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a little birdie told me that blood magic can make the wifi in the circle have better connection

[This is an automated message by the Ferelden Circle.  We at the Circle of Magi do not condone the use of blood magic in any way.  This question will be forwarded to the Templar Order for further investigation.]


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Can we talk about how much I love the Templars? Can we talk about the defenders and protectors who sacrifice their lives to try to safeguard Thedas from the dangers of magic, who fight to destroy demons and to save mages from outside dangers as well as corruption?

Can we talk about Ser Bryant in Lothering, a man who does everything in his power to aid and protect the refugees fleeing the Blight, who gives what supplies he can to the Warden, and who refuses to go after an apostate (Morrigan) because helping innocent people in need is the highest priority to to him?

Or Ser Otto, who is blind but comes to the Denerim alienage because he’s concerned the elves are being preyed upon by demons and dark forces.

Let’s talk about Ser Wesley Vallen, who comes to Lothering– toward the direction of the oncoming Blight and hoard of darkspawn– in order to help his wife. He’s injured and scared with no access to lyrium when he encounters one or possibly two dangerous apostates, and he has no idea how strong they may be against the temptation of demons in this terrifying flight for their lives. And yet he still agrees to sacrifice his life so that his injuries won’t hold the others back from reaching safety.

What about Margitte, who doesn’t have any money or resources to help her friend in need but still does what she can for him by seeking support?

Or Ser Emeric, who literally gives his life to try to prevent more innocent women from being kidnapped and murdered.

And there’s also Ser Agatha, who refuses Ser Mettin’s orders to kill the families of blood mages even though they were complicit and involved in the underground, and she protects them instead.

There’s Ser Thrask, with his high ideals, who is resolute on improving the lives of mages and Templars alike, who becomes blinded by his own sympathies.

And Carver Hawke, who’s desperate and determined to take care of his family, who understands personally the threat magic poses as well as the need for mages to have an advocate and protector, who will stand by his older sibling no matter what the consequences.

And then there’s Knight-Commander Meredith Stannard, who’s beautiful and radiates this awe-inspiring aura of command and power and who’s so committed to preventing a massacre like the one her sister Amelia caused that she blinds herself to all else.

Of course, also, there’s Knight-Captain Cullen Rutherford, who only wanted to defend the innocent, but he gets tortured and broken and watches all his friends die, so he turns cold and unremitting because he’s terrified of failing again. But he still stands up for what’s right, and he does protect the innocent, and he works so hard to try to atone for all his failings and missteps.

Can we talk about Ser Delrin Barris, who’s noble and just and good and kind and righteous and inspiring, whose war table missions are all focused on helping and protecting mages, who along with Ser Bryant is everything a Templar should be.

Can we talk about how how much I love the Templars with my whole heart and how very under-appreciated they are in this fandom?


So I finished the Assassin!Gabe ref guide thing… with the world’s laziest colouring might I add. All info is on the picture but I’ll retype it below too.

- Previously in The Assassin Order

- Still an Assassin, taking out The Templar Order from the inside

- Found a Piece of Eden that bound itself to him resulting in:

1. Allowing him to use wraith from (for a short period of time) but causes severe pain for a while as a side affect.

2. Losing his Eagle Vision.

- Gabe still has his hidden blade but doesn’t want to tarnish/sully it doing missions given by The Templars.

I think that covers all I could think of for now. I’ll expand on all this eventually…

  • Job interviewer: So what's something you're passionate about?
  • Me: The Templar Order has completely failed at its alleged original purpose and is in fact the direct cause of the majority of violence done both against and by mages.
  • Interviewer: what
  • Me: And considering that Bioware set up the Mage/Templar oppressed/oppressor dynamic completely by themselves, repeatedly making narrative parallels to real-life struggles, it's frankly worrying that they refuse to take the side of mages.
  • Interviewer: I uh
  • Me: Don't even get me started on the Chantry

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a game about asking important questions pertaining to the fate of Thedas such as but are not limited to–

“What the fuck?”


“What do you mean we’ve just traveled through TIME?”

“What is WRONG with the Templar Order?”

“Can the Chantry chill for ten fucking minutes while I fix their shit for them?”

“Where are the fifteen kegs of beer I was promised for putting up with this shit?”

Rage and sorrow are seated in my heart, so firmly that I scarce dare stay alive. It seems God wishes to support the Turks to our loss… ah, Lord God…

 They will make a mosque of holy Mary’s convent, and since the theft pleases her Son, Who should weep at this, we are forced to comply as well…

Anyone who wishes to fight the Turks is mad, for Jesus Christ fights them no longer.

—  A Templar poet lamenting the disastrous Seventh Crusade. The Crusades had always been framed as a holy pilgrimage, one endorsed and supported by God. However, this idea of divine support had been shattered after the Seventh Crusade ended in complete failure.

From then on, it was openly discussed and written that God had turned his back on the Christian world out of his displeasure with the Holy Wars, and that the Latin Kingdoms in the East were doomed to perish.

Cited from The Knights Templar, by Stephen Howarth.
Templars Knights and Seborga!!!!

Hello, people. I have to talk about this, is has been following me all weekend.(since I realised it)

First, I have noticed a lot of people don’t know there exist a Knight Templar character( he is so cute!!) So, here I will put a photo of him

(Teutonic Knights is in the left, in the background for the cross it is Knights Hospitaller, and in the right is Knights Templar )

here another

Here another extract from the blog:

[Knights Templar]

They used to offer protection and lodgings for pilgrims.

The Templars worked for the Christian church after they lost the Holy Land. But perhaps since they were so good at making money, they met a death so horrific you can’t blame them for coming back as zombies to seek revenge in Director Schnaas’ movies.

(That is true, look for Templars death at your own risk, the poor fellow T-T)

So, okay, I love this little fluffy cutie since he first saw him,(he appears a few more times, all cute) what of it?

Well I was on tv tropes for Hetalia and I found this thing on ymmw:

Obfuscating Stupidity: Seborga, acknowledging the part the Templar Knights played in his history.

??, What does Seborga, for all who do not know, is a micronation with long history in Italy, have to do with Templars???

(pictured above: Seborga)

The thing is, if you look for Seborga history, you will most likely find the history of GIorgio and his claim on independency based on legal errors( is pretty logical, actually), but if you put Seborga and Templars….



Seborga was born as a place owned by monks of the Cisterian order, and was the first Cisterian state on the world (it was ruled by abbots(monks)). The first NIne Templars were knighted there. (I believe Templars was born on Jerusalem and gained status as an order on Seborga, but it could be the other way around) Seborga is a bit older but practically the same age, and at the time he was named Castrum Sepulcri, that means fort of silence(or of the dead), basically a fort.(home).

A lot of the Grand Masters of the Templars were Seborga leaders, this is possible because unlike THE REST OF THE WORLD, Seborga was reigned by monks. This is the most close you can get to marriage with celibate Templars.(well, ok, this is my shipping side talking, but they were really close)

And, like, Seborga even formed Knights,  The Knights, Escuyer of the the Sovereign Order of Castrum Sepulcri, Escuyer means squire, basically like Templars squire. (there is a funny anecdote where seborga was captured and escaped by his charisma). 

Please take a minute of your time to google Seborga and templars, bacause I am not making justice to this. 

And if you look at Seborga today, he has Templars paintings everywhere (and two templars churches, and Malta cross, but that because he was friends with Hospitller too), and cartoon figures of templars, in the tourist reviews, they say they are everywhere.(this, I believe, translates into seborga having a room in his house filled with templars images/things, or even his whole house, because it is everywhere)

 there is even problems now in Seborga with a cult that is buying properties of the micronation because of the templars influence. (yeah, what is happenign with that, anyone know, it sounds a bit alarming)

 Seborga still remembers (and misses) Templars, a lot.

 Templars and Seborga were childhood friends, they almost shared house (except Templars was wandering, but seborga house must have been a bit like his own, seeing ex-bosses and so), and it is like nobody of hetalia knows it. I have to inform everywhere of Seborga heartbreaking story.

I need seborga/templars things, people,sad things of seborga remembering templars, please, happy things of them being together when young, anything. fics, art, something (I can write, but not draw at all, it is killing me)


Cullen has seen the worst that magic and corruption can do to innocent people. Trained from a young age, he has devoted more than half his life in service to the Templar Order. He saw the Ferelden Circle fall during the Blight and was witness to the mage-templar conflict that tore Kirkwall apart. In the aftermath, it was Cullen who rallied what remained of Kirkwall’s templars to restore order to the devastated city. His leadership and integrity caught the attention of Cassandra Pentaghast, who recognized in him a vital component in forming the Inquisition. Now the world is falling into chaos. Cullen is through waiting for others to act, and he’s determined that the Inquisition will make a difference for the people of Thedas.

“Except in special circumstance, a Templar mage is not trained, but raised. 

Equally (indeed, perhaps more) important as skill in such mages is absolute loyalty to the Templar Order–something that cannot be properly nurtured in adults, as such potentials must chosen before rebellious natures are developed. Circle-born mages are almost always given to the cause, where they learn to become obedient to the Order well before they learn to walk or talk.

The first such case is the youngest of Knight-Captain Faulkner’s charges: Enchanter Haylan (then 17 winters), born of a union between a Templar and a mage woman. Her future as a hunter of her own kind was decided even before her birth, and she would be trained for 16 more years before the Templar Hound initiative could begin in earnest. Raised first in the Starkhaven Chantry and immediately given to the Circle at the first sign of magic, Enchanter Haylan has been under the Templar’s eye all her life and knows little outside of the Circle.

There had been some scandal when it was rumoured that in preparation for the Templar Hound initiative, the Order turned a blind eye to (and some would suggest even encouraged) cases of Templar and mage relations for several years in order to produce mages of the desired circumstance. It is unknown if Enchanter Haylan was a product of a mere dalliance or purposeful breeding.”

From In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar, by Brother Genitivi