templar arizona blogging: no (also brief mentions of abuse, illegal drugs, eye violence, violence, teenage prostitution oh wow that's a lot of warnings for a piece of text that's so small.... EJ........)

If EJ gets away, i might have to stop reading the comic. seriously, he needs to die. im getting sick of his stupid, sorry ass. i dont care what problems he has, i dont care about his past, i dont care about if this is the only way he knows to survive.

oh they’re talking about a nineteen year old rentboy who has spent his entire life being horrifically abused and whose only friend is an aging heroin addict who barely tolerates his presence (except when he can get him drug money. the other 90% of the time he’s trying to actively shrug him off). also his eye just got gouged by someone else’s thumb.

granted he did just beat that someone’s head in with the back of a gun, and he is incredibly violent and volitile and foul mouthed but

i really can’t bring myself to feel any hate for him or wish him any harm. he’s just a fucked up kid doing fucked up things, i can’t get any pleasure from his suffering ugh this is just not shadenfreude material for me

im not excusing his (pretty terrible) actions, i just don’t think that he is deserving of that kind of retribution.

god gOD I HAVE ALL OF THESE TEMPLAR FEELS AND NO ONE TO FEEL THEM WITH and ej’s my favourite character i can’t help it sob sob sob

Wild Mass Guesses: Templar Arizona

I felt like writing this down today because templar hasn’t updated in a dog’s age and I feel like fangirling a little over here in the dark where nobody can see.

1. the dam is going to burst/be blown upevidence: the town has a sizable number of Nile revivalists, a religious/ethnic group in diaspora from Egypt that adhere to a very slightly modernized version of ancient Egyptian beliefs.

the city is bifurcated by the dry bed of a river once called the Phocas (sounds like: focus) the dry silt kicks up every year and puts dust all over everything. people have to wear dust masks and it’s shitty.

that river is going to be liberated. the water must flow.

2. giant goddamn riot.

too many factions, plus cook family, plus the Jake’s Kin (who are a violent bunch) and the reclamation and the everything. punches are going to be thrown. buildings are going to be lit up.

3. Ben is a Murderer.

Regan accuses him of killing a bunch of dudes and he just gets anxious but never actually denies it. it may have been an accident, it may have been some bullies who he snapped on, maybie it was a girl, (look out Flannery!)  but Ben totally killed at least one person and that’s why he had to be taken out of school. parents were rich enough to get him off and they treat him like a delicate little flower, but he’s fully capable of unreasonable violence when pushed to it.

4.  Sunny will be deported.

he’s not legal and he keeps getting in trouble. nough’ said.

Painting practice. Second of many, in Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint.

Reagan’s outfit is based on a fashion show photo set I saw on tumblr, which seems to have since been purged. Too bad.

I like the way the paint tools handle color, But my skin tones always turn out a little greenish. Gonna try to fix that by adding blue or red to the shadows, as a few more practiced digital painters have suggested on Twitter.

Feels good to draw these two, again.

Five Fictional Facts Friday: Reagan and Scip Edition.

Reagan has two siblings, and is the oldest of three children. She was conceived nearly instantly after her parents’ marriage, and born before their first anniversary. Her sister came a year later, and her brother came a year after that. Needless to say, this wasn’t an easy time for her mom, who still harbors a lot of resentment. The divorce was finalized when Ray was in her teens, but the marriage was effectively over long before then. Ray literally never remembers her parents being a happy couple.

Reagan’s sister is named Nolan, and she’s currently locked in mom’s orbit. Kids take sides in divorces sometimes, and Nolan was a willing foot soldier in the army of mom. They’re drinking buddies, club buddies, and go for the same men. There are occasional knock-down drag-outs over accusations of boyfriend theft. Nolan and mom still live together. Ray last saw Nolan when she was 18. Noland is now 26.

Reagan’s brother is named Champion. His primary character flaw is terminal indolence. Champ lives with dad, unless dad is temporarily sick of his horseshit and has kicked him out for the week. In that case, he lives with mom, until it’s safe to go back to dad’s. When things are really bad, he lives with his maternal grandmother. He entertains fantasies of escape from his family, and possibly running a tea house, band venue or copybook store, but is too comfortable and indulged to really execute them. Ray last saw Champ when he was 17. He’s now 25. 

Ray’s mom and dad still live in the same 6-story walk-up, but in different apartments on different floors. They have screaming arguments in the stairwell, particularly when mom’s been hitting the bottle. She’s not an alcoholic, but a card carrying mean drunk if there ever was one. Mom’s dissatisfied with how her life’s turned out, and has a tendency to blame other people for it, particularly dad, whom she insists quashed her hopes of a singing career. 

Ray doesn’t live in NYC anymore because of a failed elopement attempt with her first serious boyfriend. His name was Skunk. We’ll see more on that later.

And Scip.

Scipio was an 11 pound, 12 ounce baby and a difficult labor. (He’s also an only child, and that’s probably not a coincidence.) His father was also extremely tall, as are most of his paternal relatives, none of which he has ever met.

Scipio is half 40, a made-up TAZ ethnic group I’ll probably never have time or space to get into in detail. Suffice to say 40s are a product of General Sherman’s Special Field Orders, the document that originally promised slaves freed during the Civil War “40 acres and a mule.” 40s are the descendants of freemen shipped west to get them out of the way, purposely misled into believing their 40 acres were waiting for them in the American southwest. They subsequently settled on poor quality land into insular communities, became cowboys and subsistence farmers, adopted a strange form of Catholicism, and intermarried with the local American Indians. Scip’s father, Praetor, was a 40. (His mother is not.) Due to a shallow gene pool and enthusiastic cousin-marrying, a common prejudice is the assertion that all 40s kind of look the same. Scipio doesn’t help matters; he looks eerily like his deceased father.

Scipio has never asked a woman out on a date. Every girlfriend he’s ever had asked him out first. They were also the ones that broke it off. He’s never had a relationship that’s lasted longer than 8 months.

Scipio’s characteristic anxiety surfaced around age six. He’s currently just a bit of a worrywart and subject to bad dreams, and he's actually improved significantly since childhood, which was plagued by anxiety-triggered stomach problems, missed school days, and a self-conscious hyper-awareness about his physical size. Some therapy would have probably been beneficial, but his mother, an emotionally stoic woman, isn’t the sort of person that would have occurred to. 

Scipio is a nerd who decided to “stop” being a nerd, and began dressing well and working out. He did this because he thought more people would want to be his friend if he did. And it worked. Women pay attention him now, but it’s the kind of woman who’s relatively shocked when her new, cool boyfriend likes kung-fu kiddie shows and pet chickens. This is probably why his relationships don’t last.