’s relatively easy once you learn to do it the first time. All fonts used here are arial bold/black, which should have come preinstalled on your computer. You can choose to download only one of these, or you can download them as a complete set! If you have any questions or need any help, please do not hesitate to message me! Do not steal or claim as your own, these took a lot longer to make than you could imagine. 
                         US WEEKLY // OK! // IN TOUCH // PEOPLE // ALL COVERS 

Hey guys! I’ve made a little PSD/ Sai file that helps you make cute outfits for your characters, all pieces draw by me!
If youve ever felt like sending me a little monetary support, this is the way to do it and get something in return!~ 

Ill be adding free new outfits and accessories every month until the end of the year to those that buy it to show my continued gratitude ♥ 

You can see everything up close here!
Thank you so much for having a look


COMPTER LES ÉTOILES (aka ms pain inspired theme)

it features:

optional tags, captions, infinite scroll

for any bugs, glitches or theme requests, don’t hesitate to ask

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